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  1. I know what you mean, but I think this game teaches you to chill and just go with the flow. The game isn't going to restrict your visibility, even if you build something chunkier than you'd like or in the wrong place - it'll just put that fish/fossil somewhere else where you can see it. I'm making all my decisions on the assumption that I'll eventually have enough money to change anything I want. Actually, I've found myself applying this if I miss a fish, or don't get all the Cherry Blossom recipes. I just think "I can get it all eventually". I genuinely think the game encourages calmness and patience.
  2. I haven't needed mine so far. That's not to say there isn't a recipe out there somewhere that will need them, but I've got loads and haven't seen one so far. When you want another bridge you simply pay for it and don't need to craft it.
  3. I did the same (and still have the logs ). But no, you have to wait for Resident Services to upgrade itself before you can build more bridges. I can confirm that it still does! Darn, I love this game.
  4. C.J. is in my town today, which is the first time I've seen him in New Horizons, and I want his partner to make a model of one of my favourite fish. Unfortunately, I didn't keep three Sturgeon, but of the others I'm currently at: Oarfish x2 Marlin x1 Tuna x1 Just some advice to keep three of your favourite fish for when C.J. appears. Plus, I'm hoping complaining on the internet will work its magic!
  5. They do eventually. Hit rocks with your shovel. Hopefully some of them will be iron.
  6. I bought ten this morning and accidentally ate them.
  7. I like that the flightless dodo in charge of aviation is called Orville. Lovely tribute to Keith Harris. Just in case people want to know which fish and insects to catch before April, I found a handy guide : Bug Emperor Butterfly Flying N/A 4,000 5 p.m. - 8 a.m. Fish Bitterling River Smallest 900 All day Fish Yellow Perch River Medium 300 All day Fish Stringfish River (Clifftop) Largest 15,000 4 p.m. - 9 a.m. Fish Sturgeon River (mouth) Largest 10,000 All day Fish Sea Butterfly Sea Smallest 1,000 All day Fish Football Fish Sea Large 2,500 4 p.m. - 9 a.m.
  8. True, but I think something needs to be done to stop loitering and socialising within the supermarkets. I've seen groups standing around, blocking aisles and having a chat and a laugh. I've also seen groups of children who seem to go in largely for something to do. I reckon they should employ nightclub bouncers, then at least those going in would know they need to behave.
  9. The measures are not even that extreme. They could be much more so, but at least Boris Johnson making such a formal speech might actually get the message home to those who weren't getting it. I'm still very concerned about food shopping though. Can't help thinking there needs to be some sort of spacing/timing rule at the supermarkets. Very difficult, I know, but they must be the riskiest places left, hospitals aside.
  10. They'll probably end up preferring this. Animal Crossing will become an eSport.
  11. That's incredible. Wild World and New Leaf were huge hits on their own.
  12. They've been running away from me, and I didn't even have the net!
  13. Welcome to the club! I never download retail games but I got some free money and just thought "What the heck". Bought loads of eShop credit and downloaded it a few weeks ago. It's the sort of game that you might want to play at any moment. Looking forward to midnight! (We do get to play it at midnight, right?)
  14. I enjoyed it. Not sure whether that's because I'm trying to see the good side of everything in present circumstances, but I enjoyed it! Blue Fire - looked very good, like an N64-style Zelda. Baldo - very nice tone and art style. B.ARK - very colourful and smooth-looking example of the genre. The Last Campfire - looked rather special, at least visually. The Good Life - now this one did catch my attention. I'm intrigued that it's set in an English village. Rainy Woods? Sounds like the sort of place I always frequent! I suppose I haven't paid much attention to these shows over the past couple of years (have been a bit distracted), but it's interesting how "indie" used to translate into very simple, 2D pixel art games, whereas more and more they are becoming full 3D games.
  15. I can't understand why people want to mix with each other at this time. It's like they just don't get it. I'm still finding some people stand a bit too close to me and, worst of all, you still get idiots going out and coughing near others. What worries me most is the supermarkets. I can avoid most other places, but it seems inevitable I'll be too close to someone infected whilst food shopping at some point (and obviously the trolleys are disgusting too). We need enforced social distancing, where everyone is instructed they have to be a certain distance away from others. Maybe I'm oversimplifying it, but if everyone did that, remained clean, washed their hand etc we could stop it being passed on at all, couldn't we?