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  1. Nice straw-manning there. I'll be sure to keep it in mind that you're an absolute tit.
  2. Falling Skies

    You mean this thread isn't about this?:
  3. I finally signed up....

    Welcome to the Hate-Kurtle forums.
  4. Who would play who in an N-E movie?

    Now I've got the idea of the soap Libyan Neighbours in my head
  5. What Have You Bought?

    Good for you.
  6. Foightin'

    Don't only pikey's (& childeren) wear vests?
  7. News Of The World to close

    And so they should! Whenever Ann Widdecombe or George Galloway write anything.
  8. News Of The World to close

    Unfortunatly, a lot of the (real) news wouldn't get reported if the DM didn't report it. The DM's worse crime is the're very OTT, and very often inaccurate, as well as their "Wont somebody please think of the childeren" attitude. The latter grates me the most. I've very worried about the future of journalism; it's bad enough as it is.
  9. Norway Madness

    Because statistics are easily twisted and often nonsense. For one, homicide includes the killing of a human by another under any circumstances. This would include self-defense, which is what would happen when one has a gun; among other things. It takes no account of cultural differences. If you take away legal guns, only the bad-guys have guns. Well I did know that. I just don't understand the whole youth-politics group thing. It just seems wrong and exacerbatory to divisions to me, especially conserning people under 18-21.
  10. Norway Madness

    Is that why Belgium is at each others throats?
  11. Norway Madness

    I'm not after loose far-left weirdos. And I'm not right wing; I'm a metronome. I'm just more vocally anti-far-left/anti-hypocrisy. Anti-right sentiment is overdone as it is, and for some reason, far-left seems to be more socially acceptable. Okay. Then please tell the media to stop refering to members as childeren. No - I was being pedantic.
  12. Catherine

    Seems like the game's been getting average-great review scores.
  13. Gears of War 3

    Me and my mates have gone back to Gear 2 the last few weeks. Damn it's frustrating!
  14. Resident Evil: Revival

    That reminds me: I think I might still need to complete CV on the 'cube...