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  1. Job woes/wins

    Job win for me! We are currently waiting on clients to give us feedback on our projects, so I am a bit low on work I can do... so my boss has said I can take a snow day tomorrow (even though I work from home)! Might go out and make a snowman tomorrow if the snow is still there!
  2. General Movie Thread

    Coco was amazing, I really loved it. The world looked so vibrant and colourful! Great characters, great soundtrack. It's not a sad film, it might just have a sad moment, like how the Lion King might make you cry at certain points, or Bambi or something. Doesn't make them sad films though. Coco is definitely worth seeing.
  3. So as we are going on holiday soon, I am looking for an indoor camera I can set up so that I can keep an eye on the cats (and spot any unwanted intruders/keep an eye on the catsitter). I really like the look of the Nest camera (as we also have the thermostat and the fire alarm), but this one seems quite useless if you don't pay the £8/month subscription! A shame as it looks quite good, but I'm not sure I want to spend that amount of money just to check the footage. :/ So I was wondering if there were any other good security cameras out there, preferably ones that don't require you to subscribe (so maybe save to SD card for example)? I was looking at the EZVIZ C6T Mini 360 Plus, but the reviews on Amazon kind of put me off, saying it is difficult/impossible to connect to WiFi. Some people suggested the Xiaomi Dafang as a cheap one, but as it would have to come from China it wouldn't arrive in time (plus I'd have to connect to a Chinese server). Do any people here have any experience with a good indoor camera? Thanks!
  4. Organ Donation: Opt Out?

    I think I'm in favour of a system like this. Apparently Belgium has had it since 1986 (something I was unaware of, or maybe forgot). The way it works in Belgium is that everyone over 18 will have presumed consent, however you have the option to let the authorities know that you are in or out. This information will then be collected in a database, which hospitals can check in case something happens to you. If you never explicitly said you are in, your family can still object to organ donation. However if you did register that you opt in or out, that wish will (normally) be followed, and the family might not have a say in it anymore. Apparently you can also have told your GP or doctors or something about your decision without registering, as an informal way of letting them know. Though the formal way seems the best way, and quite easy (I just ticked the box when I needed to get my new identity card). I don't see how a similar system wouldn't work in the UK, as long as people are informed about it and it is easy for people to opt-out or specifically say they are in (so their family can't just veto it).
  5. bad stuff thread.

    Can't you get shopping delivered? Or does that cost too much? We never leave the house for food shopping anymore, just get it delivered to our door. So convenient! Hated being stuck in the supermarket on a Saturday/Sunday.
  6. Happy birthday Ashley! I hope it's been a good one!
  7. Time to raise my APM...

    Thank you for the birthday messages guys! And yes, D.Va is !
  8. Space and the Universe

    I think this is very exciting and will hopefully lead to much more space travel/exploration! There was also a live feed from the Tesla floating in orbit, which lasted for 4 hours. Very surreal to see a car floating in space, with the earth reflected on the bonnet haha.
  9. Illustration thread

    I know, Copic markers were the ones I had been looking at as that's the ones I heard people use (years and years ago), but they are too expensive! Might look into this brand at some point then, see what they are like. Just to be clear, are these the ProMarkers you are using?
  10. Illustration thread

    That looks awesome, and it's even better because it is Daft Punk! Would you recommend the Winsor & Newton markers? I've been interested in markers for years, but as they are usually quite expensive I've not dared to buy any in case I don't use them enough.
  11. Heroes Never Die!

    But they do get a year older! Happy Birthday @Fierce_LiNk! Here's to many more Overwatch games this year! Let it be a good one!
  12. Happy birthday Glen-i and bob! Hope you both had a lovely day!
  13. Job woes/wins

    Thanks! I had looked at the Pensions Regulator website (and the form) and was very tempted to send it off... but then as I am the only employee, I was worried about the consequences. Because even if they can't fire me over this specific thing, I'm sure they could come up with some other excuse to fire me. Also, whenever the company is in financial trouble, it affects me too (late payments). Anyway, my boss just told me it should be getting sorted now and any backdated contributions should be taken out this month. I'll wait and see what happens. If he keeps messing up, I will just have to report him. That FreeAgent website looks very interesting! Might have to sign up for that if I get any freelance work going. Just need to figure out what exactly I want to do and how to get jobs ha! Do I need to inform my boss if I start doing any extra jobs, as it will affect my P60 or something? I'd rather not tell him to be honest.
  14. Job woes/wins

    Getting absolutely fed up with the incompetence of my boss... In August I asked my boss what pension scheme I would be enrolled in, as the mandatory sign up date for our company was in that month. I was supposed to be informed about this weeks before, so I think they forgot about all this. Anyway, he said I was set up with a certain provider and would receive a welcome pack in the post, and money would be deducted from my pay (a whole 1% (£11.77), with them paying 1% too, ha, cheapskates). I upped this to £150 to be deducted from my salary. I waited and waited, and no welcome pack showed up in the post. I reminded my boss a few times (at least once a month) and he said he would chase it up with them. Now almost half a year later, I decided to just contact the pension scheme myself to ask for more information about my account... And they told me I am not enrolled with them... I messaged my boss about this and he just said this morning that they have been having issues with the provider, thinking it was all set up in August but then they needed to provide more information, which they have but it still hasn't gone through. He said he is thinking of switching providers because he is not getting much help from them. Yet in the meantime, this money is still being deducted from my salary, and I am getting nothing for it. And on top of that I haven't received a payslip since July, despite asking for them every month. I want to confront my boss and say how unsatisfied I am with their incompetence, but I worry that will not do much or make things worse (it's not just the pension scheme stuff, my pay has more often been late than on time in the almost 4 years I've worked for them; I've been told there would be a bonus tied to the amount of work I do that never materialised; I've been told they would treat me to Christmas lunch a few times and even send me a Christmas present, all of which didn't happen; I don't get payslips unless I ask for them and I always have to remind them to confirm my leave as they ignore it otherwise...). I seriously want to start looking at going self-employed (part-time for now) and building something up from there, though I don't know what exactly yet. Does anyone know where I can find more information and guidance on how to do this? Is there any website that would offer help with this, especially the whole tax thing? I know nothing about this, at all, and it's the main thing that's been stopping me from going self-employed in the past. Just so fed up right now. Edit: Just got an email back from the pension scheme and they say there has been no activity on the account, so it looks like my boss is just straight up lying to me about trying to get things sorted. Do I call him out on this?
  15. Photoshop request

    No worries, glad it fits on your screen now!