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  1. I went to GAME on my way home earlier. It's 3 separate codes they hand out and only 1 set per customer. Supposedly you need to have a reward card to get them.
  2. Seems like the game is being handed from one unproven developer to another. If Saber Interactive can do a good job with Space Marine 2 (which still has no firm release date), then maybe I'll start getting more optimistic about this remake again.
  3. Formula 1: 2022 Season

    That was epic, one of the best F1 races I've watched. Seeing Leclerc, Perez and Hamilton all fighting up front and swapping places was great near the end.
  4. Football Season 2021/22

    I'm looking at the best way of getting tickets to see a Premier League match next season, apparently a membership of one of the clubs is fairly essential. Looking on the Liverpool site is a bit confusing, it just says membership costs £36.99. Is that annual or monthly?
  5. The Star Wars Thread

    Whoever composes the next Star Wars trilogy has some very big shoes to fill!
  6. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (29th February 2024)

    There were parts where I was thinking I wish I had played the original back in 1997. Stuff like the Intro, certain character cut scenes and the Shinra Building must've been pretty special.
  7. Neutral stuff thread

    I got a vegan panini for lunch. It was alright.
  8. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (29th February 2024)

    I enjoyed remake a lot and I've got no nostalgia for the original. The combat and soundtrack were great, they more than made up for a few flaws. I didn't have a clue what was going on half the time, so I guess the story part wasn't that important to me. Looking forward to Rebirth and Crisis Core.
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    Not really a fan of theme parks, but that look amazing! Up to episode 4, I think the best way I could describe Obi Wan is like Star Wars comfort food. Nothing amazing but enjoyable just because I'm a Star Wars fan. Episode 5 was definitely the best so far, but I wish there was more than just 1 episode left.
  10. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Maybe they've been stockpiling N64 controllers all this time ready for Goldeneye.
  11. The Star Wars Thread

    I enjoyed the first couple of episodes, surprised to see certain characters and worlds appear. It's still not clear how much of a role Hayden Christensen will play, I was thinking maybe it'd be more flashbacks with him as opposed to Vader appearances. Watching it has inspired me to give Fallen Order another try. I played it a little bit on PS4 but it kinda got lost in my backlog. Downloaded the PS5 version and started from the beginning again. Also looking forward to the Knights of the Old Republic remake, but that seems like it's still a long way off. @Cube it'd be nice to see that world fleshed out more, but all you'd see of it in The Mandalorian is space dust and debris.
  12. Football Season 2021/22

    I was hoping Coutinho would remember how to score long range wonder goals right at the end, oh well. Hoping Thiago's injury isn't too serious. Man Utd finishing 6th with 0 goal difference, that's got to be a record?
  13. Football Season 2021/22

    La Liga missed out on Haaland and Mbappe? Maybe Real Madrid and Barcelona really are losing their appeal.
  14. Pikmin Bloom (mobile)

    As far as I can tell it automatically adds you to a friend's group if any are available. If not you get put in a new one on your own that friends can join.
  15. Pikmin Bloom (mobile)

    Does anyone still play this? They introduced 5-player weekly challenges recently. My friend code is 204984427100. Edit: added everyone who posted codes on the first page.