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  1. Football Season 2019-20

    Liiiiieeeessss! You're the one who keeps bringing it up! Anyway, I've just made my team... And just like last season, I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing.
  2. Super Cool Guy celebrates birthday

    Happy birthday @S.C.G! I hope you've had a lovely day today!
  3. Funny Stuff Thread

    I see a cover version of Massive Attack's "Teardrop". Maybe this is the joke, that we all see something else.
  4. Space and the Universe

    They are 60 internet satellites launched by SpaceX for their Starlink programme. They basically want to launch a lot of satellites to provide broadband to people around the world (and eventually in space too I think):
  5. Brexit 2019

    And will now be vying for her job...
  6. Selling Games - Yes or No?

    That's the thing, most pre-owned games seem to be going for not much at all, usually about £5, maybe £15 for games like Mario Kart. But then those three I listed seem to have a lot higher value for some reason. I'm assuming they are just more rare. There's not that many around actually, most of the ones I found were either without a case, or were shipping from Canada. There's one European version for sale on ebay going for £65 though! I have the US version because I did import it at the time, and got hit with an importing fee, ouch! Still not sure if I can be bothered to sell on ebay though, especially as we have no post office near us so selling games with tracking information is almost impossible.
  7. So I have been looking at clearing out and selling some of our older games (mostly DS games) as there is just so many of them and I don't think they'll ever get played again. Plus we can use the space for other things! However @Fierce_LiNk is not a fan of this idea and wants to hold onto our old games, even though he hasn't even played half of them as he doesn't like handheld games. I was wondering if there were more people on here who can never sell a game, even if they won't play it again or didn't even like it to begin with? Do you hold onto every game you own, or are there certain games you don't mind getting rid of? Or are you someone who has no issues with selling things on once you are finished playing them? Also, in regards to Nintendo games specifically, I noticed that some games are going for fairly high prices. Most DS games are about £4-£10, but I've already found 3 games in my collection that seem to be going for a lot more: - Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (seems to go for around £38-£40 pre-owned) - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (goes for about £28) - Kirby Super Star Ultra (found one pre-owned with box for £57... was this game ever released in Europe?) There might be more but I've only checked a few. Does anyone know if there are other DS games out there that have a high value for whatever reason? Would you ever be tempted to sell your game if it had a reasonably high value? I'm tempted to put some of mine on eBay to earn a bit of money, but am always wary about using it cause I'm worried people will claim they didn't receive the game and ask for a refund.
  8. Eurovision 2019

    I agree that the second semi final was better in general. I've had the Norway song stuck in my head for ages haha! I also liked the Netherlands and Sweden, and the Malta one grew on me after a while. And @Fierce_LiNk loved the San Marino song haha. As for Australia, I loved the staging/act, but the song didn't do too much for me I think. Sad that Belgium didn't get through but then again the song was very weak, oh well. We'll be watching it tomorrow with a take away and some alcohol. Can't wait for the commentary.
  9. Game of Thrones

  10. good stuff thread.

    Oh she most likely will, as we are planning ours for 2021. At least we finally got started with the planning! Better than nothing haha. @nightwolf that ring looks beautiful!
  11. good stuff thread.

    Hahah god I hate having my hair cut. I've actually never set foot in a hairdresser's in the UK (despite living here for 7 years now) and only get it cut when I visit my family in Belgium. Been going there for a few years now and they are quite cheap (though recently have upped their prices, boooh). I hate talking about nothing to strangers to fill the silence, but since I go to the same 2 ladies every time, at least it feels a bit less awkward and they know me a bit (and don't expect me to talk constantly). Plus I go with my mom which helps to fill some of the silence.
  12. April Fools 2019

    At least I "got" the joke then haha. Though for us "patat" is potato, so it just sounds weird. And frites is French. So this joke only really works for some Dutch speakers.
  13. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019)

    Kind of forgot/didn't know this would be out already! I've been wanting a new From Software game, especially as a friend is currently playing through Bloodborne for the first time... Really tempted by this, but I have to finish some other games first (Spiderman, Detroit). Can't wait to play this though.
  14. Brexit 2019

    I'm still worried we might crash out with No Deal... I just can't see them agreeing to another Referendum, as the Tories would just completely lose face over it. They can't risk losing voters over it...
  15. good stuff thread.

    Congrats @nightwolf! That ring looks beautiful by the way!