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    I have never wanted a Heracross to succeed as much as I have right now. So yeah, in the middle of Purity Forest with a run that hasn't ended before floor 20 like most of them do. Got real lucky with finding Joy Seeds early on and now have 4 multi-hitting moves. Basically, I'm trying to one-shot everything before they can retaliate. That said, my equipped item isn't great. Immunity to confusion is nice and all, but I'd sacrifice all 7 of those temporary recruits for an X-Ray Specs! An Empowerment Seed for Mega Evolving would also be very much appreciated.
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    N-E Café [061] The Return of Mr. Moffett is now live at all good podcast providers. Don't forget to give us a review, and a rating at your podcast provider. Let the algorithms do their work for us. Recorded on the 17th of January, 2020. Episode 61 of the N-E Café has returning regular Gregory Moffett, joined by Lee Davies and Nick Lone, who take you through the most noteworthy Nintendo news, with a Big Topic filled full of catching up with Greg, and the death of Directs. Join us for a laugh! This is episode 61 of the N-E Café Podcast, an N-Europe Podcast. Enjoy! ⦁ Intro Music: Super Mario 3D World - Chainlink Charge ⦁ Introductions: 0:00:30 ⦁ Nintendo News: 0:04:13 ⦁ Sales Data: 0:18:04 ⦁ Download Delights: 0:27:32 ⦁ PodPals Results: 0:34:58 ⦁ Snake Pass: 0:38:14 ⦁ Grindstone, Pro Controlling Origins: 0:47:45 ⦁ Part Time UFO, Luigi’s Mansion 3: 1:01:39 ⦁ GAME GIVEAWAY: 1:09:54 ⦁ Greg’s Top 5 in 2020: 1:11:38 ⦁ Greg’s 2021 Predictions: 1:24:53 ⦁ The Death of Directs: 1:32:11 ⦁ Closing: 1:50:30 Can you guess what game the Transition Tunes come from? If they ring a bell, get in touch with us, or if you have a Listener's Question you’d like us to discuss, contact us right here.
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    Okay, so here's the trufax: The Double Cherry does not create a second Mario at all. In order for the moral quandary to be raised, the clone must have its own identity, ideas, and decisions, even if, at the moment of the split, the minds feel like they're equal (albeit growing apart the more time passes, as the two identical entities gain more and more distinct life experiences). However, this is not what happens with The Double Cherry at all, for the second Mario cannot act independently from the first Mario at all. If Mario goes left, both go left, if one jumps, both jump. Literally their only difference is location in space. Because they share a mind, it's fair to say, this is not a second Mario: it's a second body for the one Mario. When one of the bodies "dies"... it doesn't. It leaves no corpse. It poofs. Same thing happens when you finish a level. If the one remaining Mario body dies, then it completely falls off the stage, or leaves a corpse, or falls off the screen/4th wall. This never happens with the Cherry bodies, ergo, no life is being taken. The cherry "unphases" Mario's physical body into two separate vessels for a limited amount of time, and if one of them poofs, Mario's mind (or soul) reconvenes back into where the remaining body is. In other words, the Double Cherry is not a "Prestige" kind of situation to begin with. Mario still exists, because no life is lost in the scenario that Glen-i opened the thread with. Extra lives: This feels like it should be next week's topic.
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    Huh... I never thought of it like that. That's messing with my head! Now I'm even less confident about my "No". And don't worry, I have a veritable smorgasbord of unimportant questions covering a wide range of (mostly) Nintendo series.
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    After another 2 hours of grindiness Ichiban now has three jobs at level 99. The others have two. Decided to take a break from the grind and tackle the first post-game dungeon. What can I say...I breezed through
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    After planting more flowers than a florist and designing a couple of scenes, after having a couple of residents move in and finally paying off my bridge, I got 3* AND KK Slider is playing on my island! Can't wait to get my pavements! [emoji23]
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    You can indeed combine mushrooms and cherries: https://www.cookinglight.com/recipes/crispy-polenta-cakes-with-cherry-and-mushroom-ragu (actually that doesn't look too bad, may try making a veggie version at some point). And no Mario doesn't exist any more. Want to know why?