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  1. I'm guessing it'll be a 99% carbon copy, with the DX colour dungeon thrown in.
  2. The Disney Thread

    It might be a too-mah.
  3. The Disney Thread

    If only the name reflected the nature of the media format! If only it actually did any teasing. This makes me less interested if anything. Lots of running and lots of standing at vistas. Best book two viewings in case I miss it all the first time.
  4. The environment looks good. But it's the eyes which are really putting me off. The Pokémon remakes (and all other remakes of that time) were able to give characters whites in their eyes so it's not an unheard of thing. There's something a bit off with the perspective in my mind. The characters are either really small or the environment is enhanced somehow. Link looks like he's one mushroom off becoming the size he should be. Link Between Worlds already has a delightful character model.
  5. Job woes/wins

    It's possible the job was made up, it is a ploy agencies use to get your name on the system. I always ask for feedback, just say something like "I'm always looking for ways to improve my application performance etc etc"
  6. The Disney Thread

    A nice way to show a lot and yet nothing at the same time... bloody "teasers"
  7. The Disney Thread

    I don't think Will Smith looks that bad as the Genie. I'm not sure that's his actual body though. The guy can put on muscle but his frame is more athletic. That Jafar I agree was terrible though, they should've gotten Oded Fehr who did an awesome job in Once Upon A Time
  8. Job woes/wins

    One recruiter who rang me yesterday to update me that he was "still looking" (because when I went to register with them I mentioned how other agencies never get in touch) and asked if I had had any other things come up, to which I had a couple but didn't tell him about as I know he'd put others forward for the role - tried to convince me one of the reasons I'm not hearing as much is because I'm registered with so many agencies, which I mentally dismissed as bollocks as I don't tell every agency to put me forward for the same role, and I think he is trying to maintain some sort of exclusivity. My advice would be to find your banking/office et al agencies in your different big city and see what they got going. Applying for something on TotalJobs etc normally goes through one of them and they'll be contacting you to register either way. If like myself you don't want to put all the eggs in the proverbial basket and apply en massé, make a note of the companies you've gone for in the last 6ish months.
  9. Black Mirror

    When we got to an "end" and it gave the opportunity to go back, we did and tried the other route to see what happened. Saw about four different reviews for Bandersnatch on the Games Master of the time.
  10. Black Mirror

    Watched Bandersnatch last night. Very underwhelming. I was alright but the gimmick wore itself out quickly and I know there are other endings, but I'm just not invested enough to go through it all over again to get five-ish minutes of other footage.
  11. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

    Fuck yeah. Graces all the way. Artes on the L stick isn't that bad, just wait until you try mapping them to the R stick. Which I tried once and never again, I'm not clawing my hand when I can just edit the L stick artes.
  12. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

    The battling is more sluggish than I recalled also. It has slightly picked up I guess by raising my agility but having a method to slowly fix a problem doesn't mean the problem wasn't there to start with. Enjoyable as Tales games go, but I'm 15 hours in and it's only around now that the "fate of the world" style questing has finally come to the forefront. People really bitched about some of the voice actors changing, not really an issue as I barely remember the game. Judith seems to have a different voice in battle though. It's plodding along nicely though. I'm gutted I didn't get the special edition as with previous Tales', but that's what I get for leaving it too late. Sadly it does not match up to Tales of Graces.
  13. Netflix

    Just saw it last night... Quite the mindfuck.
  14. bad stuff thread.

    I have the same with DPD. Really having trouble with the sleep recently. I find myself going to sleep for a few hours, then waking up around 3-4 and simply unable to go back, for the past couple of nights I've had to go downstairs and watch some TV for about 3-4 hours before I feel the need to go back to bed. And I'm not even napping in the day.
  15. 2018 Reflections/2019 Resolutions

    Get a job that will be permanent. These temp gigs do pay the bills but it's the leapfrogging about which is a bit of a bitch. Few leads coming up soon, so fingers crossed. Which would be nice as it helps with the rest of the resolutions. Contribute to my wedding properly, I've not really had much money to help pay towards my wedding which shall be in 2020, only been able to pay my half of the bills with a couple of hundred left over which I've had to either use for more immediate projects or save to use the next month. Get back learning da saxophone. I had to cancel my lessons a year ago and haven't picked up Benny since. One day my dream of bursting into mum's house on Christmas Day blasting out Careless Whisper will come to fruition... Buy a bench. I don't think I'll be rejoining my gym any time soon, despite their constant emails of "we'll give you the first month half price" emails. I think it'd be better if I put a bench in the conservatory and bought some dumbbells and did a few small sessions a day as opposed to doing a little bit more than a few sessions once a week, or whenever I can be bothered. Finish painting more of my backlog. I'm not doing that bad a progress finishing off some of my models, but new ones keep coming out... basically the gaming backlog you all have.
  16. Job woes/wins

    Ouch to that first section :'( I hope you don't say that to everyone who doesn't do well at job interviews. I replied to them because I wanted them to be honest. I think I caught them in a couple of lies and wanted them to simply admit it, and the reason they don't want to put it in writing is because they are afraid. Agencies do have the habit of looking once, which is normally when they first contact you, promise to "keep on looking", then drop you from their system and simply stop looking for you. And if you attempt to chase them up they're generally unable to reach at that time. It wouldn't surprise me if this company doesn't put me forward for anything now. I don't think they even did to begin with - twice. This has been happening for the entirety of my experience with agencies. Please note that this is not my only interaction with job agencies - I've probably signed up to the majority of them in Nottingham - but it is the first time I've reacted like this. I usually treat each call from them like an interview, polite, cordial, eager to answer all their questions and when I need to turn up to register, I'm there in a suit. This time I just got sick of the deceiving bullshit. This instance aside, the region I'm aiming for is competitive and vacancies are scarce. I've been put forward for the same role by different agencies several times (I think my record is 5), because on the job sites the descriptions are generic in their listing of the roles and the location, and when they call they refuse to give the name of the firm, so you think you have applied for 5 roles when you've actually only applied for one or two. For more info on the tricks they pull, see the links below:
  17. bad stuff thread.

    At the moment the most constructive I can think is "I don't like way it is written" That aside, your Christmas sounds eventful. It seems to be that one time of year where all the grievances magically appear.
  18. Netflix

    It doesn't really tell you much, which means the episode should be more impactful.
  19. Job woes/wins

    Got ya. I'm a saint with customers, if I talked on the checkouts like I did on here... oh dear... however I will agree at Tesco there was a definite lack of respect for authority, because none was given from them. I can't speak for other Tescos, but no-one on the shop floor felt valued by their managers. Mecca was a much better place to work, just sadly the hours weren't great/concrete. SRA shut down the old firm I worked for, so that was an early Christmas present.
  20. Netflix

    If I didn't know that that was a trailer for a Black Mirror episode, I wouldn't want to watch whatever it was. Not an enticing trailer.
  21. bad stuff thread.

    Got them feels right here, I think it's a sign of me getting older and giving less of a fuck. I'm feeling a bit of a moral dilemma. My Cousin has written a book called Homewrecker which you can find on Amazon. All the current reviews are positive, which I know will be from close friends etc, as it was heavily publicised by herself which is no means a bad thing, but you know these aren't genuine reviews. In support of the family dynamic I have naturally bought a copy and am going through it now. It's bad. The story is in its infancy so I can't knock that yet, it's a "psychological thriller" so I am expecting a few twists. However the writing is not good. Never before have I seen in a book the liberal use of "it's, there's, doesn't, couldn't, shouldn't" any word you can shorten by using an apostrophe when describing events and not just in people's speech patterns. I use to think that I was quite liberal with my use of commas which is something I've been trying to dial down however this book... wow. Plus I caught at least 4 grammatical errors in the chapter I read last night. My two main gripes are two things which I don't think are needed in a book like this: Blog-esque interjection - things will happen in the story and you're following it as a reader and suddenly the fourth wall is broken with "I don't know about you, but..." / "You see, we live in a world where..." / "Now, how would you feel if..." and then goes on about half a page of opinion which belongs in a blog, which I think is supposed to make you question your way of thinking on life or something, but it has zero impact on the story. Forced extrapolation/exposition (I might be using the term wrong here) - Hand-holding to the Nth degree, "She stood at the window watching them walk off, with a smirk on her face, a face of satisfaction, something sinister, why would she smile like this after this just happened?" - not a direct quote but similar. If you have to tell me that someone is plotting a nefarious deed in such a manner so early in the narrative, it's just bad storytelling. I feel better getting this out to someone who isn't the missus, so many thanks to the N-Europe massive. But if she asks I don't think I can lie for this. I'm hoping it will pick up and maybe these are just starting out nerves, but I worry it will not.

    This from the missus Some nice Jean Paul G and a Venom t-shirt from Daddy, Glitter lamp from step sisters/brother in law Some random beers from the partner I worked for during the maternity cover. Few other bits, a rather quiet Christmas as they go.
  23. What Have You Bought?

    Remix of an old Noise Marine. Loved these back in the day but never had them.
  24. Netflix

    Travelers is back with a third season if any have dem feelz.
  25. bad stuff thread.

    Any reason for the reappearance? Kind hasn't reared its head for some years now thankfully. Whenever I go out and I know alcohol will be consumed in excess I double my meds before and after. Which also seems to benefit by dulling the effects of a hangover.