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  1. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    I played the game some more yesterday evening and progressed the story a little further. It was hilarious when Hilda invited Firion to her room, only for him to be attacked. Dude thought he was well in! I also conquered the Coliseum, met some mages in Mysidia and took out a few bosses on my travels. The fourth character is less than useless at this point and has just stayed dead whenever they get taken out. Things go much faster when there's only 3 characters to attack. I think I'm making decent progress and hopefully I'll have things wrapped up over the weekend.
  2. Dragon Quest XI

    Yup. Plenty for you to still do. You have only scratched the surface. You ain't seen nothing yet.
  3. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    I tried out my newly equipped team ( completed Deist Cave) during my lunch break...yeah, I think I've completely broken the game. I'm doing 8,000 damage with each of the 3 main characters and if an enemy does manage to land a hit it does 0 damage. At this point any battle that I encounter is just a formality.
  4. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    Worked a treat.
  5. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Apparently that acquisition isn't the BIG one that they are trying to make. I completely forgot that Tencent made an investment in Platinum Games last year. Seems like these guys have their fingers in a lot of pies. Does that mean you're skipping Bayonetta 3 and anything else Platinum related, @Nicktendo?
  6. N-Europe Video Game Club

    The game is rated highly and lots of us like it...I'm expecting you to hate it.
  7. Yooka Laylee And The Impossible Lair

    I meant what said in terms of once you know what to expect, not on your first run through. Very few people would make it through on their first attempt. It's not really designed that way. Again, like platformers from old, there's a lot of trial and error to the stage and it's about making that little bit of progress each time and learning from your mistakes/deaths from previous runs.
  8. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    Not much. I had to pop into the lab yesterday morning and then was busy doing other stuff most of the afternoon. I've put a little bit of time into it this morning but at the moment I'm just trying to grind Toad to level 16. Doing this will allow me to get the ultimate weapons and armour and at that point I can just concentrate on the story.
  9. Yooka Laylee And The Impossible Lair

    That's exactly why I loved the final stage. It harkened back to the NES/SNES era when that's exactly what most 2D platformers were about. In cases like this it's on the player if they cock up and die because there shouldn't really be any surprises as everything has a pattern and a set placement. I think what most people struggle with with the Lair is not so much the challenge of it but rather then length. You have to play at the top of your game for a large period of time and a lot of people just can't be chewed with that these days,
  10. The Avengers (and other Marvel games)

    I completed the story/campaign this morning. Nothing spectacular but not that bad either. I think there was a decent foundation to the game that was ruined by them trying to make it a GaaS product. What they should have done is just focused on creating a single player/co-op narrative driven game that features various characters from the Marvel universe. A lot of the systems in the game just become a total mess once unlocked. You have daily challenges, different types of gear, different ways to level up, standard character levels, hero levels, different vendors...it becomes far too convoluted and I was quite happy to ignore it all and just concentrate on the story. I do agree with the criticisms that the game got for enemy design and general look of it. It does feel very bland and generic, with the enemies just consisting of AIM robots. The Marvel universe has such rich variety of bad guys that could have been used but instead CD went this route. Whilst playing the game my thoughts drifted back to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch. That game had its issues but at least it had a good art direction that gave the game some personally, not to mention a fantastic roster to play around with. I don't think the game deserves the hate it got from various outlets but it also doesn't deserve a heap of praise either.
  11. It was announced at the Xbox conference last night but Namco have now confirmed it will release on other platforms, including the Switch. Thanks to @Ike for the heads up.
  12. Wargroove

    The darkest of timelines.
  13. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    True but I still think he's the best out of the 3 console makers. He seems more willing to talk to various outlets about a range of things and just generally seems more open than Jim Ryan or Doug Bowser. I've never liked Jim (seems very arrogant) and Doug is just the puppet of Nintendo of Japan, who doesnt say anything of worth.
  14. I figured a thread dedicated for photos/screenshots would be a good idea. This will save clogging up the standard thread. EDIT: As requested, Friend codes, fruit and town names have been added from those whose details I could find. Hero-of-Time - 2727-9219-2009 - Oranges - Risa Ike - 5669-7479-4863 - Apples Glen-i - 3034-9087-7910 - Apples -Capim Town Drahkon - 3320-4577-2619 - Pears - Solus Happenstance - 0880-9543-6801 - Peaches Esquiel - 7660-4669-0111 - Oranges Nicktendo - 4100-9168-1923 - Apples Vileplume - 7580-3712-2716 - Cherries Sheikah - 5442-9012-6148 - Pears Tales- 0565-4283-2908 - Oranges -Radiata Aneres11 - 4105-9544-2327 - Peaches - Eternia BowserBasher - 8313-9234-5620 - Peaches S.C.G - 7152-7755-3125 - Pears - Gal Da Val Ugh First Aid - 5697-4258-4783 - Cherries - Lunar Will' (ウィツ) - 2081-4391-3641 - Apples Smeagol - 1077-2707-8116 - Peaches - Bonita Ronnie - 2093-6613-0337 - Cherries - Daybreak Dcubed - 0401-9926-5412 - Oranges - Craphole Helmsley - 7441-4734-3710 - Cherries - Parakeet Mike - 7510-6348-2032 - Cherries Martinist -6129-1854-5794 - Cherries - Windfall Paul - 5331-8300-3351 - Oranges - Motanui RedShell - 8134-4832-4809 - Saltopia -Cherries Kaepora_Gaebora - 2880-3665-8016 - Pears - Ohana Katie - 6735-2719-9192 - Eddage - 4420-2931-9523 - Pears - Selisola Darksnowman - 2409-5161-4135 Markderoos - 5370-4450-2735 - Oranges - Poveglia Ashley - 1128-9271-0239 - Cherries - Tartaruga To get things started, here are a couple of snaps I took this evening/morning.
  15. I don't think Activisions finances have ever looked so rosey. Didn't CoD Warzone rake in something stupid like a billion dollars thanks to microtransactions? It comes back to what Sterling has said may times before in that these companies, CEOs and executives aren't happy with a bit of profit, they want all the money, regardless of who they step on to achieve this.
  16. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Given how quick they've changed their minds, part of me wonders if this was planned from the start. They could test the waters to see if people would willingly accept the price change and if not they would announce it would stay the same and get rid of the FTP game barrier, thus being seen as the good guy and a company that listens. Either way they get something out of it. Regardless, it's good for those who are part of the Xbox ecosystem that the price isn't changing.
  17. Sad and yet predictable news. Standard Activision practice. Just look at what happened to a lot of the internal studios in years gone by. Most are now stuck on Call of Duty. The sad fact is that the likes of CoD and Overwatch bring in more cash thanks to microtransactions and season/battle passes than a standard game ever will. The general gamer dictates where the market goes and they have spoken. As for the indie/smaller games scene being a beacon of light in this situation, I'm not so sure. Digital stores are so flooded with games now that visability is becoming a real problem for a lot of these developers. The cream doesn't always rise to the top in this case and until quality restrictions come into play I think a lot of these smaller games that are worth playing will continue to be buried.
  18. Wargroove

    Does it hold up in 2021 though?
  19. Wargroove

    I knew Lee would show up in this thread.
  20. General Retro Discussion

    I had this on in the background when playing Final Fantasy II yesterday evening. Its probably been posted in this thread before as its a couple of years old at this point but I still enjoyed it. To this day I still don't know what the fuss is about with both Super Metroid and the Prime series. As expected, the presenter talked about how amazing and essential plays both games are and then proceeded to talk about what a mess Other M is. That poor game always gets dragged through the mud. I've completed Super Metroid a fair few times now and it never clicks with me. The Prime games (1&2) I've only completed the once and I only played the third entry a few hours. I do fancy trying them again at some point just to see if my opinion will have changed.
  21. Monkey Barrels (Good Feel)

    I wanted to pick it up but then a physical version was announced. By the time that got released I had lost interest in the game. Yeah, the game seemed to kind of just pass by everyone. Not many people talked about it pre-release and it seems even fewer actually picked it up.
  22. Questions

    Does that header not show up on mobile or has it not went live yet? Also, just because your name is RedShell doesn't mean you can just change things to the colour red as you please. I demand a vote on such things!
  23. Questions

    Who coloured in the N-Europe logo to red? I don't like change!
  24. Wargroove

    Nice! I've had a physical copy for the Switch just sat on the shelf for well over a year now but I can never be bothered to start the thing.
  25. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    The ones with stupidly high encounter rates? Yeah, they are pretty annoying. I can manage them fine but having a battle every two steps whilst trying to escape these rooms is very tedious.