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  1. Dark (Netflix) - Final season available now!

    Wow. Normally I check those things! haha. Can't believe I've forgotten about it.
  2. Now hopefully that shocked some people who don't get the reference. Don't worry, I'll change the topic title once I'm done having a laugh. Probably. Dark on Netflix! It's obviously talked about in the Netflix thread, but I thought it deserved its own thread, especially as the 3rd and final season drops on Saturday, 27-06-2020, also known as If you're not familiar with it, it's a German family drama epos, spanning many, many years.. Because of some time travel shenanigans. The whole village of Winden is one big puzzle that slowly unravels over the course of the series. With the show coming to an end on Saturday, now is a good time to jump in if you haven't already. It's genuinly one of my favourite shows on Netflix, and one of my favourite shows overall. Despite focussing on so many characters in different times, it does an excellent job of easing the viewer into this, while surprising them with a lot of twist that show how intricate this whole puzzle actually is. The cast is excellent, I love every single one of them, not only do they deliver great pwerformances, they're excellently casted for their looks (again, you see the same characters in different times). I also love the music. Some trailers, though if you're new you may want to skip the later season trailers. If you're new, here's a season 1 trailer: If you're anticipating the final season: Trilogy trailer Just for the sake of people totally new to this, it's probably advised to use spoilers even for the first 2 seasons, when directly discussing episodes.
  3. All right, I posted this idea in the general MM thread of having a friendly monthly competition of everyone making a Mario Maker level based on the same theme. The challenge A monthly challenge to create a Mario Maker level. Anyone who wants to participate, makes a level based on a theme, decided on beforehand by the winner of the previous challenge. The theme will usually be two chosen Mario Maker elements, but can be any restriction. Only one entry per participant, and no revisions once you've uploaded your level, not until after the challenge at least. Deadline will be roughly a week. The challenge starts the first saturday of the month, and ends on Sunday of the next week. Don't upload your level until the next weekend, so all levels can be played at the same time. Participants and other forum members who play (all) the levels can vote on a winner. Oh and I thought it would be a fun way to sneak in some site promotion by mentioning NE in the description. Theme For the first challlenge I went with two Mario Maker elements to build a level around, this seems to be the sweetspot for Mario Maker levels to focus on, but the theme can be any restriction you can think of (within reason). But it's more productive to keep things simple. Voting Vote for the level you like the best. You have one vote. You can't vote yourself. Players can vote too! In case of a tie ehh, I don't know. Initial idea was to have the players tied race a level not made by them, but now I think of it, it's easier to just check the actual hearts they got on their levels and compare. Winner gets to decide next theme Current challenge June challenge: SWIMMING!1!1!1!1! The deadline for creating a level is on Sunday, 14th of June! Past challenges February challenge: Bob-Ombs & Donut Blocks Winner: Glen-i Level: Spooky Explosive Donuts ID: B4H-KKT-K6G March challenge: Spikes Winner: RedShell Level: A Seriously Spiky Situation ID: J3F-RSG-PCG April challenge: Auto scroll Winner: tie between RedShell & Sméagol Level: Autoscroll Antics (RedShell) ID: 784-4ND-5MF Level: TLOZ: The Scrolls of Time (Sméagol) ID: WGG-6VS-2HG May challenge: Super Mario Bros. 2! Winner: Sméagol Level: Just Another day in Subcon ID: VLM-KSN-SFF
  4. I have a few of them spare.. You can pick 'm up from my beach next time you visit.
  5. Gate's open for anyone who wants to check my shop (antique clock and lecture bench), or the few new DIY recipes I've collected the las few weeks. Edit: Plus I have some spare fish stuff if anyone needs them.. Got a few coolers and anchors amongst other things.
  6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Regardless.. I'm finally done.
  7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Yeah but I assume you already caught some fish then? I had 5 points carry over, but I used some points to get a few items last time. So I should have hit that 100 point goal a lot quicker if all points from last time counted, but it still took almost an hour I think.. Pretty sure they don't count for the trophies.
  8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Are you sure this counts for the prizes as well? I forgot how many had last time, but I'm pretty sure it didn't add up for the 100 I needed for bronze earlier.. I should have have achieved that in no time, especially as I used up all the bait I had in storage. Didn't get to bronze last time, but I still had a bunch of points. Also, not sure if I want to do this ever again, so I think I do want to do this in one day.. Do you get all 3 prizes in one go? And does he buy them after 18:00? I forgot. He doesn't give me the option right now in any case.
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Some suggestions": Remove the 3 minute time limits. Let us fish all day and check the total at the end. Have all the options available within one dialogue. Checking points and swapping, selling fish etc. Set the limit for the fish container to something large, like 500. (Have a pricier entry fee to compensate) (Plus, now he's here anyway, allow us to sell fish not caught in the tourney) (Plus, have bait at the fucking shop, I do not want to craft it) (18:00 is a shit end time. Give us until 22:00 or something) I'm not even really bothered by the number of fish you have to catch.. I've done all nighters where I probably fished that many anyway.. it's the fucking 3 minute time limit, having to keep going back to him after those 3 minutes, than having to initiate 3 LENGTHY conversations just to continue the tournement. At the very least they had the decency to remove trash from the equation,and not have your fishing rod break down in the middle of those 3 minutes. I've finally hit the 200 points, after 2 hours.. I need a break. Can't believe this is taking most of the afternoon. Also, some points did carry over from last time.. though I suspect they don't count for the actualy tournement, but they did count for getting items.
  10. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    The fishing tourney is fucking shit. Can't believe they didn't change anything at all in any of the updates and patches, and after the complaints.
  11. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I didn't have hermit crabs in places they shouldn't be, though I had 2 disappear almost immediately after they started moving.
  12. @Glen-i By your powers combined..! No wait.
  13. I'm leaving my gate open for a little while in case anyone wants to check the shop, clothes market, or the few new DIY recipes I have (a few but some good ones). Shop has a blue wallmounted 20" TV and brown retro stereo.
  14. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    Yeah, not interesting. To me in any case, but also not to a lot of other people it seems. This would have been ok if it was just a trailer in a proper Direct. With other trailers of other games. Here's hoping there's a tease for something else at the end. Edit: Haha.. I always turn chat off on Youtube videos.. But I had a quick look, and it has exploded. Not in a good way.
  15. Sakuna: of rice and ruin

    Collector's Edition looking great! But still no exact releasedate, and no Europe specific info yet.
  16. Sakuna: of rice and ruin

    I was also enamored by this particular game: ..Despite the farm sim elements. @Treehouse:
  17. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    I'm curious about the wayforward game, but it shows way too much of Paper Mario.
  18. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    It's just a patch. They removed the incorrect speech bubbles for example, which started to show up after the last update.
  19. I know it's late, but Celeste is visiting, and Redd is also still hanging around. Celeste is on the way to redd, on the little island on the cliff Just above the 4 tulip patches I'd like you to water! No heavy meteor shower, just a light one. Gate's open, I'm AFK. Edit: @Glen-i, I saw you visited. I didn't accidentally kick you out just now didn't I?
  20. Of course! But not sure when I'm in the game though. Maybe 20:00 UK.
  21. I also have Redd. If I've seen things correctly, he doesn't have any real ones at all this time. I probably take the statue (the cool tomb thing), but the rest isn't interesting. I think it was also an academic painting, scary painting, and wistful painting.
  22. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    They are for sale at Ables sometimes. I had the selection yesterday. I bought one extra I think.. I'd have to check.
  23. @Glen-i, how about enemies from the other catagories? Kuribo Goombas, Bullet / Banzai Bills? Against the spirit or fair play?
  24. Talk about the SNES games here, and arrange online mutiplayer sessions! Current game selection Super Brawl Brothers 2p co-op Super Breath Of Fire Super Demon's Crest Super F-Zero Super Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics 2p co-op Super Kirby's Dream Course 2p vs Super Kirby's Dream Land 3 2p co-op Super Pilotwings Super Star Fox Super Stunt Race FX 2p vs Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force Super Ghouls'n Ghosts Super Mario Kart 2p vs Super Mario World 2p Super Mario World™ 2: Yoshi's Island Super Metroid Super Puyo Puyo 2 2p vs Super Soccer 2p co-op + 2p vs Super Tennis 2p vs Super Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2p = 2 player mode available2p vs = 2 player simultaneous versus mode available2p co-op = 2 player simultaneous co-op mode available Edit: Myeah.. Alphabetical order is less effective with this one.. Co-op games Listed for convenience. Brawl Brothers Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics Kirby's Dream Land 3 Super Soccer Japanese exclusive games TBA Upcoming games TBA SP games none yet Hardware SNES controllers will be available soon. Will be sold individually for 30 euros or 27 pounds.