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  1. Could just be another Wailord.
  2. What Have You Bought?

    If you feel like paying over 10 Euro I have a sealed copy of Pokken for Wii U
  3. Netflix

    Blasted through latest season of Archer last night. Sadly not as good as previous seasons, but again an interesting take.
  4. I managed to grab a copy of the collectors edition from Argos yesterday, dunno if they still have any for those who have dem feelz
  5. What Have You Bought?

    Links Awakening special edition from the Argos
  6. House buying is the worst

    Feelz dude, did they give a reason? (or just they being greedy)
  7. Netflix

    Blown Away is strangely captivating. Like Pottery Throw Down was
  8. The Disney Thread

    I read somewhere that Mushu won't be in this film, being replaced by some Phoenix. No Shang either, no songs at all. Basically staying more faithful to the "true" Mulan story than the animated film. And slapping "Disney's" at the beginning to fool everyone.
  9. Funny Stuff Thread

    My guess is lazy editing on whoever clipped this together.
  10. Other M was fun?! Aaaah, nice one Glen. You got me.
  11. Apologies for missing out, but I feel almost glad I didn't if Other M got on the shortlist. I would've been tainted.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    I'm sure the missus can hook you up with some stuff, she gets some for judging and doesn't need it all.
  13. Funny Stuff Thread

    OK the @Jimbob video thing has gotten weird, it's not just showing a video that I have watched: Jimbob original post: Official video for Piano Man - Billy Joel @killthenet quoting that video: Science wars acapella? Me quoting that video: Shy Ronnie (feat Rhianna) (I link the Elton John Sacrifice mix) Waddaya else getting?
  14. The Disney Thread

    A lot of then had 7 seasons worth of development beforehand. Not sure what some of these Throne fisters were expecting when there were at least 2 wars to fight and it being the last season.
  15. good stuff thread.

    Escape room attempt thrice last night. Smashed it with 20 minutes to spare.
  16. Funny Stuff Thread

    That is some top tier trolling if so.
  17. Funny Stuff Thread

    I'm seeing a techno remix of The Final Countdown.
  18. Funny Stuff Thread

    Not sure what is funny about this boombastic remix. Been listening to it so many times over the past few weekends it might as well go in that fave song topic. As well as this:
  19. Lost Kingdoms, Bomberman Generation were amongst my previously named games I got shafted into editing out...
  20. What Have You Bought?

  21. "Mario Royale"

    I couldn't make it through the whole video. Dude was too smug. Looked like a nice idea though.
  22. Black Mirror

    I loved Topher too, but what did it for me was that there was no Black Mirror twist, normally something isn't something you expect or has something stuck on the side of the head. This had some dude who basically killed his wife because he was on his phone and wanted to bitch about it, with no goal in mind but just to bitch.
  23. Black Mirror

    So Season 5 snuck on the Netflix under the radar... Striking Vipers - the concept was definitely interesting, although how it got started was a bit weird, classic Black Mirror. Smithereens - boring. There was literally nothing special about this episode. It might as well been a random PSA Something something and Ashley Too - As someone who wasn't all fond of Miley Cyrus I wasn't expecting much, but this had serious potential but I feel this could've started later in the story so could show more of the aftermath. A pity
  24. Now you've done it...