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  1. Metroid Dread

    I've just beaten the second boss in my Hard mode play through. Not getting as much play time as when first got the game but I was off work when first got it Similar to the first boss, I thought I'd get through the 2nd quicker than I did. Even though I could remember what to do from my first play and tiny mistake and hit takes off a ton of health on Hard mode. Not looking forward to some of the later enemies and bosses haha. Be surprised if I can manage to beat hard mode haha.
  2. I think they've just shot themselves in the foot with the pricing. I'm on the Family pack so my kids can play online and also put my 2 nephews on the account. I would have been fine paying up to 50% more for the expansion, but not a full 100% more. Are they having a laugh? I might get tempted in the future depending on what games get added and when Banjo is added... But right now I'll stick to the standard pack thanks.
  3. Monster Hunter Rise

    *Sounds of a Hunting Horn echo as the wind begins to shake the trees, growing stronger with each gust* My fellow Hunter Brothers and Sisters. This is a call to arms. Sharpen your blades, strengthen your hammers, tighten your bow strings. For a new Ibushi is approaching! He comes without a rampage and without a queen for this Ibushi is said to be so powerful he does not require the support of either. Hunters we must defend Kamura, nay the world, from this beast least it wreck destruction on all! In short, new event quest with a G Rank Ibushi is up today, any up for some hunts this evening 8 or 9ish?
  4. Metroid Dread

    You still got a good bit to go That double counter is a thing of beauty btw. I've just restarted on Hard Mode. Not noticed much difference so far other than the enemies hit harder and take more health. Some like the big pink crab thing can one shot ya at start which was a surprise. Just beat the first boss, took me a few more tries than I thought it would. I'd say he def took more hits to take down but he also hits a good bit harder too. And cause I just came from finishing the game on Normal my mind is still adjusting to not having all upgrades anymore and I kept jumping into him thinking I could double jump
  5. Monster Hunter Rise

    If it was a Nintendo thing and they'd be worried about people swapping yo PC for Sunbreak if there was Cross Save why not even just allow for Cross Play. This stinks just like the lack of Voice Chat on Switch. Capcom likely could do but just couldn't bbe arsed.
  6. Metroid Dread

    Done! Metroid Dread finished and with 100% Items found too 😎 Didn't expect to get 100%, some of those Speed Booster puzzles seemed impossible but I somehow managed to figure them out .... After ..many.... many tries. I'd say most of that 15 hours is failing at getting items and repeating bosses haha. Man that final boss was both hard as nails and awesome at same time. Lost count of how many times he beat me. Also unlocked a Hard Mode ... Wtf.. this can get harder???? Also this was the last item I got for 100% This has to have been the hardest one to get.
  7. Metroid Dread

    Holy crap I think I might actually do this, I'm at 98% items!! I managed to pick up a few more items this morning I was pulling my hair out for yesterday...all needed was a good sleep I guess. Only one area left now, Burenia, 88% for that area so probably 2 or 3 items somewhere there. More Speed Boost victories in spoiler tags
  8. Metroid Dread

    Some Speed Block puzzle goodness I'll spoiler tag for those that don't want to see solutions. Some of these thought would never get....but there are some left that I lokely def won't.
  9. Metroid Dread

    Ok I'm pretty sure I'm near the end now. I've just gotten what I assume is the final power up and the atmosphere I was getting as I moved forward from there were just screaming final boss coming soon. So I've decided to backtrack over all the areas first before moving on. There's a few parts of the map I've not been in yet because was missing abilities at time was near them so gonna try get to those and check each area out before finishing game and seeing how high I can get the item percentage to. Currently at 11 hours 30 mins and 69% items (though it is tempting to try finish the game with that number for the lols)
  10. Metroid Dread

    Ok I've realised I am not gonna 100% Items this game. Come across a few things behind Speed Blocks and there is no clear run up before them. I spent ages trying to figure one out and said I'd try check if anyone has it on Youtube yet. Sure enough found it....the amount of calculations and reflexes required to pull that shit off you would need the computer to be controlling Samus for you. Anyone who pulls those off you are not human, fair play, haha Also I've found about 5 or 6 Power Bomb upgrades already but have not unlocked the Power Bomb ability yet. Whenever I find one the game is like "you've upgraded something but we don't know what yet".
  11. Metroid Dread

    Man some of the later bosses are just unforgiving, some (most) you just need to be on your toes and be timed perfectly to avoid damage. But thankfully it still manages to be fun. Dying and having to try again a bunch of times on some bosses, think one beat some of the early ones on first encounter. There was one though that nearly broke me, just couldn't get past it and kept getting hit. Was probably stuck on it an hour. Felt so good when finally beat the bugger. Have the Gravity Suit and Screw Attack at last and a bunch of the map opened up now. For a the last while I felt like it was getting very linear, but now I'm just exploring areas I couldn't get to before and I'm either not sure where the way forward is now anyway...or I've forgotten
  12. Metroid Dread

    I wouldn't call it harsh at all. If it sent you back to your last save station that would harsh. You're likely not gonna find any power ups while avoiding/running from an EMMI that you would have to try get again if you died. I don't think I've found any power ups during those times actually. And any time I've been caught it wasn't far from the check point time wise. It just becomes a bit of trial and error trying to figure out what path you should be taking if you don't luck into it before getting caught. I've not been having any issues with it anyway
  13. Metroid Dread

    Oh, I've not been counting but a good few each. Mostly from me panicking and getting myself stuck in a corner or trying to jump over them but jumping into them instead. When you get the cloak it take a bit of the panic away as you can try be a bit more stealthy...till you make a mistake as they come running for ya. However as I said I'm starting to get the hang of the counter timining...I think.... i've successfully countered 3 of the last 6 times I been caught so I think that good But thankfully the insta death hasn't been too much of a hinderence as the game makes a check point save when you enter an EMMI patrolled area. So if you die you just go back to that door and not back to your last save which is good. Same for bosses, you get a check point on the door before them. If you close the game down however it will only load up on the last save point, the checkpoints are only used for that session.
  14. Metroid Dread

    I've managed to put 4 hours gameplay in yesterday. Got 4 energy tanks and 17% Items. Aquired a fair few abilities and getting used to the counter (never played Samus Returns remake) even for the EMMI's...still dying loads though, but managed to counter one twice in a row, felt epic Taken out a few EMMIs also, sooner than I thought would happen, but still have a number left. I am hoping though that the number of EMMI's destroyed isn't an indicator to how close I am to end. Assuming the last bunch are more spaced out or longer before you can kill them. Looking forward to getting more in today.
  15. Metroid Dread

    My copy arrived today. Played about 2 and half hours so far. The panic when you encounter the EMMI's is real, haha. Worse than the SA-X so far... Coming into their area and not knowing the layout and trying to escape. I've died a bunch of times to them already. You can potentially counter them but the window seems to be so small I've not managed it except for the tutorial one they give you on your first encounter.