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  1. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    My Facebook memories have just reminded me that Monster Hunter Tri released on Wii 11 years ago tomorrow....11 YEARS!!!!
  2. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    Cheers for the help last night guys. That Narwa hunt was fun....can't believe I carted just before he was finished haha. Was doing so well up to that point. Yeah that Rath and Magna double hunt I did with JBS was probably hardest hunt I had so far. I figured for a double hunt both targets would have less health....they did not. The Rathalos took ages and dished out enough of a beating that I had to return to camp to restock potions and honey for first time ever.
  3. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    I got a lobby open if anyone about to help with HR7 key amd urgent...or if anyone needs help with your own at lower levels I can help there too. While on my own just gonna do some farming till someone joins...if someone joins Lobby ID A3C8XR Password 4444
  4. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    Cheers for the hunts there @RedShell I got 1 more key left at HR7.
  5. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    I thought I remembered getting items from arena awards that were used to make armour? Ah I forgot the old N-E code....will use that from now on
  6. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    Oh I'll still be playing in May Planning to try out different weapons if helping others with low rank so I not too overpowered....unless you want me to be overpowered then my Switchaxe is at your service Not done any arena yet actually so I still have all that to do too. ... actually is there any armour or weapons that are exclusive to arena item rewards?
  7. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    Up to HR7 but only done 2 Keys that I did for farming. Almudron and Magnamalo so I could upgrade and max out their Switchaxes. Will probably hold off doing more keys till the weekend, if there any N-E Hunters looking to fo HR7 keys and urgent (or help out) be nice to do them as a group Thank the RNGeebus, 5th High Rank Magnamalo...2 Orbs! I love a good mounted discharge with my Switchaxe...but I gotta pay attention for damage taken while stuck to monsters That poor Aknosom didn't stand a chance
  8. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    And now my Palico has become a minion of the damned
  9. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    Completed a new armour set for me and my doggy....was slightly annoying as main item required can only be got from Meowcenaries. (Bit more grinding to have my cat matching) The hunter armour set has Rapid Morph level 2 skill which is perfect for me as a Switchaxe user. And I got a tailisman to take it to level 3
  10. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    I think they patched the unlimited Max Potion glitch @Hero of Time posted also
  11. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    Some clips from hunts tonight Didn't notice Pukei fell asleep and kept goinv with my combo Just blasting myself two floors down Mans best friend indeed You set a trap with only one monster in area then another just drops from the
  12. New Play Control!! for Wii feat. N-Europe

    Haha, I love it was my Mii that made you take notice
  13. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    Ah shit, I noticed taking damage and poison in 2nd clip off the tail but figured I got hit just as I mounted the tail. Didn't notice I took damage when was on the head in first clip. Think when I was playing I thought I had that health before I mounted head. Lol surprised I haven't been carted off it now
  14. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    So was doing some farming of a High Rank Rathian yesterday afternoon. And realised if I go for a mounted discharge, if she goes airbourne like for her poison tail flip I don't get thrown off haha. Even managed to mount onto her tail as she began flip....and blew her tail off with the discharge explosion How can I can more satisfaction from cutting off a blowing it off, just feels more epic haha
  15. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    Anyone hunting online this evening?