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  1. General TV Thread

    High Castle is great. S2 is a bit wobbly but don’t let that put you off as s3 is fantastic.
  2. Hollow Knight

    Maybe it needs a new thread then?
  3. Hollow Knight

    Looks amazing. Is this a brand new, standalone game or DLC? No release date though. Boo!
  4. General TV Thread

    There’s only one episode left, and no way it could wrap up satisfactorily enough to make it a complete story. This could’ve been so popular on Netflix. Such a shame.
  5. General TV Thread

    God bleedin’ damnit. This is the best show on TV right now, 100% on Rotten Tomatoes as well and it won’t be renewed for a third series. Absolute tragedy. Let’s just hope Amazon or another streaming service pick it up like they did with The Expanse. Still, one more episode to go of s2. Just a shame that this will become yet another great show that wasn’t finished properly.
  6. Switch eShop Thread

    Pode is a good co-op game.
  7. Switch eShop Thread

    Guacamelee! 2 launches on 10th December with a 30% discount if you bought the first one.
  8. Stan Lee Dies aged 95

    Not on BBC news yet. But has been reported on several other news sites. I know a lot of you are big Marvel fans. 95 was a good innings though and he made loads of people happy. RIP
  9. Indie Games

    Mother Russia Bleeds launches next week on the 15th. Was thinking of picking this up for PS4 but glad I waited now.
  10. I’m finding the ability to draw at any time really cool and a great improvement from the last game. Being surrounded by would-be assailants, it feels great to get the drop on them. It can be a bit hit and miss though, occasionally I’ll accidentally fire off a shot without meaning to, ruining the element of surprise.
  11. I did exactly the same Got a bit annoyed when I was far from my horse and it wouldn’t come, had to steal one which put a bounty on me.
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    I think I may pick up Pode. Looks like a fun one to play with the missus. Wasn’t gonna pay £23 for it at full price though.
  13. Not sure how it works on PS4, but on Xbox, you log in to the other Xbox with both accounts and you set up sharing. Can’t remember exactly how to do it but there are guides online. I suppose technically, you could share with a trusted friend (as it means giving them your password) and not just another console in your household.
  14. Gamecube

    I fired up Super Mario Sunshine the other day. After the glorious controls of Odyssey, this has not aged well at all. Not being able to long jump is killing me. Also put Paper Mario TTYD on. Only played through the prologue but it brought some fantastic memories back. Gonna blast through it again when I get the time. Only downside is, I don’t have my GameCube anymore had to play them on Wii which is a bit of a ball ache. May have to get on eBay.
  15. Yes, as others have mentioned, we share accounts on Xbox. We have two xboxes in different rooms, so if we were to both play together online at the same time, we can do it without needing two discs. I had to buy another copy of GTAV for us to both play that online, which was expensive, so decided to go digital this time. And HDD space isn’t an issue as others have said, you need to have it installed anyway, disc or not. If not for the two xboxes, I’d have probably gone physical just to save a tenner, but doing it this way I’ve saved £40.