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  1. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Yeah suffice to say even I couldn't believe my luck, it's because I hadn't let the game know I was actively looking for them... Glad you got that video of me sitting by the bombs, once I started doing that I said to myself only one thing is going to make me move from this...and there it was 😂
  2. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Great fun last night, plenty of daft moments with those bombs loitering around at any given moment 😂 For the most part now I think I just need Seltas Queen and Nersyclla parts to make the Ahtal set, in the first battle I got three of it's Gems 😎 Good to finally take on some hyper monsters as well! Thanks @Glen-i @S.C.G and @RedShell
  3. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Just about to fire up the switch, still to have my dinner though so probably hunting in about 15mins? I'll likely try and farm the Ahtal when it's my turn, but happy to finally let other people pick quests for the first time...🙈
  4. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Possibly in an hour, 8:30pm ish start?
  5. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    I should have been at a stag do this evening; however due to a bit of an family emergency it looks like once my son is asleep I'm going to be armed with 6 bottles of beer and a Switch...anyone else on?
  6. Selling Games - Yes or No?

    I always thought I was a no clutter gamer fairly recently when I went all digital with my Wii U; but actually I've always traded in/sold games on, and always to fund the next console or big game I want. I remember selling my N64, games I had left and some old WWF VHS' to fund my GameCube, and I've done that up until trading in my Wii U for the Switch. My biggest and only regret is trading my original DS in for the Lite; it was the limited edition one through the Nintendo Club at the time, probably should have kept that... I enjoy a re release of a classic every now and then, and sometimes I'll wish I could have another blast on GoldenEye, but usually I'll scratch that itch for 10 minutes then I won't bother again, so the only thing I've really missed is potentially having a collector's value on some of them (I have a mint boxed conkers bad fur day N64 and my Shigeru Miyamoto signed Sunshine locked away, though)
  7. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    I'd already managed to get up to the high rank Soaratorium part in SP before my relentless focus on getting to G Rank, so I'll try and chip away at some more of them to complete village quests 👍 Not sure I'll be on tonight, if I am it'll be very late, probably 9:30/10
  8. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    These Hyper/Deviant monsters, are they only accessible through the special permits you get? Having done all solo quests in both 3 and 4, I presume it's worth me cracking on with solo quests in this one too, will it grant me access to more useful things like the previous games? Forgotten how easy it is to fire the game up and just spend an hour tinkering about with armour/decorations/trades etc without actually getting out on a hunt!
  9. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Thank you, and thanks for the help this morning, when I carted within minutes of our first quest and Noob009 abandoned quest, I didn't have high hopes... Got the Ahtal's version of the mantle on the first fight, and had enough to make the Lance too which seems like a really good weapon to be getting on with! I'll try and do some farming of the beastie then, expect that quest to be spammed when it's my turn to pick on hunting nights...🙈 Now up to 755 defense on my ragtag set, will try and squeeze some solo quests in at some point when I can, haven't even touched special permits, prowler quests, hyper monsters...60 hours in and I'm finally ready to get on with it all (just you watch them announce a new MH game for Switch at E3...)
  10. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Right @Glen-i and anyone else who wants to play, about to open a room, I'll leave it on password excluding friends but if it's just is two Glen I'll open it up!
  11. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    I'll post in here when I'm getting online!
  12. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Taking turns is overrated, frankly... Don't think I'll be able to make it on tonight, might have time for a few solo missions but not online as my break between work is only an hour now. Anyone about for a hunt tomorrow morning? I could do 9:30am til about 11, get those two last quests done and even I could be up for letting someone else pick a quest once in a while...
  13. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Cracking stuff chaps, thanks for the help! Sorry Red for...errmmm...not paying attention 🙈 By my calculations I've got one more quest and then I'll get the urgent, so close! Might be on at a similar time tomorrow, I'll post in here if I am
  14. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Great stuff! Just added you as a friend, and set the hub up now for those who can, no passwords for friends but I'll open it up to the general public if only two of us!
  15. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    @Hero-of-Time @RedShell @Glen-i @S.C.G Anyone on around 5pm for an hour or so to hunt at all today?