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  1. They’ve put out a music complication for Heroes 4th anniversary. It has tracks from each game, though unfortunately the Heroes theme doesn’t have the lyrics.
  2. Code P25MUS1C gets you a Pikachu that knows sing.
  3. There's 3 console games coming and 3 active mobiles games with. anew one launching soon, how many Pokemon games do you want?
  4. Had some Age of Calamity vibes going at the start of the trailer, thought it was going to be another Musou game.
  5. It got Link Awakening'd, looks better than Sword/Shield. Being outsourced is interesting.
  6. Wow, so they actually did what people wanted for ages.
  7. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    True, but they have the engines already, they just need to hit the "remake" button and done. Because that's how development works, apparently. They could pretend the models got corrupt so the only Pokemon available are Charizard and multiple variations of Pikachu in hats. Either that or they are deliberately trying to throw people off/troll with their wordings in the countdown tweets.
  8. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Guess I’ll be waiting to play my copy then.
  9. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    I was alluding to it in my previous post, but I think we’ll see Let’s Go Johto and the DP remakes.
  10. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    The backlash will be tremendous if that’s what they are hinting at, but I think they are hinting 2 separate things.
  11. General Retro Discussion

    Some Analogue products are getting restocked soon (not Pocket).
  12. Nah, it was more the weird Goomba design for me.
  13. I agree with you on that, the artstyle and music always felt off to me, it doesn't fit with the other games.
  14. The issue wasn't that Drahkon didn't like 3D World, it was the way he posted.
  15. They need to not limit Link's run speed in Skyloft, he moves too slow when in town. They need to remove or change the repeated boss fights. They need to remove or change the dowsing parts. They could do with changing the way the Master Sword is forged, I thought it was terrible the way it was handled for such an icon weapon.
  16. Amiibo are up for preorder on the Nintendo Store. https://store.nintendo.co.uk/games/nintendo-switch/monster-hunter-rise.list
  17. Wouldn't have thought you would need to recalibrate any more, do you? I've not really used the motion controls much. Downside of having the sword swings on the right stick is that you lose camera controls. Guessing you need to will need to hold a button down to switch or something.
  18. General Switch Discussion

    Aonuma made a point of saying Skyward Sword the game before Breath of the Wild, so if they are porting TP and WW then they'll have to release before July if they are going for that. Unless BotW2 is closer than we think (which I don't think is the case).
  19. Good catch, they are separate on the Japanese store (around £30 each, no English). Translation error?
  20. It’s £49.99 on the eShop, honestly thought it was gonna be cheaper.
  21. eShop listing shows it has Amiibo support.
  22. Honestly, they don’t look that great.
  23. Will be nice to not have a blurry version. Hoping they tweak some other stuff as well. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years, feels like launch day was more recent.