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  1. Coding

    Finished a little personal project of my own that I am just super proud of myself for and needed to "talk" about it with peeps that would understand It's probably something those of ye who've been programming for years would throw together with ease, haha. Now I say "finished" above but I've already starting getting ideas for a few changes...but "finished" in the sense it now does all the things I wanted it to do. Made a GUI in Python that allows me sign onto my Oracle SQL Database on my laptop, set up a login function so that login details are not hardcoded and can sign in as different users. Started it off as a command line program that allowed user to insert new data to a table. The limitations of that was it required the user to type in the table name they wanted to work with and the column names that they wanted to insert data into. Started looking at how to make a GUI, settled on using PySimpleGUI for now as it seemed the most beginner friendly but down the line I'll hopefully redo it in TKinter or something else. Managed to first turn what I had into a login screen followed by a screen displaying a list of tables in the logged on users schema, can choose a table to then get a window with input boxes which dynamically creates the right number of input boxes for each column in the selected table. So regardless of which table is selected and how many or few columns in that table the same function works for all. From there added functions for handling updating of existing data and deleting data. Added functions to make popup windows for catching and displaying errors. Added a popup window for when you try to delete a row it gives a warning asking to confirm you intend to delete it. Added a function to display a full table in a table format GUI (used Pandas to help with this which helped me get to grips with some basic Pandas usage ). Was previously using an Outbox box element in the GUI to print the output of a select statement but I didn't think that looked good visually. I was also using the output element to print errors or other messages so made functions that created popup windows for those and removed the Output elements entirely I've also converted it to a .exe file so I can launch directly from my desktop. I think I've also accounted for any possible user errors, like if you try view a table without selecting a table, if you try to update a table that has no rows you get asked to insert data first and a few other things I discovered would break when I was messing with it. I actually enjoyed after I added something trying to see what would break it and then trying to figure out how to fix it. Or even trying to figure out how to make something work better. Like when I first made the update function it would update all parts of a row not just the changed part. So it would be redundantly updating data to the same data (eg: FirstName: Franklin changed to Franklin). So was real happy with myself when I figured a way to get to ignore data that was unchanged and only execute an update statement on the changed data.
  2. N-Europe turns 25!

    I was thinking todays date seemed familiar, realised it when I went through todays FB Memories thing. A 1/4 of a century, damn, that's some achievement.
  3. What does your 2023 look like?

    I'm hoping for a new (and better paying) job for 2023 On a hobby/health note, 2023 will involve more swimming and seeing how much I can push my limits in the water again. 2022 I broke every milestone I had. Longest single swim increased from 2.3km to a massive 7.9km, total distance swam in year 208.79km, total time swam 100 hours 11mins. https://twitter.com/MokongX3M/status/1609171036553056256?s=20&t=FWYn4XF3T9k56TKVTCkqlQ
  4. Monster Hunter Rise

    Sunbreak Title Update 3 drops Nov 24th Risen Teostra Risen Kushala Daora And Chaotic Gore Magala A7 anomoly quests with Afflicted Flaming Espinas, Scorned Magnamalo, Gold Rath and Silver Los Anomoly Research max level increased to 200....and cleared quests you will get the option to lower level if you want. Followers can be used in ALL quests Master Rank and Anomoly (they didn't state it but I assume only if playing offline) New stat options for Qurios Weapon crafting and for Qurios Armour crafting you'll be able to choose if you want to roll for Defence stats or Skills!!!!!! Title Update 4 for "Winter 2023" will have an Elder Dragon and "powered-up Monster"....can only assume the Elder Dragon, to be something new not in the game yet. Hoping for Alatreon. And they announced a Title Update 5 for "Spring 2023" with "more monsters".
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is in the nominations list for The Game Awards Game of the Year, Best Music and Score and Best Role Playing Game. I gave it my vote for all 3 A little weird it didn't make the list for Best Narrative also though. And none of the voice actors got a nomination either. I was hoping actirs for Eunie or Noah were get a nod Still irks me Adam Howden never got an award for Shulk for first game. https://thegameawards.com/nominees/game-of-the-year
  6. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    Finished the game. Loved it. Final boss was epic and loved the set pieces. That ending though... Edit: Oh just spoted Bayonetta 3 has a nomination for Best Action game at The Game Awards https://thegameawards.com/nominees/best-action
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    167 hours amd hit level 99 and beat all Super Bosses. I actually found my first one without looking was just exploring parts of map I hadn't been too and found the level 105. Beat him first time. Oddly the level 99 (or is it 95) the lowest level of them gave me the most trouble. Beat the 110 forst time and the 120 without breaking a sweat. Think this game has the easiest Superbosses, I didn't really worry too much about builds with accessories and gems and such. Just focused on which classes I used and equipened skills for combos. The Superbosses in Xenoblade 1, pretty sure I have still never beated the highest level of those. Not done all the challenge quests yet, but pretty sure I've done all side quests now (must check a list online and make sure). But I think I'm ok to leave the Challenge Quests till more drop with next DLC set. Loved this game so much, def my game of the year! Now I need to play Bayonetta 3 before Pokemon drops ina few weeks
  8. Coding

    name = "Mokong" score = 81.5 if score >= 70: print(f"{name} has passed his Python exam today") print(f"With a score of {score}%") print("And is certified an IT Specialist in Python by Certiport") else: print("Try again, no certification for you or your CV!") https://twitter.com/MokongX3M/status/1588180505219964928?s=20&t=Q5a513xEsJIrxEJT6Pp-jw Added a Python cert to my two SQL certs, all three done in a year! Now if I can just find a work place looking to hire someone who only has certs and 0 years previous working experience I'll be sorted.....
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    I switched to the base classes (and clothing) for the endgame fight just for story....probably an OCD thing, if I had a feeling a main story cutscene was coming I always tried to switch to the base classes Still not finished the post-game sides... thought it would only be the two new ones but as I was doing one, I found new Info circles and question marks!!!!!!! I'm never gonna get to Bayonetta 3 at this rate
  10. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    Credits rolled for me on Sunday, I managed to get im a nice 4 hours session to finish the game Loved it, loved every minute of it. I needed a few days to process before I could give my thoughts...then I realised loading the post game save file has some extra side quests!!!! Hoping at least one will answer one question I still have after the game that didn't seem to be addressed so gonna polish off these quests first and the will give final thoughts
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    When I got the email that pre-orders were open I clicked the link straight away and had one in my basket but then realised I was on the UK storefront. When I went to change it to the Irish storefront that is when the whole site went down.... I checked randomly through that day and the next day and it was always down. Of course when I eventually got to checking again and the site was up again they were sold out I wonder at what time they got the site back up and how long the stock lasted. Given the delay it had you'd think they would have stocked up more, they better get more in. I need a full collection of Collector Editions for Xenoblade Switch games
  12. Marvel's Phase 4

    That finale was amazing, executed to perfection.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    I've just been stupidly annoyed all day since the afternoon. I'm in process of switching broadband provider and upgrading to fibre. Installation was to happen today. Had a call yesterday from the installation company that work on behalf of the new ISP to confirm the installation for today. They confirmed my address which was correct but they had my postcode wrong so I gave them the correct one and they said all was good. Just in case I called the provider to check they had correct postcode and they already did, and I've received post from them. They said all is good. I waited today, expecting someone between 9am and 1pm, 1 comes nobody here. I call up the installation company to see if the engineer is running late maybe and they tell me that my appointment was cancelled! Wtf, that is news to me. Turns out because they had the wrong postcode they can't just change it on their system they need the provider to resubmit the order. And the girl that called yesterday to confirm everything was the one who cancelled the appointment and didn't fecking tell me that that would happen. 😠 I had to ring up the provider again, they put in a request for a new appointment which has to go through some sort of system and can apparently take awhile. When made the original order had appointment date within 2 hours, still not got any email with this new appointment date....now my worry is the installation could happen on a date after my old/current ISP cuts me off. FFS
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    I had the same reaction, when he told me last week.
  15. Marvel's Phase 4

    Just watched Werewolf by Night. Loved it. Loved the old black and white horror movie style. And one surprise appearance.