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  1. Football Season 2020-21

    Looking forward to the new season. On paper at least, it looks like it could be a 4 horse race with Man Utd's new signings and Liverpool's players returning from injury.
  2. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    I wonder if they'll stock them next to red ring doughnuts.
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    There was talk of a remake a few months back. Not very clear on when it'll officially be revealed or released though.
  4. Lost Judgment (Judgment sequel)

    That explains why the original still isn't on PC. Such a weird disagreement, a shame if the series gets cancelled.
  5. Football Season 2020-21

    Argentina Vs Portugal final for the World Cup next year?
  6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    My favourite game from last gen, this will make for a good excuse for a second play through. It'll be interesting to see if it's just a resolution and frame rate boost or if it's more substantial graphics upgrades.
  7. Yakuza 7 (PS4 2020)

    Loving all the new minigames I've discovered so far. I was a bit disappointed when the game appeared to not track activities anymore, but then I got it as a phone app a few chapters in. So far it seems like they took all the wackiest stuff from previous Yakuza games and based the entire game on it. I think I might have played a bit too much Can Quest.
  8. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4/PS5)

    Glad I waited now. When I looked the other day a lot of places no longer stocked the original, and others were still full price.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Sold my PS4 at GAME after attempt number 3. I took it to one branch yesterday and they told me it had the wrong power cable. Found a 'correct' power cable and took it to my local store earlier, they refused to accept it because the controllers bar code was slightly worn off. Went back to the original store after and they had no issues with the controller. Kinda hard to part with the console, it's been one of the best I've ever owned but the PS5 has made it obsolete. Also traded in a pile of games and an extra controller, so I have plenty of credit for PS5 and Switch game pre orders for the foreseeable future.
  10. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (11th June 2021)

    I forgot about that, I was a bit confused when I collected the last gold bolt and no trophy popped. I thought it must have glitched.
  11. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (11th June 2021)

    One of the golden bolts gives you the option to turn on infinite ammo. I also saw a great tip about using the Topiary Sprinkler, you can adsorb the little bits of topiary and fire them instead of enemy projectiles.
  12. Football Season 2020-21

    Losing penalty shootouts and losing to Germany have been two certainties for as long as I can remember. What a few years England have had, even if they do play a bit boring at times.
  13. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Nice, got a couple of games on the go at the moment so hopefully this will be out by the time I finish them.
  14. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I didn't realise Housemarque were independent. Seems like a sensible move by Sony.
  15. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Left, right, up, down, left, right, up down..... left, right, up, left. damnit why did I press left instead of down. Up, down, left right, up, down, left, right..... up, down, left, down... damnit why did I press down instead of right. Repeat countless times. Finally beat the pull-up pro challenge yesterday, never want to do that minigame ever again.