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  1. General Switch Discussion

    So, I’ve preordered the Animal Crossing Switch for my missus, as she loved New Leaf and I don’t want her hogging my Switch when it comes out. Thing is, I wouldn’t mind the game myself. I think this Switch comes with a download code for the game. Would I be able to use it to download on mine and then share my entire game library with her, similar to how you can on Xbox? Or would I need to buy my own copy of the game?
  2. General TV Thread

    Just watched the series finale of The Deuce. Great stuff, though the epilogue was a little weird, it was different than the usual montages that these shows tend to have in their finales, and as such, stood out a lot more and over time will become more memorable. Been really in the mood for David Simon stuff recently, having just watched Show Me A Hero and Generation Kill. Not quite ready to give The Wire a fourth watch through so may give Treme a try. Watched the first episode a while back, but didn’t watch any more for some reason.
  3. General TV Thread

    Finally got round to watching s4 of Gomorrah. Seeing as they killed off a main character in the s3 finale, I never expected this to be as good...and it wasn’t to be honest, but it’s still up there with some of the best TV there is at the moment. They set an episode in London as well, which was odd listening to the dialogue, as you get quite acclimatised to having subtitles. Also, watched the HBO miniseries that was on a few years ago, Show Me A Hero. Oscar Isaac playing a 1980s Yonkers politician who is trying to build a few hundred units of social housing in more affluent neighbourhoods in order for the city to avoid getting sued for ignoring desegregation laws. Based on a true story. Sounds dull I know, but it’s fantastic, explores crime, politics, racism...made by the same guy who did The Wire so you know what to expect here. Speaking of which, I still need to watch s3 of The Deuce which has been very slow to appear on Sky Atlantic. I think they’re only just putting them on now, though I’ll wait for the entire season then I’ll binge watch.
  4. Brexit 2019

    The thing that concerns me the most about all this is the inevitable profiteering that will occur, regardless of whether Brexit has an impact or not. Want to raise your prices? Blame Brexit. Want to lower or freeze wages? Want to make a few people redundant? We’ve got you covered there. And how is the average person going to be able to prove that Brexit has nothing to do with people's greed? Yet another way the wealth divide will widen.
  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I was hoping to use the 10% discount code I got for registering that catalogue I got over Xmas. The code is on the back, but I can’t find the catalogue now!! Does anyone know if they’re still running that promotion or has it expired now? Saves me searching everywhere for the catalogue if it’s expired.
  6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Bah, can’t seem to find where to preorder one, even on the official store. As I said before, a Lite version would have been preferable but I’ll probably pick this up. Can always connect the dock to the tv upstairs.
  7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I’m wondering if there’ll be a Switch Lite bundle with this game. Be a good gift for the missus and means she won’t be hogging my Switch for the new few months. I’m certain that there’ll be a Direct devoted to this game in February, hopefully they’ll announce something then.
  8. Outer Wilds

    The secret ending you can get where you break the universe is sure entertaining
  9. Brexit 2019

    Makes you realise just how much the media controls what we think and who we vote for.
  10. Switch eShop Thread

    I just hope that the throw mechanic isn’t needed that much in the game, as trying to lob that red thing up onto the steps was bullshit
  11. Brexit 2019

    So less than a week till this inevitable shit show arrives...and there’s barely any media coverage of it. All been buried by news of Harry and whatshername and viruses in China, meanwhile, news of worker rights eroding, such as the right to strike and loss of your EU average overtime pay for holidays have been deftly brushed under the carpet. I notice that reports of anti-semitism have fallen by 5000% as well now that the media bigwigs have got what they wanted. Pretty disgusting really.
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    I came in to post pretty much the exact same thing. Didn’t get a flavour of the game at all. I’m still interested in it, will just wait for a price drop.
  13. Outer Wilds

    I played it on Game Pass. It’s spectacular for sure, but the obscurity of how to progress in the game will be off putting for some. I wasn’t keen on having to translate the text every time the loop reset, and only knowing if you hadn’t done it if the ship log updated. Some of the areas can be quite same-y.
  14. Looks like the Colin Trevorrow screenplay has leaked. Seems a lot better than the turd we got and just proves that there was never any coherent story arc planned from the beginning...
  15. General TV Thread

    Enjoyed the finale of Mr. Robot. It won’t please everybody, but it was never really a story about hacking, more a story about how we perceive ourselves and the barriers we put up to deal with the world.