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  1. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    We have an Xbox each at our house. My missus’ One S in the living room and my base Xbox One in my gaming room. The shambolic performance of Cyberpunk on my Xbox has hastened my decision to buy next gen as I would’ve been fine waiting till 2022 or so. The plan was to get a Series S for the living room (as space is an issue on the TV bench and my missus doesn’t really play any massively graphically intensive games) and a Series X for me. Managed to find a Series S in stock so should get that tomorrow so looking forward to trying it out. It’s a shame about the hard drive space but I can still run Xbox One and 360 games from a cheap external drive and maybe buy the Seagate thing in a year or two for future Series S games. It’s also a shame that I have the physical version of Cyberpunk so I’ll have to wait for my Series X to try it out
  2. The Disney Thread

    Is it utterly fucking miserable like all of Pixar's films recently? Pretty much, yeah
  3. The Disney Thread

    Soul was enjoyable. Certainly one of the better Pixar outings in recent years.
  4. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    Was looking at this for a birthday present for my missus. Cheers for that.
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    I picked up Bug Fables and Hat in Time
  6. Horace (eShop)

    Predominantly a platformer with a gravity based gameplay hook (as you can see from the way the screen spins around) with a great story. Occasionally, you settle down to play a video game with one of the human NPCs, hence the different genres of gameplay in that trailer. To be honest, they’re the weaker parts of the game but the platforming is sublime.
  7. Horace (eShop)

    Been harping on about this game to anyone who will listen. It’s an absolutely fantastic platformer, developed by a team of 2. And now it’s on sale for £1.09, so you have absolutely no excuse. Thank me later.
  8. Hollow Knight: Silksong

    Already seen this has been mentioned in the Indie World Showcase thread, but it’s a good time to bump this thread.
  9. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    Is it really as bad as they say on the base consoles? May have to wait for more to be patched before I play it on my OG Xbox One. This did make me giggle though.
  10. Grand Theft Auto 5

  11. Gears 5

  12. Christmas 2020

    Yeah, just found it on YouTube. Mind. Blown.
  13. Indie Games

    Can’t see any mention of this game on here but I’m not surprised it has flown under everyone’s radar. I think it’s a reboot of the old games for the ZX Spectrum which I enjoyed growing up Horace is a fantastic platformer with a great gravity based mechanic that should appeal to anyone growing up watching 80s and 90s British TV and a fan of retro games especially, but is a must for any platforming fan’s collection. Think it was only made by a team of 2 and launched on Steam last year I think, but has recently come out for Switch. I bought it at launch but have only recently started playing it. About four hours in so far and I’m having a blast with it. Only £11 as well.
  14. Christmas 2020

    Being one of the Christmas movies that I watch pretty much every year (yeah, I’m aware how crap it is )but how have I only just found out that Jingle All The Way has a post-credits scene?