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    Given that we’ve been trapped inside for the better part of a year and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon I thought it would be a good time to pick up a new hobby. I’ve always had an interest console modding but never done any myself. I thought now might be the time to give it a go and see what I can do. I posted in the “What Have You Bought” thread that I’d recently picked up a few tools to get started and @Happenstance suggested I make a thread to document my progress, so here it is! I have a few projects in mind and will document my progress, any ideas or suggestions are very welcome! Project #1: My Japanese GameCube I bought this GameCube back when I lived in Japan and haven’t used it in years. Given the simple nature of the console and the quite nice quick work you can do on it I thought it would be a good place to start. I have a few plans for things to do with this. Mod #1: Region Switch The first mod is a simple one, a US/JP region switch. I don’t actually have any US games here but this is a simple enough project to get started with and very easy to test the success of. I’ve ordered a pack of switches and some cable and hope this one will be pretty easy to get done. Mod #2: Region Identifying Power LED Linked to Mod #1 is installing multiple LED lights such that the power light will be a different colour dependent on the region selected. This is a little trickier than the first but should be easy to test and not cause me too many issues. The LEDs I need for this have also been ordered Mod #3: Controller Port LEDs This is a little trickier than the first two as it will require some gaps be made in the existing body. The idea is to make the controller ports light up when the console is powered on. I need to acquire a glue gun to help with this one but otherwise everything is ready for it. Mod #4: HDMI Output Currently I have to use this mess of bad quality to get my GameCube on my TV: Luckily, the GameCube I have has got the digital output which means there is a kit available that will turn this into and HDMI port. It seems I have a few options on this one so will be doing a bit of investigation into the best way to do this before I take the plunge. Whatever I go with this will be a challenging mod. Mod #5: USB-C Power There are a few parts to this one. A couple of years ago I totally forgot about power differences and managed to blow up... something. I bought a new power supply so the first thing to do was test everything actually works: Great, I have a working GameCube! Being more sensible I now have a step-down transformer but my god does it take up a lot of space: It also weighs a ton. So that I can avoid all of this in the future and not worry about power issues I’ve found a USB-C power board that matches the GameCube power adapter output that I will attempt to install into the console. This one is completely self-created so I have no clue if it will actually work. Based on my research it should do, but it’s untested. So that’s the plan for my first project. Looking forward to getting started on it. Have any of you tried anything similar? Any thoughts or tips?
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    There have been plenty of rumours about a more powerful Switch coming later this year. Today, a very reliable Apple leaker (who has connections at Foxconn, the Chinese production company) has tweeted about it, suggesting that it's now entered production: I'm really excited about this, because a recent Nvidia hiring post confirmed they were looking at someone with DLSS experience. For those unaware, DLSS can allow a console to output a 4K image without all the required GPU power. In fact, I've seen footage of Death Stranding run at very low resolutions (360p) and look near identical to a 1080p PS4 image. This could be a real game changer for Nintendo, as Sony and Microsoft can't use DLSS as it's not something AMD offer. A new Switch can offer a decent CPU boost, DLSS and perhaps have more memory without 'replacing' the current Switch.
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    I managed to finish a couple of games from last year off in the past couple of days. I'll be talking about both on the N-E Cafe this week in a little more detail. Firstly Part-time UFO on Switch, which is a great little game developed by HAL. Please read @Hero-of-Time's review here https://www.n-europe.com/reviews/part-time-ufo It's a fantastic little game with a deceptively large amount of content. The final boss is wonderful and introduces new mechanics, which work really well for a "boss battle". There are heaps of costumes, extras and achievements to unlock, some of which are brutally difficult. I finished the main game in just under 3 hours, but I can see it stretching out well beyond 5 for anyone who wants to hit 100%. Highly, highly recommended considering the price. Also did the final room and boss(es) in Luigi's Mansion 3. Not really much else to add here. My favourite Switch game release after the start of 2018. So pleased that NLG have been brought into the fold full-time. The final, final boss was extremely tough, but I managed to finally do it on the third or fourth attempt. Credits and ending cut-scene were wonderful. They've really managed to capture the Nintendo magic in this title and I can't wait to see what they do next. I have a few jewels to go back and get for 100%, but I can easily see myself replaying the entire thing in a year or two. Definitely a 10/10 game! #DCubedWasRIght
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    https://my.nintendo.com/rewards/ee6d5675104d4a34 OMG! FINALLY!!! Something actually good!!!!!!
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    Take BOTW for example, it runs at about 30FPS at 900p on the docked Switch. It's not super stable and drops a few frames, think by the Deku Tree, for instance. What DLSS can do depends on what type of experience you want. You could run the game in 720p native (lighter load on the GPU), upscaled to 1080p. The deep learning super sampling would output an upscaled 1080p image, but the actual game would be rendering in 720p, so in TV mode, the frame-rate would be much smoother because the GPU is not working as hard to produce the image. The cost of running DLSS would be far lower than natively rendering the game in 900p over 720. Mario Kart 8 is a buttery smooth 1080p60. With DLSS enabled, it could, in theory upscale the image to 2160p or even 4K with very little cost. I'd imagine, with it being a Wii U game, there is still some overhead that could be used to achieve this. If they slightly upgrade (or even unlock) the clock speeds on the next model, this would be instantly achievable. For handheld mode, you could have Doom Eternal, as an example, rendered in native 480p and outputting at an upscaled 720p on the Switch Screen, which may even make 60FPS possible, or allow it to maintain a consistent 30fps upscaled to 720p (so no more variable resolution to keep the frame-rate stable). Basically, it allows you to play around with output and frame-rates and tailor the experience to what you want. Now I'm sure Nintendo will be extremely strict with what they allow users to select and it certainly won't be as free as it is on PC. But this stuff really works and I'm kicking myself for buying an AMD GPU a couple of years ago. There are loads of Digital Foundry videos if you want to get all technical which examine different uses of DLSS and the cost or running a game like Control in native 4K compared to upscaled 4K. The amount of power you can save is really as much as 50% and the difference in image quality is almost not visible unless you zoom right in. It's also really going to come into its own when stuff like ray-tracing takes off as rendering that stuff is extremely expensive. This shit is magic. The best part is it would not cost Nintendo anything like a full generation shift but can get similar results. All they would need to do is use a slightly more modern chip than the one they have now and keep everything else the same. This stuff has been around for a few years now but has only started seeing real results in the last 12 months as the technology has improved. They would be absolutely insane to not make use of it in their partnership with Nvidia, and best of all, they could still make a tidy profit off a $299 Switch with this feature included. They don't need to break the bank. Edit: It also makes sense for Nintendo to adopt this as a matter urgency, before the XSX and PS5 get up and running. The longer they leave it, the further they'll get left behind. Though that's just my opinion based on 2010-2012 and the Wii.
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    This is a bit weird but also a nice surprise. Last May/June I picked up a brand new DSi XL that also came with a brand new copy of Pokemon Conquest. Days after this purchase things went a little south for me for a few months. Because of this, as soon the items arrived I just put them in the cupboard with my DS games and forgot about them. Whilst fishing out Super Princess Peach for the picture I took in the other thread, I came across my forgotten purchase and finally opened it! I always wanted a DSi XL. I just rocked the original model and then Lite when I originally owned a DS but never did upgrade to this. It took a while to find a brand new model that was the colour I wanted. I hate the burgundy and yellow colour models and those were the ones that seemed to be mostly available. I got Pokemon Conquest as part of the bundle. It originally came with Pokemon White 2 but seeing as I already have that I asked for it to be swapped with Conquest. The seller was happy to make the change. I wonder how long these would have sat there had Aneres not mentioned Super Princess Peach?
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    With my only experience of 3D World being the style in Super Mario Maker 2 (it's the worst style), it's still strange and cool to see it in 3D. Looks good!
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    Ready to make my first 2021 post! It's been a long time coming, but it's finally done. After 165 hours of recorded game time (but surely 200+ hours in practice), I finally finished: Fire Emblem: Three Houses I feel so attacked right now After months and months of slow progress, I finally beat my first (and hopefully the longest) campaign in this game. I've been intentionally exploring as many aspects of the game as I could (trying to master several classes, complete every paralogue that came my way, went for a few rare beasts, read the vast majority of the dialogue, saw every single support, etc.), hence the long playtime. For future playthroughs, I'll likely be much more efficient, even if I keep focusing on the plot. As a whole, I actually liked the different pace of the game, compared to other FEs. In Garreg Mach, we can talk to our units during peace time, read up the lore at any time, interact with other characters in smaller situations that make sense, influence character growth and supports a lot easier... On one hand, it becomes easy to exploit the best paths, but on the other hand, Maddening exists. Loved playing as the Golden Deer, and I definitely enjoyed soaking the world's lore from that perspective. In fact, I love how this game possesses such a thick lore, but rarely spells it details out loud. So many reveals weren't reveals at all, but left for the player to find or figure out for themselves (or even just talked about in a different route). Also, it's fair to say Claude is now one of my favourite lords in the series, and I now want a prequel starring his parents, Blazing Blade style. Plot-wise, there's a lot to dissect, but I'm overall very pleased. It's a bold choice to do a grey conflict like this again (being able to choose any of the sides), but they actually managed to do it very well, and I enjoyed the results. The worldbuilding is fascinating, and its conveyed in a subtle way that reminds me of Elibe, which as high a praise as you get from me. Even without the lore, the characters on their own easily carry the game. The writing and voice acting are easily on the same level of Shadows of Valentia, and that helps in creating a huge lovable cast you can easily get attached to. I also want to give a shout out to Tea Time, a surprisingly good "Date Simulator", even if I think it still needs some extra polish. Shamir, why do you keep hurting me with truth? Gameplay-wise, I like all the toys we're given. The gauntlets, the gambits, the monsters, the combat arts, the utility spells, the various Rallies, the versatility of picking your dancer... Lots of good stuff, once you understand how it all mixes together. My main complaint is that the endgame jobs are so weirdly implemented (Why does Mortal Savant feel worse than Swordmaster? Why aren't Assassin, Fortress Knight, and Paladin considered Master Classes? How am I supposed to build a Great Knight? Why the fuck are fist-leaning classes barred from women? Heck, why are the Dark Magic classes male-only, when only 3 people learn dark magic, and two of those are women?!), resulting in a system that feels far more rigid than it should be. The DLC classes help in this regard, but I do think they're patching an issue that shouldn't be there in the first place. (P.S.: I don't like Divine Pulse, and that's all I'll say) Map design was unimpressive. A lot of missions had cool ideas in a vacuum, but bizarrely designed maps (like, a lategame map has a treasure chest in a far away corner, surrounded by enemies. If you risk going there, you're rewarded with... a Brave Sword that you can buy in Garreg Mach. Why even?). I thought the most impressive thing about the second half of the game is that you're implicitly encouraged to spare enemies and finish missions super quickly (something that barely any FE game has convincingly done), but I can't help but feel that this was a fortunate accident. Presentation-wise, a lot of fun has been made of jpeg oranges. Rightfully so, they're hilarious. But overall, the graphics are more than serviceable, what matters is that the anime cutscenes look great, and the art style is expressive, memorable, and bright. Music-wise it's phenomenal, with some impeccable music choices in key moments, using a soundtrack that's gorgeous on its own (I had listened to Chasing Daybreak before, but hearing it in context is to experience it properly). I'm also personally proud that I managed to avoid hearing a single note of God-Shattering Star until I reached that battle myself. There are a few other flaws scattered throughout the game, though to avoid rambling (like with the job system above), I'll just say that there are a lot of rough edges in design and/or writing through the game still. It's normal for a game of this scope, and minor in the grand scheme of things. I'm only saying that, as much as I loved this game, I'm not blind to its flaws. tl;dr Narrative..........5/5 Characters.......5/5 Mechanics........4/5 Map Design......2/5 Graphics...........3/5 Music................5/5 Game Length.................................................../5 Overall, an ambitious (but still excellent) game that accomplishes most of what it wants to do. Can't ask for more. It might be in my personal Top 3 for the series, but it's hard to say right now. In the future, I'll play the Cindered Shadows missions (I bought the DLC some time ago), followed by a Crimson Flower run. Just not right now. After finally felling this juggernaut, I can be content with 2020. As for 2021, it feels like an open book right now. I want to do more of my physical backlog, but I'm also pondering a potentially fun way to help thin out my digital backlog... Hopefully I'll put it into practice this month.
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    Welcome to a stupid thread idea I had that I'm calling Gaming Questions That Don't Matter. Simply put, I think about things in games way too hard at times and end up with questions that I'll never actually find the answer to and I think you should all join me in my torment. Each week, I'm gonna post a different question like this in the hopes of starting deep meaningful conversations on stupid crap. With Mario 3D World getting released on the Switch soon, I'll start this thread off with a doozy of a philosophical question. First of all, watch this 23 second video. Now then, after seeing that, I have to ask... Does Mario Still Exist? I don't think anyone has managed to play through the entirety of 3D World and managed to keep the original Mario intact. (This happens at the Flag pole as well, only the Mario that touches it stays, every other one disappears) Where your answer lies will depend on your philosophical viewpoint, I guess. That poll up above closes next Monday, BTW.
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    Don't even get me started about Nintendo and their crazy font use!
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    I already installed What Remains of Edith Finch, so I may as well change my vote from Gone Home to What Remains of Edith Finch.
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    Finished The Last Campfire just now. While I did like the game initially, I think many of the puzzles were too easy and obvious. The joy of a good puzzle game is the satisfaction of solving a tricky puzzle, and I know it's a hard balance to get byt sadly, many of the puzzles in this are just trivial, the solution obvious and the way to get there was set in stone with only a few possible ways to start them. Moving a box around to make a path, light a candle with a box with fire, make the water sink. Yeah, sure, there were good puzzles but only a handful. It's not bad but if you are a pro puzzler, then there are better puzzle games out there. The story is good, it's telling a tale of death and acceptance in a good and light manner, I liked that.
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    Umm, guys? I was doing the rounds on my island yesterday evening and before saving and quitting, I thought I'd talk to Isabelle because it had been a while. In recent weeks (since the Christmas break) I'd chopped down a bunch of native pear trees and moved non-natives to make more space for snowballs to spawn because, as you'll know, my island is covered with trees, out of control flowers and weeds. I did a bit of weeding in the newly cleared space, too. So, last night I remembered the island evals bemoaned the tree count (islanders getting lost in the woods, lol) so I thought why not check if there's a different message now. There was! Clutter. Quick and easy to rectify as I had heaps of items dropped all over the place for future decorating or crafting. Also sold off the remaining recipes, then back to Isabelle to see if she'd reverted to complaining about trees or something new... and... FIVE STAR ISLAND!! It's kind of embarrassing. My island is such an undeveloped work-in-progress; the worst five-star island I've seen! Found the lily-of-the-valley this morning so that's it confirmed.
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    Some amazing artwork there, I love how ominous it is.
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    People seem to think that because Peach uses powers such as crying it sends a negative image about women....or some garbage like that. The whole thing is ludicrous, IMO.
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    I think most of us on here can agree that Nintendo had a weak year in 2020 when it came to software output. Again, quite a few of us on here seem to drift away from the platform altogether and focus our gaming time elsewhere. Despite this, Nintendo managed to rake in the cash thanks to titles like Animal Crossing and evergreen games such as Mario Kart and BOTW. As a platform, the Switch has done nothing but go from strength to strength, at least in terms of sales. 2021 will hopefully bring some big hitters to the table, as well as a few surprises. Some of Nintendo's own franchises are celebrating anniversaries this year and Nintendo have proven that they aren't shy about dropping games out of the blue. What do you want from Nintendo and the Switch this year? Is there a particular game you are hoping to be announced or get released? For those who felt last year was a weak showing, what can be done differently this year? To anyone who fell away from the platform, what is needed in order for you to come back on board?
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    And I'm not buying a PS4 to talk with you either so you better find a compromise!
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    Glowing Pokémon. That'll give Niantic a couple more billion dollars.
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    April 30! Edit: I thought it looked a bit meh, but the trailer on YouTube looks a lot better than the Twitter version:
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    Thanks again for all the replies. It's been fun reading what everyone wants from Nintendo and the Switch. I suppose I better say what I would like but before that I just want to give a shout out to @Aneres11. I swear you and I are the only ones in the world who want a sequel to Super Princess Peach. The original is one of my favourite DS games and Mario spinoffs. I love that after all these years you keep randomly bringing it up. To be honest, i'm not really sure what I want from Nintendo anymore. Last year seen me pretty much fall out of love with the company and their hybrid. I've been playing their games ever since the NES days and this is the first time I've become so jaded by the company. I think the Switch just doesn't really resonate with me as a product. I've got games such as Xenoblade, Mystery Dungeon, Astral Chain and a few others just waiting to be played but I have trouble getting enthusiastic about playing any of them. I suppose new and exciting software would help the situation. Everything just seemed a little stale last year and although I adored Paper Mario, at the end of the day it was still a game from a franchise that we've come to expect from the company. Nintendo have so many dormant franchises but they seem to keep going back to the same pool over and over again. It's a bit like how Sega keeps constantly re-releasing Mega Drive games when people are fed up of them and instead want them to move on to the other consoles that they released. I guess it's really on me to get more out of the Switch. As I said, I've got games I can play on it and I just need to make more of an effort in 2021 to sit down and play them. By the time I'm done with those, hopefully we will have a clearer picture of what's going to be on offer this year. I know we've had a lot of Wii U ports but at this point they may as well finish off the library. I would love a version of Star Fox 0 that doesn't require you to have 2 heads and four arms to play!
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    I've just got Able Sisters to open and found out about custom designs. Someone created this AMAZING Beast costume and I love it!
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    A JRPG without a good casino always gets minus 1 million points from me.
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    Played this A LOT over the weekend, too much actually. Yeah, collected all of the orbs and... I’d have made even more progress if it wasn’t for the casino! Must have spent a good couple of hours playing the slime slot machines in there. Addictive doesn’t even begin to describe it. Anyway, thanks once again to everyone that recommended this game to me over in the Game Pass thread, you guys picked an absolute winner!
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    For what it's worth, they can likely make just as much, if not more profit, from a revised more powerful Switch than they do off of the current one, as they will be able to produce the chips on a much smaller fabrication process (8nm, 12nm etc). My understanding of the current chip inside the latest Switch (Mariko), is that it's still using a fairly outdated fabrication process (16nm). Yes, the chip is old, but there comes a point where it's just cheaper to switch (excuse the pun) to a more efficient process. For mobile technology, that transition period occurs much quicker than the say, the technology inside a PS5. Either way, let's wait and see. But I'll be shocked if they don't launch a fairly decent console upgrade alongside Zelda.
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    Speaking of docks I would like one that isn't a piece of flimsy plastic that feels like it's going to scratch the screen.
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    I've never downloaded any mobile game. I don't even own a smartphone... I can confidently say that I'm probably the only person on N-Europe who doesn't own one. Do I win a prize? (if it's a smartphone, I don't want it) - - - - - Do Nintendo ever have anything worth having in exchange for Platinum points? I gave up on them a while ago, only going for the gold points which come with Switch games. The course decoration kit does seem alright, for what it is, but equally, it's something which could have been included in the box for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. But hey, it's something, for almost nothing.
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    That's a Dragon Quest-y paragraph alright
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    Well, despite my "ungrindiness" I've been making pretty good progress in this. Only hit a couple of roadblocks so far, the first one was getting paired with a guy who had his eyes closed (and was also off his face) for a fighting tournament. He kept messing up my tactics of using the sleep spell to prevent the opponents using their pep team attack. Every time I'd get one of them sleeping, the dickhead would attack and wake them up again! Managed to get through it though, eventually. The second sticking point was that guy's drug dealer, a giant spider. Actually had to do a bit of grinding to get past that thing! Luckily those good old Metal Slimes were conveniently hanging around in the same area though, so it didn't take very long. Anyway, I'm definitely enjoying this game. Not sure if it'll dethrone my current favourite JRPG of all time (Ni No Kuni), but it's certainly got a very good chance.
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    I can't believe @Dcubed sold his soul for 150 Platinum Points. I can now confidently say that I'm the only person on N-Europe who has never downloaded a Nintendo mobile game.
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    Hard disagree with some of your points, @Nicktendo. Gonna have to be a case of agreeing to disagree with this one and leave it at that.
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    There are few things I enjoy more than seeing previously unreleased games eventually getting their turn in the PAL region. Final Fantasy on GBA and DS, Dragon Quest on DS, Chrono Trigger on DS, Mario RPG through the Hanabi Festivals on Wii VC, to name a few of those mythical games that officially came to our shores at a later date, sometimes in their original form, other times upgraded or remade entirely. Amazingly, the well has yet to show any signs of running dry--a month ago, the Final Fantasy Legend trilogy came out on the Switch eShop. For further listening, check out the Retronauts episode. I pre-ordered, preloaded and made plans to play one or all three FF Legends over Christmas. But as with most best-laid Switch plans, an eShop sale came along and lead me astray. This time it was in the form of Tales of Vesperia for a tenner. I still made sure to have a go at FF Legend (1) before forgetting about it until the other day when the Nintendo survey came through. Collection of SaGa has some added bells and whistles (such as Super Gameboy-style backgrounds, two zoom settings and the ability to play vertically using a virtual button layout on the Switch touchscreen) but nothing that changes the games themselves beyond a speed-up option. I sent the same feedback via the Nintendo survey as I did for games like moon and Fire Emblem--offered my thanks for releasing the collection in PAL and asked that they consider bringing more previously unreleased games over here, but this time I added the suggestion that they could put in some more borders and perhaps Super Gameboy-style colour palette options. Even with Vesperia (which I was "console-locked" out of rather than region-locked) making eyes at me, I thought I was still going to complete FF Legend 1 in the week following its release. How wrong I was. Not only are these Gameboy RPGs, FF Legend is the first handheld RPG ever so old and archaic is very much the order of the day. Upon starting, you are unceremoniously dumped into the game and charged with creating your guild from humans, mutants and/or monsters. I opted for two humans (a male and female), a mutant and a monster then set about battling for cash to buy some gear. Levelling is an offshoot of Final Fantasy II whereby your stats themselves will increase in place of general level-ups. Except for monsters. At the end of battles a piece of meat might drop which you can choose to let your monster eat. I have allowed it every time, and the monster morphs into a new creature with a new skillset and potentially less HP. I haven't worked out if its random or not. The humans improve differently too--you have to buy stat increases for them! So perhaps it is just the mutants, then, that get their stat-ups from battle. Also, your party members have lives, meaning they can only be revived a couple of times before they're dead forever and you will have to recruit and train up replacements. My humans died a few times in the early going and I just reset because I don't know how valuable those lives will be later. Well anyway, about the game length. From the starting town, you learn that the central statue needs its armour, sword and shield. After increasing stats and getting some gear (attacks, weapons and spells have limited uses, by the way) I got cracking with world exploration. It's a tiny world--fine for the Gameboys first RPG--so I was able to get the items back to the statue fairly quickly, which I figured was going to open the way to the final two- or three-floored dungeon and boss. Clearly I never paid much attention to the above video and Retronauts podcast because I was totally oblivious to the games scope! Kitting out the statue is only the beginning because that two- or three-floored dungeon is actually a tower to climb that contains its own towns to stop off at. It's really surreal to open a door that opens onto a new world. Makes me wonder if the starting area is really the base of the tower or just another rung on the way up. Good job I reset before instead of now being lumbered with trying to limp through the game with my lives depleted, eh? I haven't noticed anyone on my friends list playing this. Buy it and join me on these legendary quests!
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    Pokémon Snappier. Pokémon Snap 2 It. Pokémon Snap Snap.
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    No platinum? I'm out. Why should I when you hate me?
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    I doubt Microsoft teaming up with Nintendo or Sega would have made any difference to the PS2 sales. That thing was an absolute beast throughout the whole generation. The DVD player, along with killer 3rd party exclusives, meant that the other two really didn't stand a chance. I mean, what did the Xbox and Cube do combined? About 40 million? The PS2 sits on around 150 million. It just seem to hit all the right notes at the right time, pretty much like the PS4 has done, and I doubt the competition could have done anything to stop it. The Japanaese numbers for the Switch are to be expected at this point. Nintendo pretty much own Japan now, mainly due to home console gaming fast becoming a thing of past over there. If you aren't a handheld device then you aren't really going to succeed. The PS4 numbers dropped like a brick over there and I can't see the PS5 doing anything substantial either, at least when compared to what they used to sell. I think it's why Sony are essentially pulling away from that market because they know they can't compete with just a home console. It's a big reason why Colin from Sacred Symbols keeps saying that Sony should make another handheld device. If you want to play in the Japanese market then that's exactly what's needed. Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy are still to this day the best wrestling games ever made. The career mode on No Mercy was fantastic. There were so many routes to take and storylines to see. It's sad what has become of wrestling games now and the brand in general. It's not all bad though. AEW seems to be going from strength to strength and their game that's in development is being created with idea of copying what No Mercy brought to the table in terms of both content and gameplay. Certainly one to keep an eye on. i watched a trailer for Wrestling Empire a while back now and it looked horrendous. I think the thing to remember about NiGHTS is that it's really a high score chasing game. It's all about doing combos, finding the best path through a stage and racking up the points before the time runs out. It's a game I didn't really appreciate fully when I played it back in the day. I loved the music and colourful graphics but I played it as if I was just trying to go from start to finish and I didn't get a lot out of it at the time. I'm pretty sure the latter stages locked unless you achieve a certain grade on the stages before them but that maybe me just misremembering the game.
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    Started playing this today and got serious deja vu! Was pretty confused for a sec, but then remembered playing the demo version on Switch! Anyway, wow the English dub is just sublime! DQ Heroes was also amazing for that, all of the different accents and slang it’s such great stuff. And man, Gemma’s voice... I see there was talk in here of a visual downgrade or something, but it looks pretty nice to me. Kinda low poly, but everything is super colourful and more importantly it runs incredibly smoothly. Only thing I’m not keen on so far is the save system and how it’s possible to lose a chunk of progress if you’re caught off guard and cark it, which has happened to me a few times already. Yeah... I probably shouldn’t avoid so many battles, but find running away from the monsters really entertaining for some reason!
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    I'm going to give this thread a proper response because H-o-T made it and I want to contribute to his discussion starters. I think Jan-Mar are looking good, with 3 big games dropping. I, ashamedly, want them all. That trailer we saw yesterday was fantastic. As SM3DW is the BEST Mario game since Sunshine, I will be double dipping. The extra content looks like a fantastic amalgamation of 3D Land, World and Odyssey. I am very hyped, maybe too hyped. I'll pick up that and Bravely Default 2 with a voucher most likely. Monster Hunter is gonna be day one because it's better with friends and I'm sure most will be getting it on or close to launch. As for a new Switch model. I'm sticking to my guns and saying it's coming at the end of March. I remember reading somewhere that Nintendo were aiming for an 8 year life cycle for the Switch. There are plenty of convincing cases above for that meaning a new model in 2023 with 2 years of lag during the transition, but I'm sticking to my original prediction. Before the end of the FY. The model itself will not be a massive upgrade. Slightly faster clocks, a new CPU and maybe GPU, slightly more ram. DLSS enabled. 4K home menu, some games in 4K, the vast, vast majority slightly more stable FR and resolution. Model will still be 720p with thicc bezels. I still remember this "family of systems" - OG and lite does not a family make. We need some offspring. In terms of content, I think we'll see Monolith's new game revealed at E3, launching 2022. A remaster of Xenoblade X (I was serious about that one) with a proper ending coming in Summer 2021. No More Heroes will drop in Autumn (September) and Bayonetta 3 will come in early Winter (November). Both will be a big part of E3 2021. Nintendo will go blowout + playable demo of BOTW2 at E3 also, it's launching in early December. We know Pokemon Snap is coming (FYQ1) and Nintendo will release a YouTube trailer for Camelot's next game (probably Golf), which will launch in May/June. The anticipated Zelda collection will drop in October but will be disappointing for those who want a lot done with the remasters. We'll see a first (very early) CGI trailer for Prime 4, just to remind us all it still exists. Holiday 2022. Nintendo will have one more game which is currently unknown dropping in July/August a la Paper Mario. I have no idea what it is, but it's an old franchise and was developed by Next Level Games. There will be an expansion to NSO. Another console, maybe, not sure. There might be a "platinum" tier added which is required to access that new console. I do think they'll increase their offering, but only for a higher price. A split is coming with Gold and Platinum tiers as the names. Platinum will be £29.99 a year. NSO games will be made available to purchase and we'll see some removed from the service before the end of the year. Of course it's a ploy to get more money and not a licensing issue. The Platinum tier will allow you to retain access.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. Good to get bit of conversation going on here for a change. I did start thanking all the posts but I ran out.
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    That didn't take long! Overview trailer: https://supermario3dworld.nintendo.com/bowsers-fury/
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    I didn't know I needed cat piranha plant in my life, but here we are. Stickers/steelbooks for free on Nintendo store, and plushies for an extra tenner: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/games/nintendo-switch/coming-soon.list
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    The only game from 2020 I played was Atomicrops, which I reviewed for the site. The other two titles I reviewed were technically older (released on the Switch this year, but elsewhere earlier). So I'll stick to a list of Best Games I played in 2020, and I'll do it in descending order because that's how you read it. It's my list, okay?
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    Wasn't planning to, but having now spent some time with the Insect Glaive I'm thinking I will! Messed about with that weapon type briefly in a previous MH game and hated it, but in Rise I'm kind of loving it. Reckon it'll take me quite some time to master (especially after spending so much time using the hammer) but combined with Wirebugs you can basically fly with this thing! It also has a very neat trick up it's sleeve that feels like it'll be particularly useful in this version of MH: Going to fire up MH World in a bit, take it for a spin on that.
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    More like a Golden Oozaru. Against Bowser's regular Oozaru.
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    Indeed. I look forward to playing as Ultra Instinct Luigi.
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