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    • People think that it's Control they are teasing. Definitely get that played @Kaepora_Gaebora if that does indeed hit the service.
    • The secret ending you can get where you break the universe is sure entertaining
    • Ah nice one - yeah I love Danny O'Dwyer's work - I just watched a couple of minutes of this and I'm excited to come back to it - going to finish the game and then sit down for a full watch. Yeah totally, it's not for everyone for sure. I actually think it's pretty poorly suited to game pass as it's so purposefully obtuse for the first couple of hours. Kind of agree re the text, though playing it in a short space of time I found I almost always remembered if I was somewhere that I'd already been and read the text.   That said, I actually think the game does a really great job of hinting at possible directions for you to explore, so I've so far only really felt stuck once or twice. The ways that different routes and explorations feed into information about roadblocks on other planets is pretty masterful, I think. Someone described it as a Metroidvania where you're not collecting abilities to progress, but knowledge, which seems pretty spot on.   I think I'm close to the end now and it really keeps astounding me. Some of the moments of revelation the game gives,  like working out how to get somewhere that you first heard of hours previously, have made my hair stand on end. Excited to see where it's all going to end up!
    • We really should have beat there. Shrewsbury were by far the better team. That's the danger of playing a weaker side and now we've got an extra game to play.
    • Lovren once again showing why he has no place being in the first team.
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