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    Well, now the collection's worth purchasing. After they release their DLC pricing flowchart, of course.
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    Continues to look incredible: That lighting though! Oh, and The Mercenaries is coming, and a Special Demo is on its way soon too
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    i suspect unlike most of you, I haven't played this game in a long time. The Cube version is the only one I've ever played. That combined with my shit memory, and I'm all up for this remake. It looks great, and half the game will feel like new because of the tweaks of because I've forgotten stuff. Hmm. Just found out Ashley's face model is Dutch.
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    The tone is still too serious for my liking, despite some one-liners still being in... but I have to admit that I'm impressed with what we've seen so far. The village shootout's level design is basically a 1-1 match for the original, and the Castle section is still in (though I suspect that it'll be heavily truncated), as is the Del Lago fight. I'm not happy about the addition of a crafting system (because of course it has a fucking crafting system, it's a modern game, it has to have the obligitory Minecraft ripoff), but I am happy to see that they haven't messed with the Tetris Attache case too much. The new parry system looks good though, and the idea of Leon parrying a chainsaw with a piddly little butter knife tickles me in all the right places That being said though? The guns look weak as shit compared to the original. I don't care if it's more realistic, I can tell just by the video footage that the gunplay is going to feel much worse than the original, never even mind the Wii Edition. I like the addition of more context-sensitive actions though, like the burnable cow and the wooden overpass being chopped down. That's the kind of stuff I want to see! I am still not convinced that most of the original game's content is going to survive the chopping block though. I cannot imagine a scenario where Capcom actually manage to recreate even half of the original game's content in this HD-era. The original game's scope is just far too big. Still. If there was anything that they were absolutely sure to not mess with, it was going to always be the initial village shootout section. Also. Everyone except for Lois & Hunnigan look weird. Edit: ALL CUTSCENE QTES ARE GONE! (wait... what the hell does this mean for the Krauser Knife Fight!? Surely that isn't getting cut right? RIGHT!?)
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    Looks nice, but I don't enjoy RE4 for the horror, so I'm super out. Why can't I just have a HD port with the Wii controls!?
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    Yes it is (AKA, the best one). Was first released on the Gamecube back in 2005.