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  1. Perfect pic. Thanks @BowserBasher, great idea doing fancy dress BTW. And let’s face it, the only way you’ll ever get me to change from my default outfit. Still can’t believe how LOUD footsteps are in this game with shoes on!
  2. @Sméagol (and anyone else that’s interested in shopping) I have the following stuff available in my shop: Blue rattan wardrobe - 6,900 Surveillance camera - 1,000 Tree peonies elaborate kimono stand - 220,000 Magic kit - 980 Electronics kit - 1,300 Gonna leave my gate open now for a bit (will be AFK) if anyone wants to shop.
  3. Afraid not, the tip really is just “gotta go fast!” Only thing to look out for is occasionally Mario will lift one of the POW blocks and leave a Cloud block behind, if that happens at any point just restart right away. I’m still not even sure why that happens, but you definitely need to be lifting both the POW and Cloud blocks before Mario drops down a step, every single time.
  4. Hehehe. Nice one, Dcubed! Welcome to the speed digging hall of fame. I’ll have to make the next Microcour$e even harder... Yeah, you definitely need to be in the zone to do it. To be honest, it took me way more time to do the clear check than it did to create the level!
  5. Cleared it! Man, did I get my money’s worth with that one, 24:53 for the clear time. Fantastic level, @Dcubed! Legit Metal Gear vibes and gameplay throughout, and I love how every section had a fresh idea/mechanic to master. Your creativity with Mario Maker is seriously impressive.
  6. I made it! At the 2nd checkpoint now in fact. Although I made the mistake of going back through the warp box, and “Snake” is currently trapped. That is so cool.
  7. I take no responsibility for any broken controllers/thumbs. Still working my way through Mario Gear Solid BTW, it is genius. Stealth has never been my strong point though.
  8. @drahkon & @Aneres11, sent out your phone boxes this morning!
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Not many, no. Would definitely like to get Alfonso on my island at some point.
  10. Still a 0% clear rate on Microcour$e 2. Perhaps I should send the level ID to Master Higgins.
  11. I actually just meant fossils straight out of the ground , but if you have some specific spares around, then it turns out I need the following: Diplo Tail Tip Iguanodon Tail T. Rex Tail But yeah, not to worry if you don’t have any of those. I’m in no hurry to complete the museum.
  12. No problem. Unless you have a Lucky cat that you don’t need, there isn’t really anything else I want. Actually, I wouldn’t mind some fossils. You’ve finished collecting those, right?
  13. Think I can order one (if you don’t mind waiting until tomorrow) would love to trade for a red.
  14. It’s the moment nobody was waiting for... a new Mega Microcour$e! : Sorry. Fun fact: It’s actually possible to activate the goal flag/1-Up sound effect on this level, but still not clear it.
  15. Nothing beats good old regular Poké Balls! For not catching Pokémon. Man, I haven’t played this game in ages. Can’t see myself getting back into it now though, even for the DLC.
  16. For the new page: Golden toilet Golden toilet sméagol Bamboo-grove wall Gold bars sméagol Birdcage Ironwood table ronnie Peach surprise box Iron shelf aneres Golden casket eddage Kettlebell Money flooring sméagol
  17. Ok, just send me that gold cat and they’re all yours.
  18. Got the following DIY recipes up for grabs: Golden toilet x2 Bamboo-grove wall Gold bars Birdcage Ironwood table Peach surprise box Iron shelf Golden casket Kettlebell Money flooring If anyone would like any of those, let me know soon, as I’ll be selling them before the shop closes today to make room in my basement for turnips.
  19. Just checked, afraid not. Got quite a lot of spare fossils though, anything else that you need? Don’t suppose anyone fancies doing a bit of late night gardening on my island? Just a few hybrids that I’m missing now, so would really appreciate the help. Gonna open my gate for a bit anyway. Goldie is crafting a Log extra-long sofa BTW.
  20. General Switch Discussion

    Absolute legend! Thanks so much for sharing this. I'd previously used compressed air to try and fix the drifting issue and while it did help a bit, it's nowhere near as effective as this method! Yeah, with just a single application of contact cleaner my Joy-Con sticks have gone from completely unusable to almost perfect! There's still the odd irregularity here and there (especially within the calibration settings) but they don't appear to impact actual gameplay like before. Just been playing AC (which was previously unplayable with the Joy-Con) and other than a few instances of my character changing direction without an input, it was pretty much spot-on! I also get the feeling it will only improve with further uses of the contact cleaner. Anyway, I seriously recommend anyone that's having issues with Joy-Con drift give it a try. Just take care when applying it with the straw, as it can spray back at you!
  21. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I see there’s a new update (Ver. 1.2.1) no idea what it’s added/changed though. Only found out about it when I tried to visit another island this morning. Have got automatic software updates enabled on my Switch, but it never seems to work for some reason.
  22. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Sorry, completely forgot. Joining now.
  23. Ooh! Can I get that statue please?
  24. Iron shelf DIY currently up for grabs on my island, Katt is crafting it. Oh, and Sahara is also trapped on a tiny bit of terraformed land, which is amusing. Gates are open.