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  1. Do you know what you're doing?

    I'm always dazed and confused.
  2. N-Europe turns niN-Eteen!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY N-EUROPE. Dam I feel old now lol.
  3. Carrie Fisher passes away, aged 60

    I'm still lost for words... it just won't sink in :'(
  4. So I now find myself on the dating scene again after my last relationship ended in July. I've been dating a girl 9 years my junior now for about a month and she's fucking fantastic and a massive geek... I'm loving it at the mo
  5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    I've seen it twice now and I'm dying to see it again!
  6. Forum User Photos

    Mostly disney lol. I'll try to post pics soon
  7. Forum User Photos

    Yea I have like 9 tattoos now lol
  8. So I guess I now have a girlfriend. Which is pretty fucking awesome. I thought I was undateable and undesirable and then she comes along and teaches me that I'm not :-) Had a sleep over at hers and i got lucky twice ;-)
  9. Just had the 2nd date with this girl and it went extremely well. Very happy today
  10. Forum User Photos

    I wish I had glasses :'(
  11. I have a second date on wednesday with the same girl I went out with a week or two ago... so it must of went well ☺
  12. Want Face

    I want a vagina 😂
  13. I'm super confused about a girl I like and I think she likes me.... Hmmmm. It's still early days but it's the most I've felt for someone in a long long time. Distance would be a big issue, about 100 miles. But it's only like 2 hours on the bus I guess. Ponder on this I must.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    Bus ticket to Dublin Gone girl (book)
  15. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    I'm down to 13 stone yays.... I'm celebrating this with a large pizza lol