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  1. What Have You Bought?

    A list of recommendations would be lovely! I went with school when I was 18, so I know of some places to go to, but it has been quite a while. I just remember the city being lovely, plus we can take the train from there to Siena and Pisa. So far on my list are: - the Duomo - the Uffizi Galleries - Basilica San Miniato al Monte (gives an amazing view of the city) - Palazzo Vecchio - Ponte Vecchio Any more tips are welcome! Also, if he lives in Milan, tips for that city are welcome too haha. We'll try and visit the football stadium and of course check out the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio. I just had to look it up, is that the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary? Caaaaats! Might have to go there!
  2. What Have You Bought?

    So I finally bit the bullet (as prices kept going up) and ordered our tickets to go to Italy over the Easter break! Planning to fly into Milan, stay there for two nights, then move on to Florence for a few days (possibly also visit Siena and Pisa) and then go to Rome! Now I just need to sort out all the hotels/rooms, train tickets, museum tickets, sightseeing tours etc. And learn some Italian. Fun! Looking forward to it though!
  3. Football Season 2017-18

    That's going to be an interesting match to watch in this house! Go Belgiummmmmm!
  4. bad stuff thread.

    Ah don't worry about me, it's only house stuff! We've had a plumber in on Thursday so at least the leak is fixed (means we can get the heating on again, yay). Waiting to hear back from the insurance company about getting someone in for the ceiling, but I think they forgot about me heh. It will get sorted eventually! I am so sorry to hear about your continued health problems, I was hoping the surgery would have fixed your issue. A hysterectomy sounds really scary, but if it is the one thing that will help with your health, then like you say, there might not be much else you can do. Would it be something you would have to get soon or can it wait a while? I really hope they can help you.
  5. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (all eras)

    I enjoyed the first Battlefront game and spent loooooaaaads of hours on it, so I was kinda looking forward to this one... but if it takes that much time/effort/credits just to unlock cards and heroes, then I don't see myself enjoying the game much at all. I think I'll be skipping this game for now, unless EA fix this mess (seems unlikely).
  6. bad stuff thread.

    So two months after we had a gas leak in the house, it now seems we have a water leak. >_<; I had recently noticed two cracks in our kitchen ceiling, but I couldn't recall if they had been there before or not. But then Wednesday evening, water suddenly started dripping from those cracks onto our kitchen counter. We thought maybe it might be our shower that was leaking, as some of the silicone sealant had deteriorated. I got the guy that fitted our bathroom to come out yesterday to reseal the shower, hoping that all would be fine. But pretty much as soon as he had left around 5pm, water started dripping again! The only thing I could conclude was that it was related to our heating, as that was on at the time it started dripping. And it stopped shortly after I turned the heating off. So now we're gonna have to get our kitchen ceiling ripped out, extractor fan and some units removed to fix the leak... And of course all this has the happen the very weekend my family is coming over (with my sisters and their partners seeing our house for the first time). It's going to cost a lot, and I'm not sure how much our insurance will cover (never made a claim in my life so this will be fun!). After just having agreed to have our gutters/soffits/fascias/other things cleaned and fixed for quite a bit of money too. Might just go and cry in a corner now. D:
  7. House buying is the worst

    I think our problem was probably that we were going through an independent broker rather than a branch, so he probably just contacted the main office. And clearly their online/computer forms couldn't handle our info... so he went with a small building society where he said it would be easier to submit our details (probably through paper forms or something). I did actually want to go with Nationwide though, and maybe we'll look at them once it's time to remortgage. Hopefully it will be less hassle then now that Jim's name is changed.
  8. House buying is the worst

    I think we had trouble with Nationwide as well when we were looking for a mortgage. Our mortgage broker applied with them, but their computer systems couldn't handle @Fierce_LiNk's name... it simply wouldn't fit in their forms. So we had to switch to a different provider because of something silly like that.
  9. bad stuff thread.

    I'm so sorry, that is a horrible thing to happen. Poor kitty. She looked like a lovely cat.
  10. Overwatch

    I would say, really try to play it with someone you know. It's a lot more fun than playing by yourself! When I first started playing the game, I stopped playing for a while as it wasn't fun on my own. I got back into it when @Fierce_LiNk got on it; it's a lot more fun with others!
  11. Pets are funnies

    I've uploaded them somewhere else now, so hopefully they work!
  12. Pets are funnies

    They are finally here! Too bad Jim isn't, he's off on a school trip. But it means I can help the cats settle in all weekend. Meet the new members of our family, mum Aya and son Ico! Aya is very timid at the moment and keeps hiding in the cupboard behind her (where we keep Jim's guitar stuff and our old consoles). Ico is a playful kitten and just can't sit still! So they are very much opposites at the moment, but I think that is normal. Also, it is bloody difficult taking pictures of a kitten, they can't sit still! Exploring the wide world (or second bedroom). He's already got a favourite toy! Food! Tired from all the playing and exploring. :3
  13. Hello again! Sorry...

    Great to hear from you again Jay! Was actually thinking about you recently, I think it was in relation to Brighton and I remembered when we met up for a drink there once. We should meet up again when we are down there sometime. Good to see you posting again, don't become a stranger! We're still the same uncool, nerdy but friendly bunch of people!
  14. Pets are funnies

    Taxis can be funny with pets, some of them here don't take dogs so I'm not sure how they feel about cats. Plus the local taxi service charges a small fortune! But I managed to book a spot with a local pet taxi service, who will drive me there, wait for me to pick up the cats and then drive me back, all for a very low fee. So hopefully on Friday I will finally pick up the kitties! They told me that the kitten is currently driving the mum crazy, so I will have to provide lots of toys to keep him entertained. I spent a small fortune on cat stuff this month, so hopefully that should all be fine. :3 By the way, Clementine looks lovely! And I love that name (thanks to the Telltale Walking Dead games haha).
  15. House buying is the worst

    Definitely do the readings! Because otherwise they are just making up numbers, and you could be paying a lot more than is necessary. I try to do mine once a month or every 2 months at least, which is how I got my DD lowered.