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  1. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    How about your eggs?
  2. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    @Glen-i what did you call Isha's weapon? I went a bit dark and called it Killing by Suicide. I'm surprised this was even an option
  3. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    Correction @Glen-i, it's called Great and Big.
  4. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    I think that's literally what I called it too!
  5. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    I did get more drawn in so I did invest financially. I was thinking more of buying hundred heroes for PS5, so is it confirmed what will pass on from rising? I'm guessing it'll be something along the lines of how built new heaven-spelt-backwards gets? What battle system does it use, turn based? Possibru, I may not mind another RPG to plow through.
  6. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    How do you choose your party with so much choice?!
  7. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    I've never played a Suikoden game 🥺
  8. Netflix

    The Circle is back @Beast @WackerJr @darksnowman go go gooo
  9. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    With all that character art on the box, does it really give you access to 100 heroes, or is it just a flashy title.
  10. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    I did a couple of hours on it yesterday and fucks sake is it fetch questy. I'm not even sure I'd fork out the £4 for this on offer.
  11. Share your favourite comedy specials

    Most Lee Evans stuff is awesome. That's the Way A-ha-a-ha Joe Lycett is good too
  12. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    I don't even remember heading about Hundred Heroes, but I did like the look of the Rising trailer, which appears more Metroidvania than Hundred Heroes which looks more RPG-y. I am intrigued about the stuff passing over to the other game, but then I'm worried about how much that'll cost, even with Rising being a bargain.
  13. Maybe they have more on the Crunchyroll app, you may have a few ads to slog through though.
  14. Refined my anus, it lets you know who is going next, and you can discard from your hand mid battle, but the moment where you can actually select cards remains a mystery. The missus didn't bother buying Peach Showtime, and I completed Jedi Fallen Order, so I decided to fire it up 😎
  15. I started Baten Kaitos Origins yesterday. About 30ish mins in and had a few battles and I'm the battle system is weird... There hasn't been any tutorial on it and the help menu is bollocks. There doesn't seem to be a highlighted specific window to pick cards, so I'm not sure if I'm picking attacks to attack or whatever. I picked a leather vest for defence during an enemy attack, then used it during my attack.
  16. Switch eShop Thread

    I got the demo for The Pedestrian and blasted through it. I'm not sure what drug the person who wrote this was on "Enjoy this textless journey, where all ideas are shared in icons and your powers of observation will be put to the test. You play by rearranging and reconnecting public signs in order to explore and advance through each engaging environment." There certainly is no text, but there isn't really any journey either. It's a simple puzzler (from what was on offer) where you connect entry points between sections, which was quite linear and little variety for experimentation. The "environments" are engaging in the sense that they are graphically very nice to look at compares to the black and white stuff you have to focus on for the puzzling, but have zero impact on the game. Going between "levels" requires you to hold whichever direction you were running to keep the game going, otherwise you're stuck looking at a nice pipe, you can even make the quasi cut scene go in reverse and run back the way you came, but there's no need to and something that would just flow better if you didn't have to hold the stick and it did it via cut scene. It was an ok experience. A couple of levels had me thinking, but not an interest to invest. So I was out
  17. The Star Wars Thread

    Finished playing Fallen Order last night. Story was good but I had to take it down to easy mode because the combat is an absolute mess. Blocking/parrying seems to work only when it wants to, which is rarely never, as opposed to your opponent who seems to have a guard meter going all the time, and this is when they're gangbanging you with attacks with multiple opponents. That aside the metroidvania-esque exploration I quite enjoyed, although some fast travel points in the worlds. When it gets a bit cheaper I'll delve into Jedi Survivor
  18. F-Zero X - All N64 Games

    Here I was thinking Bomberman Generation on the Cube was the first of that ilk. Which I do recommend. I'd love to fire mine back up.
  19. The Disney Thread

    Watched the final last night. The latter half of the season does ramp up the mystery at the detriment to the nipple count, but on the whole a recommended watch
  20. The Disney Thread

    Started watching Death and Other Details, halfway through at the moment. It's a bit like Only Murders in The Building, this time on a boat. With the link between the 2 main characters it'll be interesting to see if they could carry this onto later seasons. But you're guaranteed to see some tits at least once an episode, which is always a plus.
  21. General Movie Thread

    James Acaster was great, his scream proved he had the acting chops and I was greatly impressed Kumail on the other hand plays the same role he does in every film.
  22. F-Zero X - All N64 Games

    If you want a dose of UK action, Stephen Fry recently hosted it here. Not sure if it's still on the screens though, it was an early afternoon deal, not good enough for prime time.
  23. General Movie Thread

    I can confirm that the new Ghoustbusters and its associated bustin' did make me feel good. If you liked Afterlife you should enjoy this. Yet they seem to have deleted the scene where someone bursts onto the scene and beats the shit out of Patton Oswald, which seems to get cut out of everything he's in.
  24. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Yo yo baby gimme some fries with that shake
  25. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Same here, the only exception is going for the 3DS XL. But I wouldn't bother shelling out for the home console "pro" versions. The Switch is on the TV anyways, I've not had the need to pay for extra screen quality etc.