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  1. Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

    You have to hold the sword up and look around. If you are looking in the right direction, you will see a beam come from your sword. The colossus is in the general direction of that beam (though with some of them I found it difficult to actually find them). I think the one you are looking for is quite close to the temple, in the big chasm where the water flows.
  2. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

    Awesome! I did think the English voice acting felt a little jarring in a Japanese setting, so I will definitely switch to subtitles!
  3. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

    I think this game looks absolutely and the fighting looked very interesting. The colours were so vibrant and the camera framing looked great during that trailer! Really looking forward to this!
  4. Xbox One Console Discussion

    It probably wouldn't cost too much if someone in the UK bought it for you and posted it? Depending on shipping costs of course (and depending on what you deem to be expensive I guess). I wouldn't mind doing it if you really wanted the game.
  5. Job woes/wins

    I agree with Charlie, go with the job that is actually in the field you want to be in. Because otherwise you might just end up being stuck in jobs you don't like if you don't want to take any risks. I was stuck in a call center type job for what seemed like ages. It was somewhat stable and meant a steady income, but I hated it. A job popped up for a part-time art/design type job, which was a lot more what I wanted to do. But it meant cutting my hours by half, so less money to pay the bills. I went for it though, and after a short time there went from working 2.5 days to 4 a week, to now 5 days a week (earning more than I did at the call center job). It was a risk to take the job, but I am happy I took it.
  6. bad stuff thread.

    Don't tempt me! I bet if I mention it to them as well, they will just claim the ivy is ours or something (even though it is growing from their shitty garden).
  7. bad stuff thread.

    So I was just doing some garden work, pulling out weeds mostly, when I noticed a big chunk of ivy on our lawn. A big piece including roots and clear cut marks. A bit further there were some more leaves. I also noticed that our hedge on the left was leaning over quite a bit (I had put this down to growth at first). I just took out a ladder and noticed that the top of the hedge was covered in pieces of ivy clippings, which had been thrown on top. The ivy grows from the chavvy neighbor's garden. over our fence. It seems someone has finally done some garden cleaning there (or at least part of it, as the back is still a wilderness) and then decided it would be ok to chuck it in our garden... WTF? I am fuming right now! These people don't take care of their shitty garden, then they decide this is fine to do because they are too cheap to pay for a green bin! Honestly not sure what to do about this. I can't just dispose of it myself as our green bin is full (and won't be cleared for a while), and it's quite a big pile of branches. I feel like putting it in bin bags and leaving at their door, but I don't want to have a big drama over this either. Urghhhhhhhhhh.
  8. Eurovision 2018

    Well apparently these are just the jury votes, which would be based on the rehearsal from yesterday. So the pity points will come from the public later!
  9. Eurovision 2018

    No sympathy votes so far...
  10. Eurovision 2018

    You're welcome.
  11. Eurovision 2018

    I thought the second semi-final was a lot weaker than the first one. I think the only one that kind of stood out to me today was Australia. Annoyed that Belgium didn't get through. I thought our song was pretty good (had it in my head all day yesterday), but it lacked interesting visuals during the show. Wasn't really captivating on screen. Sadly, that is still what people want/expect when watching Eurovision. Not sure who will win this year, I don't have a favourite yet myself. There are some decent songs, but then also ones which are just quite... meh.
  12. Eurovision 2018

    Yesssss, Eurovision! We watch it every year! We have a Eurovision tradition now where we get a Chinese takeaway for the finals and some cider. Looking forward to it! Will be watching the semi-finals as well of course. I haven't heard any of the songs yet this year, so will be going into it with no expectations.
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Thank you, might try that tonight or whenever I find the time! Currently having another issue though, specifically with Overwatch. With every patch/update that came out, it would make my game crash and my PS4 freeze. Reinstalling the game usually solved it. However with the last patch, that hasn't worked! Reinstalled it three times, still crashes. Did a rebuild of the database, still crashes. I contacted Blizzard's support team and they were really unhelpful (saying they don't really support console much, and then linked me to an article about network connection issues!). So now I'm trying to figure out what to do so I can play Overwatch again.
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Have you got a link to one of these videos? Tempted to try it out later!
  15. Congrats Blade! You two look great in the pictures! And have lots of fun on your honeymoon!