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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    Amiibo arrived today GameStop said there was a delay in it so wasn't expecting till next week. Got the game a day early from Smyths and this a day late so I guess that balances it out
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah I've messed with powering off disconnect everything, reseat connect turn on all in different orders, nothing worked
  3. General Switch Discussion

    Can anyone recommend any 3rd party docs? Ones that aren't too expensive but also won't risk destroying my Switch in some way Just realised the usb ports on mine are dead. I thought the USB Ethernet adapter I had was what was broken, but just realised my pro controller won't charge off the docs USB ports either. And remembered a while ago I tried to use a keyboard for chat in Monster Hunter that didn't work...again thought it was the keyboard Suppose I could wait for the new dock coming with the OLED model but that will likely be over priced on its own. And will probably hold off getting a Switch OLED till BotW2 comes out as hoping they'll have a Zelda themed one to release with te game
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    My copy just arrived in the post, a day early, wohoooo. My amiibo is going to be delayed though, ordered that through GameStop, got email from them earlier. Game ordered through Smyths, they didn't have the amiibo
  5. Any prices announced?
  6. Monster Hunter Rise

    Same person again, this time in Apex Diablos hunt. They actually joined quest soon as it started, fast travelled to a sub camp and sat in tent for 5 mins then I kicked them. I actually gave them a warning on chat I would kick after 2 time I kick soon as I see them join
  7. Monster Hunter Rise

    This dude with the symbols for name joined my hunt, when into tent and never came out. Just sat AFK for whole hunt. Probably trying to get rewards without even hunting. I gave him a few mins but then decided to kick him. Did a few more Apex Rathian as trying to hunt 10 for the scroll (didn't realise Apexes had scrolls too) and this same dude ended up in my join request again. Again he went straight to tent. Gave him 2 mins then kicked him again.
  8. Monster Hunter Rise

    We have a new end of hunt tradition!
  9. Mario Golf Super Rush (25th June 2021)

    I've never played a Mario Golf game before, never had interest in them...however I would love a new Wii Sports Golf. With the motion controls in this does it make for a good new Wii Sports Golf substitute? Can all game modes be played with motion controls or only certain modes?
  10. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    Ok I got an idea, just hit me, don't think I've seen this mentioned by anyone else yet. What if the Malice that attacks Links arm at start of 2nd trailer is actually Demise's Malice, not Ganondorf and Demise is trying to take over Links body. The "other" Link we see with the free flowing hair, I was thinking the hair looked familiar, then I relaised it reminded me of Demise's fire hair. Then the was Link's arm is changing kinda looks like the black skin of Demise on his arm. The green glow we see on Links arm in first trailer and 2nd could be some sort of magic or Zonai tech that is trying to slow down Demise's essence from taking over Link. In that part in 2nd trailer showing Links arm green with some sort of Zonai brace his finger nails are oddly long and Demise! Let's say the goal of the game is to save Link, to find a way to remove Demise's essence from him but as the game progresses Demise takes over more which changes the game in some way, gives Link different abilities but removes others. Maybe even a Majora's Mask style time limit where if you reach a certain point Demise takes full control and it's game over but with some sort of reset mechanic (maybe time travel like MM) that lets Link return to the time just after he gets infected but there's some reason he can't go back further. So he has to keep repeating the cycle (like MM) till he finds a way to win.
  11. Monster Hunter Rise

    New personal best standard Narwa solo run, 7 mine 32 seconds Full Valstrax gear with Attack Boost7 and Valstrax Soul Rampup skill. Plus some vids from some of this evenings hunts I was full on thinking "I'm fine, I just need to time this wirebug jump then I can heal" I think I found it's weak point Oh come on just get in yhe damned trap so you can hold still for a bit
  12. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    The new Loftwing Amiibo that is coming with Skyward Sword HD....what if that is used in BotW2 similar to the Wolf Link Amibbo from Twilight Princess HD worked on BotW!!!
  13. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    Still watching the video over and over haha Two thoughts. I like the idea floating around that "Other Link" (this is how I will refer to him as till Nintendo give us more info) could be the Link from 10,000 years ago when Calamity Gannon was first sealed. But will it be Link travelling back in time to live as that Link...or is it a spirit that has possessed Link and you can change between the two forms to access different abilities (think Wolf Link)... But the more you use the "Other form" the more the possession spreads, if it spreads too far Link loses all control and game over. But there'll be some sort of collectable that will reduce the effect like replenishing health. Also still hoping this game takes on a darker tone similar to Majora's Mask so it and BotW can be like the OOT and MM of the Switch
  14. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    There were a couple of moments there where it looked like "Link" had longer hair but camera never panned around, like face and front were being hidden..... Wondering is Zelda playable....or a new character? Or maybe just different head armour changes Links hairstyle like in BotW anyway Edit: Actually watching back again it doesn't appear to be Zelda, the long hair appears to go with an exposed right arm which seems to have a tattoo on it....same arm that appears to get corrupted by Malice... Some sort of dual character possessed Link mechanic maybe?
  15. Monster Hunter Rise

    I was slightly disappointed yet atvthe same time relived that the triple apex hunt had them spawn one at a time. Was terrified it would either start with two on map at once or once you took out first the other two would spawn at once. But terrified in a good way in that I was up for the ass kicking that would bring. Waiting on the Capcom conference now, they said they were gonna talk about Rise which I was surprised by. They would hardly surprise us with a 4.0 that they purposefully left out of the last Digital Event video....would they? EDIT: Whole bunch of Event Quests teased with Black Leather Pants AND Shadow Shades armour as rewards!!! Wohoo, now just need the Biker Jacket and I can have my Biker set back