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  1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    Surprised MS haven't tried to tie this down again; saying that I'm not sure just how well Rise did for them numbers wise, so may be it wasn't worth it. Either way, it's better for the series if it's multiplatform, hopefully do some good business in spite of the mediocre film reviews coming in...
  2. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I don't know if the system is borked or not, but 35% have the collect 99,000 (or whatever amount it is)coins...so more people have done that than bothered to get past the 2nd world?! Bizzare, anyway had some time this morning, thought about ReCore...but decided to finish this off instead! Picked up all the clovers in the game and all the achievements bar the 30,000 and aforementioned 99,000 coin one, incredibly easy but pleasantly enjoyable! I am now tempted to get the DLC, tropical setting looks like it could beat the Veggie Patch world for my favourite!
  3. Xbox One Console Discussion

    After 5 hours, Super Lucky is complete! Well, to the final boss, still bits and bobs to do... If I'd paid £20 for it at launch, I think I would have been miffed; what looks like the hardest achievement is just pure grinding which doesn't suit this game, so can't imagine I would have gone for that or will do. Probably would have been the perfect game to launch Game Pass with as I feel like I've got a deal out of it for a day's worth of play. Not sure I'll get the DLC, might let the dust settles first. Think next game I'll tackle is ReCore.
  4. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I remember back in the GameCube days I bought Eternal Darkness and Starfox Adventures on the same day (they may have been released on the same day in fact, or perhaps a week apart) either way in the end Starfox suffered as I was playing both every evening until eventually I got fed up of making no progress in either and focussed on one. I said to @nekunando yesterday listening to Podcast Unlocked whenever one of them brings up a game that they love, the other invariably say "I played a couple of hours of it, enjoyed it, meaning to get back to it..." Fair enough they probably have a lot of games on their plates, but still I agree with you, how can you form judgement or, even, enjoy a game after only a few hours? I get "parking games" like me with Yooka on Switch; I've played 16 odd hours I think, 90 Pagies so not quite seen the final boss yet, but I've enjoyed it and will go back to it and feel I've played enough to know I'll enjoy finishing it off eventually. In OOT you'd probably just have got to the Great Deku Tree in an hour or so (first time); that's barely scratched the surface. To go back to Lucky, it actually felt like a good fit for me, baring in mind what we spoke about in the MH thread last week; short, snappyish levels and worlds, more to do if you want it and a good feeling of progression already.
  5. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Back to the positivity in this thread... So i activated my game pass trial last night, with a week to go before Sea of Thieves. Also fancied a go on a few of the games on there already, starting with Super Lucky's Tale...consider me a fan like @Aneres11 and @Josh64! It has its limitations, a few bugs here and there, and I'm not sure how I would have felt having paid £20 for it...but I've really enjoyed the atmosphere its created so far! In my head this is what I imagine Conker 64 would have been before it became Bad Fur Day. I wouldn't say it does anything particularly original, but it is full of joy and I've just finished off the first two worlds this morning. Hoping to get it finished tonight when my lad is asleep again, providing it carries on the same trajectory of level lay outs. Like MH on Xbox though, the achievements give a way just how much people have played the game; I got a rare achievement, under 10% of those who have played it...have beaten the second world boss! Shocking statistic.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    While I don't deny it would be nice to have some of these features, anything that clogged up the UI being so quick and accessible would be a step backwards from such a slick experience when you boot up. Nightmares about that initial Wii U UI... Saying that, I'd like to see the WiFi connect from sleeping mode alot quicker, feels like it takes a good minute or two to log on; whereas say I can unlock my phone and load up a website (N-E, obviously) straight away
  7. General Switch Discussion

    It would either be Metroid 4 or Smash Bros in my opinion...and it's not going to be Metroid! They've had two years of success with having a single game as the "focal point" of their e3 booth, so I'm sure it will happen again and, having now announced Smash and with online launching in Sept (presumably with Smash) it'll almost certainly be that! Again, in my opinion
  8. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    Taken this from Go Nintendo, the top selling Switch games for its first year in Japan: 1. Splatoon 2 – 1,995,731 2. Super Mario Odyssey – 1,529,207 3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 1,292,299 4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 785,285 5. 1-2-Switch – 338,401 6. ARMS – 329,050 7. Monster Hunter XX – 222,620 8. Pokken Tournament DX – 207,029 9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – 168,271 10. Super Bomberman R – 134,844 11. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 134,546 12. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – 107,595 13. FIFA 18 – 74,927 14. Fire Emblem Warriors – 67,162 15. Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 – 67,059 16. Puyo Puyo Tetris – 64,637 17. Seiken Densetsu Collection – 54,350 18. Snipperclips Plus – 53,198 19. Sumikko Gurashi: Sumikko Park he Youkoso – 49,919 20: Snipperclips (download card version) – 38,429 They do love their Splatoon!
  9. Smash Bros Switch Roster Prediction Competition

    @Mandalore Ricky Winterborn is a great shout, I'd love to see him in there to tie in with a revival of Wave Race/1080! Would it be feasible to include a Rocket League car as a fighter? Assist trophy yes...fighter? What with Microsoft being fairly open with Minecraft/their IP's, would be great to see something from Minecraft or, the dream, finally Banjo and Kazooie. Cartman from South Park? None of that is likely, so I'll play it safer and say we should definitely see Crash Bandicoot now.
  10. Splatoon 2

    Hadn't taken part in a splatfest for so long, I'd forgotten just how cool that night time setting is and the buzz around Inkopolis!
  11. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

    I'll consider my parade rained on... Well if you're multi device'ing like me (Xbox and phone, why I can't watch it on my switch...) You're welcome to mock me!
  12. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

    The news you've all (read: no one) been waiting for... Technology permitting, I'll be live tweeting the direct tonight, logging on around 9:55! Join me if you want to witness my descent into a tired madness, join in the conversation with me, just read what I'm posting or...just do your own thing. But company would be nice... Edit: I should have noted that'll I'll be doing this from the official N-Europe Twitter account, not my own one. I have some standards...
  13. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

    Liam Robertson seems to be suggesting Odyssey DLC will be announced, and the same guys who broke it are hinting something Fortnite related could be shown off too
  14. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

    Turns out Marcus Sellars didn't break this, it was a Twitter handle called "Vandal Games" who also said the main reveal for this will be the new Fire Emblem Switch game.
  15. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Do you register through the Switch, with the game card in the console?