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  1. Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5)

    Expected delay is expected. I doubt it'll hurt Sony that much though. The usual yearly COD (which they will almost assuredly pay for some timed exclusive DLC) will likely be enough to carry them through this holiday season.
  2. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Might I suggest Kirby Power Paintbrush? It's available on the Wii U VC and it's one of the best action platformers on the DS! It's not that long, but it's A+ 2D gameplay all the way through
  3. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Just checked. Yup. Ghost Trick is up on the iOS store. From what I recall, the port is generally pretty solid overall.
  4. I’ve picked it up, but ironically I’m actually still in the middle of a re-playthrough of Trials & Tribulations; so it’ll be a while before I get to dig into GAA1&2.
  5. NEO: The World Ends With You

    Decided to pick up the physical version for this one. Normally I’d get digital first and then physical later when it’s cheaper; but I figured that chances are that this game’s physical version will become rare very quickly, as S-E don’t seem particularly interested in giving this game much of a push (so I suspect a very low print run). So figured I might as well pick it up physically now while I can and I’ll nab the digital version on discount later
  6. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    YES!! Got it!!!
  7. Well that came out of absolutely nowhere! Glad to hear that its fully backwards compatible with PS4! The raytracing stuff is all gravy really, but the BC is the real kicker! 3D audio (presumably Dolby Atmos) is also really cool and I'm glad that its apparantly a big focus with the PS5! SSD storage is also a big surprise; that's surely gonna cost a fortune!? Now there's officially no reason to buy a PS4!
  8. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I thought the same thing, but as it turns out, the Steam version has official support for the PS4/PS5 controllers; with full Playstation buttons showing when you connect those controllers. So most likely it just means that they couldn't be bothered to make another d-pad HUD icon for Xbox controller users. Supposedly they were done with his direct supervision, like what happened with FF1 & 2 Origins on Wonderswan/PS1/GBA.
  9. 3DS Console Discussion

    Err... The 3DS version does have motion controls... Better yet, the Switch version has even better motion controls that mimic RE4 Wii's sublime setup! ... All the more ironic that RE4 Switch is the only RE game on Switch to have no form of motion controls at all It's dead simple. You just go through the 3DS Transfer process in the System Settings menu and it transfers everything over for you. The only catch is that you physically need both systems on your person to do the transfer (which everyone was moaning about because they all wanted to sell their old consoles and still have access to their games); but the actual transfer process is fairly easy & painless really.
  10. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Well here's a shocker... The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are NOT just reusing the PS1/GBA/DS arrangements of the soundtracks and actually have brand new arrangements that... actually sound really good!
  11. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    I would bloody hope that it's 60FPS! It would be embarassing if it wasn't! Motion controls are nice, but hopefully they're not actually using the gyro (but instead are using the accellerometer). Using the gyro would actually make the game unplayable as it starts drifting within seconds; so hopefully SEGA aren't dumb enough to use it instead of the accellerometer...
  12. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Looks like I was right... https://bunshun.jp/denshiban/articles/b1436 Nintendo DID bail on the Olympics opening ceremony. We were supposed to get an appearance from none other than Shigsy himself, alongside Zelda, Kirby, Mario & Pokemon music.
  13. 3DS Console Discussion

    Honestly? A very large chunk of them require the R button... (You can blame Streetpass Plaza for normalising that). The majority of the 3DS' heavy hitters make copious use of the shoulder buttons. Ones that don't off the top of my head though, include Kid Icarus Uprising (unless you're left handed, in which case you're SOL), New Super Mario Bros 2, Virtue's Last Reward, Zero Time Dilemma, Hey! Pikmin, the Art Academy games, the Pokemon games, Shovel Knight, Shantae & The Pirate's Curse, Ultimate NES Remix, Mario Golf World Tour (fully playable with touch screen only) and Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
  14. N-Europe Video Game Club

    If you guys are gonna do a roguelike, I have one that I could recommend... (COUGH! shameless plug, COUGH!)
  15. N-Europe Video Game Club

    How about we pick an arcade game? We haven't done that before! Can also be a home console port of an arcade game, as long as it's close to arcade accurate! Not a fighting game though, a single player arcade game. Good ol' fashioned high score chasing fun!
  16. The Legend of Zelda's 35th Anniversary

    Seasons/Mystical Seed of Power was originally the Zelda 1 remake (before they dumped the idea of making a trilogy in favour of a duology instead); Ages/Mystical Seed of Wisdom was an original title. That's why Seasons in particular ends up stealing SO MUCH from Zelda 1.
  17. The Legend of Zelda's 35th Anniversary

    To be fair, Ages is notably more difficult than Seasons. I wouldn't personally recommend playing Ages first on your first-time playthrough (on a second one though? Sure, play Ages first and bask in the glory of the unlockable Roc's Cape & Hyper Slingshot!) Worth noting that all the staff that worked on both Oracles games (and eventually Four Swords & Minish Cap) ended up joining Nintendo EAD when Flagship was closed down; and now head the Zelda series proper (The rest of the Flagship staff joined HAL BTW). So it's not that far removed from the other titles in the series really (though I do agree that both games do have a "fan game" sort of feel to them; especially considering how much they outright steal from other Zelda titles).
  18. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    BKGR is a pretty nice rendition of the series' trademark gameplay in 2D form; it's surprising just how close it actually does feel to the 3D games! Which kind of goes to show how the N64 games are more like 3D adventure games than pure platformers I suppose. That being said though? It's just not very ambitious outside of the basic premise of feeling like a 3D Banjo game. It doesn't really try to push the series forward in any way and it's all well worn territory. The levels are pretty ho-hum in terms of design, with not really much in the way of unique or creative mechanics or interesting traversal, the transformations aren't particularily interesting, the boss battles are pretty crappy to be honest, and even the mini games largely disappoint. It's pretty contempt with just being "a portable Banjo Kazooie game", as if that's enough on its own. It's decidedly inoffensive, but it doesn't really excel at anything either. They could've done so much more with the concept, but it ends up being a pretty typical handheld Rare game; a second rate, low budget affair that is perfectly competent, but doesn't try to push any boundaries. That being said, Mumbo's Pad is a sexy disco fueled bachelor pad in this game. Which is nice.
  19. As someone who works within the medical/nursing field, and has written & published their own scientific papers? Scientific literacy is a very rare commodity; and it is very very common for data to be misused, manipulated and misunderstood. Even amongst healthcare professionals, scientific literacy is nowhere near as common as you would expect. If this pandemic has proven anything? It's that mainstream media outlets are almost just as bad at reporting scientific data as your dodgy cousin on Facebook. The reporting on the Astrazenica vaccine throughout Europe amongst the media in particular was beyond shambolic; and has done powerful & lasting damage that vaccine efforts will likely never fully recover from. If you really want to make yourself informed, start with the Cochrane Library (the gold-standard of systematic reviews within the medical field). There is a nice COVID-19 resources section that has links to some handy resources designed for the layperson; iHealthFacts is also a particularily nice & approchable resource for quick answers that is supported by Cochrane Ireland The WHO also have a nice repository of information designed for the public as well. You can view it here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public
  20. On the plus side, Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis for GBA is what eventually enabled Sonic Mania to happen… as this absolute pile of Sonic shite lead to Stealth showing up SEGA with his own Homebrew port! … which eventually lead to the modern Sonic CD port, which eventually lead to Sonic Mania! So it’s not all bad. It actually left quite the legacy in the end!
  21. Playdate (new handheld)

    Pre-orders won't sell out they say?
  22. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Yeah I just caught that, lovely surprise! I switched it on and thought... wait a fucking moment! THAT'S ROBO'S THEME THEY'RE PLAYING!!!!! That being said? Very strange that Nintendo are a complete no-show here for the opening ceremony... Considering how much they pushed to associate themselves with the Tokyo Olympics when it was first announced (I mean, they got President Abe to come out of a fucking Warp Pipe in a Mario costume FFS!), and with how much they've pushed to get Super Nintendo World open alongside the Tokyo Olympics? Their silence here is absolutely deafening! I wonder if Nintendo pulled out from the games completely after the controversy started regarding them opening the games up in the face of a worsening situation regarding COVID in Japan?
  23. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Hey, you know what game is awesome? Dicey Dungeons! Guess what I just completed and wrote a review for? You'll never guess what score I gave this game... Go on! Click the pic and enjoy! Also, I happened to finish another game... Ace Attorney: Justice For All is the second game in the Ace Attorney series. It's a fairly typical Capcom "more of the same" sequel, you know, like the endless barrage of very similar Mega Man sequels or PS1 era Resident Evil titles. However, while that kind of sequel can start to burn you out very quickly, oddly enough, the same isn't really true of the Ace Attorney series. And I think that comes down to the fact that within the Ace Attorney series, like I previously mentioned, the story IS the gameplay; as the way in which you prove whodunnit is wildly different in each game & case. As such, each game feels distinct & fresh, despite all making use of very similar mechanics & assets. So how is Justice for All different from the first game? Well, the first and most major addition is the introduction of Psyche Locks; a much needed expansion of the fairly rudimentary Investigation portions of the original game, where you are tasked with pressing people to reluctantly open up about events related to the case by presenting the right facts & evidence at the right time. It's a brilliant mechanic that would go on to become one of the key defining features of the series going forward, and rightly so. I'm sure she's legit... The Psyche Locks are a natural extension of the supernatural elements seen in the first game, and naturally, so too does the story delve deeper into the nature of the psychic powers held by the Fey Clan. As such, the story might disappoint some who preferred the more grounded aspects of the original game; but personally I don't mind that. So long as a story doesn't pull its punches and fully commits to its supernatural elements, I'm cool with it. What I do mind however is the wonky logic presented throughout the game. The Ace Attorney series is kind of unfairly maligned for having somewhat questionable logic with its use of evidence; where you know the answer, but can't present that evidence at that time, or where the story goes off the rails and is either full of holes, or doesn't make sense logically with what you have in your court record... However, that criticism is definitely applicable with Justice for All; especially in Case 3, which feels like it really needed an extra editing pass at the very least. There are plenty of times where you're given a clue that doesn't really lead anywhere, or at least doesn't lead anywhere where you can actually go to at the time; and the courtroom scenes can be frustrating when you're working with some very flimsy logic that doesn't feel intuitive. It's Justice for All that gives the series that reputation in particular and it's unfair to the rest of the games in the series, which handle things much better in that regard; here though? It can feel a bit rough. Everything about this scene is incredibly stupid That being said though? Case 2 & 4 are pretty great fun! Case 4's scenario in particular... ... is fantastic! Also, I actually forgot that there was some more clever use of legalese in this game... Also another clever bit of foreshadowing that I totally forgot about... There are some fantastic moments throughout Case 4 in particular; and it's mostly very well done all throughout. It's a shame then, that those rough moments throughout the game and the occasional bit of wonky logic (of which, Case 3 is especially guilty of), end up spoiling some of that enjoyment. Overall though? It's an important step forward for the series. It's probably the weakest game in the entire series, but it gave us the series defining Psyche Lock mechanic, and Case 4 is a genuine corker. So it's hard to be too mad at it. Also it gave us Pearl, and what kind of heartless monster DOESN'T love Pearl!? And with that?
  24. Switch eShop Thread

    It's on PC as well (Came out on PC first; came to Switch afterwards). Is also coming to mobile eventually.