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  1. Current schedule: 20:00 - 20:45 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Races with Randoms Glen-i Nicktendo Sméagol S.C.G Nintendo Fan Ike 21:15 - 22:15 Splatoon 2 - 3 Vs 3 Private Battle Glen-i Nicktendo Sméagol Nintendo Fan Ugh First Aid Ike 22:45 - 23:45 Rocket League Glen-i Nicktendo Nekunando 00:30 - 1:00 ARMS Sméagol Nicktendo 1:00 - ??? Splatoon 2 Whoever is available. ############ Original post ############ Or NEO YEME for short. Edit: NE OYE ME sounds fun as well. No God damnit, it's my idea! So I was wondering if there are any other people staying at home and mostly playing games at New Year's Eve (In Dutch it's called Old Year's Eve, as that makes more sense of course). To me, it's a night barely different from any other night, except with oil spheres, champagne, some fireworks outside in the distance, and a guarantee not to have to work the following day. If there are any other people not being cool and dancing their ass off at some fancy party, maybe we can organize some multiplayer sessions. Let's end the year, and start the new one, by playing games! We need to agree on the games, and the times. I'd like it to be a representation of 2017's biggest Switch multiplayer titles, so not just Splatoon all night. I'm also thinking short session, 30 to 60 minutes. As for the games, I'm thinking: Arms, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Rocket League, maybe Bomberman. I'll have to think about the times, as I'm in a different timezone. Anyway, let me know if you like this idea, and if you have any suggestions.
  2. I'm carefully going to bring this up again, as last time didn't really work out. Any interest in this?
  3. Life is Strange 2

    Unfortunately Before the Storm never played well on my computer (despite the first series running without any problems whatsoever), so I never bothered with season 2 yet. I guess I'll go have a look if patches improved Before the Storm at this point.
  4. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Just had a go this morning. Had one promising start with the Silent, with 2 upgraded finishers and a bunch of shivs, but lost to the 2nd act boss, the knight with the 2 minions. I was neglecting my block cards a bit, and I couldn't block his ultra beam after all the chip damage from him and his minions before it. Also couldn't kill him before he actually used that move, though I got close, he was around 60 HP. I'm bad with the higher ascensions. They're all stuck on ascension 2. Except Ironclad.. I had a succesful run with him a while ago.. But then forgot to collect all the keys, so didn't even get to the true boss, but I did unlock ascension 3.. It's the only roguelite that I've really enjoyed so far, and actually keep playing. Nuclear Throne I re-installed Nuclear Throne as well 2 days ago.. It's good, but the levels are too cramped, and I'm so crap at it, that it doesn't have that famous "one more go" addiction going for it for me personally. After some tries dying, I quit and uninstalled the game again. Steam binge Re-installed a bunch of games on Steam, after Civ V crapped out on me on Switch (apparently due to a bug, it's a common occurance), but I was in the mood to finish a game, so re-installed Civ V. This resulted in me taking a break from Pokémon, and binging some old games I had on Steam, after I realized my internet speeds are relatively insane compared to years ago (and even then I just have "basic" fiber), and I could download everything in my Steam library in just a few minutes (well, not at once). I remember a time when I was up all day downloading a roughly 900 MB demo for Deus Ex. Anyway, it's been a while since I've used Steam this much. Civilization V Played a full game of Civ V, I believe one go (again, this was directly after an almost full game on Switch. It crashed not far from the end). In my Civ VI game I was doing not so great, but not that bad either. I always prefer culture victories, but Greece declared war.. And so I had to get rid of them. And I did. Then all the other countries though I was a warmonger and kept declaring war on me, eventhough I never declared war on them.. <sigh> Anyway, then it crashed. in Civ V, on Steam, I have more setting available, and I usually try to create more "optimal circumstances" (like starting on an island), but this time I just used the continents setting. After a disastrous start, I restarted.. And ended up on an island, with only some city states nearby. Got my culture victory on that map. Then uninstalled the game. Oxygen not included Wanting more strategy and management, and after seeing this got a new update, I gave this another go. I bought this in early access in 2017, and hadn't played since. If you like Rim world, you'll probably like this. It's a space colony sim, you have a bunch of colonists trapped in a space rock, and it's up to you to clear out that rock, and build a colony that proved enough air and food and protection for your inhabitants. I never played this much, and it's really rough in the beginning when you don't know what to do, and how to do it. After Googling some stuff, and getting the basics up, in a layout I like, like power and food production, I got into trouble again, because this game goes deeper than Rimworld with its water and air management, and I didn't know how to do that well. The cartoony graphics are great, but I wanted a similar, but similar experience, so I played Rimworld again. Rimworld While its simpler, and after re-acquanting myself with the interface it was easier to get into.. I opted to try out the normal difficulty setting. Rimworld is also a colony management sim, except topdown, with much simpler graphics, but also much simpler systems, with no need to micromanage air or water, and more action, having to defend your colony from raiders early on. I wasn't familiar with the content from the latest update, having played this last, also in 2017 I think, and playing on the normal difficulty (as opposed to easy (or to be precise normal mode from the Phoebe Chillax narrator), things didn't go well. On this difficulty, I really had to work for my first new colonist, being used to get the first one for basically free after not much time. I had to set up caravans for some, which I had to Google because it was new stuff for me, and well like I said, you really had to work for your new colonist, which I wasn't used to, so I made the wrong decisions, and often got one of my first 3 initial colonist killed (either the rescuer being uprepared, or one of the colonist back home not being able to handle other threats without the other). So this led to a couple of restarts.. But then I move on. It's still installed (well being a small game, it was always installed, I never removed it), so I'll definitely give it another go later. X-Com: Enemy Unknown Then I re-installed Xcom EU. I actually never finished that one. I'm still working on that, I'm at the final mission. Annoyingly, I still had to savescum playing on Ironman, I do that when I think something happens not because of something i did, in this case the sometimes consusing interface (especially when it comes to elevations), sending my unit not where I wanted it to go, but practically to the other side of the map, right in front of 3 very hungry chrysalis. I don't consider that my fault at all, but it keeps nagging at me. It did give me some knowledge of the map, though I'm not sure how much that would have mattered. In the end, that unit, and another one, did end up dying because of my decisions (and all to those same Chrysalis I believe), but I moved on. Lost some other good women (.. I only keep the female units haha) on my way to the final mission. I confused some of the stuff from Xcom 2, because I thought I had to get a Psi soldier, but I could only train them right before the final mission was availabe to me. I haven't tried that one yet.. Last time I tried that mission, my team got wiped because of a duo of Sectopods. I still want to do an iron man game without savescumming possibly, but I'll save that for once I have the expansion, as I still don't have that. Or if my team wipes again at that final mission, maybe I'll try again. I'm also tempted to re-install and play X-Com 2, but likewise, I think I'll save that for once I buy the expansion, maybe in the winter sale. I thought it was too expensive at launch, otherwise I'd have already bought it. Alan Wake Then I wanted something with more story, so I installed one of the game I had never played before. I bought Alan Wake in that sale when it was going to be removed from Steam due to music licenses expiring (I do actually like some of the songs), but it's been since then put back up. This one I actually played from start to finish (well I didn't play the special chapters). I like the atmosphere and setting.. But ultimately didn't care much for the combat, which is why I didn't bother with the special stages, and won't be bothering with the dlc soon. Combat was fine in the beginning, but the game doesn't do enough to keep things interesting. Instead, the game just throws more enemies at you, and more annoying ones. I wish there were weapon upgrades, more weapons perhaps, and more and cooler bosses. Another annoying thing is then it's not clear when it's better to run and when it's better to fight (or when enemies keep respawning, and when the route is blocked off and impossible to clear with enemies around you). Exploration is also annoying unless you're sure you're safe. That said, I missed several achievements since apparantly I'm too conservative, sticking mostly to my basic revolver. I didn't kill enough Taken with my shotgun or rifle. So maybe I should have used those more. I'll give the other content a go later prehaps, but for now it's un-installed. Alien: Isolation For obvious reasons it's re-installed, thought I'd give it another go after the Switch launch. Plays and looks better, so that's a plus. I've only started this yesterday, and due to the nature of the game, I haven't made much progress. Last time I played and uninstalled, I gave up because the game just feels frustrating on hard (the intended experience apparently), I made it to chapter 7 according to my Steam achievements. I remember going through a level where I could just blast the Alien away with my newly acquired flamethrower, though I knew very well this was a short-term victory and throwing away my flamethower fuel like that was going to bite me in the ass later. In my new game I'm currently at the hospital, the first place where I have to actively avoid the Alien. I'll keep playing this probably, for now, but perhaps in shorter bursts, as I can't deal with "taking an half hour to get to the next room" for long haha. So yeah, that's all since this weekend, plus as always a bit of Mario Maker. So it's been a productive week. Looking at my Steam library, I wonder what I should (re-) install next. Still plenty of games I never finished, never even started, or games I'd love to experience again. Alpha Protocol and Soma are games I'd love to play again, The Last Remnant is something I should maybe give another try (well maybe not right now, being a lengthy RPG), or maybe Remember me, though I wasn't really fond of the combat (but I loved the setting).
  5. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    Gave the update a quick go yesterday. Spike is a foruntate addition, as I'm working on SMB3 levels. Played around with Pokey and Link as well. Anyway, very disappointing update for builders.. I want much more. Link is very interesting, but requires whole new ideas. I have a few now, but as I'm working on other stuff, I'm not sure when I'll get around to those. Thinking about it now.. I have something to add to my requests. Did the Ninji challenge.. Until I had a respectable time. Fun seeing Ninjis in the game, and they're helpful when you're exploring routes, but get distracting after that. But you can turn them off.
  6. Talk about the SNES games here, and arrange online mutiplayer sessions! Current game selection Super Brawl Brothers 2p co-op Super Breath Of Fire Super Demon's Crest Super F-Zero Super Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics 2p co-op Super Kirby's Dream Course 2p vs Super Kirby's Dream Land 3 2p co-op Super Pilotwings Super Star Fox Super Stunt Race FX 2p vs Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force Super Ghouls'n Ghosts Super Mario Kart 2p vs Super Mario World 2p Super Mario World™ 2: Yoshi's Island Super Metroid Super Puyo Puyo 2 2p vs Super Soccer 2p co-op + 2p vs Super Tennis 2p vs Super Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2p = 2 player mode available2p vs = 2 player simultaneous versus mode available2p co-op = 2 player simultaneous co-op mode available Edit: Myeah.. Alphabetical order is less effective with this one.. Co-op games Listed for convenience. Brawl Brothers Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics Kirby's Dream Land 3 Super Soccer Japanese exclusive games TBA Upcoming games TBA SP games none yet Hardware SNES controllers will be available soon. Will be sold individually for 30 euros or 27 pounds.

    Didn't see this coming. It also had some other collaborations before, some mecha anime things I believe, I forgot the details.
  8. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    a.k.a. NES Virtual Console: Netflix edition a.k.a NesFlix I thought it would be beneficial to separate the NES games feature from the general Switch Online discussion. Talk about the games, and arrange online games! Edit: And I totally forgot, but do post all your fails complete with sarcastic claps! Current game selection Adventures of Lolo Balloon Fight 2p co-op Baseball 2p vs Blaster Master City Connection 2p Clu Clu Land 2p co-op Donkey Kong 2p Donkey Kong Jr. 2p Donkey Kong 3 2p Double Dragon 2p vs Double Dragon II: The Revenge 2p co-op Dr. Mario 2p vs Excitebike VS. Excitebike 2p vs Ghosts’n Goblins 2p Gradius 2p Ice Climber 2p co-op Ice Hockey 2p vs The Legend of Zelda Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Kid Icarus Kirby's Adventure Kung Fu Heroes 2p co-op Mario Bros. 2p co-op Metroid Mighty Bomb Jack NES Open Tournament Golf 2p Ninja Gaiden Pro Wrestling 2p vs Punch Out!! River City Ransom 2p co-op Soccer 2p vs Solomon's Key Star Soldier StarTropics Super Dodgeball 2p vs Mario Bros. 2p co-op Super Mario Bros. 2p Super Mario Bros. 2 2p Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 3 2p Tecmo Bowl 2p vs TwinBee 2p co-op Tennis 2p vs Vice: Project DOOM Volleyball 2p vs VS. Excitebike 2p vs Wario's Woods 2p vs Wrecking Crew 2p Yoshi 2p vs Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 2p = 2 player mode available 2p vs = 2 player simultaneous versus mode available 2p co-op = 2 player simultaneous co-op mode available Edit: Yeah some games are in there twice.. The list is alphabetical, but I also like to keep a series together, but didn't want to do 2 lists. So I listed them twice so you can find them wherever you expect them. Co-op games Just to list the currently available co-op games separately for convenience. Balloon Fight Clu Clu Land Double Dragon II: The Revenge Ice Climber Kung Fu Heroes Mario Bros. River City Ransom TwinBee Japanese exclusive games These games have so far been only released in Japan for no good reason. With a few common games there may be regional differences as well. Fire Emblem Joy Mech Fight 2p vs Tsuppari Ōzumō 2p vs Upcoming games TBA SP games Shit versions of existing games, in general they're savestates with all unlockables or power-ups available from the start. Can't be arsed to list them.. Hardware Of course we also have the NES controllers for Switch, costing € 60,- or £ 50,-. The order page for those is hidden somewhere on your local Nintendo site.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    What channel will Bob watch instead? To be continued
  10. Half-Life: Alyx

    It does mean they have forgotten to make games. Or to be precise, they don't have many employees left who worked on the original half-life games. I mean, I can't be arsed to look up sources, but I remember news articles about people leaving Valve, like the writers. And lo and behold, there's news right now that the new game from the makers of Firewatch has been delayed, because apparently they've been bought by Valve, and among others, they're the ones working on Half-Life Alyx. They're dependent on other studios (whether bought or collaborations) and hired external people for their games. Half Life Alyx, in my opinion doesn't look good, it looks ok. But I was expecting absolutely nothing anymore, so in that regard it was a nice surprise. To be precise, I think Half Life Alyx looks like Half Life 2 episode 3 but 10 years too late, only adding VR support as an improvement.
  11. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    And today we have codes for Ori and the Blind Forest up for grabs!
  12. General Switch Discussion

    I was actually considering creating a thread for Slay the spire. Maybe I will later.
  13. Questions

    No I don't see it, so I guess it's the crew. Too bad, I wanted to add a tag in a thread, something that was possible in the old forums, and since I still see some tags here, I presumed I was able to do so here as well.
  14. Questions

    Where / how do I add tags?
  15. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    The first one was a Pokémon Switch lite yeah. Don't want one for myself, but would have made a nice gift. Second one was a code for Dragon Quest 11. Already have that game physical, so not much lost there either.
  16. General Switch Discussion

    Can someone move this post to the general retro discussion thread.
  17. Netflix

    Could be interesting? Maybe a bit too religious. Love seeing Michelle Monaghan again though.
  18. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    I already missed 2 days.
  19. Uniqlo Nintendo t-shirts

    Hmm, I regret being too late ordering the Chun-Li and Octoling t-shirts.. Hesitated too much. Anyway, more t-shirts coming, this time from Mario Kart: They currently also have some other game related t-shirts like Sonic and Megaman, though nothing I want.
  20. Uniqlo Nintendo t-shirts

    So there was a design contest, some of you know as I saw it mentioned on the forum while searching for it. I didn't, or I'd have tried to design something. Anyway, the results are in. I've heard there will be more designs than the ones from the contest shown in the link. I'm definitely getting the Mario one, maybe the line Pikachu, with a smaller chance for the Splatoon shirt. Damn I want the Kirby one though, but there's only a kids version. The Pikmin shirt is also very nice, but only in a womens fit. Too bad there are no stores here in The Netherlands, so I'll have to order them online. I see they have some other nice themes as well.
  21. Va-11 Hall-A

    Well I was a fan of Va-11 Hall-A. Money is a bit tight too for me as well at the moment, but I had to get at least this one. It's my first Collector's Edition from Limited run Games, I wasn't interested in previous ones. Can't wait to finally have a physical copy of it for my colleciton, and to replay it after, apparently, 3 years (by the time I get it). I even ordered the t-shirt along with it, the Glitch City one, as that was also on my wishlist, being a fan of the game, and of Jill. ♥ I'll buy the Jill plushie and pub glasses later, I want those as well haha. As for 2064 ROM.. Like I said, I'm interested, but it's not a priority. May regret it later, but then i'll try to get it later.
  22. Va-11 Hall-A

    Another case of "I'd swear this already had a thread, but I can't find it" (if it does please let me know). Well with a name like that.. I'll be sure to add a simple "vallhalla" tag so it's more easily searchable. It's also another case of a digital title that's been out a while, but I'm creating a thread for because you can now order a physical copy. Va-11 Hall-A is a western visual novel, with barely any gameplay, so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that it deals with characters that would make social justice warriors blush. LGBT (or whatever the acronym is) characters.. and beyond (seriously, it gets weird). I'd normally have a problem with this, but the characters are great, and I love the setting. And it's so well written that you won't even find talking dogs strange in this futuristic, dystopian world. Like I said, I love the dystopian setting, but funny thing is you don't deal with it directly. You're just a bartender, and you hear about disconcerting stuff from your customers or the news. In that sense there isn't even a real "story" almost.. It's all about the characters. Like I said, there's barely any gameplay, even as a visual novel it's a bit strange as you also don't have any dialogue options. You make drinks for your customers by mixing some ingredients. You can mess this up without any big consequences. These drinks however are also the only thing that will influence dialogue variations. Based on how well you make these things, you get some money, and saving up money is ultimately your actual gameplay goal. Another thing I love is the soundtrack, which you can customise in-game. I love the track in the trailer, and sometimes I'd play the song below on a loop. Anyway, like I said, you can order physical copies right now from Limited Run Games. You can order until 13 December. I ordered the collector's edition myself, those are already sold out (unless you want it for PS4). The game already has a physical release in Japan, but I prefer this cover (I actually prefered the cover for the old Vita CE physical release, but this one is great too). Plus the cover for the actual CE outer box is awesome. The special edition also comes with a soundtrack and artbook, both big incentives for me. plus a cute little Dorothy magnet haha. Last thing I will mention is that this game is set in the same universe as the indie game 2064: Read Only memories. That game is also currently for sale through Limited Run. It's on my Steam wishlist, but I never got it. As I'm not currently a fan, I didn't order it (the special editions of both games match up in a very cool way, though that one is sold out as well). Obviously I have some interest, but apparently I'm not in a hurry to get it. I don't know yet if I'll regret it later.. Maybe I'll order the regular version around the deadline. It's a bit of a strange situations though.. The games are made by entirely different studios. As far as I can gather, they were initally not planned to be set in the same universe, and the collaboration (there are some crossover elements) was more of a spontaneous thing. Since I haven't played the game I can't really comment on it further, except to say it's a different genre, going more for a point & click style, though apparently it's also more focussed on story than actual gameplay. Edit: No actually, the last thing I'll mention is that they announced a sequel a while ago.
  23. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    Seeing there would be an update got me so excited! Then I saw the content, and was disappointed.. It's great, but far too little. Is it fair to say I'm the one putting the most time in at the moment? I was quickly making a mockup of an idea I had just yesterday, and was doing a bit of co-op afterwards. I have a big wishlist.. And this isn't even an comprehensive list, as I often forgot to write things down when I realize I want something. But let me present to you my wishlist as it currently is: Edit: edited a bit after watching the trailer a 2nd time, and watching a gamexplain video on it. Added a bit. MY WISHLIST FOR MARIO MAKER 2 1 way pipes Self explanatory. I don't get why this isn't an option like they were in the actual games. I also want to be able to use pipes within the same area. I also want the opposite for doors, being able to transition between areas. "Missing stuff" This is a very general statement, because there's plenty stuff missing, which I can't remember all from the top of my head, and I'm not going to request individual elements. Spike and Pokey are good starts, but there's plenty more. Things I can come up with are the rotating balls from SMB3, the ehh, flying fire chainchomp things from SMB3, the dinosaurs from SMW, and I would also like the original Lakitu behaviour and flying sheep sheeps from SMB1. I also want P-coins. Anyway, plenty stuff of course, which could be an entire post on its own probably. Hi-score leaderboards and others Also self explanatory. Would give players more incentive to go for alternative routes and optional challenges, and incentive for makers to actually create those. You could also add a 3rd that's a combination.. A score per second leaderboard or something. And separate ones for those who cleared the side objectives mentioned below. More objectives Other ways to end a level. I specifically want a "boss" ending, where the level ends as soon as you kill what's designated as the boss, so that you don't have to mess around with keys and such. Just have the boss be the climax and be done with the level. Plus the stuff from Story mode like rescue the toads and such. Side objectives I would love for additional side objectives. You can finish the level, but if you do the side objective, you get an extra icon next to you name or something. I would be another thing to strive for, and another incentive for players and makers to go for alternative routes and optional challenges. Specifically I want there to be a side objective of collecitng big coins, but you can adapt most of the normal objectives to be side objectives I suspect. Set your own speed record Now you can only set a cleartime, and you can't try to set any new records for it. I would love to be able to do so. The game can highlight it so people are aware some record may be the creators, or can highlight both the current creator record as well as the record from "normal" players. Would also apply to the stuff I'm wishing for above, like the hiscore and side objectives. Also, as a player, I want to check what my own record was, even if the world record belongs to someone else. If I see a notification someone broke my record, I can't check how big the margin is. "True" VS and co-op levels I'm not fond how some of the objectives work for VS. It's somewhat migitated now you can actually test for them, but for example, I would like to be able to race for a number of coins, with every player being able to do so. The coin objective is shared, and once someone clears it, he's the only player to be able to reach the goal. Others can try to steal it, but have no other option to clear the level after that. Also currently your VS level must also work as a single player, which complicates things for some VS ideas. I want to be able to specifcally create levels that require at least 2 players, something that should make sense when you create a VS level. Also keep VS and normal levels separate, and have VS levels enter VS rotation immediately and let them be judged based on the multiplayer experience, and not on their single player experience. I have VS levels that have never been played in VS, and my most popular VS level is a single player level that has not been built with multiplayer in mind at all, and is frankly, in my opinion, not suitable for VS. As for co-op, I'd like an objective where every player needs to reach the goal for everyone to win. Multiplayer specific elements Things that work only for a specific player. For example, you could have coloured doors, red, green, blue and pink. for the corresponding player. Makes it easier to make race levels. You could do the same for p-switches. More characters Self explanatory.. Though personally I was thinking of simply extra skins, only changing the aesthetics. These would be the usual suspects like Peach and Wario. After seeing the update trailer and gamexplain video though, I guess I'd also love more "functional" characters (in fact, Wario himself would be a great one), and the return of amiibo characters. That said, simple new non- functional typical Mario characters would be the easiest to add. Icon rearrangement Something simple, I would like to be able to rearrange the levels in course bot. More characters for descriptions and comments Another simple thing and self explanatory. In addition, they need to start showing descriptions in Endless mode. That would be really helpful. Versioning This one could be tricky, but it could be handy to have an uploaded work in progress level update as you improve it. But haven't thought about the details for this one. More sublevels and / or more freedom to use the available space Sometimes you want a 3rd theme, or sometimes you simply can't fit everything you want due to the restrictions. Sometimes I don't need the space of 2 full size areas, but I do want a slightly longer vertical level for example. I'd also love to simply start in a vertical level. Ehh this encompasses various things I guess, because I would also like more freedom where to place the starting points and goals. Making the scroll stop feature easier to work with would also help a lot with using the space available to you. Sometimes you can't build in some space because you want to use the scroll stop. There should be a way to just "zone off" sections where you don't want to scroll, giving you more freedom to build in available space. Maybe just work with custom maps instead of the 2 default areas so you can the dimensions you want. I would also be able to use more themes, at least a 3rd. This would perhaps be the simplest solution, have an extra sublevel. More music I want Smash levels of music in Mario maker. I want to choose my own music for a level, from a selection of Mario music from all past games. I also want to be able to use the music without graphical effects, like how you get the N64 and GameCube logos now with the corresponding tracks. I would also love to be able to use them more easily, without using the trigger. Sometimes I just want to easily designate a whole room to use specific music, without putting triggers everywhere. Music composer Better yet, I would love a Mario Paint style music composer so i can make my own tracks for my own levels. More themes and styles There are still some themes missing. The grassland theme from SMB3 for example, and the simple night ground theme from SMB1. You can get that one..But I want it without the effects. Speaking of effects, I just want them to be optional in general, and available in all themes, especially the water and lava. I forgot about styles though, so I'm editing this in.. Of course I would like new styles as well, though that would be a significant update, so I suspect they would want to announce this in a big direct for the 1 year anniversary or something. Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Land would be the 2 I'm most interested in. Super Mario Bros 2 however, would require some significant changes to how they arrange the themes and areas, changes I'm requesting here. I've had to deal with restrictions when I recreated SMB2 1-3. SMB2 requires more diversity in used themes and dimensions of areas. This is one reason why I didn't try to recreate 1-1. Think about it. It has 4 themes and areas.. It starts with a vertical night ground theme, then we have a horizontal day ground theme, there's a small rocky underground theme, And a vertical sky theme. Actually the boss area is a 5th theme now I think of it.. Let's call it a mountain theme? Recreating this requires some serious compromises. Different water / lava levels And speaking of water and lava (and poison), I want to be able to have different water levels. Like pockets of water of lava within a level. Triggers Another very general statement, but I want to be able to use triggers. Even a simple level maker game like Block Quest Maker lets you use triggers. In general, I want to be able to decide that when something happens, than something else happens as a result. Some examples: When some time has passed, blow up these blocks. or when Mario reaches a certain area, spawn an enemy. You have some baic triggers already.. The sound / music triggers of course, and the on / off switches and p-switches, but these do specific things, and I want much more funcionality. You can get more functionality right now, but these require elaborate contraptions, and triggers would elminate the need for those. Some joy can be found in coming up with these contraptions, but sometimes I just want to design a level and not have to worry how to get some functionality I want. Coloured switches With this I mean P-switches and On/Off switches that only tie to specific elements, similarly to the multiplayer specific elements mentioned above, but then also available in single player and able to all be operated by the player. For example, a red P-switch would make red blocks appear and turn red blocks in coins, but would not affect others. Something I've seen someone else mention, which I'm editing in: the switches the SMW Switch palaces. A big switch that would make a bunch of blocks permanently appear in the level. Warp vines And another thing someone else mentioned, warp vines. I wanted these already, but forgot to add them to the list. The vines that would bring you to a bonus area. They need to grow beyong the top of the screen. Text and numbers I want the ability to simply place text in a level. You can name sections, and creators of (kaizo) parcour levels can get more easily across what they want the player to do. The writers among us can get creative and actually present you with a story. Plus it would be a great new use of that cool font they have (the one used the title screen is what I had in mind). Of course, there's a catch with this, in that it also requires more moderation.. Editing this, I forgot the SMW text blocks, which would also be great, but I want them in addition to simply adding text to levels. NPC's Like Toads being able to give you hints or items. Another element that would enable more story-based levels. Cutscenes Automated animation of player characters, NPC's, scrolling and text mentioned above, so that story based experiences are a full possibility. Half tile placements Some things you want to be place in the middle.. Like arrows and elevators. More control of direction and spawning of elements I want to be able to decide if an enemy is facing left or right. Currently they always face Mario from where they spawn, which sometimes is not the effect I want. I also want flying elements (things you give wings like blocks) to be able to fly right. They only fly left. Furthermore, I want some things to globally spawn. Sometimes this is needed for timing, and to create speedrun routes. Some elements like firebars and elevators can cause trouble if they spawn a the wrong time, resulting in you needing to playtest more and taking into account more variables. Invisible tracks Another simple and self explanatory thing. Mostly for aesthetic reasons, especially if you use them for contraptions, then those tracks are just unsightly. More block variations Allowing for more aesthetic creativity. Simply coloured blocks could be fun for pixel art. But having just more "wall" blocks for example could allow for more themed aesthetics. It would also be great to simply have all the blocks available in all the themes. The castle or airship floor tiles for example would also look great elsewhere. Oh and I want the missing stuff. I've mentioned the SMB3 grass theme above coming with tiles that would look great in general, and I really miss the black and white floor tiles. Keys on tracks You can't place them, and yes I have wanted to place them there (or more specifically on enemies placed on tracks). Bigger limits I have often wanted to place more of things like doors, snakeblocks, and stretch blocks for example. Some limits are too restricting. Oh and more checkpoints would also be nice. More tags, custom tags "Troll" is a much requested one. The aforementioned Block Quest Maker already allows for custom tags, which is handy. If a particular tag sticks, it will become available in the menu for quick use. This would obviously allow for more filtering options and more subgenres. Online testing This is now somewhat possible by playing in versus, but I still would like to see a more dedicated functionality. The tutorials mention it's important to have friends and family test your levels locally.. But that's not always an option for some people. It would be great if you could invite people from your friendlist to test unuploaded levels for you. They play, you watch, similarly like how you can do that in the NES and SNES apps. Voicechat would be great. And like in the NES and SNES apps, a pointer would be great to, well, point out stuff. Mario Royale Haha. Could be too intensive for newer styles, so maybe restrict it to SMB1 style in that case. Anyway, that's what I've come up with so far.