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  1. Metroid Dread

    Can I just say that was a joy to read
  2. N-Europe turns 24!

    Cheers Ash for splitting it out into a new thread If I recall correctly I first discovered Cube-Europe, the day after the sites 3rd birthday which was just after it changed from N64-Europe to Cube-Europe I think. I remember I was trying to find info on a release date for the Gamecube typing in "Gamecube Europe release" into Google C-E was one of the top results, I actually thought it was an official Nintendo site for the first few weeks too
  3. N-Europe turns 24!

    Might as well just bump this thread - Admin: nope, split it instead N-E is 24 years old today!!!!
  4. Metroid Dread

    Great something new for me to try And I had Flash Shift once before Kraid and all. But I also had bombs and used those for the insta kill
  5. Metroid Dread

    And another run through done Think that is 6 now? Sub 3 hours on Normal mode I skipped the first EMMI, didn't sequence break the Phantom Cloak this time as I couldn't get the damn pseudo wave beam for it. I did the 2nd boss in sequence but sequence broke the Grapple Beam on route to the Morph Ball Bombs. And I skipped Drogyga. Shinesparked every boss and mini boss that I was able to. Even managed it on the cross bomb boss for first time. I will ad a note that I did reload from last check point a few times to manipulate the game clock if I messed up a boss or when trying to skip Drogyga. I probably won't be able to get much quicker than this unless I learn a sequence break for the Screw Attack. For now I will say those are beyond me... Especially the camera lock one. But will probably try sub 3 hours on Hard Mode next weekend I'm also very happy with this Speed Boost puzzle. First time getting it in one go from all the way back in the EMMI room Right after beating the EMMI
  6. Metroid Dread

    I love the EMMI zones haha. Anyway another weekend another Metroid Dread run done Went back to Normal mode first time since first got the game as wanted the achievements for it. Decided to try add some extra flavour by trying to do a number of sequence breaks. Learned how some of the pseudo wave beams work, managed to skip the first EMMI and went straight to the first boss for early Phantom Cloak Also managed to sequence break the Grapple Beam and Bombs...tried to skip the 2nd boss but without the Diffusion Beam there was a ceiling after Flash Shift that requires diffusion beam but couldn't pull off the pseudo wave beam on it. Reloaded so a save just after getting Bombs and went back to 2nd boss. I reckon this back track cost me some time. I did manage to skip the Drogyga boss though. Took me ages to get the pseudo wave beam on that wall (reloaded a few times to try keep time down :p) Also managed to sequence break the Space Jump...though I don't think there was any benefit to it as I still needed to get Storm Missle anyway and you would naturallybget Space Jump on way back from SM anyway. But was still fun to pull off Was hoping for sub 3 hour time, got 3 hours 22mins. Probably won't get too much faster unless I learn how to sequence break the Screw Attack, and the methods for that look beyond me .. especially the camera lock one and you have to memorize the route to the screw attack blind. How the speedrunners do that is amazing.
  7. Metroid Dread

    And done, sub 4 hours on Hard Mode is complete. 3 hours, 22 mins. Took a full hour off my last play. Think only way I could potentially go better now is if I learned all the sequence breaks the speed runners do, but that was would be a lot of effort Might go back to Normal mode for a sub 4 hour run there just to get the achievements for Normal mode as haven't played on normal since my first play. We'll see next week.
  8. Metroid Dread

    Especially the way the camera pans down. Like it is an extension bof the end fight cutscene. I seen vids of others using Shinespark on him but they did it from the left side hitting from the side. It still looks cool, but the extra camera pan you get from this positioning just adds to it. Again I love those little touches they have done.
  9. Metroid Dread

    And that is my 3rd play done. I swear I am having more fun with this game on every play Beat Hard mode in 4 hours 24 mins!!!! Holy frak didn't expect that. Sub 8 hours was a target with 4 a dream, getting so close, def think I can go sub 4 now. If I didn't take a wrong turn after I sequence broke the Morph Ball Bomb I likely could have gotten just under 4 hours. One thing I was loving on this run was ttying to Shinespark some bosses. Realised even if their boss room didn't have enough to charge a Shinespark some it was possible to do the run from previous room and you could Shinespark at start of fight. Tried to see could I Shinespark the final boss, there's def room to charge it in second phase of fight but I just couldn't hit with it. Every time I charged it I would love it from getting hit def be going for a sub 4 hour run next weekend
  10. Metroid Dread

    I'd say that boss is round the half way mark, maybe a little before. I started up another game on Hard. Main goal is sub 8 hours. Was kinda hopeful for sub 4 but doubt I'll get that now. I'm at 2 hours 10 mins, just got past the mini boss when you enter Ferenia Beat him quick enough too as I realised it was possible to Shinespark him Took two Shinesparks but def faster The main thing I did was I did successfully manage to sequence break the Morph Ball Bomb and got it before the 2nd boss so I did get to use it for the alt insta kill and it was satisfying I did mess up a bit though that in after I got the bomb I wasn't sure on way back as I was blocked by a Grapple Block from the way I came. There are two potential ways to sequence break the Bombs, one involves sequence breaking the Grapple Beam first, this seems to be the method that comes up most if you search for it. I decided not to do that cuz there was a lava room withna trick jump that I couldn't get Found an alt method to get it without Grapple Beam, in spioler tag below. But on way back as said thought I was stuck without Grapple Beam and thought I had to continue on. Did so and ended up in Burenia and got the Flash Shift and then realised I was stuck without the Diffusion Beam. Checked map and realised there was an EMMI door that I missed that if I took would have brought me back to route to Cataris. Unfortunately I used a save room in Burenia so couldn't even just reload so had to make my way back on foot, so that probably cost me the sub 4 time.
  11. Metroid Dread

    I actually think the controls are smooth, especially the Shinespark. This the first 2D Metroid where I was able to both figure out and execute Shinespark puzzles on first play Anyway I have discovered something awesome regards the 2nd big boss fight. There is a possibile sequence break before that fight that the devs have accounted for in the fight! Def gonna try this on my next play
  12. Metroid Dread

    Ok I just discovered it is possible to beat some bosses with the Shinespark...how did I never think of this! Think I will be going back in to try for a sub 8 hour run on Hard soon
  13. Metroid Dread

    It's just a different picture unlocked in the gallery like an achievement. There's different ones for Normal and Hard mode for both sub 4 and sub 8. It just a challenge
  14. Metroid Dread

    And that is Hard Mode done. Once I knew I wasn't gonna get a sub 8 hour time I decided I should go for the 100% items, so backtracked for anything missed before going to final boss. Considering how long it took me to beat him on normal mode I was expecting a harder fight and the first few attempts felt like it. Especially since I had forgotten his attack patterns. After about 5 attempts gave it a rest as wanted to watch some TV with the wife. But when that was over said would give it one more go and beat him there. Again a break to clear the head does wonders sometimes haha. Surprisingly I only took two hits in his whole second phase too. Wanna try go for a sub 4 hour run, but I reckon that would be a normal mode run. I imagine to get a time like that would a low item run as you'd want to only move forward, no detours for items. Reckon I could def manage a sub 8 hour run on Hard though.