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  1. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    Yeah around that age Theo used to love watching me do Mario Kart time trials around Bowser's Castle, "Dragon race" he used to call it...now a year later he loves playing it himself and Smash too!
  2. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    My girlfriend said the same thing before he did it, of course I was like "We don't need to do thaaattt...." 🤦‍♂️
  3. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    Yeah I can understand that, think I got up to about 150 hours into BoTW, I loved being in that 'world', did all the shrines and side quests, got the DLC...but don't think I've had another game like that on the Switch! Incidentally my (almost) 5 year old played BoTW this weekend with me, had a muck about on my go, enjoyed the exploring a climbing, so when he asked the next morning if he could play it of course he could! Didn't realise he'd select "new game" and delete my game to start from scratch 🤦‍♂️🙈
  4. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    Yeah SoT is simultaneously the most relaxed and chilled game I've played (sunsets rippling on the seas etc etc) and the most stressful, you're always looking over your shoulder that someone might nab everything you've worked so hard for, ultimate risk and reward! Made me think actually literally since this time last year I've played The Division 2 solid, then Monster Hunter World, and now SoT, so I'm definitely in that category of liking to stick with a game for longer now (and by necessity it tends to be these open ended games you can keep ploughing time into), certainly until I feel 'done' with it, whatever that state might be. Save for tackling Halo 5 and Quantum Break during the first lockdown, I can't remember playing much else 🤷‍♂️ I just don't see any Nintendo games I want to spend £50 on at the moment that will keep me as engaged!
  5. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    Actually landed 🙈 specifically when Koopa has ordered the pizza and then near the end he gets a phone call he thinks is from someone important, only for it to be the pizza delivery guy telling him it was ready 😂🤷‍♂️ reminded me of Hot Fuzz when you over hear the Fire man's walkie talkie describing things as "like a scene out of Backdraft", I was a lone voice howling in the cinema at that 😎
  6. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    I thought I'd at least go fully grey before losing my mind, but I think you might be right, I was howling with laughter at some points, what's wrong with me?! 😂🙈
  7. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    I know! When we went to that Switch launch event together he was...7 months old, I think? Mental to think he now plays Mario Kart and Smash Bros... Also mental to think we genuinely all watched the Super Mario Bros film with our dinner last night and we all enjoyed it, and I mean ALL enjoyed, clearly my tastes are changing as I grow older 🤷‍♂️😂
  8. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    I was thinking about buying my eldest his own Switch for his 5th birthday this year...then I realised there wasn't much point as mine is pretty much his now anyway, only one who plays it 🤷‍♂️ I did forget to mention in my previous post about Mario Golf being on my radar, I'm now in two minds about MH Rise but I think I'll still get it, so that'll give me a reason to play it, but yeah I certainly haven't felt I've missed much. Saying that, I've never really done this before but I'm pretty much exclusively playing one game at the moment, Sea of Thieves, and very little else, to the point where I'm thinking of even cancelling game pass and just buying SoT outright and a year's Gold, which would be about half price than a year of £10.99 a month. Maybe once I'm past my desire to play that I'll find I've missed something on the Switch? At the moment, certainly doesn't feel like, I always think of myself as a "Nintendo Gamer" but at the moment that's abit of a lie 😢
  9. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    I just felt that entire thing was not for me at all, don't know if it's me or Nintendo but we just don't seem a good fit for each other any more 🤷‍♂️ I watched it live while playing a bit of Sea of Thieves, I was fairly meh about the whole thing and then when Aounuma popped up I stopped sailing and picked my phone up anticipation that'd I'd really need to watch what was coming next...no, no I didn't 🤦‍♂️ couldn't care less and that remake did not look HD at all. Ah well. Can't fathom the decision to make Splatoon 3 at the moment, why not keep supporting 2 instead of making that an irrelevance! Surely they could be putting time into either a classic franchise or a new IP instead of overdoing Splatoon 🤷‍♂️ I dunno, maybe it's because I didn't really see anything for me but didn't find that Direct enjoyable at all!
  10. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    As @Hero-of-Time suggested, the Ori games are well worth a look, wonderful titles! And as he also suggested, if you fancy sailing the Sea of Thieves I'd recommend doing the maiden voyage tutorial to see what you think of the mechanics and world and if you like it we could try and arrange another [email protected] @cube?
  11. Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC) - New Rare game

    I should say @RedShell and @cube if you ever see me online and I'm joinable, you're more than welcome to just join my ship and see what I'm up to ☠️ If I'm sailing with my girlfriend or friend I'll be in a maxed out party, but other than that I only ever do closed solo sailing, never join up with a random, so there will always be a space on my boat 👍
  12. Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC) - New Rare game

    Haha, thanks for capturing my impressive lunge off the ship and gliding through the water! 😎 Was good fun, enjoyed that last night, even if you did try to blow us to hell 😂 I've played this game for more hours than I care to admit and I'm learning new things all the time, I love how it doesn't hold your hand and you can learn from doing, or from other pirates, then pass the knowledge along! I'd be up for carrying on our Tall Tales or trying something different, let me know if you guys fancy another voyage across the seas ☠️
  13. Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC) - New Rare game

    @Cube @RedShell I'll be on after 9, if you want to start earlier/if you're on already then if you set up in a Brig in a closed group I'll join you when I'm on! ☠️
  14. Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC) - New Rare game

    Haha sadly they don't, purely cosmetic only those animals, cute though 😎 Oh yeah the Tome's, they are an RNG collectible, you get an achievement for each "new" one you get, and then an extra one for all 5, and there's...4 sets in total? Not sure what they do apart from achievements, though, think there's some pedestals you can put them on 🤷‍♂️
  15. Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC) - New Rare game

    Oh, haha! 😂 If you've been a Galleon sailor a Brig will be a doddle for you I imagine, pretty similar just smaller and slightly more nimble!