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  1. It varies but it's usually at least a couple of days before release. It's been confirmed that Oddworld has no trophies. This means it's up to the developer/publisher if they want to add them. I can't see many outside of Sony's own studios wanting to faff on with implementing them.
  2. I figured I would create this for those who are looking to play online. This will stop invites and session times getting lost in the main thread.
  3. I'm not so sure a lot of the first wave will have trophies. Places like PSNProfiles and Exophase would usually have lists up by now but there hasn't been a peep.
  4. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Finished a couple more N64 games today. Yoshi's Story is such a weird game. If you don't go for all the watermelons then you can blitz through the game stupidly fast. I mean, all they give you is a high score and if you aren't interested in getting a high score then it will be a short experience, even if you do play through all of the levels. Nintendo were in such a strange place during this era, as were a lot of other developers. 2D platformers were tossed aside by most and what we got were games like Kirby 64 and this. Like Kirby 64, this is also bland, short and easy. Oh and the song that plays when you finish a level still annoys the hell out of me. Sin & Punishment is a game I tried playing back on the Wii VC but I never got into it. I tried it again today and didn't think it was that bad. Once you get past the fiddly controls the game is pretty fun. It's not a patch on the Wii sequel but it's enjoyable enough. However, I don't think it's deserving of the praise it gets, especially the hype it got when it was originally released. I remember N64 magazine always harping on about it. The one thing I didn't care for were the 2D sections. There were only a couple of them but I felt they weren't really necessary and took away from the standard shooter style levels. Nintendo's online service is going to have to start churning out some more games. I'm dangerously close to finishing everything I want to play on the thing. If they don't add another console/handheld then I can see me letting my subscription run out and leaving it like that.
  5. Another game has popped up. It can also be bought separately.
  6. Football Season 2021/22

    Obviously gutted it didn't go our way but it was a exciting end to the season. We done everything we could and I think our performance across the season has to be praised given just how many games we've had to play across all competitions.
  7. Football Season 2021/22

    Maybe we will still see that moment but for Villa.....
  8. Football Season 2021/22

  9. Football Season 2021/22

    Crazy stuff.
  10. Football Season 2021/22

    Stevie G playing his part but Liverpool throwing it away.
  11. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    I sat and watched this last night. Great viewing. It's crazy the tricks that people find in games in order to shave seconds off their times. I don't usually care for speed running but this is the type I do appreciate. It's not about finding glitches but rather being at the top of your game and playing perfectly for a set period of time.
  12. Football Season 2021/22

    Still not sure which game to watch. Everything hangs on how City get on but I kinda want to watch our last premier league game of the season.
  13. Football Season 2021/22

    It's a classic case of a player having far too much pull and power in a club. More fool them for putting up with his demands, which are absolutely crazy.
  14. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I took a break from playing Neo: The World Ends With You and decided to crack on with the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. When I played through Mega Man X4 and 5 earlier in the month I could see the series starting to lose its way but it's not until you hit MMX7 that you truly see the series fall. With MMX7 Capcom decided to go all 3D with the series and it didn't pay off at all. The camera is a nightmare to deal with, which is puzzling considering this is a PS2 game and developers should have realised by then to use the second stick for camera movement. Not only that but there are very few enemies to actually fight, especially if you compare it to the 2D entries. The game is pretty ugly as well. Gone are the beautiful 2D pixels and they are replaced with awful looking 3D character models. Also, this is the game where they added Axl. The trophies for this game were a bit of a pain. There is one where you have to listen to every conversation that pops whilst playing and another where you have to rescue all 128 reploids that are scattered throughout each of the stages. That one was very annoying because these reploids can die by random enemy fire. If one does die then you have to restart the game or load your last save because they don't respawn. You can miss both of these trophies very easily and so you need to keep a check on what you've listened to and collected. MMX8 still uses polygons but they returned to the 2D formula. I can imagine Capcom getting a lot of backlash after MMX7 and so this was the logical choice to make. However, they did mix the gameplay up a bit. In this game, to power up your character you need to collect scrap metal that you can spend on things like health and other enhancements. It actually works quite well and the game can be played a little like an RPG in the sense that if you can find a good spot you grind metals to level up quickly. The game does start off pretty hard though and buying the Life Up enhancement straight away is highly recommended Again, this game had an annoying trophy that ended up making me play through the game 3 times. There's an enemy in the series named Vile and he makes an appearance in this game. You have to fight him 4 times before heading to one of the last stages in the game. The problem is that this is largely based on RNG. I read a few trophy guides and achievement guides but none of these gave a good strategy on how to get him to spawn. On my 3rd playthrough I tried my own method and ended up unlocking the thing. I played through these games back in the day and even back then I could see the dip in quality as the series went on. It really should have ended with X4 or at a push X5. The first MMX Legacy Collection has an amazing selection of games but the this one not so much. From 2 disappointing platforming games to another in Kirby 64. Yeah, this was pretty rough. I remember enjoying the game when I played it back on the N64 but that wasn't the case here, especially after playing the new Kirby game on the Switch. It does highlight just how far we've come though. This Kirby game is very slow and quite bland. It also lacks any of the postgame challenge that other Kirby games have. The mixing of the abilities is cool and some of the music is very charming but other than that it's a pretty bland experience. Also, as seen in the NSO N64 thread, the game has a nasty glitch in that it makes it impossible to proceed if you get hit by a boss in the underwater sections of the game. I managed to do this multiple times on a couple of different bosses and looking around on the net, it seems everyone is suffering from this issue. I imagine it will be patched soon but it's certainly not up to the standard I expect from Nintendo and their partners when it comes to a higher tier, paid for service.
  15. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    GameXplain have questioned Nintendo again in regards to the Wii and DSi shop outages. Worrying that it's been off for two months now and no word whether or not it's going to come back at any point. I wonder if they silently shut it all down hoping nobody would notice.
  16. Football Season 2021/22

    Congrats to Sunderland. It's about time they clawed their way back up a division. Thoughly deserved though as they were by far the better team and could have easily had a few more goals.
  17. I've been playing a bit of Kirby 64 this evening. Man, it's rough. It's so slow, boring and I can't stomach more than a couple of levels before taking a break from it. Anyway, the reason I wanted to post here is because I ran into a nasty glitch that I don't recall ever happening on the N64 version of the game and wanted to give others a heads up. Basically, if you get hit by this mini boss, Kirby freezes and you can't do anything. Make sure to make a save when you reach this thing. I manged to replicate it numerous times.
  18. Trophy support confirmed for PS1 games. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2022/05/ps-plus-premiums-ps1-games-can-have-trophies-after-all Lovely stuff. If Bend don't put a trophy in Syphon Filter for tasering an enemy until he bursts into flames I won't be happy.
  19. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Xbox outsold PlayStation in Japan? Hell has officially frozen over.
  20. Yeah, that generation was the beginning of a lot of money grabbing practices. Paid online, DLC, microtransactions...sad times. There was also Sony's online pass thing that came with certain games to stop second hand sales.