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  1. I'm wondering what the people of Nyurp think of the price tag of this bad boy. Is it really worth 50 euros? I'm getting it for my birthday so not paying top euro for it, but initially I wanted to wait until it dropped to 30 or so. Though I'm a sucker for all things Zelda, financially I just couldn't justify this purchase.
  2. Child of Light and Valiant Hearts coming to Switch

    I finished Valiant Hearts yesterday, and the game got me into documentaries about WW1 again. Such a crazy war with a lot of amazing footage still surviving from those days. The more I played this game the more I got sucked in to the story. Gameplay is nothing to write home about, but that is okay since it's more about the visual experience and the narrative of course. I wonder if we'll see more games using the UbiArt-engine in the future.
  3. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Wii U)

    This will probably be one of those games where I came for the game and stayed for the beautiful music of Michiru Yamane. The music of Igavanias were at least 60% of the enjoyment for me. Yamane-san is a sound magician!
  4. Nintendo at E3 2019

    New Smash character, New Zelda, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Luigi's Mansion 3 ... it would pale in comparison to the possible tidbit of info on Hollow Knight: Silk Song.
  5. Hollow Knight

    Just watched the Hollowknight: Silk Song again. I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time. Also, this franchise is definitely my favourite Metroidvania game next to Order of Eclessia!
  6. Hollow Knight

    Does the proper ending have something to do with that flower side quest? I suppose I'd have to look at some guide, don't I. That White Castle DLC is a motherfucking bitch by the way 😅
  7. Hollow Knight

    See, I think I did not get the proper ending. I had no idea there even were different endings. I'm currently going through the Grimm DLC and also finally got all the essence so I can discover the White Castle. I'm almost ready to leave the world of Hollow Knight and focus more on Shovel Knight. I'm also thinking of buying Celeste.
  8. Hollow Knight

    So I went for the Hollow Knight and beat the game at 86%. Then I went to look at some of Superforge's videos and marveled at the deep lore. And then I saw all these extra areas (mostly DLC) which I hadn't found yet so I'm diving right back in. I knew the DLC was all in the game, but I don't really know how to get to it all. I think I have mostly been collecting dream essence, but still not enough to clear it, and I hadn't the foggiest how to kick off the Troupe quest, ... My God, Team Cherry is amazing! The music in this game is something else entirely!
  9. Hollow Knight

    I love that feel of when you think you are stuck and you discover a whole new area. There's no end to this incredible underground world!
  10. Hollow Knight

    I'm in awe with this game! With me growing older and getting more responsibilities and following other interests, gaming time becomes scarce, so whenever a game comes along and grabs my attention even when I'm not playing, I know it's something special. I have all these things to do, but somehow I keep want to go deeper and deeper into Hollow's Nest and immerse myself in the art style and sound design! It's amazing this only cost me 10 euros. I think I may be 10 hours or so away from finishing up, but since the DLC is incorporated into the game there are still many more challenges ahead.
  11. Switch eShop Thread

    Still one of the greatest single-player experiences I've ever had. They captured lightning in a bottle!
  12. Cadence of Hyrule

    Jesus Christ, Ronnie. I'm just here casually looking for some Zelda related thread on N-Europe after a long hiatus, and now I have to deal with months of fantasizing about said opportunities. It's all good son, I really hope they do this!
  13. Michael Jackson

    Man, this documentary along with the Oprah interview really did a number on me. MJ's live was a living paradox. He inspired millions, seemed like a caring and gentle soul, but due to his own upbringing he likely treasured the innocent and the carefree something he may not have had much of in his own life. I always viewed MJ as indeed an eccentric, gentle man with a love for children because he himself had never had a childhood. Sure he may have held slumber parties in Neverland and yes, maybe some cuddling or hand holding happened, but I could never imagine MJ actually getting off on sexual acts. I thought him to be more of a platonic lover, perhaps even towards children, which is weird still, but knowing his background it's understandable why he surrounded himself with children the way he did. That notwithstanding, these men, their stories and what their families went through seem genuine to me. Especially the psychological and sexual confusion where they had to square the abuse with their love for Michael, something that apparently took them a long time. I agree that it's good to be skeptical, but seeing their lives and families in turmoil due to their experiences with MJ does not seem like something one would make up. To me it's a tragic story of a damaged soul who passed on his damage to others, whilst still inspiring millions in the public sphere with his amazing performances and lyrics. I still adore his music, but even without the story presented in the documentary, MJ's life has a kind of tragic undertone reflected in his god-like status and physical change. I guess I need to start watching some rebuttal videos now...
  14. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    Sweet. Time for another quick prayer for F-Zero: Resurrection
  15. Wargroove

    Who's picking this up? Who's picking this up, he asks ever so casually Let me tell you a tale of friends who have been waiting for a new Advance Wars like experience with proper asynchronous online play for over 10 years. My love for Advance Wars started after I gave it a second chance on an emulator back when I was 14 years old. I didn't have a GBA, but I'd be damned if I was going to miss out on titles such as Advance Wars, and having played it initially I hadn't the foggiest as to what was going on or how I should play it. After having tried it for a second time though, and really committing myself, I soon found myself with a friend hooked in front of the PC planning out strategies and eventually playing against each other as well. This went on for a while, first with the original Advance Wars, and then with Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising (I just burst out laughing realizing just how porn-like this sounds). Then I got I got a DS, and then Advance Wars: Dual Strike came out. This game had some mileage on it, I tell you, and had been played on my DS by several of my friends throughout my secondary school days. I had introduced in to multiple groups of friends, and both at home and at school we could be found with one guy holding the DS finishing his turn, and the rest anxiously discussing the game whilst waiting for our turn. A shift happened, because in my senior years of secondary school I was shifted to another building, and so new friendly contacts had to be established and friendships built. After a year or so, having recruited new potential candidates who were interested in games and did not shy away from strategy, I offered to take my DS with me to school so I could introduce them to the world of Advance Wars: Dual Strike during the lunch break. I wasn't long before they too bought the game so they could practice at home. Many an intense match was held, and we soon discovered the tactical joys of Fog of War which also came with it's fair share of meta-game and psychological warfare. It became obvious, however, that Advance Wars: Dual Strike had a balancing problem. Not only with some of the insane CO powers (I'm looking at you Javier, with you COM-towers, or Colin with his Money buff), but also some of the insane units that were available. Though we attempted to restrict usage of certain COs, and tinkered with the units we could use, it became unnecessary, because on the horizon was the greatest Turn-Based Strategy game that had ever graced our simple souls: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Yes, the themes, atmosphere, art direction, and music were a 180 from previous Advance Wars titles, but my goodness did it cut back on many of the insane excesses of Dual Strike, opting for a more concise and 'less-is-more' approach, while still innovating when it came to how COs were used and with some of the units. This became our gold standard going forward, and though we did cut Stolos and his daughters from being used during our matches, other than that everything was allowed. Many a laughs were had with the random weather, and since we were now staunch supports of Fog of War (in fact, we couldn't even imagine how you could play the game without it anymore, since it plays almost like real war where you just don't know what your enemy is doing) the mind games took on new levels of insanity. Backstabbing though not knowing who is doing it, forming secret pacts outside of the game since the other player was getting too strong, pretending you saw someone's battleship in the hope they would cave under the pressure, bluffing that you're heading towards an island whilst actually preparing a secret invasion in the other direction; still to this day do we partake in said shenanigans, but my friend's submarine mindfuckery has influenced me so much that during ever game where there is water and naval bases, I am extremely cautious. His expert use of submarines has caused us to sweat profusely whenever we set out to create an armada. He raped our minds in a game many years ago and it still has its effect: THAT is Advance Wars Fog of War Meta-Game Insanity, my fellow Nyurpers! With 800 hours combined on both game cartridges (my friend has one as well) and no end in sight when it came to the willingness of playing this game we knew it would become harder and harder to finish matches within a respectable time, because one friend moved to Germany and we all came to have busier lives as we entered the mad rat race of society. Heck, even before that we took about 2 years to complete one game just because our schedules did not align or I was abroad for many, many months. Every E3 I would tell them that there may be a chance a new Advance Wars title could be announced, though it never got as far as a comment by some man from Intelligent Systems saying that they are still thinking about Advance Wars. This was during the resurgence of Fire Emblem, and it was obvious they were going for that anime-lewd people money, haha. But between Fire Emblem and Paper Mario, I had always hoped that whenever one of those games got finished a new Advance Wars may be on the horizon. Alas, 'twas all for naught. BUT THEN! THE FISH THAT CHUCKLED ANNOUNCED A SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR. WE HAD CHUCKLES!! We learned about asynchronous online play and we couldn't be more ecstatic, then we learned about cross play (my Red October Strategist friend doesn't own a Switch), and then we saw matches in Fog of War. Some tears were shed, I won't front. This was the game we had been clamouring for for many years now, and you can be damn sure 800 more hours of fun will be had with this gem. Though nothing beats a physical get-together and seeing the live reaction of your friend who tries to keep a stoic poker face, but knows he has just lost his CO unit and has to do a 'strategic retreat', it is a great solution for when we live apart. I thank Chucklefish with all my heart, and the hearts of my friends. In fact, blood sacrifice is not out of the question.
  16. Switch eShop Thread

    Yo! Pre-ordered WarGroove my good lads! With asynchronous multiplayer, crossplay, and fog of war,m the long time dream of me and my friends of having an Advance Wars type experience which can also be played whilst living far away from each other has finally been realized. Here's to another 800 hours of strategic shenanigans!
  17. Metroid Prime 4 (Switch)

    I've also heard murmurs that Metroid Prime Trilogy: Switch Version has been finished for a while and that other Metroid games are in development. I think it was the same guy who tweeted out the info about multiple development teams working on MP4. Maybe that's why they delayed the Trilogy. Maybe they want to release it a little bit closer to when MP4 releases, so maybe next year. Having one type of Metroid experience a year until their big hitter Metroid Prime 4 comes out would be a good move considering the state of the franchise. The Metroid: Samus Returns was a good start! (haven't played it yet though )
  18. I'm nearing 300 hours on this game and I have yet to find the final 3 shrines, hahaha. I know one has to do with the sphere in Kakariko Village, but for the life of me I have no idea how to kickstart the chain of events there. Then there are two more left and I honestly have no clue. I think I'll enjoy roaming around the vast map in areas not close to another shrine with my radar on for now. As for the DLC, I have finished all except the one where you power up the Master Sword. I enjoyed helping out Kaz and seeing the new cutscenes, but I must say that I found the reward a little bit lackluster. And driving around Hyrule with the sound of a monotone motorcycle does not come near riding on my mighty steed.
  19. General Switch Discussion

    I have a question to my fellow nyurpers: i bought a Switch in Melbourne, Australia and I will be moving back to The Netherlands next month taking my Switch with me. In terms of account shennanigens is there something I should think about? Luckily Nintendo came to their senses again and made their system region-free. I'm hoping that all I need to do is buy a new electricity cable.
  20. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Looks like good ol' clean fun. I used to play Brawl here online with fellow Nyurpers, and I am just wondering if people still experience some miniscule amount of button input delay? During the Brawl days this was sometimes more hindering than other times, and with a game like Smash this really needs to be limited as much as possible. I'm hoping to get Smash when I get back to The Netherlands after a year of Melbourne and get a good set up going to lay the smack down on y'all with my one and only Pink Puff Ball! (Though I will be getting all into many characters I haven't played as yet too!!)
  21. Smash Bros Switch Roster Prediction Competition

    I wonder if they have already decided go the DLC characters will be or if they are going to hold some kind of poll again. Perhaps through the app/game itself! Anyways, that Piranha Plant looks fun but unnecessary given the plethora of other more worthy characters who have more weight under their belt franchise wise. Sakurai is an insomniac who has lost his damn mind!
  22. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  23. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Alright Mah Freaky Nyurper Smash Bitches! Hop on this Hype train with me, for we are about to embark to Crazed-Cray Cray City which should take us about 3 hours from now! Hold your hopes close to you and your fantasies even closer. Don't let go of that special one who you think you might see in ol' Cray Cray City and be sure to inhale the fumes coming from the steam vents for maximum hypage! Geno, Shadow, Skull Kid, Woof Rat, Gruff Doggo, John Paul, Gravy McFlystone, Daft_Little, John Stacy MacAfee Donnel, Stance, GET IN HERE AND LET'S CRACK A COLD ONE!
  24. Well, we've done it. We freed the land of Hyrule from malice and evil incarnate having found about 380 Koroks alongside 112 shrines. Now, at long last, have we put on the shrine radar and having an extra adventure as we scour the land for the remaining 8 shrines. Putting that aside, I want to reflect on this Zelda game and the series as a whole. First of all, I have to get my disappointments out of the way which mainly have to do with the lack of certain things. For example, Tingle was not present nor were there any Zelda-like horror areas (Not a Poe in sights!?). I also was not able to fish nor dive, which also felt a bit strange in relation to the rest of the series. This is a minor list of annoyances and I fully understand things change when building a new Zelda game from the ground up. It is clear that the development team had a long and hard thought about how to redefine The Legend of Zelda whilst also paying homage to its vast legacy. It almost feels like the original Zelda game, but with references to all the other games thrown in there in a 3D open world. And what an open world it is! Though the things you discover in the world might get stale at a certain point, the actual adventuring through the world is worth it to me. The variety in the various areas is enough for me to enjoy sniffing around in looking for treasure and whatnot, but, as stated, once you are at a comfortable level weapon and rupee wise all you can hope to find is a Korok or a shrine, but those things become mere collectibles rather than worthwhile discoveries. The shrines especially are more often than not quite easy, so they end up as more of a formality rather than an interesting dungeon like experience. Those kind of experiences I have found more outside of the shrines than inside. Going through a sandstorm following the signs of statues, getting balls on a plateau during a crazy thunderstorm, getting lost in a maze, etc. The actual journey in this game, breathing in the WILD air, gives this game a special kind of feeling I haven't felt since The Windwaker, and if it had unique dungeons it would have been so much sweeter. The Divine Beasts are pretty cool though, but again a tad easy as well as the bosses who were generic as all fuck. The races along with their beasts and the problems they had felt really genuine and their villages and towns were quite well crafted. I especially liked the Gerudo Town with the mysterious Yiga clan hideout nearby with the latter being very eerie and mysterious. The connections between the races and their shared history was really well conveyed as well. Having sinked in more than 215 hours, it is hard to put into words the journey we made. Thinking about it, it feels like an experience running through the wild for large amounts of time, fighting enemies and finding treasure, with some story and interaction with characters mixed in here and there. In that regard, the game definitely lives up to its subtitle, as the wild was definitely the star of the show. They even went as far as stripping the game from an iconic overworld theme! That's one more thing I need to talk about; the music. Most of it does the job and complements the different areas or the situation you find yourself in, like fighting a guardian, but I must say that overall there is a lack of quintessential Zelda music to me, which isn't unique to Breath of the Wild. I have the same feeling about Skyward Sword. However, I always welcome change and experimentation within the franchise, so I am not complaining. I particularly enjoyed the music in the Korok Forest and, of course, the Rito Village what with it being a remix of Dragon Roost Island. In regards to the Zelda timeline, I have looked at some videos and heard about the official placement, and goshdarnit Nintendo is a genius in how posited this game. They've basically cemented certain aspects of the lore whilst also putting the focus on letting the fans develop their own theories (which of course the community has never shied away from). The land of Hyrule is filled to the brim with ruins and stories open to interpretation, which is what makes it so fun to speculate. All in all, the weapon systems was fun, as was experimenting with the physics system through the different runes. I am a bit disappointed by the variety of enemies, but the slightly improved AI and the challenge the Lynels and Guardians could pose when you're unprepared make up for that. The graphics are absolutely stunning, and taking in the world while standing on a peak or riding on your horse were rewards in and of itself. Alright, I started out cohesively, but now I'm just writing down whatever comes to mind I'll just leave it here with a final message: I am proud they had the guts to go grand with Zelda, and I am happy they have laid a great new foundation for The Legend of Zelda to build forward upon. Fingers crossed for a Majora's Mask-esque bat shit, yet slightly depressing Zelda game!
  25. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    Never have I heard a man debate himself so much about from where a character enters a space.