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    It's taken two years, 4 cancellations, more than I care to think about re-bookings and countless emails, only 6 people and social distancing. But we did it.
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    So my wife gave birth! Woohoo!
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    Hello, everyone, It is I, Mr. Sproukurai. A couple of weeks ago I noticed on the Switch's News Channel that there was a contest to make the best screenshot in Smash using Min Min as the theme, followed by a second snapshot contest the week after with no set theme. I figured that I would give it a go and try to win me that £50 eShop credit, and spent my free time over the past couple of weeks taking a bunch of photos. I thought I would share them here too on the off chance someone might enjoy them. I took... quite a few, so apologies in advance to any mobile users. At least I restrained myself and left the descriptions tweet-sized for you! Week One: Min Min Sluuurp! This snap uses Piranha Plant's side special to appear as if it's slurping on Min Min's noodle arm. A common technique I used in these snaps was to play in team battle so that attacks wouldn't hit fighters I was taking snaps with. Superspicy Curry provides Min Min's pained face. Dragon got your Tongue? What I originally had in mind was Yoshi's tongue and the Dragon ARM's "tongue" touching, but when taking things one frame at a time, I encountered this situation which looked far better, so I ended up using it instead. Go! MegaPac-ARM! I wanted to "create" an ARM, and turned to Pac-Man due to his similarity to the Megawatt ARM. Pac-Man's side taunt has a single frame where he's missing his arms and legs, which was great for the purpose of this image. Wouldn't you like to use this in ARMS, too? Go! MegaWakkARM! This was the originally intended version of the ARM I desired to create. Min Min is standing a little further back compared to the previous snap because she's using the Ramram ARM, which has detached and is flying off camera. Had I used the Megawatt it would appear in his mouth. I choose you! Mechazard! I hope its power cord is long enough... Min Min has taken a Super Mushroom for this snap, because otherwise her Dragon ARM wouldn't be able to cover Charizard's head. Charizard has grabbed a Smash Ball to make itself look more intimidating. With those flashes in Mechazard's "mouth", what do you think its true face is? Dragon vs Dragon This was taken within the Rayquaza spirit battle to make it easier to get photo opportunities with Rayquaza. Still, trying to take a photo whilst fending off a CPU Ridley was a pain. Strong winds are in effect in this spirit battle, which made for a nice bonus visual. Year of the Rat 2020: A Tiny Tag Along Did you remember about Munchie in Eight's pocket? To get Min Min at eye level with Munchie, I had to have someone perform a footstool jump on her. The fact that she makes a face that alludes curiosity was a fortunate bonus. Year of the Rat 2020: Resting Rodents. Min Min is just waking up in this snap, thus explaining her expression and position. The bubbles coming from Pikachu and Pichu could just as easily be interpreted as coming from the Dragon ARM's nostrils. Don't you hate it when your arm falls asleep on you? That's quite a reach. This can't happen of course, but because of the stage I think it makes you believe it could for a moment. I took this in tourney mode, which allows you to have fighters that use the same outfit in the same match. That allowed me to use Min Min's dragon arm transformation here. You're your own worst enemy. Once again tourney mode was used so I could use Min Min's dragon arm transformation for this snap. Min Min is using her ability to use both her ARMS at once to turn around to face the Dragon ARM, and Superspicy Curry is used again to give her a shocked looking expression. Nooo! Such range does not belong in this world! Richter is standing on a platform to the right of the stage, whilst Min Min is positioned to the left of the stage. Thanks to Wii Fit Studio's mirrors, she looks like she's directly behind him, or perhaps a mental image. Don't feel too bad, Richter! Your range is still not bad! Mega Man's Mega-What?! This time, I wanted the appearance of someone other than Min Min using an ARM. Mega Man was perfect thanks to his Mega Buster and ability to use the techniques of others in his games. Min Min's pose is the result of her slipping on a Banana Peel. Balance is the Key When you think or martial arts, one image you may think of is that of someone balancing on a tall and thin object or structure. Thankfully Garden of Hope provided me with such a structure for this snap. I'm also glad I could include Min Min's ramen buddies Kirby and Falcon here. The Snake that's a Rope and the Dragon that's an ARM I thought that the Dragon ARM and Lucas' Rope Snake shared a few similarities, so figured I'd make a snap including them both. Getting the distance between Lucas and Min Min just right so I could get as much of Rope Snake in the shot as possible without Lucas' arm took some time. Hey, name's Rope Snake. Lemme guess: Dragon Strap? During the process of taking the previous snap, I remembered the dragon on Min Min's back, and thought Rope Snake attempting to interact with it under the impression that it too was sentient would be amusing. The fighters are giant here, allowing me to get "closer" to them. Da na na naaa~! ...Am I doing this right? Min Min takes on the classic pose from the Zelda series by holding a Special Flag above her head. For the chest, Kirby's down special attack was used. The chest didn't actually cover the entire Special Flag, so I had to angle the camera in such a way to hide it from view. Da na na naaa~! Ahh, so that's how you do it. This version has Min Min pull up some Grass to create the same pose, but with a freshly plucked Heart Container instead. Min Min's hat reminded me of Link, which was the inspiration for this and the previous snap. Naturally, I simply had to include a Link in at least one of them. Whoa... The Sandbags in Smash are... so cute! Upon looking at Min Min holding Sandbag, it almost looked as if she was hugging it. One portion of Superspicy Curry to make her blush and this image is the result. Sandbag is certainly cute, and if Nintendo were to release Sandbag plushies, I think I'd want to give one a hug, too. C'mon, Mac, this distance is nothing! What is Doc even teaching you?! This snap came about when coming up with ways to force Mac to fight from a distance whilst training with Min Min. New Donk City Hall was great not only for its long falls, but also its similarity to New York, where Little Mac can often be seen training with his coach, Doc Louis. I want my item! I wanted a snap involving the ARMS Drone, but my initial idea of Snake riding it didn't pan out, so strapped for time, I settled for a snap of Min Min giving it a good thwack. I guess it is what you do to the poor thing in ARMS, but I feel the snap kinda lacks creativity... Ah, so that's where you were all hiding. I wanted a snap with the ARMS Mii Fighter costumes, but I wanted it to look like it was actually the fighters from ARMS. This was the solution I came up with. Min Min's head is smaller than a Mii Fighter, so I had her chow down on a Super Mushroom to minimise the difference. The Ramen Bomber "The Ramen Bomber" is the title given to Min Min in ARMS as well as on the Boxing Ring stage, and I wanted to create a snap that as evocative of that title. I decided on a snap with her dancing elegantly through an explosion (which was fittingly provided by a Bomber item). Mini Min Min The caption came before the snap for this one. The taunting Ken and Terry are both using a Max Brass spirit to make them super giant, whilst Min Min has been hit by a Lightning Bolt to make her tiny. Positioning them all just right before transformations wore off took many tries! Week Two: Anything Goes Hiii~! In the process of setting up this snap, I realised that there is a cooldown period before you're allowed to reenter a pipe (this also applies to the pipes that can appear in Pictochat 2). Kinda defeats the fun of the stage if you ask me, but I understand why it was made this way. You wouldn't know a good game if you were in it! We never had any of this fancy 3-D stuff! Oh no, we had to survive on what we had! And what little we did have, we were happy with! I'm using a giant Mii Fighter (wearing a Monkey Suit and Vince's Hat) to depict Cranky Kong. Truth be told, I secretly wanted Cranky in Ultimate... That's one cool bear, over there I had a different version of this snap with Banjo using his polar bear alternate colours, but I felt it made for an image with too much white in it, so stuck with the bear and bird's usual look for some added colour. Hmm... maybe the Polar Bear and Condor should team up, too... Uwahhh! Since when did you have those?! A leftover Sandbag idea from when I was creating snaps themed on Min Min, that makes use of Snake's unique grab. I imagine Snake has some trouble employing a chokehold on something which doesn't have a neck, but it looks like Sandbag is enjoying whatever he's doing here. Mother's behind me? Don't be ridiculous, I've been VERY quiet. Now let me return to beating my Balloon Fight high score... I wanted to use the Gamer stage to take a snap or two, though it was a bit of a pain trying to get a version of the stage with the game device. The Artist minigame in Game & Wario got a lot of play time with my family, but Gamer was certainly one of the standout solo minigames. Red & Blue I thought of using Charmander on Saffron City as well, but ultimately decided on a snap with the two Pokémon that appeared on the boxart of the first Pokémon games. Pokémon Red & Blue remain very dear to me, so I was very grateful that Pokémon Trainer returned in Ultimate. That's a nice pot you got there. It would be a shame if something happened to it... Another snap inspired by a classic part of The Legend of Zelda: smashing pots that clearly do not belong to you. I went through a lot of stages when trying to get Link to look as dark as possible with the shadow filter. If you can't guess, this was taken on Unova Pokémon League. Argh! This Headache is DeDeDetestable! ...To be honest, this was actually taken in 2019, but I figured I would throw it in anyway. I remember having to be quick to hit pause, as you can't alter the camera angle of finishing blows when they initially land, so it had to be done the very moment afterwards. Gooray! Another Goosom Buddy to Play With! Another snap making use of a Mii Fighter without actually showing the Mii Fighter. This time it was a giant Mii Brawler with a Slime Hat. I really like the jiggling this hat can do, but, uh, more so when playing the game and less so when trying to take pictures... Stay still! GYAAAHHH! Don't surprise me like that! I really wanted to take a snap with a boss. I opted for Marx as he has the best facial expressions of the bosses. The extra sparkles Isabelle has is due to the Great Autoheal effect of the Celebi spirit. She's going to need it, since Marx is firing his laser one frame later! This is Snake. I think I may have been spotted. Another snap with 5-Volt, this time with Snake as her soon-to-be victim. If this picture made you curious, then, no, the box doesn't save Snake from her intimidating glare. Such tactics may work against professional soldiers, but never against a mother who wants you to go to bed. The Class of Smash are quite a handful... One of them doesn't even know how to read! An idea that developed from Pit's "I never learned how to read!" line. Because I needed Robin's tomes, this is the only snap where there are five characters involved. That said, I only needed to control three simultaneously. Joker in particular was hard to position for this one. We Dreamed of Creating the World's Strongest Pokémon... and we Succeeded. The opening scenes of Pokémon: The First Movie was the basis of this snap. I wanted to do one last snap with some characters clipping, and who doesn't enjoy giving someone a Kirby head? Kinda reminds me of the old days when Mewtwo was depicted with unnaturally large head... Kindred Spirits A simple snap taken on the WarioWare, Inc. stage. Wish I could play this up by saying how I only had seconds to take the snap due to the nature of microgames, but compared to snaps that require a single frame, this was easy. But easy is good! It requires far less effort from me! Gotcha this time An idea that made use of Snake's butterfly-shaped C3 explosive. Not too happy with this one personally, but in the end it was the best I could think of. I sure wound up using Snake and the Animal Crossing characters a lot for week two... And speaking of characters I used a lot- This crude image... does it depict a destroyer of worlds? Or an ally to the stars? This is a combination of Kirby with Mr. Game & Watch's copy ability and one of Pictochat 2's transformations. Considering the stage has 20+ transformations, the night transformation has four versions, and the full moon only appears for a short moment, this took a while to take. No one knows from whence he came, only that he has existed for aeons, unchanging and unrelenting. Perpetually roaming the cosmos, he has finally arrived. And now, he has begun to feel. To desire. To think. Within the void, there lurks… a Soul! I tried to use Smash's shock filter here, which inverts colours. Following from the previous snap, I decided on using Game & Watch Kirby again, inspired by the final boss fight from Kirby Star Allies. Did anyone else beat him in The Ultimate Choice on Soul Melter EX difficulty? I beat him using four Ricks. May the Goddess of Light Shine Upon You For the final snap, Final Destination was the only fitting choice. If you're wondering how Pit is enveloped in a beam of light, the answer is that it's coming not from the Goddess of Light, but one of Crazy Hand's attacks. Pit should probably be getting out of the way of that... ...And that's it ! I didn't wind up making a winning entry in the end, but overall, I'd say I enjoyed spending time coming up with ideas for these contests. I used to take a lot of snapshots back in the Smash Bros. Brawl days, so dedicating time to do so once more felt somewhat nostalgic, and was a nice reminder that Smash can be more than just a fighting game. That said, as enjoyable as it was, it was also rather exhausting taking so many snapshots in the span of two weeks, so I probably won't be doing it again anytime soon (unless someone wants to give me fifty quid), but I hope you liked something from this collection nonetheless. Here's four more I took last year to finish off this post, based on the theme of movie posters. Bonus: A Smashing Movie Poster . "It ain't over til it's over." Two Brothers, Two Genres: Superhero Two Brothers, Two Genres: Horror "Thanks for the adventure."
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    Given that we’ve been trapped inside for the better part of a year and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon I thought it would be a good time to pick up a new hobby. I’ve always had an interest console modding but never done any myself. I thought now might be the time to give it a go and see what I can do. I posted in the “What Have You Bought” thread that I’d recently picked up a few tools to get started and @Happenstance suggested I make a thread to document my progress, so here it is! I have a few projects in mind and will document my progress, any ideas or suggestions are very welcome! Project #1: My Japanese GameCube I bought this GameCube back when I lived in Japan and haven’t used it in years. Given the simple nature of the console and the quite nice quick work you can do on it I thought it would be a good place to start. I have a few plans for things to do with this. Mod #1: Region Switch The first mod is a simple one, a US/JP region switch. I don’t actually have any US games here but this is a simple enough project to get started with and very easy to test the success of. I’ve ordered a pack of switches and some cable and hope this one will be pretty easy to get done. Mod #2: Region Identifying Power LED Linked to Mod #1 is installing multiple LED lights such that the power light will be a different colour dependent on the region selected. This is a little trickier than the first but should be easy to test and not cause me too many issues. The LEDs I need for this have also been ordered Mod #3: Controller Port LEDs This is a little trickier than the first two as it will require some gaps be made in the existing body. The idea is to make the controller ports light up when the console is powered on. I need to acquire a glue gun to help with this one but otherwise everything is ready for it. Mod #4: HDMI Output Currently I have to use this mess of bad quality to get my GameCube on my TV: Luckily, the GameCube I have has got the digital output which means there is a kit available that will turn this into and HDMI port. It seems I have a few options on this one so will be doing a bit of investigation into the best way to do this before I take the plunge. Whatever I go with this will be a challenging mod. Mod #5: USB-C Power There are a few parts to this one. A couple of years ago I totally forgot about power differences and managed to blow up... something. I bought a new power supply so the first thing to do was test everything actually works: Great, I have a working GameCube! Being more sensible I now have a step-down transformer but my god does it take up a lot of space: It also weighs a ton. So that I can avoid all of this in the future and not worry about power issues I’ve found a USB-C power board that matches the GameCube power adapter output that I will attempt to install into the console. This one is completely self-created so I have no clue if it will actually work. Based on my research it should do, but it’s untested. So that’s the plan for my first project. Looking forward to getting started on it. Have any of you tried anything similar? Any thoughts or tips?
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    So I was half-watching, half-listening to this video after logging off for the day and getting some grub together. I nearly choked when I glimpsed this Mii out of the corner of my eye, which quite frankly, I'd recognise anywhere: @Mokong @Vileplume2000 @matty_gibbon @Tellyn N-Europe has been cited in this video for Gamecube games that were upgraded (?) with motion controls for the Wii! The sites coverage for New Play Control! must have been killer for the search engine algorithm to have seen fit to shine some light on this corner of the Internet. N-E woz 'ere. Game Japan [10] Europe [8][11][12][13] North America [14][15][16] Australia [5][17][18][19][20] Chibi-Robo! June 11, 2009 Unreleased Donkey Kong Jungle Beat December 11, 2008 June 5, 2009 May 4, 2009 June 18, 2009 Mario Power Tennis [note 1] January 15, 2009 March 6, 2009 March 9, 2009 March 26, 2009 Metroid Prime [note 2] February 19, 2009 September 4, 2009[8] August 24, 2009 October 15, 2009 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes [note 2] June 11, 2009 September 4, 2009 August 24, 2009 October 15, 2009 Pikmin December 25, 2008 February 6, 2009 March 9, 2009 February 26, 2009 Pikmin 2 [note 3] March 12, 2009 April 24, 2009 June 10, 2012 May 14, 2009 Me, I only played Pikmin from this series (which I believe I got off you, @Hero-of-Time?) and it worked pretty well with the pointer. Hard to believe it took so long for them to get Pikmin 3 out the door since it seemed like they were gearing up to have it follow the New Play Control! release of the first two entries. Anyone got any lasting memories of these games from N-Es heyday?
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    So, after playing through the story mode on easy and then playing it again on normal and in co-op (online) I can safely say the game is legit. Here are my thoughts after playing through it. As someone who was born in the 80's, I had the pleasure on being around when the beat-em-up genre was in its prime. The arcade scene was full of games from this genre and each of them were fantastic experiences. Final Fight, Double Dragon, Captain Commando, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men...the list goes on. The home market didn't get left out of all the fun. Sega created Streets of Rage, a game series that brought the thrills of the arcade beat-em-ups to the home console. Sadly, when the 3D era of gaming hit, this genre seemed to fade away into obscurity. Sure, they were attempts to bring the genre back in 3D with games such as Spikeout but they never were able to recapture the feeling from those games from the 2D era. Fast forward to today and Sega have allowed another development team to have a crack at bringing the genre back to modern consoles. Have they succeeded or is this a genre that was a product of its time? I'll start off by saying that even though I do enjoy the Streets of Rage series, I have never been the biggest fan of it. Many thought it as the pinnacle of the genre for home consoles but I was always in the corner of Final Fight. However, I do have fond memories of SoR, especially the second game. I tell you this mainly to show that there will be no nostalgia clouding my judgement as a write about the game. The game is set 10 years after the events of Streets of Rage 3. The city is once again under siege from a criminal underworld and it's up to the heroes from the past games to come out of retirement and try and put an end to the crime spree that is plaguing the city. The story is told by using still images, although a few of them do feature some movement. I found these to be a welcome break in between stages. They all look great and they manage to tell the story of the game without ever being intrusive. A lot of games that have tried to tackle this genre in recent times have went a little overboard with such things and it got in the way of the gameplay. Here, the scenes are short, get to the point and then you are straight back into the action. Anyone who doesn't want to watch them can easily skip them with the press of a button. This is a welcome option for those who have already played through the game but I do think they are certainly worth a watch during your first time through the game. The story is told through some fantastic images There are a choice of 4 characters to start off with, with another unlocked once the game has been completed. During my first run through the game I picked Axel and I immediately felt right at home with the game. Pressing Y performs a standard attack and by doing a double tap forward while pressing Y executes Axel's famous fire uppercut. The X button is used for pulling off a special move which is best used for crowd control. Like the original games, you need to be wary when using this move because it will deplete some of your health when you use it. Back attacks can also be used and switching between enemies that are standing either side of you and taking each of them out in quick succession is very satisfying. New to this entry of the series are star moves. These come in limited quantities but by pressing both X and A together you can pull of some flashy moves that can cause a massive amount of damage to anyone that it hits. I found it best to try and preserve these for boss fights but they do come in handy when in a pinch during standard fights. If you search the levels thoroughly you will be able to find extra stars to use. Most of them are in plain sight but there are one or two that are cheekily hidden away. The trusty pipe makes its welcome return Speaking of items, lots of the fan favourites make a return here. Weapons have always been a big part of this genre and SoR4 is no different. Baseball bats, batons, knives, bottles and swords can all be found scattered throughout each of the levels. If you come across one then simply press the A button to pick them up. You can then use them to attack by using the Y button but you can also throw them at enemies by once again pressing the A button. You can actually juggle a thrown item if you are clever enough. Throw an item at an enemy and it will bounce back at you. If you are quick enough you can press the A button again and catch the item, ready for another use. There's not just weapons to be found. Keeping you health fully stocked up is an important part of the game and the apples and chickens make a welcome return. Like any other item, just press the A button when standing over them and you will replenish your health. Gaining high scores was a big part of the arcade scene. It wasn't enough to just finish the game but many also wanted to top the leaderboards. Gaining a high score in this game plays an important role for a couple of reasons. If you get a high enough score during normal play then you will be awarded an extra life. This is something you obviously want to aim for, especially on the higher difficulties. This entry of the series adds to the standard scoring system by adding a combo system on top of hit. When you hit an enemy a combo will start. Keep hitting them and the combo will obviously go up and if you get hit the combo will be lost. The higher the combo, the higher the score you will get and a high score means more lives. It's a great little incentive to try and not get hit and quickly move from enemy to enemy in order to keep the combo going. When you finish the stage you will be graded on how well you've done, with the highest grade being an S rank. Your score is then added to a total score throughout all of your play throughs of the game. This total score has milestones to reach and upon reaching them you will receive hidden goodies. So far these have been extra character skins for each of the original cast members but I still have plenty more to unlock. This doesn't seem like a fair fight One of the things that Streets of Rage is well known for is it's soundtrack and SoR4 lives up to the legacy of the other games. There are some fantastic tunes in the game, some of which are remixes from the original games. I love how the music seems to slowly build up in some of the stages. It can start off quite slow but with each new area that you get to the music slowly starts to pump up. I find it amazing the balance that has been struck here. The music feels fresh and new but at the same time it somehow manages to feel like the original games. It helps that a lot of the themes, such as rock, jazz techno are revisited here, not to mention that the original composers helped out with the game. Visually the game is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I suppose this comes as no surprise to anyone who played Lizardcube's Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. That game also featured beautiful hand-drawn artwork and I feel that they've taken it to another level with this. Looking at stills, while beautiful, don't really do the game justice. The amount of care and attention that has gone into creating the animations for the characters, both friendly and enemy, is astounding. The background images are also beautiful to look at and the lighting used just enhances the overall visual look of the game. There's a level where you are in the sewers and there is green goo lying on the floor. This goo lights up the darkened area and the lighting effects used look amazing. There are other examples of this scattered throughout the game. Lizardcube have really managed to bring the world alive with the style they've used. It's paid off in a big way. This is just one of the many beautiful locations you will see on your journey Making you way through all 12 stages of the game will take around 2 hours play time. During this time you will see areas such as the sewers, police station, tower and the standard elevator level. It wouldn't be a beat-em-up with an elevator level. Each of these areas do have a distinct look to them and each of them will feature a boss to defeat at the end of them. Getting to the bosses is no easy matter though. You'll have to fight your way through swarms of enemies who do get more aggressive as the game goes on. Some of the bosses you do eventually encounter are nods towards the past games and fans of the series will certainly get a kick (no pun intended) out of them. During the boss fight on the fourth level there is an event that happens that certainly got a smile from me. It's fan service done in just the right way and it was certainly appreciated. Despite the game only having 12 stages and a 2 hour completion time there is a lot to unpack after you are done. You you do enjoy chasing high scores then there are the S ranks to unlock. Stage select is unlocked so you can tackle gaining high scores on a stage by stage basis. Arcade mode is unlocked and that challenges you to try and beat the game without using any continues. The hardest difficulty is also unlocked and there are character skins and other items to obtain. There's plenty to keep people busy if they are looking for more action after the credits have rolled. Beyonce and Rihanna make a special appearance After finishing the game for the first time, I was very eager to see how the game holds up in terms of online play. When you start a game you have the option to host it online. This is done very quickly with a press of a button and straight away I had someone partner up with me. We ended up playing the game together from start to finish. It reminded me of my youth, playing these types of games in the arcades and having a random person come up, put their money in the slot and then join in on the action. There's obviously no voice chat to be had here so you have to make do without communicating. This did cause a bit of an issue during one of the levels. Both of us had very little health and there was a chicken on the floor. Both of use were far too polite to pick it up ourselves and we ended up moving to the next part of the stage without either of us regaining any health. Sadly, the online experience wasn't all fun and games. At times the game did stutter quite a bit and it felt a lot slower than when I played it in single player. I was running the Switch on wifi rather than using my ethernet adaptor and i'm not sure where the second player was actually playing from. It will be interesting to see how it runs with someone on my friend list who is actually in the UK. Conclusion Very few developers are able to take a dead franchise, as well as a dead genre, and bring it back in such a successful way. The game is an absolute gem and it easily surpasses the previous entries in the series. I think if anyone says otherwise then they are clouded by nostalgia, unable to see past their memories of the older games and see what an amazing game that this truly is. Everyone involved in this has managed to create a game that has a place in the modern gaming world and also manages to recapture that feeling from the past. It's a tricky thing to pull off but they have managed to absolutely nail it. This is easily one of the best games of 2020 so far and I'm hoping that the game does find the success it deserves and also kickstarts a revival of the genre.
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    Hopefully these images will work. Redecorated the converted garage we have in our house. Bought a new Samsung 43 inch TV and some Star Wars framed pictures as well from here. Bought a Last Jedi one as well as Ep4-6. https://www.lawandmoore.co.uk/product/star-wars-4-6-movie-posters/ It’s my little room for gaming which I’m really chuffed with. Just need to add some stuff to go in the glass cabinets. Edit. Ah good. Got them to work. Also bought a new recliner which I lost to my daughter within a day
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    So last night I of all people was put in charge of my team in work!! Me me?!? What were they thinking giving me ultimate power!! It was overtime and no manager or charge hand wanted to come in so they came looking to us regular workers to step up and lead the team to greatness and I thought OK I've been here for 14 years I'll step up for one night and prove that this trans girl with autism and a stammer can do what I said for many years I had no desire to do 😂 and the plant didn't even burn down!! Woke up to this text from my manager. "Amazing Georgia, a hidden gem u r, such detail and feedback for last night is truly amazing,remember what I have always said, it’s about giving people like yourself the opportunity to demonstrate to the business your ability to achieve more, when I say people like u,I mean, you believe that your ability to achieve more in life is restricted due to your low confidence and mental health stops u from doing so, last nights achievement shows us that you can, and u will again and again Georgia achieve better things in life with a “ can do attitude “ you should be extremely proud of yourself, I am, I have always believed in u G 100%, enjoy your break, again thank u so so much 👍" Feel pretty good right now :).
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    **WARNING, TOO MUCH TIME ON HANDS ALERT** Firstly, brilliant Challenge @Cube, it was great fun popping in every day and seeing everyones choices and which were more popular than others. I've been noting down everyone's picks with each passing day to see any trends. - Overall, there were a total of 305 games mentioned. - The highest number of game mentions in a single category: FIVE MENTIONS IN ONE CATEGORY: F-Zero GX, Racing Game Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Most Relaxing Navigation FOUR MENTIONS IN ONE CATEGORY: Banjo Kazooie, 3D Platformer Goldeneye, Licensed video game Mario Kart 8, Racing game Super Mario World, 2D platformer Super Monkey Ball, Best mini-game Zelda: A Link to the Past, Opening Section to a Game Zelda: Majora's Mask, Town or Village Zelda: The Wind Waker, Most Relaxing Navigation - The games with the biggest range of categories: SEVEN CATEGORIES PER GAME: Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Favourite Villain / Antagonist, Opening Section to a Game, Best Musical Moment, Credit Sequence, Town / Village, Best Final Mission, Best Boss Battle SIX CATEGORIES PER GAME: Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Most Relaxing Navigation, Town / Village, Best Musical Moment, Saddest Moment, Nicest Graphics / Art Style FIVE CATEGORIES PER GAME: Banjo Kazooie, 3D Platformer, Scariest Moment, Most Interesting Collectibles, Game That Takes You Back to Your Childhood, Personal Gaming Tradition The Last of Us, Opening Section to a Game, Best Story, Scariest Moment, Saddest Moment, Favourite DLC/Expansion The Witcher 3, Favourite Villain / Antagonist, Town / Village, Mini-Game, Licensed Video Game, Favourite DLC / Expansion Zelda: The Wind Waker, Most Relaxing Navigation, Nicest Graphics / Art Style, Favourite Villain / Antagonist, Town / Village, Saddest Moment - Overall, 31 games got 4 mentions or more: - And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for... THE TOP 10 N-EUROPE GAMES OF ALL TIME!!!! CUBE'S CHALLENGE THING With SIX mentions each, 9th and 10th place: With SEVEN mentions each, 7th and 8th place: With EIGHT mentions each, 4th, 5th and 6th place: With NINE mentions each, 2nd and 3rd place: With a whopping TEN mentions, 1st place goes to: There we have it, I think we can all agree the winner is also the greatest game ever made. No? Ok fine, close enough. On a personal note, HARD MODE GET!, who else? PS: Sorry @GenericAperson you must have posted while I was working on this!
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    The game is rated highly and lots of us like it...I'm expecting you to hate it.
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    Some more components and my first soldering iron arrived earlier this week so it was finally time to start doing some actual mods! I decided to start with the LED mod as it was a little more accessible than anything else. Here’s how I got on. The key component in adding a dual LED is of course LEDs, so I bought... a few... ‘ That’s plenty of choice. Ultimately I want the Cube to light up blue when it’s in American mode and red when it’s in Japanese mode. Luckily both colours are included in this set. It also has yellow, green, and white. All of which are completely mixed up so it’s a fun adventure just trying to find the ones you need. Here is one on it’s own: The first issue with adding a dual LED is that you need to make it fit in the position of the singular original. So first we must file them down: Still bigger than the original but should fit where we need it to be. Next is soldering them together: Not bad for my first soldering in about 20 years! Now to remove the original, here it is in place: And taking off the front of the GameCube we can see it’s a pretty easy light de-soldering job to get it out: Success! Next up I connected some wires to the LED: And then hook that up to the switch: The three wires connecting to the switch are one for each LED and one that will attach to the board where to original LED was. Almost done now, so just need to attach the LED to the board and clean up the wiring: Looks good, so time to test! Success! Really enjoyed working on this and super happy that it actually works. I need to buy something to hold things while I’m soldering as two hands is just not enough for some of these fiddly little things. Will try to get the region mod done over the weekend.
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    I’ve just had confirmation through that I’m now a board member of the Singapore Games Association! Just before Christmas a few things started moving around and I got asked by work to apply for the role, just before I was about to officially apply they got in touch with me separately and asked if I would interview for the position. A few chats later with other board members and people involved and I got offered it. It’s all voluntary and additional to my regular job but a really cool thing to be involved with.
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    Take BOTW for example, it runs at about 30FPS at 900p on the docked Switch. It's not super stable and drops a few frames, think by the Deku Tree, for instance. What DLSS can do depends on what type of experience you want. You could run the game in 720p native (lighter load on the GPU), upscaled to 1080p. The deep learning super sampling would output an upscaled 1080p image, but the actual game would be rendering in 720p, so in TV mode, the frame-rate would be much smoother because the GPU is not working as hard to produce the image. The cost of running DLSS would be far lower than natively rendering the game in 900p over 720. Mario Kart 8 is a buttery smooth 1080p60. With DLSS enabled, it could, in theory upscale the image to 2160p or even 4K with very little cost. I'd imagine, with it being a Wii U game, there is still some overhead that could be used to achieve this. If they slightly upgrade (or even unlock) the clock speeds on the next model, this would be instantly achievable. For handheld mode, you could have Doom Eternal, as an example, rendered in native 480p and outputting at an upscaled 720p on the Switch Screen, which may even make 60FPS possible, or allow it to maintain a consistent 30fps upscaled to 720p (so no more variable resolution to keep the frame-rate stable). Basically, it allows you to play around with output and frame-rates and tailor the experience to what you want. Now I'm sure Nintendo will be extremely strict with what they allow users to select and it certainly won't be as free as it is on PC. But this stuff really works and I'm kicking myself for buying an AMD GPU a couple of years ago. There are loads of Digital Foundry videos if you want to get all technical which examine different uses of DLSS and the cost or running a game like Control in native 4K compared to upscaled 4K. The amount of power you can save is really as much as 50% and the difference in image quality is almost not visible unless you zoom right in. It's also really going to come into its own when stuff like ray-tracing takes off as rendering that stuff is extremely expensive. This shit is magic. The best part is it would not cost Nintendo anything like a full generation shift but can get similar results. All they would need to do is use a slightly more modern chip than the one they have now and keep everything else the same. This stuff has been around for a few years now but has only started seeing real results in the last 12 months as the technology has improved. They would be absolutely insane to not make use of it in their partnership with Nvidia, and best of all, they could still make a tidy profit off a $299 Switch with this feature included. They don't need to break the bank. Edit: It also makes sense for Nintendo to adopt this as a matter urgency, before the XSX and PS5 get up and running. The longer they leave it, the further they'll get left behind. Though that's just my opinion based on 2010-2012 and the Wii.
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    Guess who fucking smashed it and is waiting on a written offer? Me.
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    The book about Iwata that was published in Japan is getting a localisation by Viz Media.
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    I'm just going round and spamming all the threads, but whatever, you guys wanted me back. . Quick reminder, that my weight loss does not determine your size or shape. I lost weight because I was very unwell and had just had open surgery (with a 7 inch scar to prove it) and needed to bring my weight down to ensure it was safer to have another open operation later down the line. I'm now 4 stone 2 down at my lowest. Here's me: Down from 15 stone 2 (96kg). To 11 stone (70kg). A size 20, to a size 8/14. I do think about going down to 65kg (10 stone) to build up some muscle, but it will entirely depend on how I feel going further, but this is over the course of the last couple of years, so we're going for slow and steady!
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    It’s my actually birthday today, and to be greeted with a celebration from my favourite islander Bill as soon as I loaded the game this morning was amazing! Bill just asked me to follow him and that it was a surprise haha. Really really cute. Made me smile the whole way through the celebrations. This is why I love this game. And the fact Bill dressed up in his tuxedo jacket and glasses was the icing on the cake haha. Seaprate note, I got an actual Switch cake too which is very cool!
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    Wow, they finally did it: I'm going to take the credit for this one: Nintendo, feel free to use some of my other suggestions, yeah.
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    I think some people need to worry an awful lot less about what others think of certain games! With the amount of years most of us here have been playing, we should all have a good idea about what we personally enjoy and can often tell pretty quickly just by looking at a few screenshots of a game whether it seems desirable or not. There are undoubtedly exceptions and it can help in some cases to search for different opinions to help decide if you are perhaps on the fence about something but, for the most part at least, my gut is usually pretty spot on. There are plenty of examples where I went against my own judgement to purchase games revered and scored highly by the majority only to come away scratching my head at not being able to appreciate what others seem to see in these games. Everyone just has different taste, and that's absolutely normal The Legend of Zelda is an interesting case as despite sharing many of the same types of elements, puzzles and items, each entry is often a significant departure from the last. You only need to look at how different Breath of the Wild, Link's Awakening and now Skyward Sword are on Switch to experience just how disparate individual games in the series can be! Everyone has their own favourites and none of those opinions are wrong.. even those people who think Twilight Princess is the best I always feel like A Link to the Past, Majora's Mask and Breath of the Wild are held up by many as the pinnacle of the franchise, each unique in their own way but not one of them would crack my top 3 (a couple of them wouldn't even be anywhere close, in fact) Personally, Skyward Sword, Wind Waker HD and Ocarina of Time 3D are my favourite Zelda games and it doesn't matter that other people don't agree. They can like what they like and I'll like what I like
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    I just got a(nother) son! On Thursday, the water broke and out he came, with such a rush - the birth itself took only 40 minutees, from first signs to crying baby. Quite crazy. We are home, safe, and everything seems to be fine. He's sucking and shitting and sleeping a lot so that's basically how it should be. He's quite cute and well-formed. My older son (now 3.5 years old) is taking it very well, though he is a bit more wild these days. So yeah... looking forward to the young one getting a bit older and more fun.
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    Nintendo's FY3/Q2 2021 report is out, covering the period of 1st July 2020 - 30th September 2020. The big takeaways - 6.85 million units sold this quarter between the Switch and Switch Lite. Lifetime sales for the console now stand at 68.5 million units sold. This means sales for the Switch halfway through the Financial Year stand at 12.53 million units sold - with the busiest quarter still to come! Year-to-date sales stand at 15.82 million units sold (3.29 million units were sold in Q4 2020). - On the back of this, hardware forecast sales for the year have been increased to 24 million units sold. This is in line with previous reports from the time of their last financials, which outlines Nintendo would be increasing production to 25 million units for the Financial Year. - In terms of new games this quarter, Paper Mario: The Origami King has sold 2.82 million units since launch, and Super Mario 3D All-Stars has sold 5.21 million units since launch (yeah, for the latter it's worth noting that's only in the space of two weeks). - Other games of note: Ring Fit Adventure at 5.84 million units sold, Xenoblade Chronicles now at 1.40 million units sold, and Clubhouse Games is at 1.81 million units sold. - Pokémon Sword & Shield have passed 19 million units sold, making them the first games in the series to do so since Gold & Silver. - Mario Kart 8 (including both sales of Deluxe and the original Wii U version of the game) is now the best-selling game in the series, with lifetime sales of 37.44 million units sold compared with Mario Kart Wii's 37.38 million units sold. It's possible that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe could surpass this mark individually down the road. Top 10 best-selling Switch games as of 30th September 2020 1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 28.99M 2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 26.04M 3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 21.10M 4. Breath of the Wild - 19.74M 5. Pokemon Sword/Shield - 19.02M 6. Super Mario Odyssey - 18.99M 7. Pokemon Let’s GO - 12.49M 8. Super Mario Party - 12.10M 9. Splatoon 2 - 11.27M 10. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe - 8.32M Personal Note: Animal Crossing: New Horizons could potentially surpass Mario Kart 8 Deluxe over the next quarter and become the Switch's best-selling game. Based on it's current pacing, New Horizons should surpass the 30 million mark in 2020 sales alone. Based on their current growth rates, New Horizons would be projected to come in next time around at just passing that 30 million mark, whilst Mario Kart would be in the 31 - 32 million mark, though this is only based on quarter-to-quarter growth comparisons, and it would be expected for both games to perform even stronger next time around due to it being the busiest quarter of the year.
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    There's been a bit of Wii-vival in my household recently. I've been taking care of my youngest niece (7 years old) on a number of occasions and I usually let her play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on my Switch. I was thinking of other games that would be suitable for her and the Wii popped into my head. I decided to mix things up a bit and the next time I was looking after her I introduced her to Wii Sports Resort. I created a new Mii for her, started a fresh save file and just let her go at the game. If starting a new file on the game it means that you get to do the initial sky dive out of the plane. She was absolutely fascinated by it all and couldn't believe that she was controlling her Mii by simply moving the controller. She was pretty much hooked from that point on and from there she ended up playing things like bowling, fencing and even the more advanced games like archery. I was quite surprised how quick she picked it up as my sister and her husband don't let her play video games at home and keep her off mobile phones and iPads as they would rather she reads or does something more creative. Every time she pops over now she instantly asks to play the game. During one of the sessions I had to take my phone out and record what she was doing. It was absolutely hilarious. She was playing the cycling game and near the end of the course I was encouraging her to go a little faster and so she started to kick her legs and run on the spot as if that had any impact to what she was doing on screen. She also started to get closer and closer to the TV screen, willing her character to go that little bit faster. Great stuff. I showed my sister how active the little one gets when she's playing it. She's already a very active kid ( goes for lots of walks with her parents ) but my sister was impressed with the type of game it was and is even thinking about getting her a Wii for Christmas. You can get them dirt cheap on eBay these days and there are loads of games she could pick up for her. I have recommended to her to pay a little extra and try and pick up a Wii U. That way there won't be any issue with TV connections as I think their TV may be modern enough to not support the cables that are needed to play on a HDTV. Seeing her play on it has certainly got me thinking about revisiting the console, playing some old games on it and even picking up some of the ones I may have missed. It's definitely a console that I played but didn't really appreciate at the time. With this generation coming to an end, and with me in no hurry to jump into the next generation of consoles, I am thinking that Wii-visiting the console is something that I may do sooner rather than later. It's funny thinking about it, the Wii still seems relatively recent to me but it's close to 15 years old at this point now. There's a generation of kids, much like my niece, who have never heard of it or experienced how fun motion controls can be when used properly. Watching her play on the Wii and the reaction it gave did show that there was a certain charm and magic about the console that very few consoles, if any, have been able to pull off.
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    With the exception on June, I have played a fair few games over the past few months. I'll put a paragraph or two about each game that i've played. Strap in...this is going to be a long post.
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    After putting a few more hours in on Friday night and a decent amount more yesterday, I can now say that I've finished Super Mario 64 for the first time. This game is a classic, and even as a first time player nearly 25 years after the game's initial release back on the N64, I could still get an overwhelming sense of just how special this game is: charming and (mostly!) upbeat soundtrack, diverse and masterful course design, and this great sense of exploration all come together into this great game which stands the test of time to this day. Mario himself controls just as tightly as you could want him to, even by modern standards, which is a feat I'm still astonished by after finishing the game. I feel like a large part of this game's timelessness comes down to just how sprawling some of these areas are, in every direction. You have the wide grassy fields of Bob-omb Battlefield to test and acclimatise your skills and power over the controls, the sweeping depths of Jolly Roger Bay (the water levels in this game are GOOD! I think that's the first time I've ever said that ), and the heights of Whomp's Fortress and Cool, Cool Mountain to experience all of that in the earliest parts of this game. Grabbing Power Stars is a lot of fun, as is familiarising yourself with courses. I generally would at least get to the point where I got the Power Star awarded for collecting for the Red Coins in each course, just because it feels like a good test of your understanding of the course. And Mario's moveset perfectly complements that. You have the Backflip to get to new heights in tight spaces; the Triple Jump to audaciously flip over obstacles, and keep momentum; the Cartwheel Flip to sharply return to the direction you were running from, then flip over anything in your way; and - my favourite move in the game by far - the Long Jump to instantly thrust yourself through the air at a breakneck pace. Chaining these moves together and gaining some level of mastery over them instills a great sense of awe and accomplishment which feels great to this day. The way all of this is accessed is through Peach's Castle, which is an interesting enough place to explore, but my favourite part of Peach's Castle by far is jumping through paintings into new levels, and especially those ones when/where you enter the paintings having an actual impact on the course. It took me a few tries to notice when they were doing this, but once I did, I was honestly taken aback a bit, because it's such a simple thing which could easily go overlooked, yet has such a huge impact in that you can then influence courses once you have it figured out. The level design is fairly consistent in layout, mechanics, and theme, but almost all of them feel distinct, and so you end up with a great catalogue of courses to explore. It just feels so fresh to enter a new course, and even somewhat similar ones (such as Jolly Roger Bay and Dire Dire Docks, or Whomp's Fortress and Tall, Tall Mountain) are spaced far apart in a way that it stills manages to feel fresh. Throw the caps into the mix for good measure and each course feels so different to the next, I really enjoyed that aspect of it. All of this being said, my least favourite parts of the game - and those which I think have aged the worst - are those tighter spaces where you can't exhibit this mastery over jumping around and leaping long distances which I feel the stronger courses in the game offer consistently, because it is so difficult to control Mario in those scenarios when you have so little control over the camera. These tighter spaces also typically find themselves matching up with some puzzle platforming, and the camera just doesn't work with you on some occasions where in more modern games it would. It's definitely most noticeable in Tick Tock Clock I feel, which is a shame, because I enjoyed so much of what that level was trying to do (though I have to question why they didn't slow the music down when you slowed the mechanical components in the course...). It's a shame, it really is my only biggest knock against this game as a first time player. The skill-based platforming far outclasses the puzzle-based platforming in my mind: in more open areas when traversing across narrow spaces (a small land bridge on Tall, Tall Mountain comes to mind) the camera sweeps in this organic way which perfectly matches the gameplay, and in those moments this game is unstoppable. The only other thing which comes to mind is very minor, and that being forced out of a course after picking up a Star, but I know that's something Odyssey doesn't do. It's not really an issue now that I think about it, and an worst it just helps you familiarise yourself with the courses. I understand that this is a port, and that this game is a revered classic with a storied history and longstanding fan base (and as someone who wants to support game preservation and has been wanting to play this game for a long time, I'm glad I've finally got the chance to!), but something as simple as giving the option for more camera control and not having it switch between fixed angles would have modernised this game and done away with what is by far my biggest problem with it. I know that wouldn't have been an option on the N64, but it is now, and I don't think this is at all like the fixed camera angles of the older Metal Gear Solid games. Heck, default it to the classic camera by all means, but in a third-person 3D platformer being ported nearly 25 years after release, again, it would have fixed what is by far my biggest issue with the game. I would have been happy to continue to collecting Stars if not for the camera, but I'm still really happy with how much I enjoyed of the game, and it's certainly not something I'll let sour my experience. I just hope Sunshine's camera will be better! But, not wanting to end on a sour note, I've got to mention some of my favourite moments in this game. Tall, Tall Mountain is easily my favourite course of the game, its variety of short and long horizontal areas while spiralling up this huge mountain is awesome. Even falling from way up in the course to near the bottom back at the start didn't feel too bad, because it was just so much fun to run around the course! I would say that discovering the underwater town in Wet-Dry World was one of my favourite moments, and collecting all 8 Red Coins to get that Power Star with some precise platforming was a whole load of fun. It was probably my favourite Power Star to get in the game. Getting frustrated for 30 minutes at being unable to get to the Star above the Thwomp in Tick Tock Clock wasn't so fun, but was fun was taking a short break, and doing it first time when I got back. The most typical gaming thing of all and lastly, getting to the spinning platform on Rainbow Ride for the second time after not figuring out how to get to the Tricky Triangles area, and taking this enormous Long Jump of faith across the course and landing felt so good. Getting over there and immediately realising that I just couldn't see the path over because of the draw distance from where you start? Certainly gave me a chuckle! There is so much charm, and fun, and game to this video game. I had such a great time with it, and camera issues aside, it's a timeless classic with movement which I'm sure would make most other 3D platformers - both modern and of the era - blush. Look forward to giving Sunshine a go next in the coming weeks!
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    Right, been very hit-and-miss when it comes to consistency on this, but it's time to catch up. I'll start with today's topic first. Day 30: Personal Gaming Tradition In terms of something I would consider a tradition seeing as I do it pretty much every time I play a game: lights out, curtains drawn, door closed. Like when focusing on a film, I want to be as focused as I can (reasonably) be on whatever it is that I'm playing. In terms of returning to games, I don't really have games that I return to on an annual basis like many do here. I have a lot of respect for @Glen-i returning to Explorers of Sky so often (it is probably one of my most played story-driven games, I've played it four or five times I think and that's excluding Explorers of Time), it's short, sweet, and so impactful. Though then again, I have played Chrono Trigger two Januaries in a row...coincidence? No idea, guess we'll find out in January 2021 oh, and I quite enjoyed reading through the list of games you've played over the last few years @Ronnie! In terms of other traditions? Unwrapping games as soon as they arrive, even if I know they'll be on the shelf for a while (looking at you, Yakuza 6). Watching credits all the way through like I do with films, I really like when I get to a point where I start recognising the same names popping up. Ejecting a game cartridge or disc as soon as I am done with it (whether that be story or 100% completion), putting it back in its case, and throwing it on a pile of complete games (found this is the best way for me to motivate myself to get through far more games than I have before). Screen protectors for anything and everything that needs it. And I always keep a game installed that I can play pretty mindlessly, like FIFA or Need for Speed, for whenever I'm not really in the mood for watching or playing something new. Now to catch up... Day 15: Best Story Really surprised by just how many aren't the biggest fan of stories in their games, but to each their own! For me, story is oftentimes the biggest draw when it comes to just about any entertainment (as some might be able to tell from my previous Gaming Diary or Anime thread posts), so it's little surprise that this is another really tough one for me. But there's only when answer for me when I think of the best story I've experienced in a video game. I will wholeheartedly throw in the towel here on Hard Mode, because this won't be the last time I mention this series. The Last of Us. I only played this for the first time a few months ago, somehow managing to avoid spoilers for the better part of a decade, and it blew my socks off. I don't really touch horror games in any definition of the genre, but had to make an exception for this solely because of the praise I'd heard for its story, and it also gave me a great opportunity to decide on whether I was going to buy and play its sequel last month (spoiler: I did. I pre-ordered it before I finished the game). Having only played the first three Uncharted games before this, apart from standout moments in Among Thieves, it was really difficult for me to understand the hype behind Naughty Dog. This sold me on everything they might do for the next decade. Brilliantly paced with a terrific soundtrack from Gustavo Santaolalla, a nerve-wracking world which matches the dread of surviving its moment-to-moment gameplay, great characters and some of the standout character moments in video game storytelling, the real difficulty here was trying to justify my other potential picks with this in mind. That being said, honourable mentions to Chrono Trigger, the most tightly-packed and impactful JRPG I've played (and it isn't even close) with a great time travel story, and my other mention has to go to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Excellent story with some of the best setpieces in video games. Day 16: Most Interesting Collectibles The Last of Us Part II. Specifically, the notes left behind from the old world which you'll find as you make your way through the game. It just adds such a depth to each and every area. Most buildings have notes left behind, as well as their fair share of corpses and Infected, which all combine into small vignettes, and you're often left piecing together what happened there. The way it goes about this is by detailing things from codes for opening safes, to dark secrets kept until someone's dying breath, to something like the above: a guilt-ridden admission of taking safety for granted in such a brutal world. Special mention to Dragon Quest XI's Mini Medals, they're so abundant and smartly placed that it's impossible to not find yourself opening up everything you can get your hand on, or deviating from the beaten path. What's most interesting about them isn't necessarily how you obtain them, or where, but rather how much it incites just exploring every nook and cranny with confidence that, at some point, you will find a Mini Medal. Along similar lines, special mention also to Final Fantasy VII Remake's Music Discs, which are remixes of a number of songs from the original game (many for locations and characters not in this game), hinting at a musical taste of what is to come next. Day 17: Racing Game Burnout Paradise. Killer soundtrack, huge variety in challenge and race types available, fun collectibles and open world, and it's always awesome seeing the crumple zones come into play when you inevitably end up crashing. Day 18: Best Mini Game "Hey, how about a game of Lucky Hit?" For the fiftieth time, street vendor: yes. Shenmue II's Lucky Hit reminds me of a simpler time of when I visited family in the Philippines for a month at the age of 8 back in 2007, when I would frequently see similar boards dotted around while walking the streets there, and would bet on them with my cousins. Cosy times I feel perfectly captured in Shenmue II, where throughout your journey in Hong Kong you will have the opportunity to play game after game of Lucky Hit (in an attempt) to earn some serious cash. It's simple: you drop a ball from the top of an angled board packed with pins, normally arranged based on the design of an animal or creature on the board, and hope your ball lands in one of the designated win slots, either for a payout or a prize. Seriously addicting but its so simple and fun, I had to tear myself away from it after a while, otherwise I'm sure Ryo's story would have ended right then and there: a lost, down on his luck foreigner with a newfound gambling addiction. Special mentions this time to the Pokéathlon events in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, as well as the Pokémon Contests in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Put a lot of time into earning those medals and ribbons as a kid. Day 19: Melee Combat Playing the Arkham series backwards right now, returning to the first three having played Arkham Knight first a few years ago (finished Arkham Asylum a few weeks ago), and it's interesting from only playing the first and most recent entries in the series how consistent the combat is, save for small differences in the timing of how Batman reacts. The weight of the blows Batman deals, and the impacts of those he is dealt, are hard to not feel, and chaining combos together while beating down on Gotham punks is awesome. Agree with a lot of the other choices mentioned though: God of War, Spider-Man, NieR:Automata, But my special mentions have to go to the first two Shenmue games for how it perfectly evolved the arcade-style structure and mechanics of Virtua Fighter to make a compelling and fun melee combat system, as well as, perhaps with a hint of recency bias, Ghost of Tsushima. A lack of lock-on hurts it for me, but it still easily has my favourite "normal" sword combat of any game I've ever played, Day 20: Saddest Moment The Last of Us Part II. @Glen-i, yep, that's definitely the sad moment to choose from Explorers, but it's an excellent one! And @Vileplume2000, about Valkyria Chronicles, excellent pick, really glad that you mentioned it. That moment got me too. Especially when... Day 21: Game that takes you back to your childhood Pokémon Diamond & Pearl. I mentioned this only last month in another thread, so yes, I'm going to quote myself Probably my favourite main series Pokémon OST alongside Ruby & Sapphire, too. So many great memories. Day 22: Favourite Playable Character Going to have to second @Happenstance on this one. Without hesitation: Kazuma Kiryu. I've mentioned it before, but having "only" played 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and 3 to this point, I feel like I have a strong grasp on Kiryu as a character now having played through around 100 hours of adventures with him, and I maintain that he is a role model male video game character, and a prime example of how everyone should try to act. Day 23: Best Licensed Video Game Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005). Told you it would be back. I've put thousands of hours into this game. To date, the best Battlefront game (and then some), one of the best Star Wars campaigns which elegantly walks that fine line and successfully ties the prequel and original trilogies together, which is no mean feat, a diverse range of modes (Galactic Conquest is like Monopoly meets turn-based, galactic scale Star Wars skirmishes, with four unique endings for victory as the Republic, Separatists, Rebels, and Imperials). It has space combat, ground warfare, and a vast array of heroes, and one of the best hero implementations in a game like this. I love this game. Admittedly, I haven't played Knights of the Old Republic (though I know the story inside and out, thanks Wookieepedia for indulging a young Star Wars fan well over a decade ago!), nor have I played Rogue Leader. I simply wasn't at an age where that was feasible when they were released, but I hope to play them soon (I've got KOTOR on Steam, so that's ready to go when I'm in the mood). But special mentions to Republic Commando, the original Battlefront, and the first two LEGO Star Wars games. I think there's an undeniable fact here the more and more I talk about this: Star Wars by far has the strongest catalogue of licensed video games. Fight me. Day 24: Best Final Mission Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It's hard to nail down what exactly the final mission is here seeing as there's a fluidity to how levels weave into one another, but I'll just say that final boss fight. It takes everything you've learned throughout the game and forces you to take someone on who is objectively stronger than you are, wraps all of the game's themes and messaging into a nice bow, and has some excellent music backing it all up. Day 25: Online Multiplayer Got to admit, I really don't play many games online, so I'll go with Rocket League. Great mechanics and gameplay, it's a whole lot of fun and chaos but, like the best of games, it's easy to pick up yet difficult to master. It's easy to sink hours into. Not at all mentioning them in the same breath as Rocket League...but I have put far more hours into EA's Battlefront and Battlefront II online offerings than I would ever care to admit. Those are at the opposite end of the spectrum (or at least they were, DICE have actually turned Battlefront II around for the most part since launch). Day 26: Favourite NPC Mimir from 2018's God of War. If you've played the game, you know exactly why. But again, @Glen-i the Explorers call here with Wigglytuff is a great one. So many great characters in that game...might be time for a replay soon. Day 27: Best Boss Battle Jenova from Final Fantasy VII Remake. Not going to spoil anything about it, but this game has plenty of great boss battles, but this one stands out for how well it punches through the roof that were my expectations for this game (which were super high, by the way). Awesome song to back it up, because of course that's something that would win me over, shame I can't post a link to share it because Square Enix are still busy clamping down on this game's OST. Special mentions to the first colossus in Shadow of the Colossus; the final boss, The Shagohod, and The End in Metal Gear Solid 3; and Magus in Chrono Trigger. But an extra special mention to The Ice Queen in Dragon Quest XI. Up until that point, the sum of my turn-based JRPG experience was a long list of Pokémon games and Final Fantasy VII. I love those games, but it was so easy to just brute force my way through battles, and I never understood why anyone would be more tactical in their approach to turn-based games, specifically when it came to buffs and debuffs. Enter The Ice Queen. Up until that point in Dragon Quest XI I had cruised along without any concern, I don't think I had got close to meeting my maker, so much so that I was still trusting the AI to control my other characters. Against The Ice Queen I hit that wall, and I hit it hard. I tried brute force again after wiping for the first time in the game, but then figured that I would have to play it more methodically. Taking control of my other characters and focusing for the first time on buffs and debuffs, I found myself going from a struggling hero to one who overcame The Ice Queen with aplomb. I will never forget that boss fight, as it's the first time that I found myself having serious difficulty for reasons other than low levels in a JRPG, and while levelling up I'm sure would have fixed things, I'm so happy I learned the hard way. It resulted in an hour long clash of back and forth buffs, debuffs, and long sequence setups with the final boss of the main story in Dragon Quest XI, as well as me figuring out how to grind to LV 99 effectively in the game, comparing my tactics to others online for doing so and even being so bold as to tweak their tried and true tactics with my own spin to make it even more efficient. It opened up the world of JRPG's to me, for instance my three hour back and forth with Storm Dragon in Final Fantasy VI where I was adamant that I wouldn't grind and would find a way to overcome it without, and I did. That's one of my proudest moments in a game to date. Day 28: Favourite DLC/Expansion The Last of Us: Left Behind. A great two hour long epilogue to a great game which explores something briefly mentioned in the main game, and expands on it and delivers in a great way. Pacing and writing just as good as the main game, some more excellent music from Santaolalla, it adds so much meaning to what could have easily been some throwaway lines in the main game, and adds more standout moments and interactions to the long list you can already find in the main game. It is must play if you play The Last of Us. Day 29: Favourite Graphics/Art Style Having not played Wind Waker I don't feel it's fair for me to throw another mention at that, though that art style used in promotion is exactly why I bought Spirit Tracks. Wind Waker was that game I didn't know the name of as a kid (not until Smash Bros. Brawl) but wanted to play, mainly thanks to its art style. Having played Breath of the Wild I think that game also has a beautiful art style, up there with the very best. And @Goafer's mention of Persona 5 is absolutely something I need to mention, that game's art style is fantastic (as is that opening), and it doesn't get old during the around 100 hours you'll spend with that game. On the other end of things, in terms of realistic art style, I think Ghost of Tsushima and its vibrant and colourful island of Tsushima is the best in that regard. But I'm going to finally give a game I've mentioned a lot in my honourable mentions a win here. Say what you might (or rather, what I might!) about Square Enix's underhand marketing and distribution of this game in the West, Dragon Quest XI perfectly captures Akira Toriyama's art style in a 3D setting, is a massive step up technically from Dragon Quest VIII (which let's be honest, also probably deserves mentioning here in the art style department), and Toriyama's art style just matches the cosy vibes of Yuji Horii's Dragon Quest world. This is then furthered by battle animations and other interactions in the world, which just emanate an overwhelming feeling of warmth. And that's me all caught up!
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    Graphics/Art Style Persona 5 Hands down the best presented game I've ever played. I put over a hundred hours into the game and I never skipped the intro once. Has the game got anything to do with figure skating? Nope, but it looks awesome, so it's in the intro. Even the menus are stunning:
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    Yes, we got 13 hearts and the Giant's Wallet before getting Saria's Song... Last week, @Dcubed and I finished a playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Except it was a randomiser, which more than complicated matters. For those of you who aren't aware, the Ocarina of Time randomiser takes every item and puts them in random places throughout the game, including chests and cutscenes that get you items (For example, leaving Kokiri Forest counts as getting an item, because that's how you normally get the Fairy Ocarina). What this results in is a desparate scavenger hunt throughout all of Hyrule, hoping that you find the right item to be able to enter a new area or dungeon and find more items in an attempt to finish the 5 dungeons that have medallions (Also randomised) in them so you can enter Ganon's Castle and reach the credits. Because you don't know where anything is, doing the most simple of tasks becomes a herculean effort. It's not just the important items that get randomised, all the crappy items you don't really need are out there as well. Opening a chest hoping for something useful only to get another 5 rupees is heartbreaking in a hilarious sort of way. The great thing about this is how customisable it is. Some of the options @Dcubed set were: Keysanity - Every Small Key in the game is put in a random place, even outside of the dungeon it is used in. Shopsanity - Every shop has 4 items from the chest pool. This includes items like the Megaton Hammer or Lens of Truth, better hope you find those wallets fast. Business Scrub Madness - Every Business Scrub has an item from the item pool that they sell for 10 rupees. It's a mystery until you buy it. Random Songs - Every Ocarina song consists of random note layouts, warp songs are more complicated than the first 6. Master Quest Mystery - Each dungeon has a 50% chance of being the more difficult Master Quest version. That's great and all, but we STILL HAVEN'T GOT THE KOKIRI SWORD! As you can imagine, this is nothing short of hilarity! We went through almost the entire game without finding the Kokiri Sword. That meant we couldn't even get into the Deku Tree! Just to hammer the point home, the last 2 dungeons we did were the Deku Tree and Jabu's Jabu's Belly. Jabu had the Light Medallion, which was the last one we needed and we went into Ganon's Castle, desperately hoping that the Golden Gauntlets were there so we could finish it. No dice there, until I suddenly remembered about the hidden Lens of Truth room in the main room in Ganon's Castle. It had 4 business scrubs! You've never seen anyone so happy to find business scrubs, and through sheer luck, one of them sold us the Golden Gauntlets, which let us finish the game. (We already had the Light Arrows, naturally before we even had a Bow) Other highlights involved us going through most of the Master Quest Water Temple (Without Iron Boots, we were desperate), only to find that we needed Din's Fire... That's half an hour we're never getting back. Finding a room with 7 chests, getting 3 Pieces of Heart and a Heart Container, and then moaning about it because it's not what we wanted. Finishing the child section of the Spirit Temple with no sword, I beat the Iron Knuckle by chucking 18 bombs at it. The chest at the end just had a single Deku Stick... Trying to navigate the Bottom of the Well with no Lens of Truth is not fun. That dungeon already sucks without that nonsense complicating matters. Finishing the timed section of the adult trading quest without Epona by copious usage of walking backwards. You would not believe how much this item blockaded us throughout the playthrough. Did you know that if you don't move King Zora when you're a kid, he won't have moved even if you become an adult? We couldn't get into the Ice Cavern for ages! We actually had to buy Blue Fire! Who does that!? There were a few times where we had to resort to a guide to help progress. My memory for games is good, but even I can't remember where all those random grottos are. But anyway, this is a great randomiser to help spice up your Ocarina of Time playthrough. Especially the random Ice Traps that shout "YOU ARE A FOOL!" Random Songs was probably a mistake though... Also, this edit is really funny.
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    Time for another catch up. Day 13 - Best open world city game: GTA V. Not my fave (that'd still be Vice City ) but what this game managed to achieve on a technical level (especially on the PS3) was super impressive! It's one of those games you can go back to and pretty much always experience something new, it's no wonder this has sold such crazy amounts and that they continue to milk it on new platforms. Day 14 - 2D platformer: Super Mario World. This is probably the 2D platformer that I've played the most over the years, and I still enjoy playing it today. Nothing else to add really, it's a classic. Day 15 - Best story: Papo & Yo. A lot of the story in this game is revealed via the gameplay which is something that I especially appreciated, wish more video games would attempt storytelling in ways that are unique to the medium, rather than simply replicating film with cutscenes. Day 16 - Most interesting collectables: The treasures in Pikmin 2. These not only looked great in the game, but were also given highly amusing names. Both of those aspects combined to make everyday boring objects some of the most interesting and memorable collectables ever. Day 17 - Racing game: F-Zero GX. Just the perfect racing game, beautiful visuals, hyper soundtrack and an absolutely ludicrous sense of speed! Oh and let's not forget, the wackiness...
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    It's a shame, but Nintendo is going to continue to be Nintendo... we can't blame them for wanting to protect their IP's but, at the same time, they won't get as prompt coverage as they would have gotten if they had been a bit more trusting with a few more sites. N-Europe will still cover Nintendo's games of course, in the case of a lot of games, many of us will still be buying the major releases and of course, we will endeavour to get written reviews up on site as close to just past the release date as possible. (bar a few notable exceptions, such as Animal Crossing which we are still planning on covering, just after a bit of time has passed) We've been an independent Nintendo site for a long time now, for the majority of the site's Twenty-Two year history, so I can't say that this is going to impact on us that much, but I do recognise that this is a significant change in policy for Nintendo, one which we're not that pleased about, but we recognise and respect it for what it is; a policy change. At least we all know where we stand, N-Europe will continue to provide Nintendo-based news, reviews and features when we can, we have been getting some codes from indie publishers, from which some fantastic reviews have been produced, we have some more in the works and I'm very grateful for the reviews of titles which some of our reviewers have written from games which they purchased themselves; such as the recent Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition review written by @Glen-i which I've just noticed, has received a really nice comment from someone only a day ago, which is really excellent to see. There is mention of Metacritic in the comment, this is something which we are actively looking into and while we make no promises, there is a possibility of N-Europe reviews returning to being ranked on Metacritic, which would be useful for the site, if it happens but it is by no means the be and end all. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to N-Europe in any form. That includes staff members, forum members, anyone who passively reads, comments or just posts the odd update here and there, or news tips... anything and everything really, you're all part of a community which I'm grateful for and proud to be a part of, so let's do our best to stick together, look out for each other and enjoy playing games and sharing thoughts about them whenever we get a chance to. [/AnotherOneOfThosePostsWhichAlwaysTurnsOutToBeLongerThanItProbablyNeedsToBe]
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    Thank you to @Vileplume2000 @Nicktendo and @LazyBoy for letting me visit their islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as it was eye-opening to see what can be done in this game with a little bit of imagination, a few (hundred?thousand?hundred-thousand?) bells and clearly a lot of hours and effort. I've only really dabbled in the game so far but after witnessing your islands first-hand and trying out visiting new islands for the first time, I'm starting to see why it's such a great game once again; as I've always been a fan of the games but I've just never really invested that much time in the series as a whole. Indeed, looking through this very thread has been interesting to me as well, it's nice to see the N-Europe community getting together to enjoy Animal Crossing and really make the most of it, more than I ever would have thought possible but again, this is clearly a series which defies expectations every time for the most-part and although it has some elements which aren't always going to be that popular, overall it would seem to me, to be the very best the series has ever been even if some of the earlier games have more going for them on the nostalgia front. I'll definitely try to make more out of my island than I have been so far, especially now that I should be able to use the ladder as well It's funny to me that as I was showing you all around my island, that was the first time that I'd even seen all of it as well, though it made for a great shared moment and I'm glad that there were some items in my newly opened shop that you were interested in, so at least you were able to take something away from my island, especially as you all helped me out with various gifts which I'm grateful for. Hopefully, I'll be able to show you all around my island again at some point later on down the line, when I will have probably invested some more time into making it a bit more of an interesting land mass, hopefully with a few more things so see and do.
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    Nintendo just announced the "Final Major Update" for Mario Maker 2, which is due to be released on the 22nd of this month. It looks like it contains a ton of stuff:
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    This was brought up in the Resident Evil 3 thread the other day... ...and that's exactly what i've done. I played the first part of the origins collection back in Dec of 2014. I remember playing it over the Christmas break due to the length of time I had off and because of how intense some of the trophies were. I needed plenty of time to run through the game multiple times and learn the layouts, which is exactly what is needed with Zero. I think that's why i've put off playing this for so long. With plenty of free time on my hands at the moment, I figured I would take a run at the game. Campaign First Run This was a run just for me to get used to the game and learn the layouts of each of the areas. Starting the game, I was quite shocked just by how rough the both the voice acting and CGI sequences are. In my mind the game looked fine but comparing it to the 2 new Resident Evil remakes, there's no denying this game could do with an upgrade. Coming off of playing Resident Evil 3 Remake I found the controls a little clumsy and I kept pressing wrong buttons to do certain actions as my brain kept going back to RE3. I eventually adjusted and managed to get a handle of what was what. It was still a little fiddly though. Something simple, such as picking up an item, can often be a little awkward and a lot of the times you expect to be able to pick an item up only for the game to want you to move away from it or a little closer. Swapping to and fro between the characters was a bit of a pain in the backside, as was juggling all of the items. Having to pause just to switch between characters was a ridiculous faff...that was until near the end of this play through where I accidentally hit the touchpad and found that also allowed you to switch. I'd been playing the best part of the game thinking the status menu was the only way to do it. With this being my first run through the game I did find it hard when it came to the inventory system. I wasn't really sure what I needed to keep and what I needed to leave. It also didn't help that you can lose a lot of your items if you move past certain parts in the story, if you don't place said items in a specific spot. Eventually I stopped trying to horde certain things and just went about using them as I came across them. This made it far easier to keep one or two spaces free for any key items that needed to be picked up. I ended up finishing my first run in just under 7 hours. I somehow had to get this done to under 3 and a half in order to get an S rank. Leech Mode First Run This mini game that you unlock isn't that mini, at least when trying to get a perfect run. You need work your way through the whole of the mansion map and pick up leeches, blue for Billy and green for Becca. There are 100 ( 50 each ) to collect but the issue is that once you collect 1 of them you can no longer put it down. This means you need to try and balance your inventory to make sure you have enough space for herbs and ammo but also enough for the leeches. Furthermore, you can't actually save in this. If you die then you have to restart it. I figured the best course of action was to go around each of the rooms, collect ammo, kill every enemy and then go back around the map and pick them all up. This took some doing and I got a little frustrated towards the end of it because I was missing a single leech and for the life of me I couldn't find the thing. It took a lot of searching around and repeating areas but I eventually found it in a room where the camera angle shifts only when going into a specific section. With them all found, I left the mansion and unlocked my rewards, which consisted of infinite ammo for every gun, a magnum and a sub machine gun. The whole thing took over 3 hours but the rewards would coming in handy during my next campaign run. Leech Mode Second Run I had to play this mode again but this time I had to collect only 50 leeches with 1 player and then leave the mansion. This run was a much speedier affair. I no longer had to sweep each room or kill every enemy. Completing this didn't unlock any new goodies but it was required for a trophy. Campaign Second Run This run was going to be very tense. I had to play through the whole game without saving. One wrong move and that meant I would be forced to restart the whole thing. Luckily, thanks to my Leech Mode runs, I now had a magnum with infinite ammo at my disposal. The whole thing went very smoothly, so much so that I tried pairing it with some other trophies. These required me to not heal or combine any herbs. Sadly, I got hit a couple of times and rather than risk it, I did end up using some herbs. I didn't combine any though and I managed to get through the run without using any first aid sprays. I managed to get an S rank with this run, finishing it in 2 and a half hours. Campaign Third Run This run was quite a blast. I had to play the game as Wesker, which was pretty hilarious. He has a special move that, when charged, can blow up zombies heads. I still had all my infinite weapons with me, as well as now having a rocket launcher thanks to my previous S rank. I did have to take this run a little slower than my previous one because I needed to make it through the whole game without healing. This was made easier than my last run because I could actually save and if I did cock up somewhere I could quit and reload. I done this run through of the game straight after my last one so every thing was pretty fresh in my mind. Campaign Fourth Run This final run of the game needed to be done on the hard difficulty. This would certainly be a challenge, not only because the enemies are harder and the herbs not as plentiful, but because I couldn't bring my array of infinite weapons with me. This had to be done from scratch. I started this run yesterday evening but having already played through the thing twice that day I was feeling burnt out and I was finding it hard to make any progress. I fired it up again this morning and cracked on with my final run. The hardest part of this run was probably the train at the start. With it being the start of the game I found it hard to gauge just how much damage I should allow myself to be taking and how much ammo I should be trying to conserve. Halfway through the run I found that I had plenty of ammo and herbs and the run turned out much easier than I expected. It also helped that I had played through the game numerous times and at this point pretty much knew the game like the back of my hand. If I was to describe Resident Evil Zero in a single word I think it would have to be clumsy. The classic Resident Evil puzzles, atmosphere, combat and controls are all here but the player has to contend with inventory management and character switching so much that it does tend to get in the way of the game. The runs where I had infinite ammo were a far better experience, not because I could just go around killing enemies as I saw fit, but more because I didn't need to carry different guns or ammo, meaning that my inventory had plenty of room to spare. I often think what the game would have been like if it had just kept the old chest/item system from the original games. However, I do think Capcom deserve some credit for actually releasing the game in the first place ( thing was in development hell for years ) and also trying to mix the formula up a bit but without taking away the core of the series. Despite my issues with the game, I did enjoy my time with it and got a great sense of satisfaction from earning the tough platinum and finally putting Resident Evil Origins on the completed shelf. @Aneres11 I now join you in the RE0 platinum club.
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    Typical Sony copying Nintendo's controllers again
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    This game man. I realised while trying to get a scale off the fire dragon, that I had only actually seen two dragons. Video game logic demands that there are likely to be three, and after 80+ hours playing the game, I hadn't seen the third one. So I Googled it, and apparently there's a whole special quest where you save the third one from Ganon's darkness, which also explains what the dragons are and why you need their scales in the first place? I just....missed it somehow? Not only that, but I went 80+ hours without knowing of, or seeing a shooting/falling star, and then suddenly one drops down in front of me?! And then I find out that you can buy a fucking house?! I swear you could play this game for 150+ hours and still find new things. Anyway, I'm at 93 shrines now and wondering if it is really time to storm the castle...
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    There have been plenty of rumours about a more powerful Switch coming later this year. Today, a very reliable Apple leaker (who has connections at Foxconn, the Chinese production company) has tweeted about it, suggesting that it's now entered production: I'm really excited about this, because a recent Nvidia hiring post confirmed they were looking at someone with DLSS experience. For those unaware, DLSS can allow a console to output a 4K image without all the required GPU power. In fact, I've seen footage of Death Stranding run at very low resolutions (360p) and look near identical to a 1080p PS4 image. This could be a real game changer for Nintendo, as Sony and Microsoft can't use DLSS as it's not something AMD offer. A new Switch can offer a decent CPU boost, DLSS and perhaps have more memory without 'replacing' the current Switch.
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    Sold my PS4 Pro this morning. I put it up on "ebay Kleinanzeigen" (Gumtree might be the UK equivalent?) for 270€ and got a message from someone asking if he could take a look at the console. Didn't know that that person was a 13 year old kid. His dad accompanied him but he let the kid do the talking/negotiating While he was trying out and inspecting the console I talked to his dad and he said that his son wanted a PS4 for Christmas. He also told me that he'd just be there so his son wouldn't be taken advantage off regarding the price. He wanted his son to handle the transaction because it's his own money. Gotta take matters into his own hands. Kid was happy with the console. He tried Tearaway and it was pretty clear that he never played a console game before I asked him and he said he only had a Game Boy Advance and an old PC up to this point. He asked me if I'd be willing to sell for 200€. I told him that's a little too low, but I'd go for 230€. After a quick look to his dad (and him nodding in approval) he said: "It's a deal!", smiling from ear to ear I packed up the console, told him to let his dad carry it to the car and gave him Tearaway, Dragon Quest Heroes and Rachet and Clank. He asked "how much?" and I told him it's a gift. Seemed to have made his day Looks like somebody has entered the console playground
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    It is done! Absolute timeless classic. Special thanks to @darksnowman for the idea of using the free 7 day trial of the online subscription to access the game.
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    It's something that I honestly hate seeing and I just pin it down to people being out of touch and pure ignorance. In my last place of work, all of us in the lab worked closely with the software team. Most of the software team were into gaming and there was plenty of gaming banter happening on a daily basis. One day, we were all discussing our gaming achievements and I mentioned my love of trophies, my UK ranking, coming first and top 5 in the world multiple times in terms of unlocking trophies and achievements and topping the world leaderboards of Street Fighter on the Switch. Everyone couldn't believe it and were all impressed. Well, except for the software manager. The guy was in his 50's and very much a corporate type. Typical, brown nose, money obsessed business man. He turned to us all and said it was a waste of time and it wouldn't help you get a job. None of us ever said it would! I let it slide and just ignored the comment but I did wonder, has he ever been number 1 in the world for anything that he has done in his life? Probably not. It may be just a hobby but these things are something i'm very proud of. Another incident in the same company happened with one of the software team. We used to hold monthly presentations where a person would pick a topic and create a presentation on it. The company orientated folk would do something related to the work we would be doing but who I class as the normal people would do something that was a hobby of theirs. Rory was just a young apprentice and he decided to do his presentation on eSports. After the presentation, the CEO of the company (again, very business type and in his 50's) asked Rory how much time he spent playing games and did he not think it was a waste of time and that he could be doing something better. I was fuming. I actually help Rory a little with the presentation and specifically told him to put in how much the gaming industry makes in comparison to every other entertainment industry, hoping that this would open the eyes of the ignorant. Clearly it didn't work. I could tell that Rory was a little upset and maybe embarrassed by it all. The CEO knew I was a big gamer and after the meeting asked me how much time I put into gaming. I've never been shy about my hobby and simply said "As much free time as I possibly have" and walked off. It's these kinds of attitudes towards gaming that really boils my blood. If you don't understand why someone likes the hobby then that's fair enough but trying to bring someone down because of it is just disgusting behavior, especially when there are far worst past times. As Greg mentioned, drinking alcohol, something that is physically bad for you, is somehow seen as acceptable and yet gaming, proven to help with depression, hand eye coordination and multitasking, is seen as some kind of taboo. For religious reasons I have never touched alcohol in my life but I don't bring down those who decide to spend their time doing so. I used to work with a guy who used his holidays every pay day to go out drinking. It was what he liked doing and it brought him joy. None of us mocked him when he came back to work and said what he was doing was a complete waste. I hate that the hobby is still seen as a kids thing to do. I remember a guy I used to work with at a previous job I had around 10-12 years ago. His name was Danny and it was in his early 60's. He liked nothing better than getting in from work and playing something like Call of Duty. He said he found it very therapeutic after a hard days work and found it much more relaxing than watching TV. He would always tell us stories of him and his wife arguing. Just would accuse him of wasting his time but his comeback was always that she spent more time watching the likes of Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Eastenders than he did playing games. Check and mate. Outside of those couple of incidents, i've been lucky enough in my life to have friends who are all gamers and a family who are happy as long as i'm happy. My parents never questioned my love of gaming and to this day still ask about it and what i'm playing. They've always taken an interest in it. I'm not going to deny that they are negatives to the hobby. You hear stories of people dropping countless amounts of cash on microtransactions, people quitting jobs just to play games and kids becoming so addicted that they have hissy fits when they get their controllers, phones or iPads taken away from them. It's these stories that can strike fear into parents and I don't blame them for thinking that gaming could be a bad thing for their children. However, like anything in life, balance is the key. If a child has done their homework and as healthy social interactions with their friends then I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to play games. The same goes for adults. I do a 40 hour week at work, go to the gym and cinema with friends ( well, before covid hit) and go for runs on the road. After that it's time for gaming and I think I have a decent balance and i've earned that time to play on my consoles. I could go on and on about this subject but I think i've ranted on enough. I will touch on a topic that has popped up a couple of times in recent weeks on the podcast and that is of the rumoured Switch Pro. Honestly, if all it turns out to be is a more powerful version of the Switch then i'm not really fussed. Yeah, the Switch could do with a bump up in power but for me that isn't the issue with the hybrid. My issue is with the games or the lack thereof and no amount of power increase will solve this. I'd much rather that time and energy went into the game making process and Nintendo started pumping out software that felt special again because at the moment that magic seems to have been lost by them. The power increase may help in terms of 3rd party support but once again this will still come with it's own issues. If developers can't get the games out at the same time as the other consoles, as well as get them running well, then it's completely pointless. Just look at the whole Doom Eternal fiasco that has occurred. At this rate it could be nearly a year since it was released on the other platforms and despite this it will still be running worse and be more expensive. How much is it going to be on the eShop? £50-£60? It's now kicking around the sub £20 mark for the other consoles. I know Greg made the point a fair few weeks back now saying that he was questioning why he would be buying a Switch version of the game just to have something to play on it when he had a PS4 sitting there. It's a valid thought. I know Nick also seems to follow this path, with a lot of his purchases being on Steam and why wouldn't he? The games are cheaper and run better. In the past I think a lot of us on here would support Nintendo for the sake of it. We've all been fans of theirs for so long that it was kinda force of habit but as we've got older I think most of us have changed the way we think and are happy to spend our money and time on other platforms, especially if games release quicker, run smoother and are at a cheaper price.
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    I'm doing a 30 Day video game "challenge" thing (I never got the challenge bit, it's just picking games, but that's what they seem to be called). I figured I may as well post them on here and see what other people would pick for each category (for me personally, I'm not using the same game for more than two. Day 1 - Earliest Video Game Memory. Mine is a rather obscure game called QWAK. I'm not actually sure what I played on, although it seems it was apparently an Amiga (I thought it was an Acorn Electron, but the Amiga version looks more familiar, even though I don't recall ever touching an Amiga). It's a game where you run around collecting keys, fruit and gems. I remember it being good fun, but not much else.
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    I joined back in the Cube-Europe days. I well and truly miss this place, and sometimes, once or twice a year I'll type n-europe.com into my browser and sit there staring at the title page. It's much like going up into the attic of your childhood home and seeing the boxes full of memories, photographs, toys, and trinkets that you never use but you can't ever discard. More than any other thing on the internet, this site feels like a real, living place to me - it's gone through so many coats of paint, add-ons, consolidations and visitors, some transient, some that stayed for a season or two, and I really have it to thank for helping me through my school years. I'm 31 now, and many of the people I really liked from here, I ended up becoming friends with in real life. I doubt there will be a forum culture like it again, honestly. There was something amazing about having a sizeable, but contained group of people that you'd respond to on a daily basis, whose viewpoints you internalised over the course of years, and that you could have meaningful conversation with, rather than what I tend to do these days - mostly doom-scrolling through my Twitter or Facebook feeds. I feel like in the times of the 'rona, a lot of us could use this place as much as we did a decade ago when we were all teenagers or young adults. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well! I'll try to post some more, and hopefully get into fewer arguments than before - can't guarantee it though ;).
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    Seeing some of the old names pop up and seeing that old Who Are You thread linked in the new one has made me all nostalgic. I remember finding out that both Paj and Chairdriver were both from Edinburgh and then being shocked that I remembered them from high school and thinking how small a world it was (I'd then be more shocked to see Chairdriver on a TV program my partner had on in the background that was on BBC3 I think around the time he was in Oxford as well). I remember playing Halo 3 multiplayer with Letty and Jordan and few others back in the day and none of us managing to get it working for us to get into a match online as a party so it just became a game of hot potato for who was party leader. The good old days of playing mafia and feeling vindicated when no one believed me that the mafia were clearly electric pokemon and Dyson did me in in the night stage only to be nabbed the next day. Late night IRC with Rez and Claire and Co and chatting away with Raining. Meeting a bunch of you at one of the Meets after an overnight bus ride. Trying to keep up with Jayseven and his philosophising (I miss his threads that were just out there and also just miss the guy as he was a major help with getting my head in the right place for my English work at Uni). Rokhed's melt down (I don't know if its because I'm Scottish but I for some reason always pronounced that in my head as Rock-heid ). Man, its so weird to think I've been around here for 12 years and it's strange to think about how many people have come and gone in that time. Its been a big part of my adult life and while I don't post as much anymore (my social anxiety seems to have extended online as I worry I'm being overly long winded and what not, exactly what I'm doing now) I still check in every day because it was the first community I was part of properly online and probably the only one I'll ever be with everything moving to social media. Ahhh the good old days.
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    Day 4 - Favourite villain/antagonist. Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Although technically, it should be Majora's Mask itself but just the combination of that michievous Skull Kid and the dark power of Majora's Mask, makes for a truly terrifying villain. Especially when you encounter him at the top of the Clock Tower at the last few moments on the Final Day, the moon looming ominously above you, then Skull Kid lets out that scream, bringing the final act seemingly to a close... it's impossible not to be affected in some way by that, in that moment. Those who have played the game before will know what I mean, if not though... then just watch the video above and you'll see what I'm talking about. But more to the point, if you haven't played The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask yet, then I'd very much recommend doing so. Oh and a bonus, let's not forget the quote from the Happy Mask Salesman... "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" Majora's Mask is memorable for many reasons, its main villain is easily the most memorable overall though.
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