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  1. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Just watched the Jimquisition Game of the Year episode yesterday where he talked about Plague Tale in great depth, MS are really making Game Pass a fantastic service!
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    0 interest, very thankful I just bought Banjo and Kazooie on their own rather than the fighter pass, absolute mugging!
  3. A man after my own heart ♥️😉
  4. The Division 2

    Picked this up in the Xbox Christmas sale; went for the ultimate edition which apparently should have cost me £90, but I got it for £20! It's good, a great continuation of the first game, with added bits in to make it feel more than just a carbon copy. I ploughed hundreds of hours into the first, there is something about this game which I enjoy so much more than Destiny etc, think it's more of the "real world" element than the fantasy. I will say, as impressive as they've made Washington, and as much sense as it makes, it doesn't quite create the amazing atmosphere that New York did in the first one. Still, looking forward to getting to the end game and seeing what that has to offer!
  5. Super Mario Odyssey

    Solid 8/10?...😎
  6. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Can't make tonight, next time likely Tuesday or Wednesday for me, good hunting tonight though all 👍
  7. Xbox Series X - Christmas 2020

    Christmas 2020 sorted for me!
  8. Indie World Showcase : Tues 10th Dec (6pm UK)

    I mean, it's about time we had a few more N-E hunting nights again...
  9. Indie World Showcase : Tues 10th Dec (6pm UK)

    Is it free to play? As a big Monster Hunter fan I'll be interested to at least give it a go!
  10. Google Stadia

    Phil Harrison's reign of terror continues to yet another platform! A shame but completely foreseeable; if they weren't launching with some big exclusives, then it had to be a Netflix type thing; if it had been I probably would have bitten. As it is, Xbox game pass (and the potential with streaming I mentioned in the Xbox thread) will likely put pay to this pretty swiftly until all the features are there that they've promised and it becomes subscription!
  11. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Stepped into the future today and got an email saying I could try the Xbox game streaming beta, I'm sure not at all times to coincide with the launch of Stadia... I'm running off an original Google Pixel XL so my phone is a good four years out of date, and yet, somehow, miraculously, it all works! It wasn't perfect, but I tried Ori, Sea of Thieves and Gears 5, and they all worked with varying stability, Gears you could literally see continually rendering, but the input was great (just used my Xbox controller) and once I switched to 4G it was alot more stable and clear. I was tempted by Stadia when it was announced as I'm a bit of a Google fan, but no new games and it not being the Netflix type system I thought it was put me off abit. With Xbox and PlayStation both using this system, the future is here! R.I.P the Switch 😛
  12. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    About 5 hours into this now and... I wish I was playing the original again! It's enjoyable, sometimes creative and the cutscenes and animations have raised a laugh, but it's definitely missing something...charm, perhaps? I'm finding in just going into rooms, hoovering, blowing, using torch etc, rinse and repeat. It's good fun, but not at the same level as the first one or even the second on 3DS as it stands, in fact it just feels like more of the same of the second one rather than something new!
  13. The Jimquisition Thread

    Well... I haven't played Fortnite for the best part of a year but with the advent of chapter 2 I've got back into it recently; I've been racking up wins left, right and centre, generally killing most players I come across (probably averaging 3 kills a game) and generally thinking I might be able to make a career out of streaming the game now I'm so good at it... Consider my resignation letter to my actual job rescinded, I've been had! 😂
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Absolutely mental consistency. I think the PS2 is a bit of anomaly in that it's ridiculously high, but to be selling consoles at pretty much 100 million every version shows its not luck at all, they always manage to tap into the magic something that gamers want, even a "failure" like the PS3! They still can't design a decent controller, though...🕵️
  15. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah got that through today, my son caught wind of it and saw Mario, now he's asking what santa might bring him at Christmas from it...