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  1. I thought it would make sense this time around to un-date this thread, so that we could just have a continuation year-on-year. I'm quite conscious that I didn't get as much exercise done last year as I had hoped, usually due to work. I'm trying to make a deal this time around to leave work sooner so that I can come home and get my exercise done and out of the way. I'm also looking to re-join a squash club, partly for the cardio, but also because it was quite fun and I miss playing it. Already got my third workout in of the new year, but my legs took a hammering the day before yesterday and are still quite sore now. I don't think I worked out legs for about 3 weeks, so I was anticipating this. It's a nice feeling to get back into it!
  2. Football Season 2019-20

    Can't say Bayern didn't deserve to win that. Controlled the game very well and kept the Dortmund chances down to a minimum. Dortmund looked great in the first half but I think the goal deflated them too much. Right before half term, too. Good game. This Bundesliga isn't too bad at all.
  3. Football Season 2019-20

    We're back! How is everyone feeling ahead of the new season? Are you excited about your team's prospects? Which players are you looking forward to seeing? Also also, please create your Fantasy Football team and join the N-E league! I've just created my team.
  4. Football Season 2019-20

    Lol, that was definitely a penalty on Lewandowski. A real push and no attempt to play the ball. I don't see how that can be anything but a penalty?
  5. Football Season 2019-20

    Beautiful goal. Quite brave to try a lob in that situation but it came off really well! Definitely think the keeper shouldn't be beaten from that position with a lob, so it's a bit weak from their point of view. I may well be wrong with my prediction. A goal like that before half-time is a blow for Dortmund.
  6. Football Season 2019-20

    I hope that you're watching Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich right now. You probably are. Dortmund look great. I love their passing game and Haaland looks lethal. I have a feeling this will end in a draw, though. Most likely a goal each. 1-1, I reckon.
  7. The R rate isn't the sole indicator, but it's quite important in the UK's case when you think about capacity (Germany is able to cope with a larger R rate than the UK due to capacity for beds, equipment, etc) and it's also important when you couple that in with the recent Government changes. The "unlimited exercise" and travel thing has led to a bit of a free-for-all and it is much more relaxed now than it was when the lockdown was stricter. It's unknown whether or not this will lead to a rise in cases, but there's a good chance that we'll hit the second wave sooner than we think. Germany is able to cope with a higher R rate than us due to their healthcare provision. There will be a slight rise when things reopen, which is inevitable since you have more people moving around, which accounts for Germany's R-rate increasing after coming out of lockdown/opening up the lockdown. My concern is that the UK is opening up too many things in a short space of time and without really looking at the evidence if this is the right thing to do. We had around 4,000 new cases today...that is still too high, in my opinion. I don't have trust in the Government to manage this effectively. The recent stuff about Cummings is just awful and depressing. The man is a liar and Johnson is not only weak for not getting rid of him, but he is also showing that he isn't really in charge and cannot lead with Cummings there alongside him. Cummings is the real Prime Minister of the UK. His lateness to the same conference that he called (which is completely out of the norm and, according to code, should not have been called in the first place) was disgusting and it showed nothing but contempt and a total lack of respect for the people. No apology, a rehearsed story that was over-detailed to the point where he talked himself into trouble and, actually, made himself look weak in the process. Pathetic man.
  8. Football Season 2019-20

    Anybody caught the Bundesliga this weekend? Lots of comments that the atmosphere is flat, which is to be expected. The quality of the football is still pretty good though, considering the amount of time that these players haven't been playing. Quite enjoyed it, tbh.
  9. I don't think I've posted in this thread until now, as I've mostly put my comments on other platforms. But, I just want to say how utterly useless, crap, reckless and irresponsible this current government is. They have got so many things wrong and their most recent message (The Boris Speech as it will be forever known) is an utter shambles. A combination of that message + VE Day has led to the disintegration of the lockdown and I am convinced that we will see a growing rise in cases over the next few weeks, probably longer. The messaging hasn't been strong or clear enough to the public and I fear that the processes are not being taken as seriously as they should be. Couple that with the fact that they are so apparently desperate to reopen schools when the data doesn't seem to support that. The R rate has risen, and this is before The Boris Speech, so it most likely is higher after the latest relaxation of measures. It's so frustrating. Everything seems to heading towards a second peak within the next few months.
  10. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 (4th September 2020)

    I never managed to play 1 and 2, but I played the shit out of 3 when that came out on the Gamecube. What a game. I've got so many fond memories. I really, really want this to be good.
  11. What Have You Bought?

    I love 2001. Be prepared though, it's very, very slow paced and is a bit abstract in places. I'm terrified of watching it with @Eenuh as I really don't know how she'll take to it. I probably should watch it again as it's been a while since I've last watched it.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    Some great choices there. Blade Runner 2049 was amazing. Really enjoyed Baby Driver, too. 2001 is a classic. Impressive.
  13. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

    I was thinking this exact same thing! The black and white mode looks awesome, but I wonder if I'd have to play the game twice, with maybe the second run through being the black and white one. The game looks beautiful, so I wouldn't want to miss out on that.
  14. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

    Shiiiiiit, this looks fantastic. That black and white mode is an ace addition. Hnnnggggg.
  15. Were there meant to be pictures in the post? If there were, I can't see them. I want to see that Korg.
  16. I thought it would be quite cool to check out each other's music gear and also maybe talk about ways to improve, our musical history and that sort of stuff! I've been interested in playing music for a very long time, since I was around 5 or so. My mum bought be a cheap acoustic guitar that I took to pre-school and entertained the other kids there. I didn't know how to play at that time, so I think I must have just strummed the shit out of it and wailed like a banshee. When all of my mates were starting to pick up their guitars and stuff, I suddenly thought that maybe it would be interesting to do something different. I was a huuuuuge Oasis fan growing up and seeing the "Don't Look Back In Anger" video with Alan White playing his white Pearl set on a platform in the outdoor swimming pool, it just looked like the coolest thing in the world. I was convinced that I needed to get a drum kit, so I bought one from the local music shop for about £200. Can't remember how old I was exactly at this time, maybe 14? It was their own brand, really bottom of the line and was a basic 5 piece set that didn't even come with a crash, so I had to buy that separately. I've still got the kit, back in Wales. I taught myself how to play after downloading lots of videos featuring Dave Weckl and Jeff Porcaro (Toto). Both are still two of my favourite drummers to this day. Dave Weckl blew my mind and I still consider him one of the top all time drummers in the world, his co-ordination and use of rolls is great. I took my kit with me to Brighton for my second year, but it moved back to Wales once that year was over. I've been kit-less since then...until a few months ago. As we live in a fairly residential area, I thought that an electronic drumset would be my best bet. I scoured the net for hours and hours trying to find the perfect one for me. I watched tons of YouTube reviews and came across a set that I absolutely loved. The Roland TD-30KV. Unfortunately, I got there too late as it was a discontinued line! But, they did have the next model up, the Roland TD-50K. So, I bought it and now I have a drum kit again after about...10 years plus of not having one. It's amazing how natural it feels to get back into it. I absolutely love this kit and it's pretty much one of the best kits on the planet. Love the hell out of it. The kit currently lives in my garage, with all of the home gym stuff. We originally had it upstairs, but the problem was that the sound of the pedal hitting the bass drum made too much noise due to the vibrations going through the floorboards. So, by moving it downstairs, it's made things a lot easier. The only downside is that it gets very warm in there! After I picked up my first drum kit (the one currently in Wales), I saw a free-ad in a newspaper about a cheap bass guitar. I figured "none of my friends can play bass, so I want to learn!" and bought it. It was being sold in Cwmbran, which is the next town over from Newport. Only cost £40. It's pretty bottom of the line, too. The brand is "Marlin" which is as much as the owner knew about it. He even chucked in a cheap bass amp to go with it for free. About a year ago, the guitar jack came loose and retreated into the bass guitar itself. So, I've done some "surgery" to retreat it to get it working. I've kept the actual cable in the jack since and leave it hung up that way, so that I haven't got to open that area up again to reclaim the jack. I find it really fun to play, but I think the time is coming quite soon where I may need to replace it for something a bit newer as my go-to Bass! Next to it, I've got an acoustic guitar that actually belonged to someone else. They knew that I wanted to learn so they gifted me the guitar and I've had it ever since! I've taken that guitar with me everywhere. It came from Newport, then went with me to Brighton, then back to Newport and now in Bournemouth. Same with the Bass! About three or so years ago, I decided that I wanted to learn electric guitar and just woke up one Saturday and scoured the web for one that took my eye. I knew that I couldn't spend tooooo much money on it otherwise @Eenuh wouldn't be pleased. In the end, I settled on an Epiphone Les Paul, which only cost around £300 or something. It's a lovely guitar to play for the price range that it's in. I thought that it would give me a bit more range to play rather than just acoustic stuff all the time, plus I wanted to get into the habit of messing around with distortion pedals and all that, so I figured it would be worth it. All three guitars have been wall mounted to save space: They all live in the second bedroom that we have dubbed "the music room". It's about 50% music and 50% belonging to the cats, who come in here to sleep either on the sofa or on their cat bed. Originally, the drum kit was in this room, but the sound caused an issue due to the vibrations going through the floorboards. So, as a result, it had to go in the gym. It's opened the room out though and has made it feel a bit less "full" in there. That kit takes up a fair bit of space. The sofa bed came from Ikea and cost just under £200 IIRC. Really comfy and one of our cats (Aya) loves to sleep on it during the night (or the day time...laaaaaaazy). Ico (other cat) loves to sleep on that biiiig white pillow on the floor. All the other stuff in the photograph are two automatic cat feeders and a water tray (on the left) and some cat toys in the middle of the picture. At my place of work, a friend was decluttering her place and decided that she no longer needed a keyboard. She asked me if I wanted it for free, to which I just said, "...uh, sure." I had no real desire to learn that instrument since it never appeared to me. But, it's there now, so I'm going to learn! It's a bottom of the line Yamaha PSR-73.I started learning how to play in our old flat and quite enjoyed it. But, it wasn't really comfortable due to having to play it on the dining room table and without a proper seat. So, I bought a proper stand and seat for it and that seems to be working out better. At some point, I'll get serious about it and will put the hours in, but it's just finding the time really. I've also got some effects pedals for the guitars: The big one at the bottom is a Boss ME-50B bass effects pedal. Has synth, tone, delay functions and I really enjoy it. I use the delay functions a fair bit. The second biggest one is a Morley Wah Pedal. Orange one is a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal. Red is a Boss Loop Station. The ME-50B and the Morley were bought off one of my friend's ex-boyfriends, just before they broke up. He no longer needed it, so I bought it off him. I really like the ME, although I haven't used the Morley as much yet. The DS-1 is great. Not sure Ine is a particularly big fan of it, though. Think she prefers cleaner sounds. The Loop Station is really fun but getting the timings 100% right takes a fair bit of practice. With work, it can be hard to find the time to just chill out and play. I'm hoping that this year I'll be able to do more of that. I guess it's all about managing your time to fit it all in!
  17. Languages

    Sounds like me in real life, tbh.
  18. What Have You Bought?

    That's a nice microphone @Happenstance. Is it just connected via USB? Expensive?
  19. Languages

    Just throwing this out there: French makes no sense. I jokingly started doing some on Duolingo because @Eenuh is doing the French course. I was taking the piss with my awful French accent. I started doing some of the French course and mocking it, just to muck around. But I've stuck with it for a few days, so I'm accidently re-learning French now. Writing it/typing it isn't too terrible, but speaking it?! Fucking hell. So many silent letters. There could be a word 14 letters long but you only pronounce 6 of them. The fuck? I remember why I didn't get on with it at school. Only enjoyed it because I fancied the French teacher.
  20. Lately, I've been in a biiiiig Soundgarden mood. I've decided to put some time into working out the grooves and fills for some of the songs off the Superunknown album. The obvious one to go for was Black Hole Sun. I didn't realise some of the intricacies of the drum work for that track until I sat down and studied it. I'm fairly confident I know all of the song inside out now, as I must've listened to it over a million times now! I've moved onto My Wave, which is one of my favourite songs off that album. Quite neat and deceptively tricky with some of the timing in that track, notably the shift from the second verse into the chorus. It goes from 5/4 then into 4/4 and it sounds quite strange when you listen to just the drum part by itself. There's this one monster fill before the third verse kicks which took a while for me to nail down, but I'm quite pleased that I've got it now. Had a little look at The Day I Tried To Live today briefly. Again, it's quite different and unique. The percussion work adds a lot to the song and it's quite distinctive. I've got the rhythm and groove of this down already, but just need to work on some of the fills and when to throw them in. Alongside this, I've also set myself the target of learning all of the drum parts for the Smashing Pumpkins album "Siamese Dream". Geek USA was a fucking effort, especially some of the fills and again some of the little details in that song, but I'm really pleased with how that's come along. Thinking of just starting my own Grunge band project, haha.
  21. God of War (PS4)

    Yeah, that will definitely throw you at first. I found it a little fiddly at the beginning and it took me a few hours to really get to grips with what each button could do and how everything works. Once it's gets going, you will have lots of fun with it. I took a looooot of damage at the beginning, mostly unnecessarily. Not being good enough with dodging and being slow to react to things. I think you'll find the game difficulty ok, it never felt frustratingly difficult and there weren't any difficulty spikes from what I recall. I spent a large part of the game just admiring it on a technical level. It's very well put together, it looks gorgeous and the soundtrack is stunning. It's just a nice game to go through. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  22. God of War (PS4)

    Glad you've started this. It's a top game. I found it hard at the beginning, too. You will get a lot better and eventually things will click. The combat is very, very satisfying.
  23. The Exercise & Fitness Thread: The Struggle Is Real

    This whole lockdown hasn't really affected my exercise progress because I went down the whole gym route years ago. Must be 8 or so years ago now. Initially I started off with just a few dumbbells, but then bought myself a good adjustable bench. After that, when I realised that if I was going to do this, I may as well do it properly, I bought a set of squat stands and then also purchased a barbell and additional weight plates. Originally, the dumbbells were just meant to supplement my gym progress, but as time went on and my teaching career took off, I found that it was getting much more difficult to even make it into a gym as much as I had wanted to. The downside is that I started off with standard weight plates. A standard barbell can only take so much before it starts to bend, which mine eventually did when my deadlift numbers started to go up. At that point, I had to make the decision to either get a new barbell and know that pretty soon it would give out and I would need to get another one, or to invest in Olympic weights. In the end, I invested in a set of Olympic bumper plates and eventually (slowly) got rid of the standard plates and equipment. When we moved into our house, we converted the garage and I purchased a cage, which I had been eyeing up for years up until that point. One of the requirements for purchasing a house was that it had to have a garage or some sort of area where we could work out. Luckily, we found a house that seemed to tick this box. Believe it or not, we took a measuring tape with us and measured from floor to ceiling in the "potential areas" where this cage could go. The picture is a few years old, but that's mostly what it looks like now in the garage. Since then, we've moved the elliptical trainer to the other side of the garage and my e-drum set is in there on the right. The weight tree at the back is gone and we've invested in a toast rack style weight holder. Also purchase a few small incremental plates and a pair of Olympic dumbbell bars. We got rid of the garage door (which is an up and over door) and went for a set of French doors instead, so you get tons of light in there. The plan was never to get huuuge but to keep my fitness up and keep the routine going. Due to my job being extremely time consuming, I can't make it to the gym 4 or 5 times a week to exercise. So, this was really the best way of keeping that going. With the current state of things as they are in the world, I've been extremely lucky that I can still maintain this structure in my life. I can't imagine not being to lift weights for months...
  24. Those speakers look fine and should be handy for this sort of stuff. With the audio interface, there's such a wide selection out there, but as long as you have one that is stable and isn't going to be a pain to use/keep cutting in and out, you'll be fine. They can get very expensive, depending on the amount of inputs that you need. I have a similar issue as you because I originally was looking at the Scarlett Solo but I'm not sure if that has enough inputs for what I could be doing in the future. It's a fine balancing between going for a cheaper model for now and future-proofing yourself. I would think about what the long-term needs are and look at the cost that way. If you 100% are going to be needing the inputs, I'd go for one of the other options. It's a pain when you've got a piece of technology there and it doesn't do the full job that you need it for. Looking at the cost difference, I'd be tempted to go for the Audio 2 out of those two models. I think there's enough there to justify the extra £30.
  25. I haven't got started with this yet, but I was planning to get a Focusrite Scarlett as my audio interface. Seems quite easy/simple to use and set up, plus it's good a pretty good rep. There are numerous models based on your needs/amount of inputs. After that, you've got a ton of choice with regards to the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), but I've downloaded the free version of PreSonus Studio One. There are several packages that you can pay for, but the basic version is free and pretty cool from what I've used of it, so far. I desperately want to get the Focusrite so that I can connect my guitar, but I just haven't got the time or the money atm to do it. I think that's all you'd need at this point, alongside a good pair of headphones/speakers/studio monitors. I bought a laptop in December which has the capability to run something like PreSonus, whereas my previous one wouldn't have been able to hack it. So, it's worth checking your computer spec, too.