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  1. My model room is coming along nicely. When it starts to fill up, I'm going to keep insects in the basement and probably have fish in the bedroom. I hope we get the chance to expand our side rooms at some point though.
  2. Following on from the Queen Alexandra's Birdwing and Mahi-Mahi earlier in the month, I've now got a Rosalia Batesi beetle and Great White Shark as well. C.J. appeared yesterday and I just knew I had to go for that symbol of summer fish in Animal Crossing. It's an awesome 2x1 model that can be put on tabletops as well as the floor. Also, I finally got my third arcade machine and have made a little arcade, which was a real goal of mine. Suddenly I love this game again.
  3. Classic comedy movies/series

    Yeah, this one was absolutely essential to me as a young teenager. I almost mentioned that myself. Michael Crawford's stunts were brilliant.
  4. Thanks, I really appreciate that. I don't subscribe to the online scheme, but if I did I'd definitely be over.
  5. I've got two issues with the longevity of this game at the moment. The first is that, by any fair standard, it's still not as complete as previous games. There's a real lack of variety to the furniture sets, and every time a villager teaches me a recipe nowadays it's one I know. I know I've said it before, but where are the sets like Sleek? The 2nd issue, which is also not something I haven't said before, is the pacing. I pretty much am content with the activities in the game, but only seeing Flick, C.J. or Redd every 2+ weeks is too slow. It's actually stopped me making sure I have three of every fish/bug, because the reward for doing so doesn't come often enough. Like I say, it would be much better if the plaza guests didn't prevent the non-plaza guests.
  6. Oh no, I've got the Moody and Proper paintings on offer today! Don't know which one to buy.
  7. Classic comedy movies/series

    True, fair point, but you've got to go with what you really believe in. I figure drahkon knows the German stuff, so what's left is either what I know (British) or the very well-known American/international comedies. Besides, I find Henning Wehn hilarious, so I reckon human nature is pretty universal.
  8. Classic comedy movies/series

    Up Pompeii Frankie Howerd plays the downtrodden Roman slave Lurcio, who is always caught between a rock and a hard place. I’m only going by memory but I seem to remember he was always being asked to do underhand things by senior Romans, and often mixing with busty beauties. It’s probably not a coincidence I discovered and loved this when I was about 12 years old. For me, this is the best of the “innuendo” comedies of its time Note: The TV series is much better than the film. Only Fools And Horses Wheeler dealers in London’s East End, with genius writing from John Sullivan and brilliant acting from David Jason and the rest of the cast. It’s so convincing, you can totally suspend your disbelief and root for the Trotters all the way. This is one of the nicest, most comforting things that has ever been on television screens, and most British people love Del Boy like a member of their own family. Recommended episodes: Danger UXD, Yuppy Love, The Jolly Boys Outing. Seriously, watch Danger UXD. Red Dwarf Space comedy that deals with themes like loneliness and the frustration of being stuck with the same small group of people. What I love about this is that it’s true sci-fi, in that it uses fantastical ideas to relate to the human condition. Everyman Dave Lister may be supposed to be the main character, but it’s clear as day hologram Arnold Rimmer is the true hero. Red Dwarf has run for approximately 30 years and it must be said the tone and quality varies greatly, so don’t be put off by watching the wrong series. Recommended episodes: Polymorph, Terrorform or anything from series IV-VI. The 2020 special, The Promised Land, is amazingly good. Bottom Probably the best slapstick comedy ever, with Adrian Edmondson and the late, great Rik Mayall as frustrated flatmates. As a teenager, this was the funniest thing ever, with enormous belly laughs every week. Recommended episodes: Burglary is a personal favourite, but all 18 are hilarious. Stella Street Phil Cornwell and John Sessions do impressions of celebrities all living on the same road. Roger Moore mixes with David Bowie. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards run a corner shop. Reminds me of Christmas holidays past, when BBC2 showed this every night. I’m Alan Partridge Steve Coogan plays television and radio presenter Alan Partridge, who has a moderate amount of talent, but is too unprofessional to achieve his lofty ambitions. The character had been in programmes before, such as Knowing Me, Knowing You, and has been in different shows since, but this is the peak. I can’t really explain how much I liked this programme in my 20s, as Alan seemed to inhabit the same world as me, visiting owl reserves and spending slightly boring bank holidays in East Anglia. It has come to light since just how intense this was to make, which explains why there were only 12 episodes, but they are all comic gold. This is probably the best thing that has ever been on television. Note: There is a film, Alpha Papa, which doesn’t have the same tone as I’m Alan Partridge, but does have a very funny script. Phoenix Nights Charming comedy set in a northern working men’s club, written by Peter Kay, Dave Spikey and Neil Fitzmaurice. Tight-fisted club owner Brian Potter clashes with his entertainment manager Jerry St Clair. Just lovely stuff, and really reminds me of the turn of the millennium, when I made lots of trips up to Blackpool and Southport. The Office I have to admit this isn’t a personal favourite of mine, but it is as good as everyone says. Definitely essential viewing. Note: The spin-off film, David Brent: Life On The Road, is hilarious and is the only TV-to-cinema adaptation I’ve ever seen that keeps exactly the same tone as the TV series. The Royle Family Realistic, fly-on-the-wall comedy by Craig Cash and the late Caroline Ahern. A family sits about watching TV, occasionally being visited by family and neighbours, just like real life. Beautifully written and acted. Flight Of The Conchords Follows unsuccessful musicians Bret and Jemaine, which is a joke in itself, as the music is as good as the comedy. The first season is like a showcase of all the best songs they had accrued at that point, and I was a massive fan of this when I was in my late-20s. Oh, how I would like to go back. Turn your speakers up, and try not to become as obsessed with the songs and lyrics as I did! ... I could recommend more, but maybe some of the other stuff I used to like is a bit broad. It seems to me the best comedy follows lovable losers, who are written and acted well enough for the viewer to suspend their disbelief. Because we believe in them, we can believe the situations, and I think that’s the difference between whether something feels contrived or genuinely funny. If you don't know where to start, @drahkon, I most strongly recommend Bottom and Alan Partridge. Everyone seems to enjoy those.
  9. In my opinion the game has become too slow-paced. If I load it up and don't particularly like the visitor that day, I know I won't have much more to do than shake the money tree, plant a new one and hit rocks etc. It's ever since they added Redd and Leif. Not that I dislike either of those two, but we know that five characters - Gulliver, Label, C.J., Flick and Redd - are all competing for two weekday slots, meaning it now takes more than a fortnight to see all of them. That's quite a big difference considering they added two characters. In my opinion the stallholders - Leif, Kicks, Label - should not cancel out the ones who appear somewhere other than the plaza - Gulliver, Saharah, C.J., Flick, Redd. And it wouldn't hurt to let them appear on Saturdays and Sundays as well.
  10. I would still like: Quick/multiple crafting Sleek furniture Customisation of items bought from shop Dinosaur models The ability to get 2 models from Flick and C.J. That last one in particular. I love the models, and it's winding me up a bit to think it'll take me more than two years to collect them all.
  11. I've been really enjoying June in Animal Crossing. Flick visited and it didn't take me long to decide which model to ask for. I'm really interested in the giant models, so it was between Atlas Moth and Queen Alexandra's Birdwing. I went for the latter, and it's great: As for fish, the sharks are here! It's just not Animal Crossing until you've got the sharks. I didn't know whether to ask C.J. for the Great White Shark, Whale Shark, Arapaima, Gar or Saddled Bichir, but I'm particularly fond of the pier fish so I went for Mahi-Mahi:
  12. SpaceX commercial launch

    Metro is saying 8:40pm and 10:15-10:21pm for Britain, but still might not be visible.
  13. Streets of Rage 4

    A great review that really understands the series. Completely agree with the score too. To have made a new game that feels authentically Streets of Rage and plays better than any previous game in the series is amazing. I went back to Final Fight the other day (my previous favourite) and as cool as it is, even that feels unfair compared to the perfect gameplay in this. I particularly liked @Goron_3's point about Sega struggling to adapt their 2D games into 3D during the 32-bit era. Now personally I absolutely loved a couple of the System 32 coin-ops - Golden Axe and Spider-Man - but the timing was very awkward as they couldn't port those to the Mega Drive, and by the time the Saturn was released there was a feel that most franchises should become 3D. To know that Streets of Rage has finally been improved since its Mega Drive days is very satisfying, and I sure hope these developers do the same with Golden Axe.
  14. My attitude has always been to take the virus seriously regardless of what the Government says. I believe they didn't take it seriously enough in the first place, then got the message across very clearly with the lockdown, and now want to relax it without any particularly good reason other than the economy (which is not to be sniffed at, I admit). I guess what I'm saying is that I stay cautious without necessarily believing anyone. So I would visit family, yes, but also make sure I stay physically distant from them, and assume I might be bringing Covid-19 in on my hands etc. To me, social distancing is the very core measure, and I think it's crazy to lessen that at the moment. And good hygiene, of course, but everyone should practice that anyway. Until this virus is somehow banished, I'm going to continue behaving like everyone else has got it and I might have it myself. I'm not terrified, I just think it's the sensible thing to do until we know more about it.
  15. SpaceX commercial launch

    I keep hearing it'll be visible 15-20 minutes after it's launched, so I guess somewhere between 21:48 and 21:53. Really extraordinary when you think about it.