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  1. I dunno, I expect the bigger sites (IGN for example) to give it a good score simply because it's Pokemon in HD. I'm pretty down on the game tbh, at least from what I've seen. I'm worried that, much like the 3D games, the game will just be a linear 'follow the path' type game and not have the feeling of a proper adventure like the Gens 3 and 4 did. Sinnoh and Hoenn rocked. That said, I also loved gen 5 and that was when they introduced a much more linear adventure. That said, both of those games still felt great to play. I'm not sure if it was down to pacing or difficulty though. My final concern is that the game won't be balanced with Exp Share in mind like I originally hoped. Reviewers won't pick up on this so I'm going to hold off until the new year until you experts give me your proper opinions.
  2. Right, I completely forgot about that. I was literally just thinking of the campaign. I imagine that if I'd spend countless hours EV training specific Pokemon, it would be disheartening to see that they'd been axed.
  3. But I don't understand why this is actually an issue. My favourite games in the series were Black and White and, if I recall, the Pokedex during the main campaign consisted of 100% new Pokemon. I didn't even think to complain. That said....Having followed the spoilers thread on Resetera, the campaign looks horrendously paced. I was hoping that the enforced Exp Share meant that the game would be balanced better but it actually looks way worse. People playing through the game are way over-leveled and the pacing for the last few gyms seems to have fallen off a cliff. It looks like a very short campaign.
  4. Just seen on reddit that they are now refunding the game to those that want refunds due to the culling of Pokemon. Am I missing something here? Why are people so pissed off?
  5. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    Absolutely LOVING this game. The other half usually gets bored of games fairly quickly but she's loving it so far. Just rescued the first Toad. Oh. And I realised that the game was too bright because I had to go into the settings and change the brightness level (I ended up changing it A LOT). It's a shame the game didn't ask me to do this when I booted the game up.
  6. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    Started this last night and loving it so far. Well, I say 'started it' but this is actually the only gaming franchise my girlfriend likes, and the first session was basically just her playing and me watching! I've just rescued the professor so hoping we can get access to the 2 player co-op soon. So far, so good. The does does look lovely, although one thing I noticed straight away is that the game is super bright. I miss the dark, moody atmosphere of the original.
  7. Pretty much. It's likely a smaller, more power efficient chip, capable of delivering the same performance in handheld mode but without the OG Switch's cooling requirement. I imagine we'll get a Digital Foundary video sooner rather than later. From what I've read, the battery in the Lite is actually smaller than the OG, hence the reduced weight, but overall battery performance is longer, so a more efficient chip that requires less cooling makes sense. @Sheikah I must disagree with your point about cost. Technically, most of the joycon components are still in the light, they just aren't detachable and don't feature HD rumble. It's not like they are just selling the screen and the fancy innards - there's still a cost for the non-detachable controls. You also have to keep in mind that the £80 joycon cost contains a hefty mark up. I doubt they cost even a third of that to make.
  8. I imagine they removed the TV out because the Tegra chip it's using is designed for much lower clock speeds, hence the overall smaller device. The moment you add a TV out, the chip needs to more than double it's GPU performance, so you need to add back in bigger cooling solutions.
  9. Xbox One Console Discussion

    If they launch it at £129(ish) and pack in a month or two of GamePass, I'm in.
  10. @Rob3008 His video's a more critiques/evaluations of the game design and are, by far, the best long form critiques in the entire industry. There's no bias, just a deep look at the game and level designs. He stays away from comments like " I don't like this so it's bad" and instead focuses on analysying why certain decisions were made, and the impact they have on the end user. I would highly (HIGHLY) recommend viewing his review series on the 3D Mario titles (which start with 64 and go up to 3DW) and his Zelda series critique. They've changed the way I view those games completely.
  11. Resident Evil 4, Remake and 0 heading to Switch.

    I just want to pop in and say that if Resident Evil 4 comes out with pointer controls, I would highly recommend that people still play this game with the Pro Controller. Why? Because the Wii version, which had pointer controls, made Leon hilariously overpowered compared to the enemies in the game. Encounters go from being tense and strategic to having a guaranteed on every enemy in the game. Simply put, Leon's aiming speed goes up by about 50x whereas the enemies remain slow. I recall being able to complete Professional mode with just the basic handgun very easily as it's all you need, whereas on a regular playthrough, you basicaly have to get really good at mastering the combat and upgrading your weapons throughout. That's not to say the motion controls don't work (they feel great!), but it's basically a super easy mode.
  12. Agreed @Ronnie. I've just finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and going from that to this....just wow. My main problem with Sun and Moon is that they never felt like adventures. The world felt incredibly tiny and the entire game design felt about a decade old. This feels similar. A Xenoblade 2 model for world design and encounters would have worked wonders for this game.
  13. Steins;Gate Elite

    Is this is a remake of the original Vita game? I played that, got a bad ending and never got round to playing through it again. I'm tempted to buy this but I'm not sure if it's a sequel, remake etc
  14. General Switch Discussion

    The second half of this year is absolutely stacked with games but I'm a bit gutted by the fact that the first half of the year is just Yoshi (and a port of Mario ofc). Even just one more game would have massively helped, although I guess that game would have been Fire Emblem if not for it getting delayed. I just want them to announce Metroid Prime Trilogy HD
  15. General Switch Discussion

    I'm getting a bit worried about Nintendo's current line up, at least what we know of anyway. Yoshi is coming out at the end of next month, and then I imagine Fire Emblem will be launching around May/June. I hope they've got another couple of games ready to come out on Switch between now and mid-year...Even Metroid Prime Trilogy in addition to a smaller eShop title or perhaps SNES games via the online service would be better. I'll be grabbing Yoshi to play with the other half but in terms of single player content I was hoping for a bit more. That said, I've still got Yakuza Kiwami to play on PS4 (as well as a bunch of other 2018 titles like SotC and Spiderman) so I might take some time to get back into the PS4. Apparently this is now the longest gap between main directs. Come on Nintendo...give us something