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    • Could I grab that Romulus statue? Dunno if @RedShell wants it though, he saw your post first
    • I hope that you're watching Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich right now. You probably are.   Dortmund look great. I love their passing game and Haaland looks lethal. I have a feeling this will end in a draw, though. Most likely a goal each. 1-1, I reckon.
    • It's the same way Nintendo designed it so that the Nook Miles items are different colours. I was after a white pool so visited RedShell to get one of his. Now I'm just looking for a red and white lighthouse to replace my boring all white one 
    • Yes! I'll take the train set! I'll boot up the game now. Are you open right now? Otherwise I'll open my gates first so people can raid Redd.
    • @RedShell Yeah I'm not in the mood to try that for long today haha. I got to the last pow block, but can't really see how I can optimize a few frames. @Dcubed It's a very cool concept, but it's also not a level I want spend a lot of time on today, so I'll leave it for later. Some points though: the yellow bee right at the start is very annoyingly placed. It's offscreen, but also right where you're likely to jump. More importantly, I'd really like a checkpoint at the section Redshell tweeted. It's a very cool concept, but the bullies, and to lesser extent the catsuit itself, are a bit finnicky. Making this a bit frustrating, especially as the sections before it, while cool in themselves, are annoying to have to repeat. To be more specific: the bullies have a random chance of going left and right. Coupled with the fact they have little space to move, makes for some very tight platforming. Or you can rely on luck, and hope the bully will walk the other way, but I'm obviouly not a fan of that. I don't think there's a better enemy to do what you're trying to accomplish here, so my idea would be to simply increase the space they can move in, if you can't / won't place a CP there. As it is now, it's too punishing as like I said, the section before it aren't great to repeat, they're not easy to rush through.
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