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  1. Monster Hunter Rise

    Got up early to try out Sunbreak Enjoying it so far. Nice to of course have some new quests and stuff. You don't get access to Elgado straight away, there's a quest in the Shrine Ruins you have to complete before you get to go there. Once got there I spent some time just looking around. A few odd things I noticed, there seems to be no Village Quest types, all Hub quests (so far) and the Elgado diner doesn't have a dango song, booo, haha I've done a few of the MR1 quests, got the urgent unlocked but not done it yet. Two quests left to tick off on MR1 (small monster quests). Will probably leave the urgent till get home and hopefully get to do with some the N-E Brotherhood this evening. Equipment wise, I've not had to build anything yet. Using maxed out Valstrax gear which seems fine for now. The lvl 1 MR gear on offer at moment has lower defence so would require a build then an upgrade to be an improvement over what I got right now. Not struggled much yet. Monsters do hit harder as expected so I figure by time I get to MR2 my current gear my start struggling. Did the first new quest in Kamura solo. Then when started doing quests at Elgado opened a lobby to see what randoms would join. No carts from randoms.... Or me so far haha
  2. Galactic Mode done, single player complete haha In first game in (this upteenth attempt at) Championship Cup got luck with the bounce for this just barely into extra time Golden Goal. In the Final then thought the CPU won it at the end but I somehow forced it to extra time with this cheeky quick shot after the restart Won the game (and the cup) then in extra time.
  3. Monster Hunter Rise

    Between last night and this evening with help from @Bladeaand @Glen-i I've got all quests, all events, all arean and all Challenge Quests now ticked off and ready for the Sun to Break on a new dawn of quest lists to be completed Final event quest, Event Crimson Glow Valstrax Final Challenge Quest 07, Apex Ziggy, Apex Mitzu and Apex Blos And of course I had a few fail moments like this one earlier in the evening wtpshere I totally under estimated how hard this Goss hits
  4. Monster Hunter Rise

    I'm gomna jump on for a bit to try tick off the Event Crimson Valstrax if anyone wants to give it a go with me
  5. Didn't watch the direct and trying to avoid news from it in case of spoilers, but I did see an expansion was announced. Anyone able to give any non-spoiler details on it? Release? Cost? Did they say if it will include an extra story like Torna or Future Connected? If get early does it give any bonuses for main game?
  6. I will probably be tempted but will do my best to avoid watching to go into the game as blind as possible. Have still managed to resist last set of trailers
  7. Monster Hunter Rise

    100% quality over quantity. I used to get excited when a Japanese name joined a Join Request, thinking, yes this guy surely knows what he's doing...cart as soon as gets to monster. I could sleep last night so threw on the game for a bit, tried the Event Apex Ziggy....2 attemps and triple carts from randoms inside 10 mins...said feck it, went offline so could have two palicos, did it solo, took 30-35mins but I got the bitch done haha. Oy the Event Valstrax left and that will be all Events ticked before the Sun Rises to Break a new dawn
  8. Monster Hunter Rise

    Full Sunbreak presentation Gore is back!!! GORE IS BACK! Also Jungle map returns, great they are adding maps, not sure why but I was worried we might not get more maps. And Lucent Narga coming in first free update after launch!!!!
  9. Fair play to, I am struggling on Galactic mode haha. Took me 4 attempts to beat Cannon Cup (I think I even had to spend 100 coins to redo the final). Currently tried Chain Cup 5 times and not past 2nd match yet
  10. Completed all the Normal Cups yesterday, in the last one had a weird final where first game went to Golden Goal and I never noticed there was a timer on that but discovered it is possible to end in a draw if no Golden Goal ks scored. That lead to the match being replayed no hearts lost. Then I lost the replay due to a couple of hyper strikes but won the next game Online wise, either I am getting slightly better or getting paired with people worse than me as I started to win a few games. Was playing one guy and was really enjoying it as were having some close games, won but single goal difference so we kept having rematches. In one game I scored in 17 seconds and the game ended 1-0 haha. Then I played someone else and lost 1-6 Strange the online mode doesn't have some sort of points ranking system like Mario Kart or Smash to try pair you with players of similar rank (unless it does but is not visible). FYI, if anyone having difficulty keeping track of your players when action gets hectic like I was, go into options and turn on Visual Aides. It puts some extra icons above each character I find I'm not losing track as much with it on. Especially if other team has similar characters to me.
  11. @BowserBasheri Is it the same Discord as used for Monster Hunter and Mario Kart? If not send me the code
  12. Had a good go of this for a couple of hours this morning. Did the tutorials, while controls nothing too complicated there's a lot to remember. I seem to keep forgetting dodge is a thing Played and won the first two Single Player cups handy enough, went online and did 5 matches and one won 1 Kinda weird not having the attacking dodges that were in Charged Football, have fond memories using Hammer Bro's hammer to make space. And also not having special shots for each character. I used to love Dry Bones electric shot to stun the keeper and score on rebound haha. Still really enjoyed what I played so far, even the online loses I had as 3 or 4 loses were very close ... The other we shant talk about though
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    How have they managed to get the game ready early but not the Collectors Edition? Not much point in me even registering interest for it considering the Nintendo Store UK won't deliver to Ireland either. Hopefully Smyths or Gamestop here get it and info comes out soon. I've got a standard edition on pre-order already but hoping I can get it changed to a Collectors Edition. Have the CE's for for the previous Xenoblade Switch games, will be annoying to not have a complete set Also, I am trying really hard to not watch that trailer.... In avoidance mode now to avoid learning too much before release haha.
  14. You could use the N-E Discord that is used for Monster Hunter and Mario Kart https://discord.gg/BYe2bfCm Just bought some NSO vouchers, cancelled my physical pre-order and pre-ordered digital. I usually prefer physical but figured this feels like something I'd prefer to have constantly on the Switch. Suppose just need to find another game to use the 2nd voucher on now.
  15. Monster Hunter Rise

    I'll probably make a few more SnS builds to swap between SwAx and SnS builds more. Looking forward to seeing new stuff to the Hubting Horn, hope that is the next video reveal.