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  1. Retro Chat Weekly: Jet Force Gemini

    I can remember being on holiday and reading and re reading a feature on this in N64 magazine, when the characters were still more 'childlike' (Juno was in red, I think) and going from being on the fence to becoming obsessed with this game! I worked out that if I saved up all my paper round and pocket money from holiday until release I could make the £50 it would cost, and I managed to stay disciplined enough to do just that. I can remember feeling slightly underwhelmed at first, mainly due to the controls which I found to be very 'loose' compared to something like Goldeneye or Banjo, but after that initial first evening with a game when it feels like your crap at it, the next day I was firing on all cylinders. I loved the setting, the level/world's, the secret parts, the fact that once you thought it was complete you were actually opening up a whole new part of it ala Ocarina of Time; talk about monies worth, I certainly got mine. And funnily enough, when I bought Rare Replay for my Xbox One I fired this up in trepidation wondering if I would ruin my great memories of this game. If anything I would say it enhanced them, and reminded me that it was one of the better full price games I bought for my N64. I never got around to filling out my N-E top 10 of all time, but if this was indeed eligible (pesky rules ) then this would have definitely been in there.
  2. SNES Classic Mini

    SNES mini sold 360,000 odd in four days in Japan...and that's why we may never see VC on the Switch!
  3. Super Mario Odyssey

    What a fantastic promo video! Captures the atmosphere of everything I've seen about the game so far, pure fun
  4. Super Mario Run (iOS/Android)

    Switched to android earlier this year and lost my iPhone version, had some play store credit so got it in the sale; it's saved all my details like coins, toad rally bits etc, very impressed, and it looks great on Pixel XL too 😀
  5. FIFA 18

    Who are we blaming for stock shortages, EA or Nintendo? 😝 Seriously though to sell out...I'd love to know how many copies they shipped and some sort of statement from EA clarifying whether this is good news as they've sold how many they projected...or if they've done a whoopsie.
  6. FIFA 18

    If it's literally sold out that has to be a success for EA's own estimations, surely?! I know it's not that simple but if they stocked according to what they thought they'd sell, and they've sold out...well done everyone, eh!?
  7. FIFA 18

    Stupidly went straight into an online seasons game without changing controls to alternate; found myself 2-0 up after 20 mins thanks to goals from Big Rom before connection lost...didn't go down as a win or a lose so I presume that was from EA's side... Common sense has prevailed and doing the training drills to get reacustomed to the game, so far it's the FIFA I remember, loading screens though are crazy quick!!
  8. FIFA 18

    Yeah you can do local seasons and there is a Switch kick off mode as well; they've got couch/train/pub co op sorter to a tee. Who needs online, eh...😝
  9. FIFA 18

    If it's in the budget for NBA Playgrounds, it has to be in the budget for FIFA! Although I agree the lack of OS level feature is ridiculous, being shown up by Indie and smaller developers does whiff of lazy EA.
  10. Golf Story (Switch)

    Lovely start to the game, just got to level 5 and done a few challenges, for me they've really nailed those classic RPG Golf games. Music is lovely and soothing too 😊
  11. Your End Of Year Switch/3DS Games

    It's an interesting debate because the console itself is, to me, very much Iwata's and has his finger prints all over it, and it's a brilliant concept. However, agreed, his past track record with games and droughts is patchy at best, so clearly Kimishima or those around him have really got a grip on the Switch game situation; it seems like every day there is a new title announced be it Indie or big hitter, I don't believe the phrase "so many games" has applied to just a Nintendo console in quite some time!!
  12. Steamworld Dig 2

    Great news from Image and Form: Just wish I could have more time to plough into Mario and Rabbids, only just reached the world 2 boss! I don't want a massive back log to start forming but I'll be caving and getting Golf Story today, this is next on my list after Rabbids is done.
  13. FIFA 18

    For the 2016 versions I picked up PES for the first time in years...it was like a completely different experience; as a game of football PES is back as the best, sadly they'll never displace the FIFA brand again or give EA a serious run for its money. If PES was coming to Switch I'd be picking that up instead no question!
  14. FIFA 18

    I'll actually be really interested to see where this lands in the individual formats, I'm guessing PS4 will lead Xbox sales, but if Switch version is in top 5 and has some legs on it, I think that would exceed expectations? For me at least, depends if EA really want to invest in Switch or have it as the excuse to back out they need...
  15. Your End Of Year Switch/3DS Games

    Just a Switch owner now; still only on world 2 or Mario and Rabbids so I'm ploughing away on that which I'm more than happy with, likely to pick up FIFA on Friday and then Mario Odyssey on launch, apart from that it'll be eshop titles such as Golf Story, Stardew etc. Oh and there's Skyrim...well something will have to give because I don't want to get into huge backlogs, suffice to say there is plenty to keep me entertained for the foreseeable!