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  1. Game of Thrones

    Yes but they were not surprised and have not taken any measures to counteract it it seems. And yeah, it's clear that they have run out of source material and thus, the writing is a bit less impactful this time around. If only mr. Martin would stop doing everything else and finish the work he started.. but I suspect we'll never get the true ending to the books.
  2. Cuphead (18th April 2019)

    Cuphead is easier...?
  3. Cuphead (18th April 2019)

    I think so, yes. Cuphead is about learning the pattern and is a very condense game at that. It doesn't have the inbetween structure of Hollow Knight where things are quiet but it's not as long either. The bosses of Hollow Knight were very hard (IMO) with a lot more strategy to them, you had to figure out which attacks to use when and such and also learn their patterns and how to avoid them, whereas Cuphead is straightforward shooting and learning the patterns. Once you have the patterns down, it's "just" about remembering them - trial and error in the best way possible. So yes, I find Hollow Knight harder because of the depth of the combat. Not much, but still. There were also single bosses that I spent an hour on in that game.
  4. Game of Thrones

    I'm expecting
  5. Cuphead (18th April 2019)

    Hollow Knight is harder.
  6. Marvel's Phase Three

    Wow. It's today! Can't wait! 5.20 pm CEST. Reviewers are going crazy about it, saying it's so good. My wife can't understand why it's so important to me to see this today but it is. It's like telling a soccer fan that he can just watch the game another day. That doesn't work as well.
  7. Detective Pikachu - The Movie

    New trailer gives a look at the world and more Pokémon:
  8. Cuphead (18th April 2019)

    Out now! Bought it yesterday as a friend came over and we spent about 2.5 hours on it, clearing island 1. We had a mighty good time, died a lot but laughed at it as the deaths were completely our own faults. The presentation is just superb, it's amazing. The game itself is good fun even though it's rather hard. Some of the boss fights were not so difficult but then we found two in particular that we spent ages trying to beat. Again and again and again. I don't know if I'll continue the game in single player or just wait for him to come over again some time. The game is a bit harder in coop, I saw someone mention as bullets do less damage, meaning that you are fucked if one dies. Some places also had disappearing platforms which made the platforming hard for two people. Can recommend, though.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    I'll join the Most Played group as well:
  10. General Switch Discussion

    But how can one spend 35 hours on Child of Light?? It's a 5 hours game, isn't it? Never finished it as I found it very boring outside of battles.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    The game needs some censoring now.
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    It's also on the European eShop now:
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Possible leak of a Switch mini? Probably fake but a good, possible solution.
  14. Game of Thrones

    Ah, I don't remember that. Too long ago!
  15. Game of Thrones

    I enjoyed the episode even though not much happened. It had a nice foreshadowing feel to it and you all know that it had to be this way with people gathering and moving around.
  16. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  17. Nintendo Labo

    There should be a separate topic for this. Revealed in a short video January 17th 2018. Pricing is at $69.99 for the Variety Kit and $79.99 for the Robot Kit. Includes software and several cardboard pieces and the materials needed for building the stuff. Variety Kit: Robot Kit:
  18. Game of Thrones

    It's weak in the books as well.
  19. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    My wife saw some of her friends having a water rowing machine (like the one in House of Cards) in their house and now thinks it's something we may be able to get as well. I'm not saying no but I'd prefer a Concept2 as that's what I'm used to. The water rowers are supposed to be quite different to those. And they are even more expensive.
  20. Just confirmed for a Switch release after long-going rumours. Out July 26th.
  21. Wolfenstein: Youngblood (July 26th)

    Yeah, it makes no sense except for marketing - having your game on a shelf makes it more explicit and makes it easier for people to impulsively buy it.
  22. Game of Thrones

    My wife just blew me away. She agreed with her sister that we'll watch the season premiere together Tuesday night - without talking to me about it. That's cruel. Plain and simply, up there with Ramsay cruel. Guess I'll just have to watch it twice.
  23. Switch eShop Thread

    Perhaps Nintendo made a mistake in their download news. Or Nintendoeverything.com made one when they posted the original piece. But if its still 50 % on eShop, that's great.
  24. 3DS eShop Thread

    Blockbuster sale is also live on 3DS: Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS (Card/Download) -33 % Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (Card/Download) -30 % The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D (Card/Download) -33 % Metroid: Samus Returns (Card/Download) -33 % New Super Mario Bros 2 (Card/Download) -33 % YO-KAI WATCH (Card/Download) -25 % Fire Emblem: Awakening (Card/Download) -33 % Kid Icarus: Uprising (Card/Download) -30 %
  25. Switch eShop Thread

    The full blockbuster sale is now revealed: Octopath Traveler (Card/Download) -33 % The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Card/Download) -30 % Super Mario Odyssey (Card/Download) -33 % ARMS (Card/Download) -33 % Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Card/Download) -33 % The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Card/Download) -50 % DOOM (Card/Download) -33 % Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Card/Download) -33 % Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Card/Download) -33 % DARK SOULS: Remastered (Card/Download) -30 % Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (Card/Download) -30 % Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (Card/Download) -20 % Rocket League (Card/Download) -40 % L.A. Noire (Card/Download) -60 % Overcooked! 2 (Card/Download) -30 % South Park : The Fractured But Whole – Gold Edition (Bundle) -50 % Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Gold Edition (Bundle) -50 % RAYMAN LEGENDS: DEFINITIVE EDITION (Card/Download) -63 % South Park: The Fractured but Whole (Card/Download) -59 % Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Card/Download) -50 % Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (Card/Download) -35 % Moonlighter (Download) -33 % Some of the prices have changed - for instance DOOM was 50 %, but now it's only 33 %.