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  1. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I've seen a few people online talking about this, I might just get involved and buy another years on CD Keys or trade some bits in at Game for a code and do this, I'll want to play Gears 5 when it comes out at least 😎
  2. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Super Lucky is a really, really enjoyable little game, a great addition to the Switch lineup! Not sure I'll pick it up again myself as I had it finished over two or three days and towards the end my enjoyment came from achievement hunting, if they add in an in game achievement system I'd be quite tempted mind...
  3. Nintendo at E3 2019

    After what's been a pretty poor E3, that completely stole the show, mainly for the way they just went at it game after game after game with minimal nonsense (sure I had a nightmare I watched 20 minutes of Watch Dogs Legion gameplay at the start of the Ubi show last night...) Loved the Banjo reveal and the BOTW sequel teaser too. It's great to see publishers getting involved and starting to realise that the Switch is the biggest console in pretty much all territories now...and delicious that EA are no where to be seen 😎😂
  4. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Think I'm going to have to rain check tonight; a bit of food poisoning has become a massive head ache and temperature!
  5. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    I could always bring terrible Smash abilities to the table if everyone is playing that tonight
  6. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Anyone online tonight @Hero-of-Time @RedShell @Glen-i @S.C.G Off sick from work today, so could be on earlyish til late 👍
  7. N-Europe's Top 10: DS (1st week Nominations now on)

    Fine. Super Mario Advance 2, then... If I really can't have Mario Advance, I'll plop Wario Ware in there instead
  8. N-Europe's Top 10: DS (1st week Nominations now on)

    Super Mario Advance ( Super Mario Bros 2, I know...) Mario Kart Super Circuit F Zero Maximum Velocity Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Metroid Fusion Done and done!
  9. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    I thoroughly enjoy the mundanity of my repertoire... Truth be told I haven't even looked at them, or even know how to come out with them, and here I am almost maxing out my Ahtal set!
  10. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Thanks for the hunts tonight chaps; got three of the five hyper hunter VI tickets I needed, and now all three sets of armour maxed out, two more then I can focus on the weapon upgrades too, alot more Ahtal fights on the cards I think...
  11. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Right going to come on for abit @Glen-i @Hero-of-Time @RedShell @S.C.G Will set a room up and wait, happy to take it in turns tonight, I'm going to be going for hunter VI or something like that it's called!
  12. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    My lady has just fired up monster hunter world so once I've got my son off to sleep I could be online tonight after all; I'll post and tag in here if so and when!
  13. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Haha well I didn't want to presume but I was going to say I'd plan to play something else if I was you, unless any other hunters are on for definite tonight!
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    PlayStation noob question; if I buy an online subscription (the PS version of Gold, Network is it?) Can more than one person use it on the same PlayStation?
  15. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Not sure, is the quick answer! I'd likely say not this evening, if I am it will probably be a bit later than usual; if I am I'll tag in here though to let you know 😊
  16. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Very productive evening for me, for the full Ahtal set now and got some decent skills on it with decorations; speed sharpening and sheathing which is needed with my Lance. Next I just need to do some hyper quests and a few other specific ones to get the upgrade materials for it all now! Thanks for the hunts this evening everyone!
  17. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    My WiFi has gone down, I'll be back on in a minute!
  18. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    I've just set a room up now too if anyone can get online earlier than 8 👍
  19. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    @Dcubed are you about as well? Now we've got 5 of us at 8pm, could do two teams of three each if you can play too ... Or anyone else for that matter?
  20. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    8pm work for you with Glen and Sam? Living in a parallel universe at the moment, was playing this earlier while my girlfriend was napping, she woke up to see me playing it... Some three hours later she's just bought and started a go on World's on her PS4 while I'm playing Generations on my Switch! Looks like I'll be starting back up with Worlds on the PS4 now as well...
  21. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Any one line this evening? @Glen-i @Hero-of-Time @RedShell @S.C.G
  22. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Yeah suffice to say even I couldn't believe my luck, it's because I hadn't let the game know I was actively looking for them... Glad you got that video of me sitting by the bombs, once I started doing that I said to myself only one thing is going to make me move from this...and there it was 😂
  23. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Great fun last night, plenty of daft moments with those bombs loitering around at any given moment 😂 For the most part now I think I just need Seltas Queen and Nersyclla parts to make the Ahtal set, in the first battle I got three of it's Gems 😎 Good to finally take on some hyper monsters as well! Thanks @Glen-i @S.C.G and @RedShell
  24. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Just about to fire up the switch, still to have my dinner though so probably hunting in about 15mins? I'll likely try and farm the Ahtal when it's my turn, but happy to finally let other people pick quests for the first time...🙈
  25. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Possibly in an hour, 8:30pm ish start?