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  1. good stuff thread.

    Just my 6-monthly check in! @Cube - Amazing news! Congrats :-)
  2. I can confirm that the struggle is still real. Pelotoning twice a week (down from 5 times per being a dad) and not able to find much time for weights at all. Peloton saved me over lockdown. I shudder to think the size I would be without it.
  3. good stuff thread.

    Hey team, how’s it going? First post in here in god knows how long.
  4. The Android Thread

    Stadia will be supported for years to come. Developers simply wouldn't have got on-board with it without an agreement from Google that it wouldn't be discontinued if it didn't do well in the first few years. There's a huge difference between Stadia and other services that got canned in the past. Stadia was/is a huge project team with a huge infrastructure behind it. A lot of the services that were cancelled were very small teams and didn't drive any revenue or any meaningful advertising capabilities.
  5. bad stuff thread.

    Seeing a live performance is far better than watching a recorded performance. I don't really know how to explain it, but the fact people pay a lot of money to see performing arts live rather than waiting for a recording of it speaks volumes enough for that. Musicals in general - people either seem to love them or hate them. On the whole I enjoy them but only if I actually know the music in advance.
  6. I have this one that I bought last year for physio exercises and I've been getting some really good use out of it for home exercises during Covid. It's obviously not as good as having proper weights but it works well in addition to my 14kg dumbbells. I do a lot of push and pull work with them. Push: Push Ups (behind back) Chest Flye (behind back) Tricep kickback (stand on it) Shoulder press (stand on it) Pull Lat pull down (I have a pull up bar I tie it to, but you could put it on a door frame) Sitting rows (loop round feet) Bicep curls (stand on it) Legs I don't do any but there are lots online
  7. Perfectly clear up in Scotland, thanks. Only change is we can exercise multiple times a day. The main reason, for me, that last night was a shambles was because it was billed as an address to the nation and not an address to England which is where everything he announced actually takes effect. What he was saying actually made sense apart from how people should get to work if they can't use public transport, can't walk/cycle and don't have a car (or parking at work).
  8. N-Europe 2020 meetup - Arcade club??

    I'll still say I'm attending and then not show up.
  9. I am very jealous of your home setup, and I can't even see the picture at work. Whenever we next move I will have a similar stipulation in place about having a place for a home gym. Very fortunately, I purchased a OnePeloton bike in mid-February and what a time to purchase it turned out to be. I'm on it every single day doing various classes. I'm concentrating mostly on Power Zone training which I love. Frankly I would have doubled in size without it considering my weight has gone up by 1kg since lockdown began. In terms of strength training, I managed to find some 15kg dumbbells locally and trying to do as much as possible at home but it's difficult when as high as I can go for any exercise is 30kg. I started following a Peloton strength class this week which is 30 minute workouts split between upper and lower body. They're designed to be done at home which works well for this situation.
  10. Thanks. The venue were really understanding. They've allowed us to rebook for November at no extra cost. At the end of the day to them it was an empty slot in their calendar so it's either money now or money later and they can survive until then. Although we are worried about choosing November rather than next year with the way things are looking in the world.
  11. Hey team, it's been a while! Loving being forced to work from home, hoping I never need to go into the office again. Hating my wedding being postponed and honeymoon cancelled. I should be in Bali right now!
  12. Football Season 2018/19

    So he has been sacked but Conte has, apparently, been ruled out. Rumours today pointing towards Poch.
  13. Football Season 2018/19

    The irony of a Man Utd fan complaining about too much stoppage time...
  14. Avail the Best Plumbing Services in Perth

    Hot dang, I need a plumber and Perth, Scotland isn't too far away from me.
  15. Fortnite

    From what I've heard there are no plans for them to open it up to other games, for example FIFA which is one of the few games comparable in size to Fortnite, so it's a one-off from Sony because they were getting bad press and likely because they thought the limitation was detrimental to sales of their console.