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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Well, there's a 3DS roguelike I hate to love called Alchemic Dungeons (also on iOS, I believe). Incredibly hard and equally addictive. I've deleted it and re-downloaded it several times! I definitely recommend it for a skilled gamer, because unlike a lot of other roguelikes it doesn't overcomplicate matters. A Switch version where you could permanently build up the armour sets would be very welcome. Looking forward to playing Monster Boy myself. I really loved Owl Boy, up to the point where I hit a brick wall. It's a nice game though so I do hope to get past that point. Yep, looking forward to playing Mega Drive myself. As for SNK, do you have King of Fighters '98? Hope you enjoy it. As I say, I do find it a bit small on handheld, but of course you can still play it on the TV. Anyway, nice haul, H-o-T. Personally, I've re-downloaded Renegade and am trying to master that!
  2. Marvel's Phase Three

    The film doesn't look all that action-packed so far. Perhaps they're going for an Oscar!
  3. Marvel's Phase Three

    That's my thinking too - something like "Avengers: Regeneration" or "Return". I don't think it'll spoil Captain Marvel because we're bound to find out the Avengers title before that launches anyway.
  4. Switch eShop Thread

    ...Bouncing here and there and everywhere! I've got it in my head now.
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    Well, that was a nice surprise! Arcade Archives Double Dragon II is available today. I had no idea it was coming at all.
  6. Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 (Switch)

    I went back and read my review for the first game, and forgot how long it was! I'm really looking forward to the sequel though, as I really did love the first. I'm glad to hear weapon durability has been dropped, although I remember I didn't particularly mind it in the first game because it was generally easy to make as many as you wanted (and the very best sword in the game was indestructible). I'd definitely rather have dropped the hunger meter, but there you go.
  7. Switch eShop Thread

    I suspect Monster Boy has a physical release somewhere, whereas Wonder Boy was initially download-only (they are produced by different companies, of course). This is one of the reasons I'm against physical releases for games that seem to have been more intended for download - the prices always seem artificially high.
  8. Switch eShop Thread

    I don't know, I never really played it much even back in the '80s - I was just aware that it was one of the "big" games. The coin-ops I actually did play back then - Double Dragon, Bad Dudes - are as I remember them; I'm just amazed at how difficult R-Type is!
  9. Switch eShop Thread

    I played R-Type last night, but it's much more difficult than my vague memory of it, with as many environmental hazards as enemies. Is anyone here good at it? I just don't see how it can be mastered.
  10. General Retro Discussion

    It's funny how massive Jurassic Park was back in 1993, and I do remember how there were so many different tie-in games, but all very different! I had the Mega CD one, and seem to recall trying ages to steal a triceratops egg!
  11. General Switch Discussion

    Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild are two extreme sides of the same coin. The former excels at showing you how remarkable (I chose my adjective carefully there!) motion controls can be, and follows the linear style as much as Zelda can. The latter takes the open world concept to the limit, and does so in truly amazing fashion. Both have combat you really need to pay attention to, and RPG-style levels of material collecting. I was impressed by both in different ways, but I didn't actually like either, and would rather get back to the "medium" style of OOT/MM/WW/TP.
  12. Indie Games

    I apologise for not mentioning this while it was on sale, but I bought Sky Force Reloaded last week a few hours before the discount ended. It is sublime. Similar to Axelay, but by far the best game of its genre I've played. Whereas most games of this type feel ridiculously hard, this is tough in a really good way, forcing you to get better at it. And whilst I've quite enjoyed the Neo Geo games Alpha Mission 2 and Aero Fighters 2, there's little satisfaction in using unlimited credits (and as much as I'd love to 1-cred them, I couldn't). Sky Force Reloaded's difficulty is tailor-made for console gamers. The action is not just frantic; you soon realise you have to recognise enemy craft quickly and adapt your tactics to different types. Playing it honestly feels like some sort of hypnotic therapy! The only people I wouldn't recommend it to are those who hate grinding, as all your weapons can be upgraded many, many times (I see at least thirty increments for each so far) with stars you collect on the way. Personally, I really love replaying every level, trying to master each one. But it's an absolutely brilliant game and I want to pick up Sky Force Anniversary once I've got all the enjoyment I can get out of this. @S.C.G, are you a fan of this one?
  13. Hollow Knight

    No, go with @Hero-of-Time! Honestly, there's something about this game I really don't like, thematically as well as in terms of gameplay. It's good, but there were aspects where I though the designers were trying to annoy the player. That said, from what I perceive about you, drahkon, I do think you'll like it.
  14. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    Possibly, yes. OutRun 2/2006, however, is probably the greatest arcade racer ever. Shame about the licensing issues.
  15. Dead or Alive: Xtreme 3 Scarlett

    I don't know, I reckon Tecmo have always been the best at this kind of thing. It can't be easy to arrange some polygons and actually make it look like a female figure, but they do it very well. I've always been fascinated with the depiction of female figures, in an artistic way - which proportions to exaggerate etc - and I appreciate the way Tecmo doesn't shy away from sex appeal. They emphasise it better than anyone else, which is genuinely an art in itself. Yeah, you might have a point there. The outfits could be just as skimpy, but people could pretend they were buying it for the volleyball!