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    • Just got that on GOG. Gonna see if I can play it tomorrow.
    • I haven’t really eaten today, but now I plan to drink until I can’t feel. Hopefully 9 beers can do it.  Ha who am I kidding I can’t drink that many beers. I get too full. Bleeeeeh.    6 beers , still feel. 3 at 7% two aay 8.3% one at 6.1%. Need more. Then I can rin my life properly. Or just nap til tomorroy. Blowing out my candle not tho
    • Gotta watch that tomorrow! I've been chipping away at the latest Hall of Greats video but haven't seen what wins yet..
    • Two or three games ago, I was saying that I didn't think Man City would go the whole season unbeaten.

      It's looking scarily likely now though. However, I think some scrappy, park the bus team might sneak a 1-0 against them.

      The title is nailed on though.
    • Only saw the first half so can only comment on the Kane challenge but that definitely should have been a red card. I was hopeful that Spurs might do something tonight but after a promising start the quality and confidence of City clearly showed. Their 3 fixtures before the end of the year are totally winnable so it's entirely possible they could finish the year with 19 wins in a row - that's a half season winning streak.  I think Mark Hughes will lose his job overnight, Stoke have been dreadful this season and with the resurgence of Palace and West Ham it looks like they're going to be in a relegation battle if they don't change something soon. I think Rafa might be given the boot soon aswell, Newcastle haven't won in the league for 8 matches now and as much as they seem to worship Benitez on Tyneside I feel like the only reason he's keeping his job at the moment is because Mike Ashley is desperately trying to sell the club so isn't being too hands on at the moment.
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