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  1. Lego!

    That is absolutely class.
  2. Post your Cooking!

    Hope y'all are well. You guys ever had Pizza Pilgrims? Pretty nice pizza joint with a few branches in the UK - they do a "Pizza in the post" thing now, and it is absolutely brilliant! The instructions for cooking (frying pan for a bit, then under a super hot grill) worked absolutely perfectly, and being not-near-London, means that ingredients like good quality mozzarella and tomatoes are a pipe dream, so having those ingredients with it makes it delicious. Highly recommended. Works out £20 for 2 with postage.
  3. bad stuff thread.

    This entire year.
  4. Dungeons and Dragons/Other Tabletop Gaming

    Yeeeeesssss. Was briIliant. I don't actually recall which moment it was, but shortly after (what became known as) Mucky Javelin, I was crying with laughter and finding it hard to breathe. Interestingly, I hadn't actually quite intended my actions to have such a comedic edge to them, but the stars alligned and the universe provided me with javelins and the corpse of a horse. My course of action was predetermined by fate.q
  5. Help Me Identify This Old Ice Cream

    Yep! That's them. Absolutely incredible thread resurrection. I actually found the photos recently. Love that I have been obsessed with finding that for so long. I actually discussed them very recently (and found that very image) in a recent podcast....
  6. Raspberry Pi

    This is so sick.
  7. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Heeeeeeeeyyyyy. Yeah, sorry, been a long time. Busy as bees knees (not a phrase) these days. Miss y'all though. I've crept in silently from time to time.
  8. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Yeesh, yeah. I dunno mang. There was some cool stuff there, but where were the big announcements? I will say, I love the look of Smash. But it always feels like the same. My face absolutely dropped at our yearly iterations of Fire Emblem and Mario Party. Hmmmm/ugh.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    The Yellow Joy-Cons are amazing.
  10. Wonder Woman (2017)

    Probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Was it Odeon? Generally speaking a bunch of mong-heads.
  11. Wonder Woman (2017)

    Loved it!
  12. Forum User Photos

    Yeah it's an action camera and that's just a screenshot. I actually attached it with a Wii wrist strap.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    Never heard of using breadcrumbs, but sounds interesting. As I gather it's a little mustard, and egg yolk, whisked whilst very slowly adding oil (maintaining whisking).
  14. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    One of the best issues of Invincible in a while. Nothing too crazy story-wise, but holy cow, the scope of it was insane. Never seen anything like that.
  15. Classic Scorpio. Oh you absolute prick. At least I went to the trouble of getting the right star sign.