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  1. Me too, part of me just wants it to be ready and available at all times.
  2. Bit blurry, but perfectly serviceable.
  3. Aw, the demo only supports 3D mode.
  4. The need an equivalent for special attack, imo.
  5. I think perish song is a bit cheap, but it worked out. Inciniroar really is common.
  6. That explosion Smeargle though, shame it didn't work out too well for Teddy. Only saw a bit of the first and last games.
  7. I caught a bit of a battle where they had Kyorge and Air Lock Raquaza out at the same time on the same team. Is there a reason for that I'm missing? Does Air Lock not make thunder 100% accurate in rain?
  8. General Retro Discussion

    Honestly, the PSP games were better than PSU. Still mad we didn't get a localised PSP2 Infinity. I like that his top 10's are more personal rather then just listing popular games/ Ah, cool. I'll order one soon then. They list a Euro version on the site, but I do have a Freeloader. Honestly I was surprised Codejunkies/Datel were still around.
  9. I don't know if it's Twitter, Android or both but videos always skip for me, it's really jarring. Anyway, the Japanese Artbook set boxart looks really good, wish we were getting this one:
  10. General Retro Discussion

    What are you using to run the GameBoy Interface? I came across this: https://www.codejunkies.com/Products/SD-Media-Launcher__EF000580V.aspx
  11. She left for me. Not sure if I can get her back, though I had a B support with her and Byleth so maybe I can re-recruit her but it doesn't seem likely the way the story has gone..? She was a good unit though, she could still use White Magic when she was a dancer so never bothered using swords with her.
  12. Welp, making Flayn dancer was a mistake.
  13. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Looks like SNES games are on their way, Nintendo have filed a FCC for a SNES controller for Switch. https://fccid.io/BKEHAC042/Label/ID-Label-Location-Info-4392635
  14. I don''t understand the progression to the master classes. For example, I made Ferdinand a Paladin which requires lances and riding skills. But the next class seems to either be Great Knight which requires axe, heavy armour, and riding, or a Holy Knight which requires lance, faith and riding, except faith needs to be B+??? Same with Petra, I made her an Assassin and it looks like the next logical upgrade would be Mortal Savant which needs reason? A lot of the Master classes are mounted so do I need to start pumping skill points into all these other skills that I haven't been focusing on? I think I missed a gem that increases the class experience from the first paralogue as well as I didn't get the chest. Just beat chapter 11. Things went down.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    I always thought projectors weren't as clear as TVs, I guess it depends on the environment? Also the one we have at work kinda sucks.
  16. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo are launching on the 22nd in Europe on the US.
  17. General Retro Discussion

    Ooh, interested in the handheld.
  18. Switch eShop Thread

    CDKeys are selling £30 eShop cards for £25.99.
  19. Everything is dark type. Are they trying to say something? Galarian Weezing gives out both toxic gas and purified air? Pick one dude. I'm totally using one.
  20. Ghostbusters

    Is the Switch version 60fps?
  21. Exploring twice a month seems like a waste, I don't think anything new tends to happen apart from maybe some events, like the meals. I always seem to find it hard to find time to use the rest option. I think I made Flayn my dancer by accident, I wanted Dorothea to be the dancer. Didn't feel like resetting. I unlocked the Pegasus Knight class on her though so a dancing Pegasus Knight might be good. I've kept her as a priest for the time being but you can switch anytime. Although her rescue spell came in handy as the green units rushed the boss and could have killed him. Wish you could command ally units like in Path of Radiance and Radiance Dawn.
  22. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I feel like Sakurai gave a subtle dig at Sugiyama in the Direct for not being able to get the Overture.
  23. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Turns out I wasn't entirely wrong. Bit late, but that was one of my hopes along with Fighting Spirits, which got in (unsurprisingly). DQVII battle them. Sylvando's theme. Heavenly flight would fit the stage, but maybe it's a bit too peaceful for Smash Bros. Bit of a long shot since it's from the Monsters games.