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  1. How did I forget Excitetruck? I guess it's too late to scrub Mario Galaxy off my suggestions.
  2. No love for Excitebike World Rally? Hopefully it ends up on the Switch Online Subscription, it'd be a good fit.
  3. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    They haven't fallen behind. They were always behind.
  4. Regigigas Gigantimaxing. Try saying that a few times.
  5. Struggling to scrape together even 5 for this one. A shame Twilight Princess isn't allowed. Excitebike World Rally Mario Kart Wii Metroid Other M Okami Super Mario Galaxy
  6. Judgment (25th June PS4)

    I forgot I had this pre ordered, it arrived earlier today.
  7. Advance Wars Dual Strike Advance Wars Dark Conflict Kirby Canvas Curse Sonic Rush Adventure Pokémon Conquest
  8. I like Klefki and Aegislash. Cool designs and cool names. What I really can't stand is every cover legendary from gen 4 onwards.
  9. A nice surprise too.
  10. It's a good opportunity to bring back Pokémon Stadium. A game almost exclusively focused on the battles, surely they'd be able to cram all 1000+ in that way?
  11. 3 launch titles in that list! 3rd May 2002 was a very memorable day.
  12. They've never been that concerned with balance issues in the past. I'm not that bothered myself, but I can see why a lot of fans are pissed off. It's one of the key features of the main series games. I suppose this new Home app will act as the ultimate Pokédex for the player now?
  13. I think my points tally is just going to continue to get lower. There's a pattern of 3rd party tie ins so far, I think most of mine were 1st party stuff. Apart from Yooka-Laylee... Chances of echo fighter?
  14. Playing 7 on Switch recently, it really could've done with a remaster like this.
  15. F-Zero GX Rogue Leader Resident Evil 4 Metroid Prime Soulcalibur II