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  1. @Cube to be on furlough is not a right for employees to exercise but rather an option for an employer to pursue in order to avoid redundancies. Therefore, the employer could commence the redundancy process should it wish to do so. This is despite, the availability of the government scheme. However, those who have over 2 years service with their employer currently have the right to bring a claim for unfair dismissal. Should she be made redundant rather than furloughed then there is an argument that the dismissal would be unfair.
  2. Some of you may know that I am a qualified lawyer specialising in employment law. Happy to help with any covid-19 related employment queries as best I can.
  3. No law for them to put staff on furlough and likewise staff can say no. However, the risk is that if staff decline then they will probably be made redundant
  4. Staff on PAYE will be eligible. So yes, small businesses are eligible. The process is called "furlough", a new term, borrowed from the US. It is a form of temporary lay off whereby the state will pay or contribute to the wages of it's citizens. In our case that is up to 80% of wages subject to a cap of £2500. You will not be at work or carrying out any work whilst on furlough. It is also subject to your agreement (you do not have to agree to it) but you do not have the right to furlough. You will be contracted to receive your full wage but your employer, if they decide to furlough you may ask you to take a 20% pay cut i.e say they cannot top up the government's 80%. If you do not accept this then the risk is that your employer may begin the redundancy process.
  5. Pokémon Trading

    Thanks @Ike. I really appreciate that!
  6. Pokémon Trading

    Ive set it up as that code and is "searching" is that how it works?
  7. Pokémon Trading

    Im online. Let me know the code when you are on
  8. Pokémon Trading

    Thanks @Ike. What time is best for you?
  9. Pokémon Trading

    Would anyone be kind enough to trade me a Ponyta?
  10. Football Season 2019-20

    What a time to be a Blade at the moment! My focus is keeping out of the bottom three but there is a wandering eye looking at the top half of the table. From League 1 to the slim possibility of Europe does seem surreal at the moment. All will fall apart during the month of death in January when the likelihood is that we lose 5 on the trot. Hail to Sir Chris Wilder. UTB.
  11. Pokémon Trading

    @Hero-of-Time Cheers mate! I really appreciate that. What a stupid way to trade... It was a lot better on the 3DS! Anyone free to provide the water one?
  12. Pokémon Trading

    Fancy setting a more complicated code? I'm linking up with some randoms here. Why I can't just trade with you without a stupid code i'll never know
  13. Pokémon Trading

    I assume you are not "Lauren"?
  14. Pokémon Trading

    Legend. My Friend Code is 2171-7800-1150
  15. Pokémon Trading

    That would be great! When are you free?