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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    II picked up South Park Fractured But Whole with all the DLC for £20. I’ve got it on Xbox but strangely not played it much even though I loved Stick of Truth. It’ll be one to play when I’m at work.
  2. Yeah I’ve not really been following it either, but am I right in the fact that there is no rumble at all in this? That’ll make finding certain moons in Mario Odyssey pretty difficult. Also, my memory is pretty fuzzy but aren’t there certain shrines in BotW that require you to turn the controller all the way around for those motion puzzles? Not to mention you can’t really play Mario Party due to lack of a tabletop mode. Seems a bit too stripped down for me. If they included an option to dock it with a TV and use a pro controller, then it may be worth it but it’s a no buy from me.
  3. Stranger Things

    I think that
  4. General TV Thread

    Yeah I feel pretty much the same way. June is getting away with so much now it borders on the totally ridiculous.
  5. Netflix

    Dark Season 1 was incredible. I may need a bit of a recap before I make a start on the new one though.
  6. Stranger Things

    Just a reminder (though doubt anyone needs it) s3 is out now. Watched the first episode, can’t wait to watch more
  7. The Walking Dead

    Nobody else still reading this? @londragon how about you?
  8. Indie Games

    I got it on Game Pass for Xbox. Good game, but not really worth that price, happy that I didn’t buy it. And the gameplay segments could be a bit hit and miss.
  9. Hollow Knight: Silksong

    Update from Team Cherry. Yay! No release date yet though. Boo!
  10. The Disney Thread

    Toy Story 4 was enjoyable. Still thought it was a bit of an unnecessary sequel as Toy Story 3 ended perfectly, but happy to say that my initial reservations were way off the mark and it gets a glowing recommendation. Both me and my 4 year old were in hysterics at some of the jokes. I also read something on Twitter that said the doll, Gabby Gabby had more character development in two hours than the entire cast did in s8 of Game of Thrones
  11. My Friend Pedro (2019)

    I swapped the slo-mo, dodge and kick buttons so this game now flows a bit better for me. Found it a bit tricky to activate slo-mo and dodge at the same time, kept deactivating focus accidentally and then getting shot to shit as a result.
  12. My Friend Pedro (2019)

    Just a reminder that this is out today. No reviews yet but positive impressions on Twitter.
  13. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Just a heads up for anyone interested. I had about 10 months left on my Xbox Gold, I bought two 12 month prepaid codes online and redeemed them on the store, adding an extra month for each by turning on auto renew. So now my subscription ends in June 2022. I’ve also taken advantage of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal for £1. What I’ve only just found out is when you subscribe, it converts any remaining Xbox Gold months into Game Pass Ultimate months. So I’ve paid £1 for three years of Game Pass. Plus the £100 quid for two years Xbox Gold of course which I would’ve paid for year on year anyway, I’ve just paid it up front. So stuff like Gears 5, I won’t have to buy, saving me even more. It’s really an incredible deal. I won’t pay anything at all now until June 2022.
  14. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Bumped so thread title can be edited. Just watching the Treehouse now, has it been confirmed that the island is the only location or is there a proper town too?
  15. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Oh...and no SNES games announcement as well