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    • I listened to an interview with Jack Wilshere this evening. I can’t believe he’s still without a club, so he’s been training at his local park.  I assume no club would be willing to pay his wages, but surely there’s a bargain to be had, even by a lower league team for a season / until January?
    • Just got around to reading this. This sounds like Gourmet Race, one of the 6 main games in Kirby Super Star. It sounds like you didn't figure out how to actually run in Kirby Super Star. You need to quickly tap the D-pad twice, holding it on the second press to start running. That should make it possible. Kirby Super Star is a great co-op game. Gourmet Race is single player only, but the rest of the game can be 2 player co-op. It's not crazy hard like Contra, so it's a lot more fun. One of the best co-op games on the SNES. A lot of those games are available on the SNES app on Switch if you have an online account. Which means Kirby Dream Course (That Kirby Golf game) can be played online with someone on your friend list.
    • @Kav one thing to mention is that you need to edit the first post in this thread in order to change the title.
    • 2 Triforce shards down, Bombs, Deku Leaf and Bow acquired. Wind Waker is now an epic Robin Hood archery game due to having no sword. The lack of a Spoils Bag and Bait Bag is starting to become an issue. I have all this stuff I can't give to people because I can't set Joy Pendants to a bloody button! Anyway, after doing pretty much every platform now, the first wallet upgrade is finally found. You'd be surprised how much being able to hold 1000 rupees opens up. Gonna take a break there now because I wouldn't carry on while @Dcubed sleeps.
    • Haha, yeah, the ending was quite touching. I enjoyed it, it was a fine movie. It was a fun take on fairy tales but as a movie fairly straightonwardforward. 
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