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    • Played A Hat in Time on PS4 last year and it's one of the best indie games I've played. The main game's a bit short but it's so good for the time you're playing it and it has one of the best soundtracks in any indie game. I think the DLC they added fixes some of the length issues the game has which was my only real shortcoming of the game.   Definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't played the game yet due to not owning anything other than Nintendo consoles.
    • Speaking of inevitable Jimquisitions, some US senators have written a letter urging Blizzard to reconsider their stance on that protestor they banned from competitive gaming events. You know you eff'd up when you have US politicians from both Democrats and Republicans writing to you.
    • God I hope so.  The inevitable Jimquisition will be an absolute riot     (assuming that nobody gets physically hurt... which is a very real possibility here...)
    • I'm hoping it still goes ahead. I look forward to watching the riots and protests.  
    • Doing that actually comes in handy. I'm sure I got a heart off one of them by firing an air shot or using the suction. I'd also recommended firing like a madman through the stages. You'll get bonus exp at the end for how many blasts you do and there's loads of scenery that can be hit or destroyed for extra coins.
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