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  1. What Have You Bought?

    This stunning vinyl boxset of all fall out boys studio albums,R.R.P is around £200 but I got it for £59.99 in the HMV sale that works out at about £9 per album which is sucha bargain :).
  2. Yesterdays run - I ran for a total of 83 minutes, in which I covered 11.77km. Knees are paying for it today though
  3. Job woes/wins

    Yea my boss is the best, I love him to bits.
  4. Job woes/wins

    So last night I of all people was put in charge of my team in work!! Me me?!? What were they thinking giving me ultimate power!! It was overtime and no manager or charge hand wanted to come in so they came looking to us regular workers to step up and lead the team to greatness and I thought OK I've been here for 14 years I'll step up for one night and prove that this trans girl with autism and a stammer can do what I said for many years I had no desire to do 😂 and the plant didn't even burn down!! Woke up to this text from my manager. "Amazing Georgia, a hidden gem u r, such detail and feedback for last night is truly amazing,remember what I have always said, it’s about giving people like yourself the opportunity to demonstrate to the business your ability to achieve more, when I say people like u,I mean, you believe that your ability to achieve more in life is restricted due to your low confidence and mental health stops u from doing so, last nights achievement shows us that you can, and u will again and again Georgia achieve better things in life with a “ can do attitude “ you should be extremely proud of yourself, I am, I have always believed in u G 100%, enjoy your break, again thank u so so much 👍" Feel pretty good right now :).
  5. What Have You Bought?

    This week I got.. Metallica - St Anger (vinyl) Dr Hook - Best Of (Vinyl) Funeral for a friend T-shirt
  6. General Movie Thread

    Its amazing!! Songs are so catchy and it really makes you want to look into the history of the founding fathers of the United States... I know it did for me anyway. Today I introduced my 11 year old daughter to the classic movie Beetlejuice. She seemed to really like it.
  7. Living Arrangements

    I live in a private rental home with my fiancé, 2 cats and 1 bearded dragon. Currently saving up to buy our own place (could take a few years).
  8. Yesterdays day run was 70 minutes of non stop running. Only covered 10.86km though which I was disappointed in. But I was more focused on pace rather than speed.
  9. Where Do You Go Out To Eat?

    Sadly not. No hard rock cafes near me lol. I've always meant to go to one, but never got the chance.
  10. But every post of yours is quality
  11. Share your Youtube holes

    Love these, so freaking funny.
  12. This week I've mostly been blasting the Hamilton soundtrack and randomly a lot of Franz Ferdinand. (I don't know why I'm play a lot of Franz, just digging them a lot)
  13. Where Do You Go Out To Eat?

    I very rarely eat out.. I'm a fussy eater and a vegetarian... But when I do its usually one of the following places. Boojum (Irish burrito chain - amazing food) Burger King (their veggie options are actually really good) McDonald's (their veggie burger tastes like crap but fries are heavenly) Build a burger (closed down now sadly but their plant based burger was to die for) Used to go to wetherpoons all the time (amazing plant based food) but they have been cancelled cos there a owned by a idiot. As you can tell I don't really do fancy food 😂.
  14. Old NE Members

    I'm exactly the same it's the worst. Trying to live with no regrets, is extremely hard when I regret everything. I even regret replying to this...
  15. Who are you?

    They are Google drive pics. I think I have them set to public 🤔. They are not that important anyway 😊