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  1. I figured I would create this for those who are looking to play online. This will stop invites and session times getting lost in the main thread.
  2. Very fitting seeing how a few of us on here have recently been playing the 3DS games.
  3. The Wonderful 101

    Announced by Reggie on GT.
  4. Well, this was certainly a surprise.
  5. Yet another Kirby game for Switch.
  6. Tied with Metroid Dread as the best announcement from the Direct.
  7. Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

    From Software are digging into their back catalogue of IPs and returning to the AC franchise. The lead designer of Sekiro is directing the game. Good news for me but bad news for drahkon.
  8. From the investor meeting.
  9. God of War (PS4)

    Fantastic stuff!
  10. amiibo (NFC)

    From Nintendo France
  11. Yokai Watch ( 29th April )

    A release date for the game has finally been announced. [tweet]702055773875134464[/tweet] Happy that there's a bit of space between the insane amount of JRPGs at the moment and this.
  12. Bayonetta 1+2

    Just announced at the Game Awards. Good move. Lots more people will get to play the second game now.
  13. S-E are really cranking out these 2D-HD games. Bring them on.
  14. The leaks all those months ago were right. Game looks great, despite the weird coloured hair.
  15. Wii U General Discussion

    So, after much talking between us Mods and Admins we have decided to give this topic another shot. The old one will be deleted and be forgotten like a bad memory and this one will take it's place. Ashley was kind enough to come up with some rules for the thread. Some are new, others are just explaining on what we should already be doing as members. At the end of the day it's about having respect for each other, whatever their console choice. If the proper respect isn't given and people start swearing and having sarcastic digs at others then infractions will be handed out and eventually a full site ban may be in order. While certain topics do belong here we would still encourage creating new threads where applicable. Have fun and keep it clean! : peace:
  16. Finally getting a release over here! I never thought it would happen. Strange they've dropped the Yakuza branding though.
  17. Pikmin 4 (IT'S ALIVE!) (2023)

    Let's hope it actually gets released this time!
  18. Devil May Cry 5 (Spring 2019)

    It's going to take some getting used to the new designs but the gameplay looks fast and frantic, just as Devil May Cry should be.
  19. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    Reggie just dropped the announcement at the Game Awards and showed a teaser for the game! No date but just teased as now in development for the Switch.
  20. The Verge has written a piece about how the Switch is now showing its age and this issue has let it down in 2022. https://www.theverge.com/23473152/nintendo-switch-console-games-performance Firstly, the Switch is still selling stupidly well and so I can see why Nintendo are in no rush to release its replacement. Secondly, the games that sell well on the Switch are Nintendo's own games and indie titles. Both of these generally don't tax the machine that much, with only Xenoblade and Pokemon having issues, although the latter is due to poor planning and lack of development time rather than the console not being up to scratch. So, would you be happy for Nintendo to put off a sequel to the Switch for another year or do you think 2023 is the time to release more powerful hardware? Furthermore, if it is just a more powerful Switch, would you upgrade or just stick with what you have? I disagree with a lot of the article but I do agree that launching a new console alongside the new Zelda would be a cracking move. Maybe a reveal in a Feb Direct? I know Nintendo do a good job of reveals being very close to the release of a new product but would 3 months be enough to launch a new console? Probably not. I can't remember what the time frame was for the Switch reveal until its release.
  21. Gotta imagine Sports Story will drop during one of these.
  22. It's sad but it happens and not just with gaming. Things change over time and you have to either adapt with them or simply move on and remember the good times you had. Easier said than done when you've followed a franchise for so long but you have to be honest with yourself and know when it's time to walk away from something that is no longer bringing you joy.
  23. Nintendo have sent their emails out with your stats. They usually put up nice little graphs but they haven't done it this year. Also, I have a bunch of games on my list that I never played and a lot of my hours played seem way off.