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  1. UK Covid booster programme

    I booked my booster for next week. But then I caught Covid Went to a gig on Tuesday, so it’s likely I got it from there but my mate, who was standing next to me the whole time, is fine. Symptoms have been fairly mild - felt like I’d been run over though yesterday. It’s given me a cold and a chesty cough. Taste and smell have been fine. My PCR test didn’t tell me what variant I have, but if this is Omicron, it’s really not been that bad for me. I just seem to want to sleep all the time.
  2. Tattoos

    Aaaand done…maybe one or two tweaks needed, perhaps some shading at the very top, but I’ll sort those next time I’m in with him. Really pleased with how it came out as I wasn’t sure exactly how it was all going to come together. I don’t even want to think about how many hours it took 😣😆
  3. Virtual Reality

    Resident Evil 4 is amazing in VR. It’s like playing it for the first time again. There are the odd annoyances - the boss battle on the Lake for one, but it’s absolutely superb.
  4. Tattoos

    Thank you. He’s really talented with a crazy long waiting list. I’ve actually booked myself in for my other arm but that won’t be till mid 2023!
  5. Tattoos

    Getting there now. Hopefully just one or two more sessions now. Getting a bit fed up of nappy rash cream and inky bedsheets 😣😂
  6. Metroid Dread

    Managed to get my hands on all the upgrades so I’m at 100% now. Some of the Shinespark ones were ridiculous, especially this one… Another one gave me a lot of trouble as well, but I forgot to record it. It involved doing lots of wall jumps while in boost mode. Major elation when I finally got it Had a go on the final boss and still got my arse handed to me. Will try again later when I’ve got more time.
  7. I spent the evening chatting to this woman and a child that I live with. They seem nice.
  8. Netflix

    I can’t be the only one to have seen Squid Game can I? Thought it was decent, but the interesting premise fell apart during the last few episodes and it was like I’d seen it all before. Acting was superb apart from the
  9. Brexit - UK negotiates a deal

    So…this is all going terribly well, isn’t it? Massive HGV driver shortage caused by Brexit, admittedly exacerbated by Covid, and yet the media still don’t admit what is to blame and hold this god awful government to account. And now we are issuing “temporary visas” to fix the problem that we created for ourselves in the first place, which will not work as, if you were an EU driver, would you want to come to a place where you are not welcome, and face crap conditions and red tape for your efforts? And Tory MPs are claiming that we are now able to issue as many visas as we like as we have “taken back control” What utter bollocks. What EU law states that a country could not issue as many visas as it needs? Brexit was never about taking back control - it was always about avoiding impending EU legislation regarding tax so that the billionaires could hide their schemes away from the scrutiny of the EU, Rees Mogg is a prime example. We have been well and truly fucked over by the idiocy of the British public and it will only get worse. And the amazing thing is, the Tories are still well ahead in the opinion polls. It beggars belief.
  10. Metroid Dread

    The amiibo set is £26.99 isn’t it? I can only assume that the prices have been mixed up. I have a pending transaction for £26.99 on my bank so we’ll just see what happens. My gut is they’ll cancel it and send me a refund.
  11. Metroid Dread

    Yeah, I managed to snag a copy at £27 too so we’ll just see if they honour it. Somehow don’t think they will though.
  12. Spider-Man 2 (20th October 2023)

    Slightly off topic but I stopped playing Horizon because of this. Am currently umming and ahhing over whether to buy Ghost of Tsushima as I hear that has the same style of icon following.
  13. Spider-Man 2 (20th October 2023)

    Not quite getting the massive hype for this. Sure, the first one was a solid game, the traversal was absolutely sublime and the main missions were decent for the most part. However, the stealth based combat was really basic compared to the Arkham games, it just seemed really easy to pick off the enemies as they were incapable of looking slightly upwards (yes, I know Batman had it too but at least the enemies got more sophisticated in the way they tracked you down) Miles Morales was even even worse as you could turn invisible. But my main problem with the game was the open world setting. It was boring as hell and other than tracking down icons on a map (which is such a dated way to build an open world game) there wasn’t a great deal to entice you to explore but I guess that’s the fault of the city of New York itself, it’s just a bunch of tall buildings with a park in the middle…but where else can you set a Spider-Man game? 🤷🏽‍♂️ Yes, I’ll probably get a lot of heat for saying that. I’m not saying it was bad, it was a solid game - 7/10 for me but I just hope they can do more with the map and stealth combat this time.
  14. Did you purposely wait till a Friday to post that or is it just a happy coincidence? 🙃