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  1. Pikmin 4 (IT'S ALIVE!) (21st July 2023)

    Agreed. Bring back Louie!
  2. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Surprised that we actually got Harvest Moon. After it appeared in the Japanese service back in March and not on our one? I thought that it was probably locked in Natsume/Marvellous licensing hell. Glad to see that they worked it out
  3. Kirby’s Tilt N’ Tumble is a big deal. First ever European release and first re-release, period. Great to see. Also means that we should eventually get the almighty Wario Ware Twisted eventually on GBA NSO
  4. https://gamesdonequick.com https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule It's that time of the year again! Anyone else here tuning in to watch? (For those that don't know what this is, it's a 6 day long charity game marathon where the world's best Speedrunners gather together and power through dozens upon dozens of games, quick! Prizes and lols a plenty are had along the way too )
  5. Everybody 1-2-Switch! (30th June 2023)

    Thanks Ike. So guys. Will this review worse than Redfall or not? Will Nintendo let Xbox off the hook for title of worst reviewed first party game of 2023?
  6. Everybody 1-2-Switch! (30th June 2023)

    Honestly surprised that Nintendo didn’t just cancel the game after it reviewed so poorly internally. The fact that they’re just dumping this out with a tweet that shows no screenshots (and not even a single !) doesn’t exactly inspire confidence… Edit: So far, it seems that this is going to be a US only release? No announcement from NOE/NCL. If NOA think that this is gonna be their Xenoblade Wii? They’re gonna be very wrong on this one.
  7. E3's death only makes her stronger!
  8. Nixxes? Should be a good port then. Honestly. Sony should probably just let them handle every in-house PC port from here on. After the disasters that were Returnal and TLOU Part 1? Just leave it to their own PC port specialists, staff them up if necessary, and let their other internal studios just focus on the console versions.
  9. Well that came out of absolutely nowhere! Glad to hear that its fully backwards compatible with PS4! The raytracing stuff is all gravy really, but the BC is the real kicker! 3D audio (presumably Dolby Atmos) is also really cool and I'm glad that its apparantly a big focus with the PS5! SSD storage is also a big surprise; that's surely gonna cost a fortune!? Now there's officially no reason to buy a PS4!
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I was thinking specifically about the 3DS versions of those stages, but I suppose you’re right in that we do have an equivalent here. Yeah, that’s very true. If anything you would’ve thought that the Wii U stages would’ve been the easiest ones to transfer over since they would’ve needed the least work. Ahh well. Gotta save something for Super Smash Bros Ultimate Special I suppose!
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    TBH, I think the stage selection screen is more shocking than the character selection screen there! Is it really that small? What stages are we missing from SSB 3DS? Pac Maze, Battlefield and FD spring to mind, but is there anything else?
  12. I can’t imagine that it’ll actually launch on Switch at this point in its life, but either way I’d be very happy to see a new DQM game. Let’s just hope that this time it gets an English release.
  13. Wow! Looks like Konami might actually have not screwed it up! Amazing!
  14. Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater

    That trailer does not inspire confidence… MGS sans Kojima is something I do not want. More interested in the MGS Master Collection than this so far.
  15. Makes sense that Sony’s first party lineup would be thin on the ground this year. Most of their internal studios have only just put out a major title within the last couple of years, so of course they aren’t gonna be ready to show anything yet. Nintendo is going to have a very similar problem over the next year or so as well. Outside of EPD Tokyo and Retro Studios, everyone else is kind of spent, so they won’t be ready to put out big titles for a while now.
  16. Why do I get the feeling that these versions will be based on the vanilla releases and not the upgraded Integral/Substance/Subsistence versions? Really hoping I’m wrong here… These games really need a good re-release.
  17. Honestly surprised that it wasn't outright cancelled. Very interested to see how this turns out, given that Platinum worked on it at one point.
  18. Spider-Man 2 (Fall 2023)

    It's coming out November 2023. There, I spoilt it for you I mean... it's Sony's one big first party 2023 game, when else is it gonna come out?
  19. So... Sony made a Wii U Gamepad, huh?
  20. So I had a thought (I know, very dangerous thing to do), and I was thinking about some games I love certain parts of, but ultimately they just don’t come together to make a truly great game. This could be a game that you generally really enjoyed, but is let down by one critical flaw that ruins it for you. Or a game which you don’t generally like as a whole, but really like certain parts of, or games that are almost really fantastic? But ultimately just don’t quite hit the mark for various reasons… … and I’m gonna kick this thread off with one of the first examples that springs to mind for me… What’s up motherfucker!! I utterly adore the dialogue, characters and story in HOTD Overkill. It’s a brilliant Grindhouse Comedy Horror that leaves me in stitches any time I watch its cutscenes. But if you strip all of its presentation away and look at the gameplay alone as a HOTD game? Ehh… Ultimately, once you look past the brilliant grindhouse presentation, it’s just not a very good HOTD game. The pacing is completely off, it’s ridiculously slow, the enemies and set pieces just aren’t very interesting and are sparsely laid out across each level (which all just drag on and on), and the boss battles are utterly uninteresting from a mechanical standpoint. Unlike all of the other HOTD games (which were all built for the arcades), this was designed from the ground up as a console game, and unfortunately it really shows in the final product; as it’s painfully obvious that the developers felt the inevitable need to drag out the game’s running time with tons of bloat in order to justify the full priced retail purchase. What should be a snappy 30-45 minute roller coaster ride ends up being a 4-6 hour long slog. And it’s a goddamned motherfucking shame, because I bloody LOVE the dialogue and characterisation in this game. If you’ve never played it? I would still recommend playing it the once, or at least watching someone else play it, because it’s actually one of the most well written comedies that the video game industry has ever seen. I’d totally watch the crap out of it if it were remade into a movie! But sadly, I can’t bring myself to ever play it again; the gameplay just isn’t good enough, and it has no replay value inherent to the gameplay. So what other examples spring to mind for you? Post ‘em here! I might even agree with some of them if I’m feeling generous
  21. General Retro Discussion

    What an absolute bastard
  22. Switch eShop Thread

    Fantastic news! Coming out June 1st 2023! Just TGM 3 left to go after this one!
  23. General Retro Discussion

    I was going to before, but now that I've got a MiSTer and an Analogue Pocket? There isn't much point in getting one for me anymore. I'm sure it'll be a decent piece of kit though. Analogue products always end up being quality... when they eventually get shipped a few years down the line.