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  1. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    I've still got 100 left actually, could I pop over to sell them off?
  2. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Yeah the talk of specs does little for me and frankly the Series X footage they had (of Gears 5 etc) just looked like a minor improvement from memory. Yeah I remember We Happy Few had massive buzz around it but by the time the game preview had finished that buzz had very much stopped. Get it on game pass when it's ready or even better hold out for the Series X launch (which they might do but putting it on game preview negates that for me) to be more impactful, obviously at a consoles launch even the smaller games tend to get played more as there's less choice! Yeah, it actually worked much better, just got on with it instead of all the razz ma tazz they usually try on.
  3. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    Used the Turnip Exchange this morning and sold for 611, a cool 1.7mil bells nestling in Tom Nooks back pockets sooner rather than later 🤦‍♂️
  4. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Caught up with this this morning, a decent watch without too much to get overly excited about. I thought Grounded looked really interesting, like a Rare game in many respects; I'll be keen to see what the longevity is like if it's going in game preview rather than straight to Game Pass. I'll reserve my excitement for Yakuza on Game Pass until I've played 0... Just fired up Sea of Thieves for the first time in a long time, mainly to get the free Ori ship stuff and drool over the Banjo themed one's that I'll never get because you have to pay for them! I thought Larry Hyrb was about to parody Sony parodying Microsoft when he started talking about the Series X memory card system (reminded me of the how to play other people's games skit Sony did at E3 all those years ago) but thankfully he didn't 😂
  5. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    Thanks, but i meant at what point from the start of the game. Do you need to have built the shop? Do you just buy them from Timmy? Her name is Daisy Mae and she should send you a letter once the shop is built to tell you she'll be there on Sunday. So yes once Nook's Cranny is open you should be able to buy them from the next Sunday!
  6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I feel like the least Tom Nook could have done is tell me, when deciding my location for Nook's Cranny, is NOT to place it directly at the top of my plaza. Residential services is about to make an absolute mess of my island lay out plans 🤦‍♂️
  7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Have you tried the 'gutting' the island trick? Getting rid of all the tree stumps, weeds, flowers etc?
  8. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Due to self isolation, I managed to play and complete Quantum Break on my Xbox this last week. First off, I loved it. Sometimes I just in the mood for a linear, story driven game and that's exactly what this. Coupled with some great acting performances (especially the always good Lance Reddick) and I found myself going straight back into the game to play the alternate time line and soak up the nuances and differences I would have missed the first time. Although it is linear, you could bash through the main narrative pretty quickly and not know half of the story; Remedy have done an exceptional job of fleshing this sci fi world out and giving you the opportunity to dive as deep into the rabbit hole as you want to. Emails, notes, laptops and diagrams are scattered around the world to pick up and soak up. The game isn't perfect by any stretch, especially the gun play/fighting. I read a few reviews that said how they enjoyed this more than the story; for me it was the other way around. My heart sank a little every time a section where you had to clear out the bad guys popped up, and I persevered mainly to get to the next story beat. It just felt clunky and a bit of an after thought, if truth be told. Some of it plays like an extended QTE which, although I enjoyed, might frustrate others. The idea of merging a game and TV show into one always interested, and it personally worker very well for me. Some of the choices or ripples didn't make a massive difference, but the performances from Shawn Ashton, Aidan Gillen and Lance Reddick in the lead roles were all expectional, and in fact the supporting cast were equally believable and strong. They transferred well from the "TV show" bits to the in game as well. In many respects it reminded me of Ryse: Son of Rome in its linearity and story driven narrative, which bearing in mind this was a 2016(?) Release and how long it must have been in development, makes me think back to Microsoft's initial push for the Xbox One to be a multimedia device and have their own dedicated TV streaming service. Sadly (for me, not everyone else!) That never took off but interesting to see how they were developing a specific type of game to compliment this service. I've almost got the full achievement set (very close to the end second time around on Hard) but Animal Crossing has slowed my momentum on it somewhat, hopefully I'll get back on it before my enthusiasm completely wains and I forget all about finishing it off. It always intrigued me when it was first released and now, thanks to Game Pass, I've finally given it a go and I'm glad I did. Although I never really got into the Alan Wake games (though I appreciated the references in this one) once Control becomes a bit cheaper/Game Pass then I'll be excited to pick that up and see where Remedy are taking me next!
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I had my first "tarantula" island this evening, came away with 105,000 bells from it as I had a few Atlas Moths and Giant Water Bug's too before I've logged off to play with some chums on Xbox. It's satisfying in an "it feels like cheating" way, even though it's not a cheat way, just they keep respawning every five minutes or so. Still, more money for Sunday's endeavours with Daisy Mae!
  10. Jon Nook sells games (CD Keys affiliate link)

    You know what? You're right. I just bought AC. Amazing! That you bought it, not that you're naughty...
  11. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    Ah you should have taken it, I'm not too precious about stuff like that! I'll send it to you in the post 😊 Forgot the console has a sleep mode, it set itself to that while I was off doing other things 🤦‍♂️
  12. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    Opening my island up now, dodo code is: 1PL6J I'm going to leave my switch on and do other stuff, if you can make it on in the next hour or so that's perfect, if not I'm in all afternoon so can go back on later. If anyone else knows anyone who hasn't sold at a big price and wants to make some money then let anyone know the code! And also Cherries and Oranges are very welcome...
  13. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    If anyone still wants to sell, I've got an afternoon price of 309 bells... Mention me and I'll set up a dodo code in an hour or so if you do!
  14. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    Worked a treat, first time I've done this so annoyingly with everyone coming and going you can't get to the shop with all the loading screens! Thanks @Sheikah Also @Tales think we are both here, I'm using my girlfriend's switch under the name Hetty 👍
  15. Jon Nook sells games (CD Keys affiliate link)

    So do you...