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  1. Name Changes

    Feeling like a change myself xD, can I please request a name change to "Scratch"? Edit: Thanks!
  2. Show off your Christmas Swag!

    Merry Christmas y'all! 🎅🎄☃❄
  3. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Hmmm if anyone would prefer to play on Steam, it might be worth holding out after all. I've found a couple of Reddit threads which hint at a Steam release. One says that a "Steam Dev App" has been found for FF7R, and another says a config file references Steam in the game's PC files. Both could just be Square Enix covering themselves, and this isn't exactly actual confirmation of a Steam version.
  4. Sonic Frontiers

    I think Sonic could really suit an open world game, possibly more than other video game characters due to his speed and therefore ability to travel large areas fast. Looking forward to more info on this!
  5. PC Gaming Discussion

    YEEEEEES I can FINALLY PLAY it! (And also now I will never need to buy a PS4 or PS5 xD) Day 1 buy for me! Like many others, would have preferred Steam (or just no "gaming client" required at all), but I'll take it!
  6. I wasn't going to buy BDSP either... now I'm postgame with a level 80 team and three quarters through the Sinnoh dex lol xD.
  7. Sorry I meant X Items as in, X Attack, X Defend and so on, they used to raise happiness 2 points a time but I don't think they do in these games. Edit: That's a good tip about the berries though, I'll give that a try.
  8. I'm not certain I did the test correctly, but I don't think using X items boosts Pokemon friendship anymore, which is a shame because it was a quick (although slightly pricey) way to do it.
  9. E4 defeated! 25 hours play, team between Lv60 and 70: Luxray, Garchomp, Bronzong, Roserade, Gyarados, Rapidash. The main E4 crew put up a decent fight, but Cynthia defeated me on my first attempt. My Toxic Spikes strategy was no good. xD I thought I was prepared for Cynthia, but I guess not as well as I thought. On my second attempt, T-Wave with Luxray, switched to Roserade, Leech Seed, Roserade faints after a turn or two, switch to Gyarados, 5x or 6x Dragon Dance (I lost count), a bit of luck with Paralysis and Gyarados "dodging in time to my shout" and sweep. Although even with all the DD a couple Pokemon still took two hits. But E4 done. Looking forward to continuing with the post game and then having a good ol attempt at the National Dex. Although I only really care if I get all the ones I don't need to trade for, and consider the trade ones a bonus (although I will have a go at getting them). After that I might have a go at the battle tower, but tbh I don't know if I can be bothered with the necessary breeding/EV training etc. xD Although it's certainly not over yet, I am already glad I bought Pokemon Shining Pearl. I hope they do HGSS in this way (as unlikely and random as that may be!).
  10. I just completed a Pokemon BDSP survey and for some reason I used one of the feedback boxes to tell them to patch Let's Go with Pro Controller compatibility. xD
  11. I have a question on how exp distribution works in this game. The best way I can explain my question is with example, I've most likely got the amounts wrong, but hopefully it will make sense. Let's say I defeated a level 20 Bidoof, no switching Pokemon. If I had 6 Pokemon on my team, my first Pokemon will get so much exp, let's just say 500, and the others will also get so much (a little less), let's say 300. But, if when I defeated the Bidoof, I only had 2 Pokemon on my team. Will my first Pokemon still get 500, and the other one 300, or will it be different, like would they both get more? I hope I've explained the question well enough! What I'm trying to figure out is if I'm trying to raise a lower level Pokemon up to level of the rest of my team, is there any benefit to removing Pokemon from my team while training (e.g. just having a high level one and the one I'm trying to catch up until if can fend for itself) (and other than my entire team becoming overleveled xD) Edit: And I've just realised it probably would have took me 5 minutes to test this myself, so sorry about that lol xD. I'll edit this post later with the results if no-ones replied by then!
  12. Return of Gamesmaster

    Think I'll give this a go as it goes... but I'm rage quitting at the first hint of celebrities semi-sarcastically pretending they're gamers. xD
  13. Hmmm I just thought, considering all 493 Gen 1-4 Pokemon are in these, including following Pokemon. They could "relatively easily" re-remake HGSS with the engine from these games. Whether that's a good idea or not though is a discussion of its own though I guess.
  14. What the heck is with the Egg you get from that Hiker guy? I've been cycling around like a wally for ages and no change. D: Are the egg hatching mechanics different in these games?
  15. Do we have any info on things like Nature mints, bottle caps, Ability Capsules and resetting EVs yet? Regardless I'm really playing pretty casual and not caring about these things at all for my story playthrough. But it would be nice to know I can set my Pokemon up how I like after I beat the E4, should I feel like it one day. And sure I know I can breed new ones, but one thing I liked about SwSh was that I could take my in-game team which I'd grown attached to and set them up for the Battle Tower and some online battles. xD Edit: Also I lol'd at how casually that guy gave me a Jirachi, like a super rare mythical Pokemon, "here take this". xD