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  1. Shovel Knight

    It takes all the best bits from the NES era of platformers and brings them into the modern age. It has the tight controls of the early Mega Man games but without the punishing difficulty level. Also, the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. The game arrived before the indie/Kickstarter boom happened and as such it thankfully got a lot of recognition. I'm not so sure it would have got as much praise and attention if it was released today. This isn't anything to do with its quality but more to do with the fact that the market is stupidly flooded now. If you grew up during the NES era you owe it to yourself to play this game.
  2. 3DS Console Discussion

    Yup. I spent a good part of last weekend jumping between Luigi's Mansion, WarioWare Gold and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. 3 games, all offering something fun and unique. The handheld has a great amount of variety on it and I can see me sticking with the platform for a long while yet. I love that it can also play DS games as well. It means I can jump back into that back catalogue of games quite easily if I have a hankering to play something from that generation. Much like I done last year when I played through Chrono Trigger. At this point the Switch has pretty much been out for 2 years now and I can honestly say that in that time I have spent more time on my 3DS than I have my Switch.
  3. It's not just the Pro Strats thing, it's other things that have started to bother me with the crew. Ian, while very good at what he does ( tech stuff ), offers very little insight or thoughts on games that aren't Souls related. Damiani is good with everything Nintendo related but becomes dead if it's something he's not interested in. I used to like Jones but I lost a lot of respect for him after the whole Red Dead Fiasco. Kyle seems more interested in goofing about rather than having a decent discussion. I'm finding Huber very annoying these days. The guy just constantly tries to hype everything up. He reminds me of Parker from Friends. I think there's only Blood and Ben that I really enjoy listening to, mostly because they have a wide range of tastes in games and they both know their stuff. Frame Trap is a fantastic podcast and I love that Ben isn't afraid to put on a show for over 3 hours. At times I do feel he gets held back by the others when discussing certain topics that the rest of the EZA crew may deem as negative. Probably because they want to keep things light and friendly but I don't think it's that simple. Sometimes it's good to have a rant and be negative when the situation calls for it. I think my biggest takeaway from my time listening/watching the guys over the past couple of years is that I think some of the things they say and they way some of them act just comes off as false now. Some of them just don't seem genuine to me anymore.
  4. Shovel Knight

    Yeah, I agree. I mean, it's admirable what they are doing but had they not made those goals they could have easily had their next game out by now.
  5. Shovel Knight

    I tend to do this a lot when it comes to DLC. Usually once I finish a game i'm quite content to move on to something else. If DLC takes ages to arrive I find it really hard to go back to the game. Mario & Rabbids is a good example of this. I LOVED the base game and by all accounts the Donkey Kong DLC is fantastic but I just can't bring myself to fire the game up, especially if I have to relearn all of the mechanics again. Captain Toad is the exception to this rule.
  6. Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    Yeah, the warning signs were there when Shopto were selling it for around £30 the other week. I actually preordered it for that price but a combo of no longer having PS+, average reviews and none of mates being interested in it made me cancel my order yesterday evening. I'm still hoping the game does well. I want Bioware to land on their feet but I worry that the studio/employees may be for the chopping block if the game doesn't sell well.
  7. I knocked it off after 3 of the entries. It's everything i've come to hate about EZA. I read the other day that Pro Strats Only has actually turned people off their show enough to stop pledging on Patreon. I stopped listening to the podcast at the start of the year and with people dropping their pledges I assume that Pro Strats is still going on?
  8. Shovel Knight

    The DLC and other stuff has been pushed back.
  9. Yoshi's Crafted World (2019 - Switch)

    I guess my eyes didn't deceive me when I thought it looked worse in handheld mode. That resolution is pretty rough. Given that the game has just been sat waiting for release ( apparently it was finished late last year ) I'm surprised that it hasn't been polished up some more and the resolution been given a bump.
  10. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Easily one of the most underrated gaming devices that has ever been released.
  11. Luigi's Mansion ( 3DS 2018 )

    The GameCube classic is heading to 3DS sometime this year. It's great to see the 3DS still getting this kind of support so late on in it's life.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    In regards to Hellblade coming to Switch despite it now being part of the Microsoft family, apparently the game was well into development before Microsoft purchased Ninja Theory. Microsoft seem to be allowing games that are already in development when purchasing a studio to be released on other platforms, such as Obsidians new game and We Happy Few releasing on the PS4. I don't see the value in Scalebound. Nintendo already has Bayonetta and now Astral Chain, both of which seem to be character action games. As @killthenet said, the game wasn't being well recieved anyway and most of the chatter about it was when it got cancelled. If this rumour of a revived game is true then I do hope it's something else.
  13. The game is set to be revealed tomorrow. The release date has already been found.
  14. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    The last section of the game is stunning. The visuals and music gave off a real Temple of Doom vibe. Loved it! With that area complete and the boss defeated the game is now complete. The boss was a push over. I just used the perk that slows down time while you aim and he was a sitting duck. The game isn't a bad one by any means, there are a few great set pieces scattered throughout and the visuals are a setup from Rise, it's just that the game needed more to it than just exploring. It's the third game in the new trilogy but, despite having the better narrative, it feels worse than the games that came before it. I'm not sure if I'm going to bother going for the platinum. It means I would need to mop up all of the collectibles and then do another play through but on the hardest difficulty. It could be something I pick away at but I may take a break from it for a while. After playing 2 Tomb Raider games back to back I think I'm now all raided out.
  15. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    This is such a good point. As I mentioned earlier I do think the balance is off in this game in terms of exploring vs fighting and your point highlights this. I'm pretty much at the end of the game now and the fact that I have only upgraded my bow and not really spent many skill points, other than what was needed for trophies, just furthers your point.
  16. General Switch Discussion

    Yup. It's a big reason why E3 has lost a lot of its magic for me. Far too much stuff leaks and it's very hard to avoid, not to mention publishers announcing their games earlier due to fear of leaks. The whole thing is a mess.
  17. General Switch Discussion

    The rumour is already starting to do my head in. You've got YouTubers and Twitter personalities talking like they know what it is. Take this as an example of what we are seeing. He says this but then follows on with... So you know what it is but you aren't a 100% sure? Honestly, I wish this whole leaker, looking for hits on their channel and will say anything to get attention, culture would die.
  18. I'm sure many are happy with this announcement. Seems to be a best of release, just like Mario Party Top 100 or Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
  19. WarioWare Gold ( 3DS 27th July 2018)

    I fired this up over the weekend and it's been a right laugh so far. I was surprised by the quality of the animated scenes, as well as the voice work. Still, i'm not so sure on the voice of Wario. It just seems a bit off to me for some reason. The Kat and Ana scenes had me in stitches, especially when they got all fat. The amiibo integration in the game is great. I have no idea if you always unlock the art studio first ( I imagine that is the case so you can start using amiibo early on ) but it's certainly a welcome feature. It's a great way to earn cash for use in the game and it puts my amiibo collection to good use. Not only that but some of the pictures Wario draws are flat out hilarious. These are probably old news by this point but here are a few that he has drawn for me.
  20. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I just can't do wired pads now.
  21. Luigi's Mansion ( 3DS 2018 )

    I finished the main game on Saturday morning. I forgot just how short the game is! It must be one of the shortest 3D 1st party Nintendo games, surely? I ended up getting together just enough treasure to get an A ranking. I was thinking I could move on to my next game but I delved into the menus to find that the game has achievements to unlock, portraits to upgrade and a Hidden Mansion mode to play around in. It’s in these tasks where the game really started to shine. The achievements are layered by difficulty. Things like sucking up a few ghosts or burning down a fake door are in the easier brackets. Once you finish one bracket then another more difficult one is unlocked. If you do manage to achieve something in a higher difficulty bracket than you have yet to unlock then there’s no need to worry as these will already be unlocked once you get to that difficulty level. Some of these achievements have been great to go after and will require multiple plays of the game. Stuff like finding 20 gold mice or 30 of the speedy ghosts can’t be done in a single play through due to the limited number of them. There are some tricky ones to achieve, such as getting platinum level frames in the ghost gallery. This requires you to take on the harder versions of each ghost found in the Hidden Mansion mode and then you have to get their HP level down to at least 10HP without them breaking free. Easier said than done as a lot of the time it does seem a bit random as to whether they break free or not. The Gallery mode is where you can see the ghosts you have captured. Providing how well you have done, the frame around each of the ghosts will be either bronze, silver, gold and eventually platinum. This has offered a nice challenge, especially a couple of them which have been a right pain in the butt to nab in one go. Apparently it’s much easier to achieve the better frames in co-op but where’s the fun in that….plus I have no one else to play with. I have yet to finish the Hidden Mansion mode (I’m about halfway through it) but it’s been a much better experience than the original mansion. There are more ghosts to capture, you get hit harder and the ghosts themselves have more health. I’ve been trying to get the platinum frames in this mode rather than in the Gallery but it has been quite difficult at times. Mr. Luggs took me well over 40 mins of restarting the game. He kept breaking free, a lot of the time right at the end, as well. The amiibo integration in the game comes in really handy during a Hidden Mansion run. Using a Luigi amiibo will net you the ability to be revived if your HP reaches 0, but only the once. A Mario amiibo will replace any shrinking mushrooms that appear with health mushrooms, this is VERY useful while trying to get platinum portraits. Scanning in a Toad amiibo will let you get a health top up every time you visit Toad and save your game, which is very handy in Hidden Mansion mode where health supplies are limited. I think this is a good example of achievements helping to give a game that is short a nice bit of longevity. The game can be beaten in a single sitting but Grezzo have given the players that little bit extra to do, which has certainly helped add to the experience. Will I manage to unlock them all and get the best statue in the Gallery mode? I’m not sure but I’m having a great time trying to do so. As a side note, I was playing this on Saturday afternoon/evening and I had Comedy Central on in the background. It wasn’t until later on that I realised I was sat playing this and Ghostbusters was on the TV. Very fitting.
  22. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    I started playing this last week and i'm nearing the end of the game now. I have to say, I don't think this is half as good as the other 2 more recent Tomb Raider games. There is a hell of a lot of wandering around and climbing to do in the game and I don't think they got the ratio of fights and exploring right when compared to the previous games. I'm also not a big fan of the settings that are on offer with this game. I think the ones seen in RotTR were much better. On the plus side, I think the narrative in this is better than the previous game and the graphics and voice acting in it are top notch. Some of the facial animations used in the cutscenes are fantastic. I know there was a lot of hate for Lara when this game got released. People were saying she's a mass murder and shows little to no remorse. It's kinda the same thing the Uncharted games went through as well, with many crying out that Nate should be showing feelings for the people he is killing. Get over it. It's a video game. I honestly quite like her character in this. She knows that she's cocked up at the start of the game and she's doing everything she can to set it right. She even admits that whatever she does just seems to make things worse and at this point you see her break down. The start of this post may sound negative but I am still enjoying the game, just not as much as the other two.
  23. Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Seeing Lostmario playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider got me in the mood to play a Tomb Raider game. Rather than buying that ( although I did snap it up after finishing this) I decided to dig into the backlog and fire up Rise of the Tomb Raider. According to my trophies, I started playing this back in Oct 2016 but I only put an hour into it before shelving it for something else ( think it was DQ Builders). I started the game from scratch on the Survivor difficulty and I just finished it last weekend. I thought the game was great, at least in terms of gameplay. The story was very meh and throwaway but I found the actual game to be a lot of fun to play through. I’m a sucker for an Ubisoft style open world game where there are collectibles to find, especially when you can get these to appear on the map. I quite like the way it is handled here, where finding satchels, monuments and documents will then make these things pop up on your main map. The 9 tombs that you find scattered around the areas you visit were very satisfying to complete. They weren’t overly hard and offered just enough challenge to make you think about what you needed to do. I really did love the combat in the game, especially the versatility of the bow. Being able to set enemies ablaze or fire an explosive arrow there way was always a joy to pull off, even more so when doing it to a deer or rabbit. However, I do think that the poison arrows were a little OP. Once those are upgraded you can then pretty much take care of most combat situations by firing a cloud of poison at a group of enemies. I think the only one this didn’t work on was the ones with a flamethrower strapped to their backs. Luckily the explosive arrows can make short work of those. I had a bit of a trophy scare during my play time on it last night. I reached 99% completion on the whole map and I couldn’t for the life of me find out what I had missed. Not only that but I seemed to be around 25 coins short of being able to buy everything. The trophies were apparently pretty glitchy at launch and I wondered if this is what had happened to me. Turns out that I completely forgot about the Syria area of the game! Completing that netted me everything I needed to complete the map 100%. The Score Attack mode was a lot of fun. They kind of remind me of the Time Trial mode that was in Tomb Raider Legend back on the 360. I remember having to learn the level layouts and repeating the stages over and over until I got the times I needed and that was the case here. I dabbled with some of the DLC that was with the game, mainly the Baba Yaga stuff. It was a nice little area to explore and the boss fight was pretty fun. I don’t think I’ll bother with any of the others. By the time I nabbed the platinum and played the DLC I mentioned I had my fill of the game. Overall I think that I probably had a more fun and satisfying experience with this than I did with some of the Uncharted games. Don’t get me wrong, I love those games to bits, and the characters and narratives in them are leagues ahead of what Crystal Dynamics showed off here, but in terms of pure gameplay I do think this was a better game. Finding loot, crafting gear, exploring tombs and taking on enemies and hunting animals gave me plenty to do and kept things nice and varied. Great game!
  24. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I dunno, I mean we are living in a world where a generation of gamers are going digital purely because they can't be bothered to get up and change a disc.