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  1. The Circle TV show

    A couple of episodes in, the amount of "el oh el"s etc is truly infuriating. But I hope it'll bring to the masses that people don't actually laugh out loud and they look fucking stupid when they do it.
  2. The Circle TV show

    Wife and I have been keeping an eye out. Identical external shots, identical UK flats, but you know how US engineering can be - emulation to the max. But the UK plug sockets have revealed the TRUTH. Dunno if later seasons went more domestic as they trialled it on foreign ground.
  3. The Circle TV show

    Winner not who I expected, but better than Manrika! Just starting the US one, weird how they've brought them over to the UK flats, not their usual NSA apartments...
  4. The Circle TV show

    Although it would be a twist for him to see Manrika, I don't think he has it in him to do it. And the thing is, when everyone meets and sees who is really who, who is going to choose one of the catfish to take the money. Even though she's real, Manrika's story means nothing to me. Sad yes, but we know she's got a presence online and the whole "oh this is the only way I can help my mum with money" feels so false.
  5. The Circle TV show

    I'm betting Syed or Andy to win!
  6. The Circle TV show

    It would be nice if they made these for proper viewing. No one wants to watch a video with the phone not on its side
  7. The Circle TV show

    I'm hoping it's Dot, that Syed and Manrika both got their veto on Andy and Felix
  8. The Circle TV show

    Well that theory got shat on within seconds of last night's episode!
  9. The Circle TV show

    I think ever since the snake drawing has his faith began to crumble, plus the "relationship" with Felix obviously cementing he isn't going to have a chance in the circle has unleashed his inner perspective unto the truth. Someone actually did a good April Fools' this year on a friend, by announcing on Facebook (with some images) that she will going on the Circle that night, it hadn't clocked to me to mention to my friend that they usually isolate for 2-3 weeks beforehand (as I forgot), but was concentrating on explaining what the show was to her. I did recommend it probably was a trick and alas I was right. Because I'm amazing.
  10. The Circle TV show

    Makes sense, but that is the worst kind of intention to go into the Circle with. It's a great side effect, but shouldn't be your main goal. Main goal = Monies please. I don't think Manrika will question Andy about it, because she'll be too scared, but I think Vicar chap will slip some stuff up about knowing something they shouldn't as they weren't in the circle at the time and that'll make people suspicious. And also another new player tonight. Or rather TOOO NOO PLAEY-AAAHS JOYN THE SAAAH-CULLL
  11. The Circle TV show

    Right, as I'm doing this on the phone I won't be able to quote each thing sadly. I have zero doubt that footage of Vithun is lacking is because he was a dull character, even when seeing his notes you can see he'd done random accountancy numerical bullshit, and all they ever deemed worthy of broadcasting was him failing at rainbow Jenga. I didn't originally think that Femi got "mad", more of just being a mardy bitch, but seeing him tonight I could definitely see where you guys were coming from. It's not hype Beast, just annoying winky face emoji, it's that she cannot do it with her voice and accent, seeing "Battle lines are drawn", and then her unnecessarily shouting BATTLE LAINES AH DRAAHN ruins any sense of anticipation. Nice to see Femi go, sad to see Pippa, fisting that hashtag triple threat (I didn’t mind GeezerGals Beast, it was ScholarSquad on previous season which irked me!) But as they were so tight with Manrika, will the vicar reveal his true identity with her?
  12. The Circle TV show

    Really? Missus and I couldn't stand him, he did fuck all and was so bland. Apart from that agony aunt anonymous message he's done literally nothing. We hoped he could've gone sooner. Just watched that reveal room thing, pretending he knew who several of the catfishes were, yet did absolutely fuck all about it. I think Femi may be next to go, that Gladiators slip up has cost him. When Syed/Hashu launches into the accent I love it every time. [I've not read anything in the TV thread]
  13. The Circle TV show

    Fucking love The Circle, gave it about a week so we could plow through it at a steady rate, but have gotten eyes bigger than belly and caught up in no time. The Hunter beatdown of Manrika was great, who I hope loses, the constant "I've got your back" bollocks. which was cemented with when she fucked Tally over by saying "A bloke is never going to get between us" then votes Tally down because she thinks she'll let "Felix" go, and to see her face when she sees Feliix has a better rack than she does... will be gold. Half-applied to be on it after second season, will try and do a full job for applying for the fourth. @Josh64 - I feels you about the US one, waiting for this one to end before delving in (been on my list for months), but I hope that they've not tried to make the format too sensationalised, as the Yanks are wont to do. I really wish the narrator would tone it down a bit though, she's ok with her Come Dine With Me style quips throughout, but it's when she's shouting at the mic at the beginning like she's got the gravitas of the Britain's Got Talent dude, I wish he/or Red Pepper or someone would cut in and say "Biiiiitttch, calm yo' ass down"
  14. GQTDM: #7 Who is Bowser Jr's Mother?

    Maybe Clawdia came back and gave Bowser another chance?
  15. Marvel's Phase 4

    Binged the WandaVision, went alright but I think they failed with baddie motivation, if Scarlet Witch is meant to be so bad, have some Thanos type character who you can semi-empathise with.
  16. Job woes/wins

    Fuck 'em up Wendy! /Butters I've been doing some shafting myself... We've had a couple of agency starters this week, the other two people have been training them, I'll be mentoring new chap on Monday. One was meant to come on Thursday but got offered a perm job elsewhere. But the fisting I've tried to set in motion is that before our dept shifted over we have this one agency lass who's been helping us out for nigh on a year, so she knows her shit. When we ask why she was taken away to previous seniors we get a shrug and vague bullshit. In most recent meeting with current seniors I ask about her again, because I think finally they've realised how assraped they've been by being given this dept in such a state. So I ask about her again and we finally hammer home how essential she is - she can take the place of the other person who didn't come in last week with only the slightest bit of training in something she didn't have to do before. The new seniors seemed stunned (as was we and her) that this wasn't an option before, and we it was mentioned that if we told her that she could call her agency colleague, say she wasn't happy with the switch and would like to come back, then seniors couldn't stop us - wink wink. So we did and I think it's worked out. From what we can gather is that previous seniors pulled her away because they didn't want to get new agency staff themselves, and let us flounder needing more new staff than we have current because at that point it wasn't their problem. We've even been effectively bordered off by those blue divider things in the corner of the office. Lots of roles on the NUH vacancies for PA/PPA if y'all wanna join us. Sadly with a soon to happen consultant shake up, I'm going to be losing my two faves unless I apply for a different PA role, however they're based at a different hospital which is too much hassle to get to/from to make it worth the pay bump
  17. Amazing. Didn't think I'd find an anime as gripping, but it pulled it off. One of those things where you would *like* more, but its not needed
  18. Job woes/wins

    Meeting had, and I don't know how many times it needed to be stated that if they took X away, it would mean there would be no one to cover their work. It finally seemed to got through, but they've got the people previously doing it to carry on for a month (which if it was me, would easily refuse as they literally took the work from them) but are "putting vacancies up soon". Support for the other staff who have been overloaded, and for the staff that don't exist. I'm treading water with what I've got. Bright light we (think we do) have someone starting Monday (not sure how temp), but they don't seem to have anyone who trains people, and the 4-5 deputy service managers they have don't do it, so apparently this has fallen down to me, because it says I am required to be "flexible" in my job description. Ah'mazin.
  19. good stuff thread.

    I saw the walkoff happen just before I left the house for work, and it was glorious. There's one thing where he's bashing the Government for poor pandemic handling, but then just warbling on about random shit about Meghan Markle, oh she wore a necklace someone mean gave to her (a torch Susannah has picked up). Then gets called out on him being salty because he's been ejected from the media circle in just a couple of minutes, and he storms off. Then they go to a break.
  20. Job woes/wins

    I've decided to ramp up my after work drinking from Friday to today. Ahead of Wednesdays new team briefing with our new lead, which would take our team down to 3 people, one had an accident over the weekend and has busted her arm, so will be off for a month at least. The second had to leave today as she's got some health issues and I don't know when she'll be back, leaving only me. They seem to have wangled one of the agency staff who worked here before to stay with us, but that's only temporary and things will get worse before they get better :'(
  21. Netflix

    I thought it was fucking awful. I can only assume the book is better and has much more substance to it, because this felt like someone had seen a couple of episodes of Black Mirror / Inside No. 9 / Room 104 and went "y'know what would make an episode of this better? Stretching it out over almost 6 hours" and thought it would somehow work. For the first four episodes you get the sense of an serious/actual drama (like The Stranger which nailed it perfectly), then right at the last minute it slams in a It was just silly and I couldn't take it seriously after that.
  22. good stuff thread.

    Trimming may be violating Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and in breach of The European Habitats Directive 1992/Nesting Birds Directive. So don't get caught if you do this
  23. And it will be surprising how willing they will be for home working after this has settled down too I bet. I'd tell them to fuck off if they tried cancelling my leave, let them try that "let's pull together as a team." Bollocks they push when giving you more work for once
  24. Just finished first season of Assassination Classroom. Loved it. Quirky, funny, great premise/characters. Now for the second season! As soon as Attack on Titan and Dr Stone gets more dubbing I'll be jumping back into that. Funimation also has caused me to discover Cells at Work, which draws immediate parallel to Once Upon a Time... Life from our youth. Unfortunately the app only has it subbed (in UK, dubbed in US app, boo) which plays havoc with the scientific terminology. So another one to wait for.