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  1. General Switch Discussion

    There have been plenty of rumours about a more powerful Switch coming later this year. Today, a very reliable Apple leaker (who has connections at Foxconn, the Chinese production company) has tweeted about it, suggesting that it's now entered production: I'm really excited about this, because a recent Nvidia hiring post confirmed they were looking at someone with DLSS experience. For those unaware, DLSS can allow a console to output a 4K image without all the required GPU power. In fact, I've seen footage of Death Stranding run at very low resolutions (360p) and look near identical to a 1080p PS4 image. This could be a real game changer for Nintendo, as Sony and Microsoft can't use DLSS as it's not something AMD offer. A new Switch can offer a decent CPU boost, DLSS and perhaps have more memory without 'replacing' the current Switch.
  2. What Do You Want From Nintendo In 2021?

    Sony do this very well with the playstation. Usually the previous console still sells reasonably well for a couple of years at a low price. Back on topic - Assuming Retro are still a couple of years away from releasing Metroid Prime 4, I'm interested to see if they end up releasing anything this year, even if it's a smaller project. A 2D Metroid would be excellent but I still find it weird that in the past decade they've basically released two 2D Donkey Kong games and nothing else. Also, I completely forgot that it's also a big Pokemon anniversary this year. Hopefully we'll see more of Pokemon Snap.
  3. What Do You Want From Nintendo In 2021?

  4. What Do You Want From Nintendo In 2021?

    The issue with launching a successor in four years time is that the sales of the OG Switch will have really fallen by then. Ideally they'd want to release a successor as Switch sales are still relatively strong as the newer console will target early adopters and not mass market at launch. I think in two years or so time makes most sense given the current pipeline for the chipsets available to them. Whilst they might not care about 'power', it's worth remembering that the Switch is pretty much the most powerful it could have been (they could have opted for weaker, cheaper hardware but they went for more power + higher price). I imagine the inevitable successor will be fully backwards compatible too, so in the short-term, the successor may not immediately replace the current Switch, but it just becomes the futureproof model. Agree with your other points in general though.
  5. What Do You Want From Nintendo In 2021?

    I honestly doubt we're getting SMO2, because getting a new, next gen Mario ready for 2023 (or whenever) for the next Switch will likely be a priority. BOTW2 will definitely release on Switch but even Prime 4 will probably end up as a cross-generation game. We're still a while away from it. Switching to Switch 2 development in 2-3 years time is too late, because it takes several years to develop software (as in, shifting development in 2022/23 will get you software for 2024/25). I imagine most internal teams that start new projects by the end of the year will be focused on launching on Switch 2, with the option of launching across generational devices.
  6. After seeing the direction they've got with Bowser's Fury, I'm fairly confident that we aren't getting a Super Mario Odyssey sequel and instead they've used this as an experimental way of creating a more open Mario game, where instead of having separate levels / worlds, everything is just connected in a Souls / Metroid kind of way. I also expect that this more open game will be the sequel on an inevitable Switch successor - it would be the logical next step for Mario. Really excited to see how this works out.
  7. What Do You Want From Nintendo In 2021?

    A few things... A new Switch is definitely on the way, especially as there's evidence to show that the current Tegra chip Nintendo are using has reached the end of its production line. I imagine it will release alongside BOTW2 - hopefully it provides a decent bump in specs (consistent 1080p and solid framerates would be a great start) The online subscription is lacking games. NES and SNES software is fine but I really hope they add in GBA and GBC games sooner rather than later I'd love to know what the Xenoblade team are working on. A small team worked on the XC1 remaster and XC2 release in 2017 - surely it must be time for them to show off something new? Metroid. Even if Prime 4 is a way off, then a 2D title and the Prime Trilogy would be excellent It's the Zelda anniversary this year. As well as the obvious ports, I'd love a HD remaster of Four Sword Adventures. It's an underrated gem and I'd love to play it again. F-Zero.
  8. You know what's funny? People were disappointed that 3D World didn't have online on Wii U and @Serebii kept repeating that it's because the game featured 'precise platforming' that wouldn't work online. I love how poorly that aged because we all knew it was BS. Good on Nintendo for adding online this time round - I'm definitely interested in some 4P chaos.
  9. After rewatching, the physics engine for BF looks different to the 3DW engine. Mario doesn't look as rigid (as in, tied to 8 directional movement). This looks excellent, you know. The package will feel like a single player Mario adventure with an additional multiplayer component. I feel like if this was the original experience on Wii U, it would have been more a system seller off the back of NSMBU. Perhaps this is what the SMO team have been working on?
  10. Looks like a mix of SMO and 3DW. Open ended levels is always good in my book, and it did look as though Mario had better movement than he originally did in 3DW. Bowser Jr suggests it supports co-op but not 4P. That's cool, but I do hope for a few more multiplayer levels. @Zell Check out the music when Bowser shows up.
  11. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I imagine Gran Turismo will turn up this year too.
  12. I've been doing some thinking around why I enjoyed Hyrule Castle so much (as mentioned in my post above) and whilst playing Dark Souls 3 yesterday it finally clicked. You see, the Souls games do a really great job of creating environments that feel realistic in terms of the way they are designed. Exploring the castle at the end of Dark Souls 3 for example is great fun because the level is set up to feel like like you're exploring an actual castle, as opposed to a gamified environment (for example, a typical Zelda dungeon) where you have things like locks, keys, maps and other treasure chests hidden in areas which require a suspension of belief to understand why they are there. With Hyrule Castle, from memory, they never introduced locks and keys and whatnot. Instead, it seemed like they just focused on building a castle so exploring it felt much more natural. Going through libraries or discovering a bedroom for example felt much more organic.
  13. Oh wow! I'm tempted to check that game out actually. I've been playing through the Dark Souls games recently and the super tight timing of the parry is something that I'd love to see in Zelda. Glad to see AoC has addressed the issue.
  14. Some other points... Combat can be broken too easily because: 1. Link has an extraordinary appetite and can just eat constantly, which makes a lot of combat encounters too easy. One of my favourite things about Dark Souls is that you have to heal in real time; a similar system would be great. Additionally, give Link a hunger meter so you can only stuff his face when he's hungry. 2 The combat system is easily broken because the last minute dodge -> Flurry attack (is that what it's called?) is triggered by a dodge in any direction when the enemy is in an attacking state, even if their attack is nowhere near Link. The moment I realised this is the moment became too easy (despite quite hard before that!). As Ronnie states above, the foundations of the game are excellent
  15. The Wii U's output was fine if you enjoyed those medium budget, AA titles. It's complete lack of system sellers was the issue, especially with the high price. The software strategy was abysmal, not helped by the fact that the target audience had moved on. My first year on Switch had BOTW2 and Mario Odyssey, which quite frankly was better than the entire Wii U's lifespan (and funnily enough, better than any subsequent Switch year). Getting this back on topic, I really hope this sequel has more 'inside' areas. As much as I loved exploring BOTW, my favourite area of the games was easily Hyrule Castle. A couple of area's like that before the end of the game would be most welcome. I'm also intrigued to see if they can add underwater traversal.