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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    My 1980s fantasy arcade will be complete. Hopefully they'll bring these to Europe as well.
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    It wasn't great, but wasn't terrible either. Like @Dcubed says, some of the enemies were damage sponges, and I personally thought it needed to run on a more powerful machine. An HD revamp could be just the thing it needs. Is it my imagination though, or have they now switched to polygon character models? Something doesn't look quite right.
  3. Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 (Switch)

    Genuinely don't know. They're the correct proportions when I see them.
  4. Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 (Switch)

    Just an update: I finally managed to track down what might have been the last Medicinal Shrub in Chapter 3. Phew!
  5. Nintendo Switch: One Year Later

    To me, Switch is... perfect. Sheer perfection. It has replaced the 3DS XL as my main handheld, and has made me never want a console connected to the TV again (although it's good that you can do it). I like the traditional controls, with real consideration towards the owner whether you want Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off. I even like the fact it can't browse the web, because I feel it keeps the machine more secure. The friend system is good, and I like to keep up to date with what people are playing, including yourself. @King_V. Every "big" game I've played on the Switch - Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, Dragon Quest Builders - has had perfect graphics. Each of those is hi-res, with the ability to see massively into the distance, enabling you to easily identify specific enemies and items from afar. We are finally at that point where I simply don't want better visuals, and on a handheld too! The eShop has been excellent too - near-enough parity with the other consoles, and a plethora of high-quality 2D games. Best of all, for me, is the growing range of Neo Geo and coin-op classics. My favourites are Metal Slug and (finally!) the true version of Double Dragon. There's a real chance of Switch becoming the arcade machine I used to dream about in childhood. Did I expect Switch to be as successful as it is? No, although I suspected it would be popular when I saw the first official trailer for the machine and 1-2 Switch. They seemed to be tapping into the trendiness of the Wii. The fact they've been able to do that with a machine that's not very much like it is impressive indeed.
  6. Marvel's Phase Three

    Just watched and really enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok. I'll start by saying I'm in the tiny minority who disliked Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought it was full of unlikeable characters and forced humour. Unfortunately, Thor: Ragnarok has copied this approach, and it's evident right from the beginning when he's trapped by Surtur. There's a time for humour and a time when you need to believe in the characters - Thor: Ragnarok needed more of the latter. Comedy is great, but it's only funny if it naturally arises from the situation. That said, I did find two moments hilarious: But I don't want to be too negative, because I absolutely loved the story. Cate Blanchett was so sexy, she almost burnt my TV screen! And whilst the theme of the film was basically the same as Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - no one can take your mojo - that's not a bad thing. The foreshadowing throughout the film, with Thor's fingers crackling a bit, and then even more so during the stadium fight, was an absolutely perfect set up for the end - so much so, I thought they overdid it a bit with the Anthony Hopkins scene right in the final battle. Thor's not the God of Hammers, true, but I'm sure most viewers had worked it out by then (frankly, you could work it out by the trailer months ago!) Perhaps the father-son talk could have come a little bit earlier and not during the fight? Speaking of battles, they were mostly very exciting, with the music actually elevating things. I think the film would have been stronger with a stricter comb through the script, and an honest assessment of which bits were genuinely funny and which were not. Without the GotG-style forced humour, this would be a 5-star film for me. Nonetheless, I'd still say it's easily one of the most entertaining Marvel films. Tom Hiddleston was great as ever, Cate Blanchett was outstanding and the plot managed to perfectly walk that line between being exciting and actually meaning something.
  7. Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 (Switch)

    Just a warning to those who are playing it. In Chapter 3, make sure you keep hold of three intact Medicinal Shrubs (not Herbs or Leafs).
  8. Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 (Switch)

    I finished Chapter 3 last night, which I thought was excellent. Similar to Chapter 1, but with increased difficulty.
  9. Switch eShop Thread

    Ah, I was going to ask about that. Metal Slug 3 is now 1.0.2. and I wondered what that was about. PS - I bought Magical Drop 2 because of you. And @S.C.G's review.
  10. Without wishing to get into the ins and outs of any particular argument, I want to say I've always found @Rummya very fair moderator. Moreover, he's prepared to take action, which should not be underestimated. I know from personal experience moderators do not seek to abuse their power - quite the opposite. No one wants to be chastised, but sometimes it's best for the civility of the site. The responsibility of taking on a moderating role far outweighs any benefit - the fact that Rummy is prepared to sift through pages and pages of bickering and take the burden on his shoulders should not be undervalued. On a more general note, I implore people to think about whether they really want to argue and pull others up on things so much - not just on here, but in general. We all have our strong beliefs, which we want to champion, and many of us want to discuss and debate, but we should never forget our manners. Half the time, I'm sure many people just want to express themselves and leaves it at that. Heck, there are things in the modern world that infuriate me, including political movements, but maybe we all, including me, should try and see things from another point of view sometimes. Many of us (perhaps everyone) has psychological issues of some sort, and I just think a bit of peace, love and understanding would be welcome. One of the best memes I see going around says something like this: "Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always."
  11. Shining Resonance Refrain (Switch)

    Yes, and assuming it gets Dragon Quest XI, that should trump everything! Going by Dragon Quest Builders, Square-Enix are really getting the tone right at the moment. There's another one by NIS I'm interested in called Labyrinth of Refrain.
  12. Shining Resonance Refrain (Switch)

    Oh wow, this should be my kind of thing. Shining In The Darkness always fascinated me as a young Mega Drive gamer. @Hero-of-Time, do you know if this one is an RPG or a strategy RPG?
  13. Oh, it truly can. Hopefully there will continue to be greater understanding that mental and physical health are totally interlinked, not separate. I haven't had true depression for a very long time, but anxiety is a constant battle for me.
  14. Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 (Switch)

    After much effort, I have completed Chapter 2. Whereas Chapter 1 focuses on mining and metalwork, the second has more of an emphasis on fabric and carpentry. As much as I like the game in general, I did find Chapter 2 a real slog. The base area is no bigger than the first one, yet you have to cram in more; and the learning curve goes up quite a bit, with you having to farm and cook. On a positive note, the writing is brilliant - hilarious one moment, then extremely dark the next. Square-Enix has nailed the tone of this one - to me, it's more "Dragon Quest" than anything since VIII.
  15. 3DS eShop Thread

    That's curious timing - I hadn't noticed Etrian Odyssey V was discounted this week. Just going by the other 3DS ones, they do become very good value on the eShop.