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  1. You may be waiting a while as I’m gonna be pretty busy with work over the next few days but you’ll get some impressions at some point!
  2. There are quite a few more JPN only first party GBA games (Earthbound Endings, Magical Vacation, Tomato Adventure, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade and Custom Robo GX), but unlike the ones previously mentioned, they’d be unplayable without extensive Japanese knowledge and would require full English localisations… which ain’t happening for a “free” NSO release. They’d have to get the paid standalone FESD&TBOL treatment. That being said, Nintendo have been known to sit on previously unreleased localisations before (The EU versions of Drill Dozer and Wario Ware Twisted immediately spring to mind, as does ASH on the DS), so who knows what else is sitting in their vaults just waiting to be released?
  3. Oh wow! That’s awesome! Have always wanted to try these games out Shame that they haven’t been translated but AFAIK, these games don’t present much of a language barrier to actually playing through these games as they’re fairly straightforward platformers; so it shouldn’t be much of an issue here. Hopefully this means that we’ll also end up getting Kururin Paradise, Guru Guru Champ, F-Zero Climax, Rhythm Tengoku and the Bit Generations games as well at some point on the NSO service
  4. Oh dear Gabe… what have you done to my wallet… I have a Balatro Fever and the only cure are more Deckbuilder Roguelites (plus a few extra Steam bargains/games with Stereoscopic 3D support).
  5. https://www.eurogamer.net/game-to-end-in-store-pre-orders Me thinks that GAME might've been lying about the previous report being untrue...
  6. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! https://www.resetera.com/threads/dragon-quest-iii-hd-2d-japanese-media-demo-lots-of-new-deep-dive-gameplay-footages-screenshots-new-gameplay-info.924417/ Using Zoom indoors doesn't make you hit your head on the ceiling anymore
  7. Looks just about perfect! Finally! The version of DQ1-3 in English that these games deserve!
  8. Oh... oh no... Please don't give me sadness
  9. https://www.8ing.co.jp/titles/nintendo-switch-sports_basketball/ Looks like Eighting were the developers for Switch Sports Basketball. Cool to see Nintendo continuing to work with these guys I wonder if it was Eighting's idea to make this DLC, just out of the blue for this 2 year old game? Would at least help explain the bizzare decision to suddenly go back and add new content for seemingly no reason!
  10. Teaser website is up... https://www.nintendo.com/jp/switch/emio/index.html Yeah, this is definitely an internal first party game. Feeling pretty good about my prediction right now
  11. If I had to throw out a random guess? I'm gonna say that it's a new IP directed by Yoshio Sakamoto and co-developed by Mercury Steam... The development timeframe would match up perfectly as it has now been more or less 3 years since Metroid Dread came out.
  12. Err... Nintendo just put out a cryptic trailer for what appears to be a new first party horror game of sorts? (M/18+ rated to boot!) It has the White-On-Red Nintendo logo at the end, which is reserved for first party game announcements; so this does seem to be a first party title! "Emio" means "Smiling Man" in Japanese, which fits the icogography seen in the trailer... What does it meeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!? Either way... a very un-Nintendo-like teaser trailer for sure!
  13. Will be interesting how they handle character unlocks in MvC2, because the arcade version is notorious for being an insane grind... ... that being said, there IS a built-in unlock-all code that is accessible via the Naomi arcade version's test menu... I could see them flipping that switch by default here, as the natural method of unlocking all the characters isn't supposed to be really user triggerable (the idea was that each machine/location was supposed to unlock characters slowly over a period of years, through repeated play/credits/time, in order to maintain interest amongst the public; basically On-Disc-DLC before On-Disc-DLC).
  14. You can't put the genie back into the bottle, and you can't put value back into what has already been devalued. This is the beginning of the end for Game Pass.
  15. The Nintendo side is obviously pretty exciting, we’ve got a pretty hype lineup coming our way this year… But I will probably hold out on playing most of it until Switch 2 comes out at this point now. We’re so close to it now that I can hold out for the new hardware, so that I can play these games with a much better gameplay experience with much better resolution & framerate, as well as a better controller that actually works properly without the wireless signal constantly crapping out, or with d-pads that don’t work properly. And yes, I am fully expecting a formal unveiling event in September/October, in place of the usual September Nintendo Direct, with a release early next year with Metroid Prime 4 crossgen being the big launch title. Outside Nintendo? Ace Attorney Investigations Collection is the No 1 thing I’m looking forward to. Have waited around 13 years to play AAI2 and I’m gonna enjoy the crap out of it! Shantae Advance is another big one for me (20 year wait for that one!), but I get the feeling that this one is gonna slip into 2025… Likewise, same with The Plucky Squire and Mina The Hollower. I’m fully expecting both of them to slip into 2025. Clock Tower Rewind might still be this year? But again, wouldn’t be surprised if it slips into 2025… Otherwise? I’ll get Astro Bot if it comes out on PC (probably not for a couple of years I’d imagine), and there’s a few smaller scale releases like the Marvel VS Capcom collection, but nothing else really big. That’s about it for me. There’s very little outside of Nintendo and Capcom coming out this year that really interests me.
  16. As a fan of Wii Sports? Honestly? Switch Sports left me feeling cold. The local multiplayer feels like a total afterthought (along with poor splitscreen perfomance), with online being the focus; blasphemy as far as I’m concerned. There is virtually no single player content to speak of, and some sports (like Volleyball) are outright bad; so bad that they were significantly redesigned post launch. The vibes are all off, it feels like a knockoff product made by Namco; rather than a proper Nintendo EPD game. With a weird, almost competitive esports vibe, that just doesn’t feel right. Music sucks too, nothing memorable at all. And good lord do I hate the Sportsmates, with their dead, soulless eyes and gormless faces; and unfortunately the Mii support is totally half arsed (you can’t even use any of the unlockable costumes with the Miis; making the costume feature completely useless for me). Not to mention that the game was initially released outright unfinished, with an entire sport missing, and core features just… not there. One of the most disappointing first party Nintendo games in the Switch library as far as I’m concerned. I was shocked to find out that it wasn’t outsourced, it just doesn’t feel like a proper internally developed Nintendo game at all. Very rough and unpolished feeling.
  17. Sorry Jonnas, but you're no better than Chris Pratt... No, they're not the same thing!
  18. Millenium Kitchen you say? You have my interest. Loved Attack of the Friday Monsters and I'd be well up for another similar game from the same devs
  19. Oh nice! Always wanted to give Sigma Star Saga a whirl, its got such a bizzare concept! (Shmup + RPG)
  20. Evidently I stand corrected! Was probably thinking of the SNES game then.
  21. To be fair, it was exclusive to the JPN NSO service for a good while due to said trademark issues, but it did hit the western service eventually.
  22. England win on penalties? But that’s impossible!! Jammy doesn’t even begin to describe how ridiculously lucky England has been throughout this tourney. Utterly undeserved, but hey! Semis are semis at the end of the day.
  23. Sorry Glen... but this isn't even the first fighting game to feature Pepsi Man... and as a playable character to boot! The Japanese SEGA Saturn version of Fighting Vipers (not the western release, and not the arcade version, no; only this specific version) features none other than the man of Pepsi himself! Complete with theme song even! What is it with the obsession for Pepsi amongst 90s Japanese developers!? It's not even a good drink! Pepsi is disgusting!
  24. Absolutely fabulous night! Tories completely BTFO with what appears to be the largest single election swing in British political history, Reform’s hot air going up in smoke (in fact, they went on to help Labour by splitting the votes that would otherwise have gone to the Tories) and the LDs beating their previous best seat record. An absolute Tory bloodbath of biblical proportions. You love to see it Just a shame that IDS, Hunt and Sunak survived… The last one is even more baffling considering that he’ll almost certainly be resigning in a matter of hours anyway!
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