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  1. Fast & Furious Franchise

    Just got back from seeing F&F6, and thought it was nuts. Totally fun. Absolutely ridiculous, obviously. It contained every action movie cliche ever but it was just brilliant. Didn't think it would be as good as Fast Five, but it was somehow better. The action scenes were all brilliant, it was just a jizz fest. And I am really glad I avoided the spoilers for the reveal of the new bad guy because (and I was hoping that it wasn't something that linked back because I can barely remember anything from before the last one) and it is just a great actor or actress reveal but DAYMN. yes. F&F7? Sign me up.
  2. Fast & Furious Franchise

    Watched this on Friday, yeah absolute bollocks. Really enjoyed it. They're doing two more (apparently...they seemed to faux-leak that at the Premiere) and I'm buzzing.
  3. Old NE Members

    I came here looking for something but stumbled upon this. NE was a massive part of my life. The person I see most regularly is Goafer as we're in a virtual D&D podcast together and regularly meet up for D&D too. I was actually brought here because I saw a Google Advert and wondered if Coolness Bears was in it....
  4. So Man of Steel is out next year. Will it be a universe that can be inhabited by Green Lantern too? Batman is being rebooted, and will probably follow fairly quickly. Will we see a Justice League movie in the future?
  5. Lego!

    That is absolutely class.
  6. Post your Cooking!

    Hope y'all are well. You guys ever had Pizza Pilgrims? Pretty nice pizza joint with a few branches in the UK - they do a "Pizza in the post" thing now, and it is absolutely brilliant! The instructions for cooking (frying pan for a bit, then under a super hot grill) worked absolutely perfectly, and being not-near-London, means that ingredients like good quality mozzarella and tomatoes are a pipe dream, so having those ingredients with it makes it delicious. Highly recommended. Works out £20 for 2 with postage.
  7. bad stuff thread.

    This entire year.
  8. Dungeons and Dragons/Other Tabletop Gaming

    Yeeeeesssss. Was briIliant. I don't actually recall which moment it was, but shortly after (what became known as) Mucky Javelin, I was crying with laughter and finding it hard to breathe. Interestingly, I hadn't actually quite intended my actions to have such a comedic edge to them, but the stars alligned and the universe provided me with javelins and the corpse of a horse. My course of action was predetermined by fate.q
  9. Breaking Bad

    FUCKING TYPO. Just started Breaking Bad. I'm three episodes in and love it. Is season 2 on UK DVD Is season 3 on UK DVD When does season 4 start The above could be considered to have question marks.
  10. Spinning out of the Maxibon Megathread. ----------- Do you folks remember (and can someone please tell me the name/show me pictures....I need for EPIC nostalgia) of the "Ice Cream" that Walls made. Okay, it wasn't a traditional ice cream/lolly. It came in a bag, neon-bright-blue coloured. It was a number of different ice cream/lolly things, like a foot, a tennis racket, a crab...stuff like that. Beach stuff I think. I think they were ice cream covered in fruity stuff, bright fruit icing type stuff, red, blue, yellow etc....they were small, multiples in one bag, like pic n mix. They were really delicious. Does anyone remember what they are and what they were called?
  11. Help Me Identify This Old Ice Cream

    Yep! That's them. Absolutely incredible thread resurrection. I actually found the photos recently. Love that I have been obsessed with finding that for so long. I actually discussed them very recently (and found that very image) in a recent podcast....
  12. Raspberry Pi

    This is so sick.
  13. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Heeeeeeeeyyyyy. Yeah, sorry, been a long time. Busy as bees knees (not a phrase) these days. Miss y'all though. I've crept in silently from time to time.
  14. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Yeesh, yeah. I dunno mang. There was some cool stuff there, but where were the big announcements? I will say, I love the look of Smash. But it always feels like the same. My face absolutely dropped at our yearly iterations of Fire Emblem and Mario Party. Hmmmm/ugh.
  15. I have a few questions. What are your favourite roles so far in the Pokemafias? Do you prefer playing mafia or townie or neutral? I'll have a few more when the current Pokemafia wraps. Is anyone else considering running one?
  16. ANNOUNCEMENT - Juda Beans

    Juda Beans players please bare with us. Juda Beans is evolving, going through some changes and most importantly getting bigger. Please be patient whilst we reinvent the game that has taken your life by storm.
  17. Conflict With Neighbours?

    Hello folks. This is an interesting and awkward situation. What would you do? We moved into this flat in June 2015. There are four parking spaces. When we first moved in (well, before we moved in), we were told that they are shared for the building, and so if a space is available, you can park in it. And so we've done so for over 18 months. The guy who lives upstairs is also the "caretaker" type role of the building. I believe he/they own it and look after it, and deal with all the kinds of queries that are associated with living in a block of flats. We rent it privately from another man who owns our flat. (At this point I'll say, we have had minor "run ins" with the guy upstairs before. He had a ridiculous party about a year ago, with absurdly loud music, and periodically he has parties where it sounds like people are wrestling upstairs. When there was the big party, I sent an e-mail to the "building owners" type company, knowing it would go to him, and said about the noise complaint. When nothing happened, I went upstairs to confront him (just ask him to turn down the music, that's all...and his door was wide open - I knocked, but no one came, and I overheard him, I think, talking about me. It was something along the lines of "What he doesn't realise is I'm friends with the police" or some shit like that. It was really weird). Aaaaanyway. This Christmas, there was a message put up in the flat that said.... I thought this was weird, that...we'd never been told this, never any indication...there are PCM notes up everywhere down there, and that we have a parking permit for the building. Frankly, I didn't trust it/believe it. Anyway, I proceeded as normal, as, there are normal plenty of spaces out there. Like, overnight there is typically still a space, at least, so I didn't see the issue. He then spoke to me, face to face when he saw me parking up one day, and said "Yeah blah blah, it's probably easier to park it in the garage with the ice and everything, and I have some friends coming round on Saturday so please park it in the garage then" - now, obviously...polite request and I was more than happy to oblige. I said I'd never known this, and didn't understand the parking permit if they aren't for residents to use as parking spaces, he said we should have a visitors permit - I said we didn't, he said the guy who owns the flat would (to be fair, I didn't believe him, but actually, he does apparently) (having said that, when his three guests came at the weekend, none of them displayed a visitors pass) Anyway, if free (always) I've continued to use the spaces. It's fine if your view point thus far is "Well just park it in the garage"< that's fair enough. (Reason I don't like doing so is because it's fucking tiny, full of spiders/cobwebs/shit and it's obviously more annoying. Like, if with shopping, you need to unload first and then walk to the flat). Anyway, like I said...fine. The difficult bit is next. Claire has just overheard him talking to someone about me in the stairwell. It was along the lines of; "I've already told the twat once, he's just too fat and lazy to do so". Pretty awkward. I'm going to start parking in the garage (lol), but, what would you do about this current situation?
  18. CSMB

    I invented a new abreviation. Im spreading it, hopefully you will use it and make it famous. Its kinda the oppsoite of "FTW" CSMB = Can suck my balls. E.g. "People who do wrongful things to animals CSMB" Or "Racist people CSMB" Cool?
  19. Simpler Thymes

    What are your memories from primary school? Did you play Families? Did you encounter a stag beetle and the whole school gathered around? Was there once a riot and you entered in the most violent activity you had ever done and pulled someones ear really hard? ----------- Also, can anyone remember the full rhyme of this....I can only remember certain lyrics. Saw you with your boyfriend, naughty naughty, Didn't do the dishes, lazy lazy Eeni meani jackquameanie you are the one with the.... ??!?! Am I mad hazx crazy?
  20. General Switch Discussion

    The Yellow Joy-Cons are amazing.
  21. Wonder Woman (2017)

    Probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Was it Odeon? Generally speaking a bunch of mong-heads.
  22. Wonder Woman (2017)

    Loved it!
  23. Forum User Photos

    Yeah it's an action camera and that's just a screenshot. I actually attached it with a Wii wrist strap.
  24. bad stuff thread.

    Never heard of using breadcrumbs, but sounds interesting. As I gather it's a little mustard, and egg yolk, whisked whilst very slowly adding oil (maintaining whisking).
  25. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    One of the best issues of Invincible in a while. Nothing too crazy story-wise, but holy cow, the scope of it was insane. Never seen anything like that.