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  1. Who are you?

    I uploaded photos to IMGUR to share on here, not sure if there is another way really? Didn't think Facebook/Google Photos would work for me.
  2. Share your Youtube holes

    "Are you a CRACK ADDICT?!"
  3. New-found Hobbies

    Hahaha, when I was a kid, for some reason my uncle/godfather got me a Marklin model train for my birthday (no clue why!). We only set it up once to test it out, but when we got it I kept saying how we should turn the attic into a mini landscape for the train. That never happened of course. I actually did get a few of those model houses you have to put together yourself, I quite enjoyed doing that. But again, they just all ended up in a box because we didn't have anywhere to set it up. Around Christmas last year, my mom gave my train set to her partner, who gave it to his grandchildren. She said they were happy with it, so hopefully it will get used a bit now. Here's a pic of them having set everything up (these houses aren't mine I don't think). Oh man you're making me hungry! Those muffins look so good! I wish I was better at baking, it's something I've always wanted to do but never really got into properly. I've got cake and muffin tins sitting unused in a cupboard haha. Maybe it's for the best as I'd probably end up gaining too much weight. Ooooh I've looked at the birkin before, they are pretty! So is the calathea medallion and the stromanthe! I'd probably fill my house with calatheas, stromanthes and marantas if I had the space and right humidity levels. They are so beautiful! As for cats, we seem to be doing quite well with ours. Of course I'm not going to buy deadly plants like lilies, but anything that might be a bit too toxic I keep out of their reach. To be honest Aya has never shown an interest in my plants, and Ico was mostly interested when he was a kitten (he would nibble on things he shouldn't). Now he mostly just nibbles on my spiderplant (which is safe) and plays with my string of hearts and pearls to annoy me and get me out of bed haha. If you ever want to look up if a plant is safe, this list is pretty good (doesn't have everything but has quite a few):
  4. Who are you?

    I can't see the photos! I want to see the photos!
  5. A-Z Game - who have you seen live

    So a lot of these will have been at festivals, where I might have only seen part of a set or just a few songs. I might also be missing out a lot of bands because they all just kinda blur into each other after a while! A = Ash, Air, Au Revoir Simone B = Bloc Party, Ben Howard, Bastille, Blink 182, Basement Jaxx C = Christine and the Queens, The Chemical Brothers, Crystal Castles, Coldplay D = Depeche Mode, The Darkness, Dropkick Murphys E = Editors, Example, Ellie Goulding F = Faithless, Foals, The Flaming Lips, Franz Ferdinand G = Goldfrapp H = Hurts, Hans Zimmer I = Iron maiden, Incubus J = Johnny Marr, Jonsi K = The Kooks L = Limp Bizkit, Lamb M = Moby, Muse, Mogwai, Mumford and Sons, Massive Attack, Moloko N = Noah and the Whale, Newton Faulkner, The National O = Of Monsters and Men P = Placebo, Primal Scream, The Prodigy Q = Queens of the Stone age R = Royksopp, Rammstein, Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM S = Smashing Pumpkins, Snow Patrol, Skunk Anansie, Starsailor, Stereophonics T = Tom Odell, The Twilight Sad, Tool U = V = W = Within Temptation, Weezer X = Y = Z = Zornik, Zita Swoon
  6. New-found Hobbies

    Of course houseplants can count as a hobby! You should see how passionate some people get about them haha. Your bathroom looks great by the way! I can't really tell from your picture what you've got (I think I see a spiderplant and monkey mask on the left?). But plants that do great with the humidity of a bathroom and less light are calathea, maranta and ferns.
  7. New-found Hobbies

    Ooh, what type of rare plant are you looking for? Are you on any plant groups on FB? I'm in "HousePlant Swap Club - UK", mostly to get advice but I've got a few cuttings/plants through there as well. I don't have a page myself really, I started an Instagram page but haven't really used that much! To be honest my collection isn't anything special haha. It's just stuff you can get in a garden center. Sadly we don't get much light into our house so I'm a bit limited with what we can get. Only have 3 windowsills as well, with 2 being south-facing and getting way too hot for most plants (and have to be shared with the cats). I would love to get more plants, especially some bigger ones like a (variegated) monstera, or more calathea (the orbifolia is on my list but I know I don't have the right space for it). Most of my plants are small, with a lot of them basically just being cuttings which I received/bought and I'm trying to grow bigger haha. Only a few were bought as actual full-grown houseplants. Also, with the cats I have to make sure I don't get any plants that are (too) toxic. Might be something you have to consider if you do look at getting cats!
  8. Who are you?

    What a great topic! It's nice to get to know more about all of you! Who I am: My name is Ine, my forum name is how English people might try and pronounce my name (but then still fail). I am 35 years old. I'm from Belgium but have been living in the UK since 2012. I moved to the UK to live with @Fierce_LiNk, who I met through this forum! The first time we met in real life (and also our very first date) was in Disneyland Paris! We've been together since 2008, being in a long-distance relationship until I moved in 2012. Been engaged since 2015, finally (hopefully) getting married in 2021! I really want to visit Disneyworld someday, hopefully as our honeymoon in the future! I have a Master degree in Illustration. I am the only employee of a company which makes whiteboard animations. This means I do most of the work, including storyboarding, drawing up the images, making the video. My boss (or the client) does the script and we get other people to do voice-overs. I have been working from home for a few years now, so this lockdown stuff is my usual routine haha. Recently, I have really got into gardening and growing my own vegetables (see the New-found Hobbies thread)! I love chocolate, pizza and pasta. I love travelling but don't really get to do it enough. We went to Italy a few years ago (Milan, Florence & Rome) and we loved it. We've been dying to go back! Despite being 35, I still love playing games, even though it's not as much as I used to. We have two rescue cats, Aya and Ico. They are our babies!
  9. New-found Hobbies

    As I said I would try and be more active, here's a new thread! A lot of us have recently found ourselves with more time on our hands, possibly because of being furloughed, or just from having to spend more time at home because of lockdown. And maybe during this time some of us discovered some new hobbies or have really gotten into something. Maybe you've gotten into cooking and baking, or you started learning languages or learning an instrument? Or you decided to pick up a pencil and draw or write? What has been your new-found hobby outside of gaming (unless gaming has become a new hobby for you of course!)? It doesn't have to be from during lockdown by the way, but I imagine a lot of people picked up new things to do during this time! As for me, about two years ago I really started getting into owning houseplants. I'd already got a few before when we were renting, but once we had our own home, my love for plants grew and so did my collection! I started trying to grow my own plants by propagating, getting plants swaps from Facebook etc. I even started an Instagram page (which has been heavily ignored recently haha). This year, my love for plants transferred over to our garden. We need to do a lot of work in our garden (including replacing a long fence and getting rid of a massive hedge), but I decided to start growing things on one side of the garden. I really love flowers and have been trying to grow all sorts, such as lupins, snapdragons, dahlias, tulips, hyacinths, a hollyhock, daffodils and more. I've really fallen in love with watching things grow and I love all the different colours you get from the flowers! I go out every morning (and multiple times during the day haha) to see if anything else has popped up or if another flower has opened. I find it very relaxing! Now on top of the normal gardening, I also got into trying to grow some of my own fruit and veg! For my birthday in February (so before lockdown) I had asked for a Vegtrug. I set up a nice little area in our garden for it as well. I ordered some seeds online... and then lockdown happened. I had seeds but didn't have any compost to grow in! Luckily our local garden center started doing a delivery service and I managed to get some compost ordered, as well as some strawberry plants. So I could still continue growing stuff, yay! Here is the setup we have, of the Vegtrug and then some hanging baskets for strawberries. This is from the start, things have grown a lot since then. There have been some successes and some failures, and I will learn from my mistakes for next year! I've been growing 3 types of lettuce, spinach (which failed as it started bolting so I had to remove it), I've got normal onions and red onions, cherry tomatoes, carrots (some failure there too), potatoes and strawberries. It's been nice being able to eat the stuff I've grown myself, though I'm still waiting for most things to finish growing before I can harvest them. Sorry for the long post! So, what have you gotten into?
  10. Old NE Members

    Ah, it's lovely to see so many old names pop up again! Hello all! I still check the forum every day, but don't really post much myself. I might have to try and change that and be a bit more active!
  11. Personal Finance

    I'm really interested in seeing people's tips on how to budget and save more money, maybe even tips on investing! As we have our wedding coming up next year, we've been trying to save up for that to create a decent budget for it. We did the same when we were renting and trying to save up for our house. I started budgetting with spreadsheets where I would keep track of what money we were spending every month, but I found it very tedious and at times would forget to put things in it. I then found a website which basically does it all for me, and I think it's absolutely brilliant! You basically link it to your bank accounts and it keeps track of what comes in and goes out for each account. You can set different budgets, there's graphs that show you what you are spending per category etc. But the best part for me personally is the Planner. You can basically tell it what money you've got coming in (like wages) and what is going out. So you can set (repeating) predictions for things like your rent/mortgage, food shopping, one off purchases etc. You can then see what your balance is expected look like over the next 12 months. I find it so useful to plan how much money we might have left by the end of the month and what things we can afford. It also shows it as a linear graph which really helps me, as I like to visualise things. Anyway it has really helped me with our finances I think. I know roughly how much we will be able to save over the next year, which helps me budget for our wedding stuff. For anyone interested, the website is called Moneydashboard and if you join by clicking this link, we can both get a share in the company (whatever that means haha): By the way, I personally prefer the website version over the smartphone app, but that might just be me. Just like @will', I also have different bank accounts I use to try and maximise the interest we earn. I have one main account which I use to receive my wages and pay the main bills, then I have one separate account which I use to switch to different banks, depending on where I can get a good offer or a switching deal. I've done the same for @Fierce_LiNk, so we have 4 current accounts between us. And every month I try and put some money away into a savings account or monthly saver, which I do as soon as we receive our wages. We've got a few credit card accounts at the moment which we still need to pay off, but they are 0% interest so there is no rush. If the deal runs out before it's paid off, I tend to do a balance transfer to another 0% card. I just try and make sure the debt on these cards is never more than the money we actually have saved.
  12. Does the second charger work though? I really should look at getting an electric bike at some point, so I can leave the house a bit more (when lockdown is properly over). That, or re-learn how to drive and get a cheap car haha.
  13. I agree about the credit cards, I tend to use them for big purchases now. If you look around, you might also be able to get some that offer 0% interest for a year or so, which can help to pay off a bigger purchase over a longer time.
  14. I've been doing pretty well during this lockdown in regards to my weight/fitness. I've been following a schedule of two days of cardio (crosstrainer), followed by one day of weight training (alternating between chest/back/arms one day, then legs and arms the next) and then have one rest day. On top of that I have been loosely following the keto diet as well, cutting out carbs and sugars, though still allowing "cheat" days once in a while. I also do a bit of fasting as I don't eat breakfast (thanks to keto I don't feel as hungry as I normally would so that's fine). I've managed to lose 7kg since mid-March, which may not sound like a lot but is quite a bit for me! I had not been able to lose weight for years, even though I was doing exercise and calorie counting, so I'm happy that something is finally working. I'll keep up with the diet and exercise and try to get rid of even more weight, need to get fit for my wedding next year!
  15. @Ganepark32 I hope you and your partner don't get too badly affected if you do get the virus. I think that's one of the problems, you don't know how bad it's going to hit you until it does... And I agree that some sectors are being left behind in regards to PPE when they are just as important. I also think it's not right how the daily figures currently don't seem to include cases that happened outside of hospitals. If I compare this to Belgium where they do include (suspected) Covid-19 deaths that happen inside care homes, it seems that at least half the deaths happen in those care homes. So if the same is happening in the UK, the death toll could be almost double of what it is right now, but it's just not being reported. Also, my sister has announced today that their wedding (supposed to be in June) is being postponed until June 2022. I feel so bad for her and her partner, they had everything ready to go. Not sure what is going to happen now with their honeymoon, the wedding dress etc. But they made the right decision to postpone it; even if the lockdown restrictions are eased by June, it still just feels too risky to have a big wedding then.