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  1. My daughter’s class had a Covid case last week so they’re now isolating. So they won’t be going back to school until the new term in September. Yet, had it happened on Monday instead, they wouldn’t have had to isolate
  2. General TV Thread

    Bought an iPad about a year ago and it came with a year free subscription of Apple TV. Realised the other day my trial was coming to an end and I’d watched absolutely nothing on it so decided to cancel. Before I did though, I made sure to blitz through the Long Way Up documentary with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. I was a big fan of Long Way Round and Long Way Down that they did in the mid 00s so this was always going to be good. Really enjoyed it, though considering what happened with the pandemic a few months after their trip concluded, I doubt we’ll see any more from them. I didn’t realise that the little girl they met in Mongolia in the first series would end up getting adopted by McGregor. Really touching moment when he was talking about the first trip and how it was so hard, they considered skipping Mongolia and going through Russia instead. If they’d done that, he would have never met her.
  3. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    Wonder how long this game will be? Seeing as most 2D Metroids can be finished to 100% in 10-15 hours and even less if you’re any good. Do you think this will be the same or do you reckon it’ll provide more of an expansive 25-30 hour adventure. Hoping for the latter, but expecting the former.
  4. Tattoos

    Pic doesn’t work for me
  5. Tattoos

    Bit more done today. Mantis Lords finished and made a start on the top of my forearm. I was unsure about having so much pink on Hornet, but I think once it’s blended in to the rest, it’ll be fine, just wanted the off splash of brighter colours here and there. And I’ve picked out a background for it which should fit nicely.
  6. Totally agree, but that’s exactly it. Labour under Corbyn were unelectable because that’s how they were portrayed. He loved terrorists and didn’t wear a tie on Remembrance Sunday. The one who brushes his hair with a balloon actually placed the wreath upside down and the media later showed footage of him from the previous year to hide the fact that he fucked up. Diane Abbott couldn’t count and the gammons lapped it up. Same with Brexit, because foreigners innit? The media moguls were terrified of Corbyn getting in as he would’ve clamped down on the amount of tax avoidance they get away with. It’s sad that the media can pretty much choose who will be in charge. Everyone says imagine if Corbyn was in charge during this, but I really wish he was. Not that he would have necessarily done any better, but at least he would’ve been held to account for any missteps. Matt Hancock could take a massive shit on a dying Covid patient’s chest and still get away with it because...look over there...a boat of brown immigrants.
  7. The only thing this government have done well during this pandemic is the vaccine rollout. Dithering over locking down initially, the PPE shambles along with the care home fiasco, plus many other failures. And now any gains that they have made with the vaccines have been squandered by the delay in putting India on the red list, most likely to try to secure a trade deal with them due to the other shambles that is Brexit, which is something that the media don’t even bother to touch upon. Was fun to see Gove squirm this morning when quizzed about the delay in putting India on the red list, even though other countries on the list had a lower infection rate at the time. And he still believes that they made the right decision through his deluded, bare faced lies. Though what do you expect from the same fish lipped bellend who somehow managed to swerve the isolation rules when he was pinged by the Covid-19 app? He was allowed to take part in a trial to take a test every day instead of isolating, even though that trial was only available to people who had been contacted by Track and Trace, not the app. And the really disheartening thing is that if there were a general election tomorrow, these charlatans would still get in by a landslide as there are no credible alternatives.
  8. General TV Thread

    Just finished watching the first (and only thus far) season of Wayne. Not heard of it before, but it was a YouTube show before it got picked up by Amazon. Am hoping they produce more of this. It’s basically about a teenage kid who goes in search of his dying dad’s Trans Am. Ridiculously over the top and violent, but I believe it was done by the writers of Deadpool so that’s to be expected I suppose. Also, found out there’s a new season of Mr Inbetween out now, so I’ll be “acquiring” that soon enough.
  9. Tattoos

    Had a bit more done today. Really pleased with how the Broken Vessel came out particularly. I don’t want too much colour everywhere, but the odd bits here and there really make it stand out. Got another appointment at the end of the month, obviously going to finish the Mantis Lords and hopefully complete the rest of my forearm and we’ll be hopefully halfway done.
  10. Tattoos

    Started my Hollow Knight sleeve today. Will post more in the coming months as it progresses.
  11. General TV Thread

    Yes. Though there is a small link between all the seasons and the film in some form or another.
  12. General TV Thread

    Started s4 of Fargo. Damn I’ve missed this show. It’s great to see two actors from two acclaimed Italian shows (Gomorrah and Suburra Blood on Rome) make English speaking appearances too.
  13. General TV Thread

    I love Frasier but the last couple of seasons weren’t as good. I’ve got a feeling this will suck balls but time will tell.
  14. The Wrasslin' thread

    Conrad Thompson now has Kurt Angle on his podcast. Very interesting listen. He talks about that moment at Wrestlemania 19 with Brock as well as his signing with the WWF after the Olympics and his appearance at the controversial ECW event with the crucifixion. WWF offered him a 10 year $5m dollar deal in 1996 but he turned it down. He ended up having to try out 2 years later but on a developmental deal worth 10 times less. As I’ve mentioned before, the Eric Bischoff podcast is also a must listen for anyone interested in that period of history.
  15. General TV Thread

    If you are watching it on Amazon Prime, I find it useful to tap the screen/hit pause if you are watching on a TV and check out the X Ray feature which shows IMDb info about each cast member helping you remember who is who.