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  1. Game of Thrones

    My prediction for the next episode is
  2. Marvel's Phase Three

    Don’t really have any interest in any of these films but read this earlier and it made me chuckle
  3. Remembering the Nintendo GameCube

    I remember seeing all the hype surrounding Metroid Prime before it came out. Urgh, another first person shooter, were my thoughts at the time. I’d never played a Metroid game prior to this and my disdain for first person games plus my nonchalance for sci-fi meant this was a non purchase for me. On release day, my mate brought it round so naturally, I had a go. Within half an hour I was blown the f**k away!! How could my instincts for what I would and wouldn’t like be so far off the mark? I went and bought it the very next day. What a game this is. Still hoping for the trilogy to be released on Switch.
  4. A load were unhappy with how Luke turned out in TLJ as well, but I honestly though it was Hamill’s best performance as him (drinking blue milk notwithstanding) and the way his character was written made complete sense. How many older people do you know who are still full of fire and idealistic? Or do you tend to find that they quite generally have a disdain towards the way of the world and simply aren’t the same people they were in their youth.
  5. Remembering the Nintendo GameCube

    Who could forget this?
  6. There was nothing wrong with Rey’s parents being nobodies. I liked the fact that there were other Force sensitive people in the galaxy like the kid at the end. I really hope they don’t back-pedal on that, but I have a feeling they will.
  7. Switch eShop Thread

    BioShock Infinite had one hell of a memorable story.
  8. Overcooked 2

    New paid DLC and season pass coming in April.
  9. My Friend Pedro looks awesome. Doubt I’ll buy Cuphead. As much as I like the art style, it just looks a rage inducing nightmare. Probably why I never picked it up on Xbox.
  10. The Disney Thread

  11. Brexit 2019

    Thing is, all the government needs to do is quietly revoke Article 50 to stay in the EU, give everybody a blue passport, have a few weeks of long queues at airports/food rationing/eating rats etc, mention something about charging people for data roaming in Europe and nobody will ever know.
  12. General TV Thread

    Oh yes. Gotta be a s2!
  13. Netflix

    Binged Russian Doll in a couple of evenings. Well worth a watch. The less you know about it going in, the better.
  14. Indie Games

    Ape Out is getting good reviews. Seems a bit short for a £13.49 game though. Maybe I’ll wait till a sale...
  15. General TV Thread

    High Castle is great. S2 is a bit wobbly but don’t let that put you off as s3 is fantastic.