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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Metroid Dread

    Bought the Collector's Edition for this one, and I am not dissapointed, but man....I gotta say.... Mercury Steam needs a better composer on their team. It's just .... atmospheric, which is fine, but after Hollow Knight....god damn. Can't go back after Chrisopher Larkin's angel jizz in my ear. My hopes are high for the OST of Metroid Prime 4.
  3. Smash Bros Switch Roster Prediction Competition

    Well I'll be a son of a bitch. Haven't been frequenting this forum for quite some time now, but apparently one can still win at life even whilst one isn't looking. To me, the greatest crime is still no Paper Mario. Seems like a no-brainer for some kind of alt-G&W. Also, Layton definitely deserves a spot given his vast library on the DS and getting mothers to buy into the dual-screen hype. Still love you guys
  4. Happy birthday!

    1. Fused King

      Fused King

      I thank you, my esteemed N-colleague 

  5. Smash Bros Switch Roster Prediction Competition

    Can't believe I'm still on top of a list I don't even own yet I'm waiting for the Ultimate Ultimate edition for the Switch Pro Deluxe U
  6. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    I kind of wish they would add some more Toads and flesh the character out a bit more.
  7. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Paper Mario, anyone? As someone who counts Paper Mario 64 & Paper Mario & The Thousand Year Door among one of the finest games I've ever played, it has been with pain in my heart seeing the Paper Mario series slowly but surely decline into something that is not in line with those games. Don't get me wrong, I welcome new changes to a franchise as much as the next guy, but I suppose the nostalgia drug taints my view of the development of this series. If I had to explain exactly what rubs me the wrong way about Paper Mario now, I'd have to say it's the sudden and near complete elimination of creative design specifically made for the franchise. Super Paper Mario for the Wii might not have had the excellent RPG style game play of its predecessors, but at least the developers went nuts in terms of creativity. Paper Mario: Sticker Star that followed was slapped by Miyamoto's hand of bland, and to this day it's probably the only game I've ever played which I absolutely loathe for this reason. Going from this: to this: Was a direct assault on my love for the franchise: the crazy world building and characters designs. Sticker Star was made even worse because it was also stripped of a FUN battle system and funny dialogue, so I can safely say this was my biggest disappointment ever in my gaming history. Now admittedly, I have yet to play Colour Splash, which I hear at least brought the dialogue back to Paper Mario standards, but still misses that creativity of the first 3 games in terms of characters and world building, so while that still saddens me it appears baby steps were made towards what made the franchise so strong to begin with. The Origami King seems to be following this trend of baby steps towards the original strength of the series, by bringing back bigger worlds and companions again. But alas, they must remain devoid of anything creative and let's keep piling on the GODDAMN TOADS everywhere. If there's anything that just screams bland and boring it's hundreds of toads with some different colours. Fucking toads man, fucking toads. More than anything it seems we get a sense of what characters are being considered to be the core of Mario and what characters are not. Perhaps this is because Nintendo wants to make the Mario brand as big as Mickey Mouse, and so they want a kind of band of recognizable characters throughout all of his adventures, yet Odyssey had all sorts of new and creative designs, so why in the world can't the Paper Mario games take place in faraway lands anymore with for example a big fat chameleon nerd, a wrestling chicken or a sassy Lady Bow? I will eventually get around to Colour Splash, and though I am ranting a bit here, the trailer looked fun and I'd love to play it, fully realizing that the height of Mario RPGs in Mario&Luigi: Superstar Saga and Paper Mario & The Thousand Year Door might never be reached again.
  8. Having been a member of this forum for a long time, I sometimes forget most of you guys speak with a proper Bri'ish accent.
  9. Smash Bros Switch Roster Prediction Competition

    Damn, this is still going. And I still haven't bought this Alexandria Library of video game history. I'm losing my Nintendo touch, but I'm deep into some indie games now. Namely Shovel Knight's expansions. One game at a time is the way to go with my income right now
  10. I'm wondering what the people of Nyurp think of the price tag of this bad boy. Is it really worth 50 euros? I'm getting it for my birthday so not paying top euro for it, but initially I wanted to wait until it dropped to 30 or so. Though I'm a sucker for all things Zelda, financially I just couldn't justify this purchase.
  11. Child of Light and Valiant Hearts coming to Switch

    I finished Valiant Hearts yesterday, and the game got me into documentaries about WW1 again. Such a crazy war with a lot of amazing footage still surviving from those days. The more I played this game the more I got sucked in to the story. Gameplay is nothing to write home about, but that is okay since it's more about the visual experience and the narrative of course. I wonder if we'll see more games using the UbiArt-engine in the future.
  12. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Wii U)

    This will probably be one of those games where I came for the game and stayed for the beautiful music of Michiru Yamane. The music of Igavanias were at least 60% of the enjoyment for me. Yamane-san is a sound magician!
  13. Nintendo at E3 2019

    New Smash character, New Zelda, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Luigi's Mansion 3 ... it would pale in comparison to the possible tidbit of info on Hollow Knight: Silk Song.
  14. Hollow Knight

    Just watched the Hollowknight: Silk Song again. I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time. Also, this franchise is definitely my favourite Metroidvania game next to Order of Eclessia!
  15. Hollow Knight

    Does the proper ending have something to do with that flower side quest? I suppose I'd have to look at some guide, don't I. That White Castle DLC is a motherfucking bitch by the way 😅