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  1. Judgment (25th June PS4)

    Just announced at the Sony pre-TGS show. Looks to be a mix of Yakuza and a detective game. Trailer was just shown at the show but i'll add once it shows up. Game will launch in Japan this year with a demo available later today. A version for the West was confirmed for 2019.
  2. Judgment (25th June PS4)

    Did anyone on here play through the game? @Happenstance? @RedShell? I was going to play it after my Yakuza marathon but never got around to it. It seems like a few of us bought it but nobody played/finished it.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Screw Killzone! They need to reboot and bring back the Resistance franchise.
  4. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Yeah, the difference being that players on other consoles can still play the games with such a deal, whereas flat out buying a developer usually means that games are kept off rival platforms and are locked in on that ecosystem. It seems like it’s rules for one and rules for another at the moment. I mean the Capcom leaked showed that Nintendo paid to keep MH Rise off the PC for a year and not many people batted an eyelid and yet the apparent Sony deal with MH World was leaked and everyone was out for blood, even though it turned out to be false. These types of stories show me more and more that a lot gamers are still in this fanboy/tribe mentality, having their own agenda and looking whichever camp they aren’t in to trip up and fall somehow. You even see it on here and I would have thought people would have outgrown it by now.
  5. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    So kinda like MS buying up Bethesda and other developers? I’d argue that’s a far more aggressive and underhanded tactic.
  6. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    If it is true, then would you class it as issue? Surely it’s Sony’s best interest to combat GP any way they can. The game will still be getting released on both platforms so it’s not as if it’s been bought as an exclusive, timed or otherwise.
  7. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    The MH stuff was all debunked a day later. A mistake was made when reading through the Capcom documents, fanboys grabbed their pitchforks and then it turned out it was nothing. Kinda what looks like is happening again with this story. As Map said, at the moment it seems to be the in thing on the internet is to try and find some dirt on Sony.
  8. Virtua Fighter x eSports

    I'd love for the series to make a comeback. The Saturn/PS2/PS3 versions of the game were great and often overshadowed by the likes of Soul Calibur and Tekken. I found the series to be far more difficult than either of the franchises I mentioned but also far more rewarding.
  9. I figured a thread dedicated for photos/screenshots would be a good idea. This will save clogging up the standard thread. EDIT: As requested, Friend codes, fruit and town names have been added from those whose details I could find. Hero-of-Time - 2727-9219-2009 - Oranges - Risa Ike - 5669-7479-4863 - Apples Glen-i - 3034-9087-7910 - Apples -Capim Town Drahkon - 3320-4577-2619 - Pears - Solus Happenstance - 0880-9543-6801 - Peaches Esquiel - 7660-4669-0111 - Oranges Nicktendo - 4100-9168-1923 - Apples Vileplume - 7580-3712-2716 - Cherries Sheikah - 5442-9012-6148 - Pears Tales- 0565-4283-2908 - Oranges -Radiata Aneres11 - 4105-9544-2327 - Peaches - Eternia BowserBasher - 8313-9234-5620 - Peaches S.C.G - 7152-7755-3125 - Pears - Gal Da Val Ugh First Aid - 5697-4258-4783 - Cherries - Lunar Will' (ウィツ) - 2081-4391-3641 - Apples Smeagol - 1077-2707-8116 - Peaches - Bonita Ronnie - 2093-6613-0337 - Cherries - Daybreak Dcubed - 0401-9926-5412 - Oranges - Craphole Helmsley - 7441-4734-3710 - Cherries - Parakeet Mike - 7510-6348-2032 - Cherries Martinist -6129-1854-5794 - Cherries - Windfall Paul - 5331-8300-3351 - Oranges - Motanui RedShell - 8134-4832-4809 - Saltopia -Cherries Kaepora_Gaebora - 2880-3665-8016 - Pears - Ohana Katie - 6735-2719-9192 - Eddage - 4420-2931-9523 - Pears - Selisola Darksnowman - 2409-5161-4135 Markderoos - 5370-4450-2735 - Oranges - Poveglia Ashley - 1128-9271-0239 - Cherries - Tartaruga To get things started, here are a couple of snaps I took this evening/morning.
  10. It’s constantly on sale over here in the UK, both retail and digital. It may as well have a permanent price cut. There are a lot of indie games like this. When a new sale starts you just know it’s going to be part of it.
  11. It was the same with Resident Evil 3 Remake. That dropped really fast when it was released last year but like you I didn’t mind as I was happy to support Capcom and the franchise. You mention KH being a fiver and this brings up another good point about games being cut in price in a speedy fashion and that is their resale value. These days unless you trade a game in within the first month then it’s probably not worth trading in at all. I was thinking of getting rid of a load on my PS4 games but seeing how little I would get for them I figure I may as well just keep a hold of them.
  12. The second Yooka Laylee game got discounted pretty quickly, both digitally and at retail. The examples given are the exception and not really the norm. Yeah, it can be done but when digital shops are flooded with games on a daily basis, the only way to get noticed when you’re a small fish in a big pond is to slash the price of your game. There have been a fair few stories from publishers/developers having to do this on the eShop just in order to get seen. Ultimately, the likes of Game Pass, PS Now, GWG, PS+, FTP games, Apple Arcade and heavy digital sales that were pushed by Steam, all have eroded the vale of games to the point where everyone wants either something for nothing or at least very little. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard on various podcasts people say they love the look of a game but will wait until it goes on deep sale, especially indie games, which are really the developers who could do with day 1 support. Iwata’s speech/warning about games being free, the race to the bottom and games being devalued has certainly come true. It’s why I find it baffling that a lot of the industry agreed with his sentiment back then and yet here we are 10 years later and the industry praises the subscription services that are doing the exact damage that Iwata spoke of. I can see why people don’t want to pay top dollar for games these days. As discussed many times before, a lot of games are buggy messes, released too early and need numerous updates for the thing to run well. If publishers and developers want consumers to lay down their hard earned cash on day one then they need to show that they are releasing a finished product. Days Gone is a good example of this. Why pay full price when you could wait a few months, get it cheaper and have a better version of it? Broken games, lack of ownership, software being devalued, gaming becoming a throwaway experience...the industry is a mess right now.
  13. KONAMI - What the hell are they doing!?

    There’s also that crazy MGS related Twitter account that is doing the rounds at the moment. Could be nothing but a prank but it seems to be hinting at something happening next week.
  14. Sony to shut down PS3, Vita, PSP stores

    Fantastic news and good to see them backtrack on this. I feel sorry for those who went and paid a premium for Vita and PS3 games in a mad rush to get the games. Hopefully this will cause the PS3 and Vita market to come back down to normal levels.
  15. Pikmin 3 Deluxe

    I’ve been playing this over the past week or so and it’s been an absolutely joy to revisit the game. It’s nuts to think that the game is nearly 8 years old! I was a big fan of the game on the Wii U but I’ve enjoyed this version much more purely because Nintendo decided to add achievements into the game. With the game being pretty short, these extra tasks really gave the game some legs. I had to finish the game on Hard difficulty and then again on the Ultra Spicy difficulty. It still wasn’t too taxing but having less time and only being allowed 60 Pikmin out at the same time added a little bit more strategy to the game. On the Wii U release I never bothered with the mission mode or the side stories. There were lots of achievements tied to both of these modes and so I finally played through them. The various missions on offer were great fun and when going for the platinum rank, which is needed for an achievement, it gave me the challenge I was looking for. I imagine most of these can be done much more easily in co-op mode but when playing on your own you really have to manage your resources and time well. I finally nabbed my last badge/achievement this evening. I’m very happy to have picked this up again. It’s such a well crafted game, with gorgeous environments, imaginative bosses and charming characters. I certainly got my money’s worth out of it. Thanks again to Ike for the heads up on the price drop.
  16. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah, mine is borked at the moment as well. It always orders the games by the last one I played but at the moment Animal Crossing is stuck at the top, despite me not playing it for weeks.
  17. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge

    Day 1 for this bad boy. Looks amazing.
  18. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Finally announced. It will hit PS4 first.
  19. Figured a separate topic would be useful for this. People can post how much their turnips are and how much they are selling for, without the hassle of trailing through the posts in the main thread.
  20. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Jason has posted a good article over on Bloomberg about how there is a lot of unrest over in the PlayStation camp. Yeah, I'm not liking Jim Ryan's running of PlayStation at all at the moment.
  21. Switch eShop Thread

    Yeah, a few on Era also picked up the Switch version and say it's a mess. PS4/Xbox versions seem to be fine in comparison so if you have access to either of those and want the game then best pick it up on those platforms.
  22. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    It was good reading your impressions, @Nicktendo. It's always interesting to hear what a persons thoughts are when new to or returning to a different console's ecosystem, especially when it's going from Nintendo to one of the other two. It's like night and day. Have you tried Party Chat yet? No more need for discord. Game Pass has been a great success for MS and has certainly helped nudge people into choosing an Xbox over their competitors. The selection of games just gets better and better and if MS can keep getting big games launching on the service then it will pull more punters in. Ownership is a big issue for me with the service but I think it's something that I'm just going to get over at some point. It's getting to the point now where all 3 of the console makers are pushing subscription services and rotating games. For better or worse this may be the future of gaming and MS are certainly ahead of the other two when it comes to this. Its a weird one because I had no issue with stopping my purchases of blurays and instead just watched my movies on Sky, Amazon and Netflix but with games I'm having a harder time letting go of physical media, even if at this point just just a key on a disc. What @martinist mentioned about picking up an Xbox over a PS5 is a sentiment I've read a few times over the past couple of weeks on various gaming boards. With MS supporting and celebrating their legacy of consoles and Sony throwing theirs under the bus, it seems a lot of gaming enthusiasts aren't happy with Jim Ryan's direction for Sony and will instead opt to jump to a different platform. I doubt it will effect the mass market gamers but it's little things like this that could end up snowballing. It's going to be interesting to see how things play out once MS have all their ducks in a row and their new studios are starting to churn out games. Things like the rumoured Kojima partnership is another thing that will help build the platform and it's such announcements that I want to see more of and will certainly push me into picking up the console.
  23. Streets of Rage 4

    Weird...I thought we had a topic for this already? I guess the initial announcement was in the indie thread or something. Anyway, here's a new trailer.