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    • Thanks guys, I defeated them on my fifth or sixth attempt. I think I might have gone to them too early but it seemed like the game was nudging me in that direction after I got out of the City of Tears. Didn't figure out a way to access the nearest bench before defeating them though, just had to make do with the one outside Mantis Village. I think I'm officially hooked on this game now, I can definitely see why people compared it to Dark Souls.
    • Also.. I just played some Toad Treasure Tracker. "Find Pixel Toad and touch him."
    • Colorware have gone all the way and have finally gone ahead and painted an NES-inspired Switch.  They also have an American SNES-inspired Switch, too.  The price tag is steep, though, at $599. There are also Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers with these themes being sold separately. Not really a fan of the SNES one, but I think the NES one looks pretty sleek.  C’mon Nintendo, just hurry up and give us some more colour variants for the Switch...
    • My god, it's really not a big deal, I think the Playstation Classic will be a great product, probably executed well and it'll sell loads. But yes, everything is copied these days. I (and it seems many others, elsewhere, obv) just found it funny to see how blatant they were at ripping Nintendo off. Almost to Playstation All Stars Battle Royale and Playstation Move levels, but not quite. Anyone who doesn't think they were at least partly inspired by the huge sales of the NES and SNES classics are deluding themselves. Anyway....
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