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  1. Football Season 2020-21

    I think Italy have been the better team during this tournament so wouldn't be surprised if they win it, but then playing at Wembley for a massive home crowd might work in England's favour. It could go either way in this game!
  2. I don't think the UK has ever been a green zone actually. Throughout the pandemic it's been listed as red (no travel allowed) or amber (only essential travel). Our wedding is next month, and with all the travel restrictions still in place and cases rising everywhere, it looks like my family won't be able to come. I haven't seen them in a year and was really hoping they'd be able to come. It really sucks. Just so tired of it all now. The small business I work for will be closing down because we are not getting any work in since this all started, so I'll be without a job soon. And then last week my aunt passed away unexpectedly and because of the travel restrictions I couldn't go to her funeral this week.
  3. Football Season 2020-21

    Goooood, that second half was tense! Portugal had all the possession and chances, but they (luckily) couldn't finish it off. I kept expecting the ball to go in though! Italy next, that's going to be another tough one. Not sure we'll make it past them!
  4. Football Season 2020-21

    Denmark are on fiiiiiire!
  5. Football Season 2020-21

    That Lukaku offside was ridiculous, I told @Fierce_LiNk it would just be his toes being offside or something silly. I was right. Good to see we finally got a goal though, even if it is an own goal from the goalkeeper.
  6. Perfect, thank you! We just cancelled ours and managed to bring it forward quite a bit.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    That is absolutely fine! Thanks again for letting me draw your portrait, I really enjoyed doing it!
  8. Eurovision 2021!

    According to Wikipedia: Since the introduction of the Big Four/Five (1999), the United Kingdom has finished last in the contest five times, with Germany finishing last three times. The United Kingdom also has the fewest top ten results of the Big Five in the 21st century, but has achieved more top five results than Spain, having reached the top five in 2002 and 2009, while Spain has not reached the top five since the 1995 contest. So it seems things have gone downhill a lot since you've basically been going straight through to the finals. I can see why this might affect your song, as people don't get a chance to hear it more than once, and it might not get promoted as much as it doesn't have to get voted through a semi-final. I had never heard the UK song before the final (and I will probably never hear it again either), whereas I had heard most the other songs in the semi-finals already. Out of the big 5, only Italy seems to be doing well in most of the competitions, the others often end up with low scores as well. About the UK song/performance itself, apparently it wasn't as good as we might think it was. I checked a lot of Dutch and Belgian comments from people online and they mostly seemed to agree that the singing was off-key and the song was boring. And I have to agree with them.
  9. Eurovision 2021!

    But people are only giving their vote to the song they think is the best in the competition. The UK's song wasn't the best, so it's not that strange that it didn't get any points. There were a few other countries with no or very low points from the public. Clearly there were much better songs that hoovered up all the votes basically. The UK's entry was ok, but very forgettable. I don't even remember how the song goes, all I remember is the trumpets in the background. And sadly the singer didn't sing the verses of his song very well I thought, it felt a bit flat. Not sure how I feel about Italy winning, I would've preferred a few other songs. But I agree with some of the songs that ended up in the top 10, they were the better songs. Thought the quality of songs was quite high this year as well, some great entries.
  10. Eurovision 2021!

    Ukraine and Iceland are my favourites. Not sure if one of them will win but I'll definitely be listening to them again. Still sad that Iceland didn't get to perform last year (and now again this year) as they would've won it back then!
  11. Finally managed to book mine, and got @Fierce_LiNk booked as well! The second jab is a week before our wedding, so hopefully we don't suffer from long-lasting side effects haha.
  12. It's not working for me at all. I've been trying all day yesterday and most of today just going through it again and again. Basically it keeps saying "We cannot find a slot for your 2nd appointment", so it's not letting me book anything at all. There is only one place nearby I can go to (which would take me 40 minutes by bus), the only other options are too far away. I've tried different dates and different time slots and it keeps giving me the same error message. So frustrating.
  13. House buying is the worst

    I think using a broker is a good idea, especially for your first mortgage. We used one as we had no clue where to even begin with everything. We probably didn't get the cheapest deal, but that wasn't down to our broker (it was due to the fact that some lenders' online systems couldn't deal with @Fierce_LiNk long name at the time ). It takes a lot of hassle away going with a broker though. When we remortgaged two years later I just did it myself, but I felt like I knew what I was doing at the time and had more free time to look into it. Good luck with the house buying everyone! It's a stressful time but worth it when you finally get your own place.
  14. good stuff thread.

    Congrats @nightwolf! So happy you finally got to marry! And you both look amazing! Love your dress!
  15. Fun with Flags!

    Hahaha @Fierce_LiNk always says exactly the same thing.