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  1. This looks extraordinary. Easily the best game I've ever seen. When I do pick up a PS5, this will be the first game I play. I'm currently working my way through Dark Souls Remastered and I'm in love with it. Bloodborne is still my favourite though.
  2. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    I've still got my Series S pre-ordered but I'm tempted to cancel it. I've just purchased the Dark Souls trilogy which I expect we'll keep me entertained for some time, so it seems a bit pointless to buy a digital only console. Had a new Halo been launching alongside it, I would keep it pre-ordered but for now I'm happy to stick with my One X. Microsoft have built some really good hardware over recent years. I just hope the software can start to roll in.
  3. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Can't wait for the race today! With Bottas ahead of Lewis and two stops expected, we could end up having a bit of a strategic thriller. For the sake of an interesting championship, my predictions are: 1. Bottas 2. Max 3. Albon If Albon gets a good launch he could be a real factor when it comes to strategy today.
  4. Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5)

    This looks pretty good, presumably because it seems to be inspired by 3D World. The physics engine also looks pretty decent, which has always been my biggest issue with the regular LBP games.
  5. I'm actually going the other way. I'm getting a Series S at launch to replace my One X but the fact that Microsoft are launching without any exclusive software is just plain comical in my eyes. That said, Yakuza should be enough to keep me entertained. I'm going to hold off getting a PS5 until we've got a bigger TV. Annoyingly, the software looks absolutely superb and I'm a bit gutted that I'm going to miss out on Spiderman, as well as Demon Souls and Ratchet. I imagine I'll end up buying one late into 2021, which I'm hoping is when Gran Turismo also launches.
  6. Job woes/wins

    Update: Had my interview yesterday and it went as well as it could have gone to be honest. It was a one hour competency based interview, so thankfully no presentations or anything like that. I won't be find out until next Monday so I'm just going to put it to back of my mind. @Will Good to hear
  7. Football Season 2020-21

    The most bizarre thing about the weekend was Maguire pulling Luke Shaw, who was about to clear the ball, to the ground to let Ndombele score. I can't believe he's the worlds most expensive defender. Jose showing the world that he might still know what he's doing.
  8. Job woes/wins

    Not sure how I've managed it but I've got a job interview on Tuesday. It's with the same company I currently work for but on a 12-month secondment in a much more senior role (I'd be going for a mid-grade 3 to a grade 5). I currently manage small scale digital projects but this role is a huge step up, comes with big jump in salary (about 30% more) and would give me a chance to really showcase my skills. Judging from the diary of the person conducting the interviews, they are only interviewing two people all week so I've pretty much got a 50-50 chance. Best of all, it's a competency based interview only, and I think they are happy for the successful candidate to learn on the job. I think I'm going to just forget about it completely over the weekend and not stress about it too much until Monday. Certainly exciting though.
  9. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Honda are pulling out of F1 at the end of 2021. Not surprising but it throws a real question mark over the future of the sport and teams like Red Bull. If they go down the customer team route, they aren't winning another title until 2026 at the earliest.
  10. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Predictions for the race.... 1. Max 2. Bottas 3. Ricciardo I'm expecting fireworks at turn 1 tomorrow. Lewis will be starting on the tyre that he and Mercedes wanted to avoid...Will be interesting to see how the soft actually holds up. On a different note, Mick Schumacher won in the F2 feature race and he's got a decent lead in the standings now. Fully expect him alongside Kimi at Alfa next year.
  11. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Sony also offer an upgrade pathway but technically it's optional for each game and up to each developer, correct? Microsoft's approach is different as every game is automatically upgraded. I imagine this is because their ecosystem is also on PC now. Why should a PC gamer get a free upgrade and not the console owner? The moment they moved I.P to PC and also gave PC gamers access to GamePass, this was bound to happen, and it's a very good move. On a different note...do we know if Microsoft have any launch games planned for the Series S or X? I've got a GamePass subscription already for my X but is there any new software coming out for November from their first party developers? Or was it just Halo before the delay?
  12. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Got my Amazon order in for the S. Wasn't expecting them to be in stock as I woke up late but pretty pleased overall.
  13. This is very true. The games aren't brutally tough; they are just punishing. People assume that the games are impossibly hard but they are actually very fair. @Ronnie Whilst I've not played it, the same team behind Bloodborne /Dark Souls also made a game called Sekiro which is also on Xbox (which I believe you have access to?). Sekiro is an even more aggressive version of Bloodborne from what I've heard, and having just reminding myself of the Easy Allies and Digital Foundry reviews, it looks like it runs wonderfully on the Xbox.
  14. Get Bloodborne. It's the perfect entry into the series. The Victorian, H.P Lovecraft inspired setting is incredibly well put together and the gameplay is much faster and aggressive that Dark Souls. Gaggle summarises many of the great things about the Soulsborne titles, but it's the small things that really make the games so great. Using Bloodborne as an example, you're exploring a rich and diverse world without a map or markers to help you get your bearings. A big part of the experience is not just becoming skilled enough to defeat the enemies / bosses, but also in unlocking shortcuts in the environment to help you get between areas quicker (for example, opening a one way gate or activating a lift that let's you easily connect between the area in which you spawned in and the area in which you just spent an hour trying to reach). The Soulsbourne games also use a unique mechanic whereby the experience you gained by killing enemies (which you can use to level up) are lost if you fall in combat. When you respawnn, the enemy that killed you will hold that experience, but if you die again before you retrieve it, it's lost forever. It's creates these really tense scenarios whereby you'll have immersed yourself into an area and are pushing forward (often against you're own best judgement) because you're hoping you will unlock a short cut to connect you back to the save point. Do you back track to save area, cash in your experience and level up (which respawns all the enemies you just killed) or do you keep venturing forward knowing that if you die, you've lost all that experience? Furthermore, the bosses are universally loved in each of the games and they are designed to really test your ability to hold your nerve and make crucial decisions. Most enemies in Bloodborne and the Souls games, even the weak guys you saw in the trailer, can easily kill you in one or two hits if you're not careful. The experience is about understanding what move they are about to use, whether to block/roll or whether to attack. Honestly, even after putting 100 hours into Bloodborne, I've gone back to earlier areas and got wrecked by a relatively weak enemy because I wasn't focused enough. Give Bloodborne a go. It's just a brilliantly woven game. I can't praise it enough.
  15. The amount of hyperbole around yesterday's event is absolutely comical. As much as I love forums and social media, ultimately they represent a tiny minority of the people actually buying consoles. The only real disappoint from yesterday's event was the news that Horizon is unfortunately a cross generational game, which suggests that it started development on PS4 first before having its engine tweaked to run on next gen hardware too. Yeah, it's disappointing, but that doesn't mean that Sony's 'we believe in generations' comment is invalid, and I'm certain that after a year or two cross gen games will stop completely from Sony's POV. The PS4 has 2-3 years left in it so it's not surprising that games originally developed on PS4 engines and tools will release on it. It's important to keep in mind that 'We believe in generations' does not mean that 'We will never release cross gen games again'. It simply means that Sony believe that games built from ground on PS5 will never be able to run on lesser hardware. I imagine God of War 2 will be one of those games, as are Ratchet and Clank and Demon Souls. Anyway, I decided against a pre-order despite Demon Souls being confirmed for launch. We're still isolating at my fiancee's family home and I can't justify a PS5 in two months when I don't know if/when I'll be playing it on a 4K TV. Having a new TV delivered here seems pointless when it's not my house.