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  1. Who fancies another Direct?
  2. The Euro and Pound Sterling have recently appreciated against the Yen; which is why we had that recent Europe exclusive price drop for the Switch. That’s probably the main reason why we’re getting a better deal than the yanks in this case.
  3. Well if the sight of Banjo Kazooie (N64 NSO), Castlevania Bloodlines (MD NSO) and this tweet are anything to go by… … it seems that the large price hike is going towards securing more difficult & expensive licenses. If this means that we could get the likes of Perfect Dark, Mischief Makers, Goemon N64 1&2, Rocket Knight Adventures 1&2 and Crusader of Centy added to NSO? I’d have no qualms about the higher price in that case!
  4. If you’re playing that game, I don’t play full price for NSO either because I split a family pack with 7 other people.
  5. Fuck you Nintendo!! £160 for 4 controllers is absolutely outrageo… … don’t mind me…
  6. That's for the sub on its own; not just for the expansion pack. The expansion pack sub price (for those that are already subscribed to NSO) hasn't been announced yet.
  7. Yeah... that's not cheap for the Expansion Pack. We had better be getting more added onto it over time if they want to charge basically double the current NSO sub for it! (I expect GCN and Wii games for this kind of money Nintendo!)
  8. So we're getting Happy Home Designer 2? And it comes as part of the NSO Expansion Pack? Nice!
  9. So now that Everyone Is Here, and our final Smash Character Reveal Trailer has been released... it's time to vote for your favourite! There can only be one winner.... Which Super Smash Bros series Character Reveal trailer was the best? (Remember, we're judging the quality of the trailer itself; NOT the characters featured within!). Which trailers made you laugh, cry and hype the most? It's time to find out! Links to all of the previous character reveal trailers are listed below to help refresh your memory... Super Smash Bros Brawl E3 2006 Trailer (Metaknight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Wario and Snake) Sonic Joins The Brawl (Sonic The Hedgehog) Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U 1st Trailer (Villager) Mega Man Joins the Battle! (Mega Man) Wii Fit Trainer Joins the Battle! (Wii Fit Trainer) Comet Observatory (Rosalina & Luma) Champion of the Ring (Little Mac) Challenger From the Shadows (Charizard, Greninja) Goddess of Light (Palutena, Dark Pit) Red, Blue, Yellow (Pac-Man) Mii Fighter Gameplay Trailer E3 2014 (Mii Swordfighter/Gunner/Brawler) Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame (Robin, Lucina) Looks like we don't have a choice! (Shulk) The Future King (Bowser Jr/Koopalings) One Dog, One Bird, One Zapper (Duck Hunt Duo) Mewtwo Strikes Back! (Mewtwo) Lucas Comes Out of Nowhere! (Lucas) Roy seals the deal! (Roy) Here comes a new challenger! (Ryu) Cloud Storms into Battle! (Cloud) Corrin Chooses to Smash! (Corrin) Bayonetta Gets Wicked! (Bayonetta) Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch! (Inkling) Daisy Reveal - E3 2018 (Daisy) A Piercing Screech (Ridley) Vampire Killer (Simon, Richter) Chrom & Dark Samus in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - REVEAL TRAILER (Chrom, Dark Samus) The Rivals (King K-Rool) A hard worker’s dream (Isabelle) Fighting Fire with Fire (Ken, Incineroar) Piranha Plant joins the battle! (Piranha Plant) Take Your Heart or The Masked Rebel (Joker) - Either choice will count as the same vote; given the staggered nature of this character unveil Heroic Encounter (Hero/Erdrick) Best Friends (Banjo & Kazooie) Breaking News– The Challenger or The Legendary Wolf (Terry) - Either choice will count as the same vote; given the staggered nature of this character unveil The Ashen Demon (Byleth) Ramen Time! (MinMin) A New Seed! (Steve?, Alex, Zombie, Enderman) One-Winged Angel (Sephiroth) One day, Pyra just disappeared (Pyra/Mythra) The Iron Fist of Darkness (Kazuya) The Last Key (Sora) How to vote Given the N-E Forum's limited number of poll options and the absolutely ridiculous number of trailers on offer (A whopping 44!!), we're gonna need some sort of system in place. So here it is! Vote for your top 5 trailers in order of preference. Points are allocated as follows... 1st place = 6 points 2nd place = 4 points 3rd place = 3 points 4th place = 2 points 5th place = 1 point Send your votes via PM to @Glen-i, who has graciously agreed to tally up the votes on my behalf (he has a lot more time to handle the admin stuff than I do ). Remember that you are voting for the trailer itself and NOT the character! As such, you will need to send your vote with the name of the trailer itself! (You can also send the featured character/s as well if you want to; but you MUST send the name of the trailer that you are voting for! Let's avoid confusion here!). DO NOT POST YOUR VOTES INSIDE THIS THREAD ITSELF! Send them via PM to @Glen-i. You are free to discuss the trailers themselves here, but do not reveal your votes publically. At the end of the voting process, points will be added up and a final post will be made with the full rankings list from bottom to top; giving us the ultimate Smash Bros Trailer Tier List! Let the battle begin!
  10. Metroid Dread

    I wouldn't really recommend starting with Dread; since it is one of the hardest games in the series. That, and it's the last story entry in the mainline series; so you won't get as much out of it as you would if you had played the others first. I mean, sure, you can play Dread first; but I think you'd enjoy it more having played the previous games beforehand. Funnily enough, I was just talking yesterday with a friend of mine about this very topic and this is the recommended order of playing through the Metroid games that I came up with, quoted verbatum...
  11. Yup. That's exactly why I didn't include it. It wasn't a new character reveal trailer per-say, but rather it was the first trailer for Ultimate itself, one that highlights Ultimate's main USP; so it doesn't really serve the same purpose as the actual character reveal trailers. BTW, this was a really hard list to whittle down for myself; there are some real corkers to choose from! But I was also surprised at some trailers which I felt were kinda poor (like Bayonetta's one; amazing character and a huge reveal for sure, but her actual trailer isn't so hot IMO). One thing that's also interesting is seeing how they made use of a very limited budget; you can really tell that the Smash 4 DLC character reveal trailers had a much smaller budget than the base game... But in contrast? Budget isn't everything, because Comet Observatory is a huge, lengthy and lavish CG production that honestly isn't that great as a trailer in of itself (It's too long, plodding and is paced pretty poorly; especially in comparison to the likes of Challenger from The Shadows, or Cloud Storms into Battle!)
  12. MK64 is a very broken game as far as the racing goes; but that’s also what makes it fun. You can do some absolutely outrageous and ridiculous stuff in that game; but yeah, you do need a bit of a gentleman’s agreement in place beforehand! Battle Mode in MK64 is absolutely first class though; still one of the best in the series (Block Fort + infinitely bouncing green shells + bomb buggies = A very fun time! )
  13. Pretty sure that it’s the latter. Doesn’t matter if you’re keeping the old system or not. I was of the impression that everything except for Animal Crossing (due to it being the ONE game on Switch that doesn’t have its save files tied to a specific user; but rather to the console) would transfer over when you do a data transfer from one Switch to another? Guess EA must be actively blocking it somehow?
  14. Metroid Dread

    I love the UI in this game. It’s incredibly faithful to the classic 2D Metroid aesthetic. Everything about it is absolutely accurate to the classic 2D Metroid series, right down to the font choice, the colours, the layout, the use of the L&R buttons on the status screen; and even the presentation of the file select screen (The classic “Samus Files” are presented just like how they are in the SNES & GBA games; even including the classic animation of Samus turning her head towards the camera when you select the file! ). The UI feels just like the classic pixel art 2D Metroids, just now presented in HD. It goes a long way towards making Metroid Dread feel like the legitimate Metroid 5 that it really is. It’s decidedly un-modern, but still feels slick and fun to use. It’s absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!
  15. See Nintendo? It really wasn’t that hard. Fantastic news!
  16. Metroid Dread

    So I just beat the first boss and got up to the second area… I’m absolutely loving it so far! And it hasn’t quite played out to my expectations either… First off, Samus controls like absolute butter and she has never felt better to control! Gone is the staccato rhythm of combat from Samus Returns in favour of far more fluid traversal & combat. Thankfully, they’ve ditched the idea of having every single enemy be super aggro like in Samus Returns and the focus on the melee counter has been greatly reduced. You won’t be seeing every single enemy lunge at Samus with a glowing light asking for her to counter them here in Dread and instead, most enemies are more like classic Metroid foes with some aggro ones thrown in. It’s a nice balance and the game’s enemies feel much more varied as a result than they did in Samus Returns. Speaking of which, the difficulty also feels more finely tuned than in Samus Returns as well. Most enemies don’t hit as hard as in SR and they’re also a lot more generous with missile & ammo drops than in that game (it’s not uncommon for enemies to drop 50hp or more!). It’s certainly on the harder side of Metroid, but it doesn’t feel nearly as unfriendly to the player as SR did so far. Secondly, the game feels much more linear so far than I was expecting. While you don’t have the guiding hand of Adam telling you exactly where your target is, the level design has a fairly obvious critical path that leads you towards progression. From what I hear, this changes up later on though. It’s not a bad thing at all (I do love Fusion after all), it’s just not what I was expecting from the outset. Finally, the EMMI encounters don’t quite play out like the stealth sequences I was expecting them to be… The areas where they appear are quite wide and open, and these sequences play out more like an escape sequence than stealth per-say. They’re really fun! And they do make you feel the sense of Dread that the game is going for, but they’re not quite like the stealth sequences that I thought they were going to be. They’re much faster paced and action focused than I had expected. Also… I pulled off the EMMI counter on my first attempt Sadly I didn’t pull it off the second time I was captured Turns out that the counter timing is randomised each time you’re captured!
  17. Sounds like it's more like Xenoblade than Xenoblade X... which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned The areas are still stonkingly huge. It's just that it has 5 seperated "open worlds" that you choose between when you set out on your quest from the main hub.
  18. Metroid Dread

    https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2021-metroid-dread-tech-review 900p/60FPS in Docked (virtually flawless performance); native 720p/60FPS in Handheld. Cutscenes are 30FPS. The BIG win though is the 5.1 surround sound mix; which is apparently one of the best on the Switch
  19. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/10/sad-times-the-amazing-flip-grip-accessory-doesnt-work-on-switch-oled Good news! A new version of the FlipGrip is currently in the works for the SWOLED
  20. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    I wouldn’t expect anything more than that. Most likely these are based on the previous mobile ports.
  21. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    The Houser brothers actively hated Nintendo though ever since the fall out over Body Harvest on the N64. This is an even more unlikely and surreal release than FF7! There is absolutely no way in hell this would’ve happened if Dan Houser wasn’t kicked out of Rockstar last year. Take Two have managed to wrestle control of the company from the Houser brothers and this is the first real major sign of change that’s come as a result. This is HUGE for Rockstar.
  22. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    Wow! It finally happened… End of an era for Rockstar. This would never have happened if Dan Houser was still at Rockstar. His absence is an absolute sea change for the company.
  23. Metroid Dread

    Why isn't it home time yet?
  24. Sad news. SEGA loses one of its last remaining big stars, and with it, one of the last remnants of its history. Will be interesting to see if more games start hitting Switch now that he can’t block their release anymore though.
  25. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Holy shit @ that plot synopsis @Jonnas! The definitely belongs in the So Bad It’s Good thread! Might just have to watch a let’s play at some point