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  1. I'm in way too deep with Wii U to sell it on. I still have about 10 games in my backlog to finish. Plus, yeah, due to the low sales it's going to be a nightmare to find in future and I've made the mistake of selling systems and games to fund new ones before. Still trying to rebuild my N64 and GameCube collection.
  2. Your film diary 2017

    Having never seen any Studio Ghibli movies, I'm digging into those at the moment! Spirited Away I can't really fault this movie in any way, everything about it is utterly beautiful. Loved the way Yubaba runs around. My Neighbour Totoro This might be the greatest animated movie of all time. The two sisters are absolutely adorable and Totoro himself is pretty much completely insane.
  3. I would be all over Snipperclips at launch. Can't wait to get my hands on that game.
  4. Do you use voice command?

    I'll 'HEY SIRI' if I need a cooking timer, that's about it really. I once had a very friendly homeless man give me a full demonstration of voice recognition on his Android smartphone outside Euston station. He was very polite and respectful to Google, ensuring he offered thanks for every piece of information provided. This remains one of my more surreal recent memories.
  5. Need to pop by my local Smyths, who I have an online reserve and collect pre-order with, to see if I'll be allocated a launch unit. Would much prefer to drop at 9am on launch day rather than sit around waiting for the online delivery. Went for grey, I'll grab an extra set of colourful Joycon when more flavours are available - probably around when Arms hits. The Joycons also have + and - identifiers on them to help differentiate each unit.
  6. The fact we are five weeks away from launch and still speculating about very basic elements of Switch is really concerning.
  7. Shovel Knight

    Probably triple-dipping on this. The game is too great not to become part of my Switch library.
  8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    I'm just happy I can own a complete copy of Mario Kart 8. With everything compiled on the Switch cart, all the content will be accessible forever unlike the Wii U version which will eventually go offline and prevent people obtaining the DLC packs.
  9. Your film diary 2017

    It's very possible I myself have overlooked or missed something, but...
  10. Your film diary 2017

    RED Random dumb popcorn flick Netflix watch, enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Your Name Beautiful visuals, memorable soundtrack and a truly engaging story if you can ignore some glaring oversights. Godzilla Resurgence Great depiction of the big guy, really interesting perspective on the Japanese government response. Satomi Ishihara.
  11. Kickstarter Projects Thread

    The out of print and currently super expensive Megadrive/Genesis Collected Works book is getting a reprint on Kickstarter, can be backed now. Ends in 40 days.
  12. We'll get a Direct outlining system features, online account stuff (or lack of) and confirmation of eShop/Virtual Console lineups. Maybe.
  13. Happy to have them back, so long as Nintendo continue to offer regular controls an alternative option when possible. Arms having standard controls was a pleasant surprise and I hope this will be their approach whenever possible.
  14. Pre-order is greyed out, they must have them unavailable until they revise the price. Dang.
  15. I can't justify those new amiibo right now. Might try for them at the local Smyths around launch as they're listed on their website for the usual price, even the Guardian.