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  1. Post your Cooking!

    I never seem to be able to see photos posted from Google Photos. The ones from Mandalore don't work, Ashley's didn't work and I'm pretty sure Soag posted pictures before which I couldn't see either. I tend to just upload photos to a website like Imgur and then paste the link in here.
  2. Post your Cooking!

    Have you tried MyFitnessPal? I use it to track my calories, carbs, proteins and fats. There's a big database of things plus you can scan barcodes on products too. Not sure if it will cover exactly what you need it for, but might be worth checking out if you haven't already.
  3. I'm not sure if this is an option for you, but I took a National Express coach into London in August and it was pretty much empty (same on the way back a week later). They took our temperature before boarding, and every aisle seat was kept empty. Plus everyone had to wear a face mask during the entire trip. Might be worth looking into?
  4. New-found Hobbies

    I spent quite some time today just collecting seeds from my cornflowers to grow next year. Kept me busy for a bit while in quarantine. My big success this summer seems to have been my cherry tomatoes. They just kept coming and coming, managed to harvest a few kilos of them. I had some with my salads and turned most of them into a tomato sauce, yummm. Still have another container of ripe tomatoes ready to be turned into sauce, and more tomatoes still waiting to ripen. I'm trying to figure out what I can improve on next year, and what I can add to my garden. Will see if maybe I can grow some cucumber and courgette next year too. Not everything was a success though, my spinach failed at the start (trying again now), my lettuce started bolting in July and my onions didn't really do much either. And some of my carrots did better than others haha. It's all a big learning curve though!
  5. Pandemic Perks

    I can't say the lockdown has been very positive for me. Nothing really bad has happened though, just nothing massively positive either haha. I was already working from home so nothing much changed there. It was nice having @Fierce_LiNk around at home though, but I had to make myself scarce whenever he was teaching online (which was basically 9 am to 4 pm). I spent a lot more time in the garden whenever the weather allowed it, tending to my vegetables (which I was already planning to do before Covid hit, the lockdown just made it harder to get all my supplies). We might have saved some petrol money from Jim not having to go into work as much, but I think we just ended up spending that money on take aways haha. My work has also been affected by the lockdown, as we are not really getting enough new projects in, so there is the constant fear that I might lose my job or not get paid. I missed out on 3 trips to see my family, once in March for my niece's and nephew's birthday, once in May for my sister's hen party and once in June for my sister's (now postponed) wedding. It made me feel quite down, as I wasn't really seeing anyone for months being stuck in the house. Jim and I booked tickets to go to Belgium in August but because of the threat of quarantine, we rebooked Jim's ticket for Christmas. I still went to Belgium and it was lovely to finally see my family again! Last time I saw them was at Christmas, longest time I think I've had to miss them. I got back on Sunday and am now stuck in a spare bedroom because of quarantine rules haha. I really hope this pandemic improves soon and that they can get a vaccine ready (I know that will take months though). I'm so fed up with it and tired of being stuck inside. I want to visit people and go places again. And as our wedding is next August, I really hope things improve for the better and life can start returning to normal again (maybe with some changes like more people working from home).
  6. I probably forgot how to play these after all this time, but sure, count me in!
  7. Photography.

    Such lovely views in your area @Goafer! Love those fields and country lanes and the golden glow from the sun. We've been getting a lot of military aircraft since lockdown started, more than we would normally get. With Bournemouth Airport not being used as much by passenger planes, the military have been using it to do training. We've seen some big military planes flying around in circles doing touch and goes for example. There's some really impressive planes out there, but sadly I don't have any pictures!
  8. Personal Finance

    Jealous of all the benefits and pension schemes you guys have! My employer's pension contribution is only £35 per month haha. I've looked at FIRE a few times but I don't feel I earn enough to ever really achieve any of it. I'm only on 20k annual pay and there isn't an awful lot left at the end of the month to save/invest after paying for all the bills and necessities or (house) repairs. We generally don't spend much on things like going out or luxury stuff either (our holiday is usually just visiting my family in Belgium, where we only pay for Eurostar tickets and sleep over at my mom's hahaha). I've thought about looking for jobs with more pay, but there doesn't really seem to be much going around in this area in the creative sector.
  9. Who are you?

    I uploaded photos to IMGUR to share on here, not sure if there is another way really? Didn't think Facebook/Google Photos would work for me.
  10. Share your Youtube holes

    "Are you a CRACK ADDICT?!"
  11. New-found Hobbies

    Hahaha, when I was a kid, for some reason my uncle/godfather got me a Marklin model train for my birthday (no clue why!). We only set it up once to test it out, but when we got it I kept saying how we should turn the attic into a mini landscape for the train. That never happened of course. I actually did get a few of those model houses you have to put together yourself, I quite enjoyed doing that. But again, they just all ended up in a box because we didn't have anywhere to set it up. Around Christmas last year, my mom gave my train set to her partner, who gave it to his grandchildren. She said they were happy with it, so hopefully it will get used a bit now. Here's a pic of them having set everything up (these houses aren't mine I don't think). Oh man you're making me hungry! Those muffins look so good! I wish I was better at baking, it's something I've always wanted to do but never really got into properly. I've got cake and muffin tins sitting unused in a cupboard haha. Maybe it's for the best as I'd probably end up gaining too much weight. Ooooh I've looked at the birkin before, they are pretty! So is the calathea medallion and the stromanthe! I'd probably fill my house with calatheas, stromanthes and marantas if I had the space and right humidity levels. They are so beautiful! As for cats, we seem to be doing quite well with ours. Of course I'm not going to buy deadly plants like lilies, but anything that might be a bit too toxic I keep out of their reach. To be honest Aya has never shown an interest in my plants, and Ico was mostly interested when he was a kitten (he would nibble on things he shouldn't). Now he mostly just nibbles on my spiderplant (which is safe) and plays with my string of hearts and pearls to annoy me and get me out of bed haha. If you ever want to look up if a plant is safe, this list is pretty good (doesn't have everything but has quite a few):
  12. Who are you?

    I can't see the photos! I want to see the photos!
  13. A-Z Game - who have you seen live

    So a lot of these will have been at festivals, where I might have only seen part of a set or just a few songs. I might also be missing out a lot of bands because they all just kinda blur into each other after a while! A = Ash, Air, Au Revoir Simone B = Bloc Party, Ben Howard, Bastille, Blink 182, Basement Jaxx C = Christine and the Queens, The Chemical Brothers, Crystal Castles, Coldplay D = Depeche Mode, The Darkness, Dropkick Murphys E = Editors, Example, Ellie Goulding F = Faithless, Foals, The Flaming Lips, Franz Ferdinand G = Goldfrapp H = Hurts, Hans Zimmer I = Iron maiden, Incubus J = Johnny Marr, Jonsi K = The Kooks L = Limp Bizkit, Lamb M = Moby, Muse, Mogwai, Mumford and Sons, Massive Attack, Moloko N = Noah and the Whale, Newton Faulkner, The National O = Of Monsters and Men P = Placebo, Primal Scream, The Prodigy Q = Queens of the Stone age R = Royksopp, Rammstein, Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM S = Smashing Pumpkins, Snow Patrol, Skunk Anansie, Starsailor, Stereophonics T = Tom Odell, The Twilight Sad, Tool U = V = W = Within Temptation, Weezer X = Y = Z = Zornik, Zita Swoon
  14. New-found Hobbies

    Of course houseplants can count as a hobby! You should see how passionate some people get about them haha. Your bathroom looks great by the way! I can't really tell from your picture what you've got (I think I see a spiderplant and monkey mask on the left?). But plants that do great with the humidity of a bathroom and less light are calathea, maranta and ferns.
  15. New-found Hobbies

    Ooh, what type of rare plant are you looking for? Are you on any plant groups on FB? I'm in "HousePlant Swap Club - UK", mostly to get advice but I've got a few cuttings/plants through there as well. I don't have a page myself really, I started an Instagram page but haven't really used that much! To be honest my collection isn't anything special haha. It's just stuff you can get in a garden center. Sadly we don't get much light into our house so I'm a bit limited with what we can get. Only have 3 windowsills as well, with 2 being south-facing and getting way too hot for most plants (and have to be shared with the cats). I would love to get more plants, especially some bigger ones like a (variegated) monstera, or more calathea (the orbifolia is on my list but I know I don't have the right space for it). Most of my plants are small, with a lot of them basically just being cuttings which I received/bought and I'm trying to grow bigger haha. Only a few were bought as actual full-grown houseplants. Also, with the cats I have to make sure I don't get any plants that are (too) toxic. Might be something you have to consider if you do look at getting cats!