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  1. bad stuff thread.

    I'm fysically fine yeah, nothing serious. I seem to have hit my head on the pavement. I don't remember it, but my injuries seem t indicate this. Luckily I was always accused of having a hard head, and it definitely helped out here. I've got a concussion, resulting in a headache, but that's fading. A few scrapes, one of them on the top left side of my head, but nothing serious. And nothing visible thanks to my luscious hair. Got some blood on my glasses though, which miraculously also survived the incident. And I got some sore muscles. A few in my neck, but the worst are on the left side of my head. Chewing food hurts at the moment, this is the most annoying thing right now. No I seem to be able to sleep of anything. After I got home yesterday, I spent most time in bed. I got up to eat and check the internet (and post on NE about my adventure), but then headed back to bed early. I'm better now but I'll probably take it easy today as well. I'll probably go see a few films tomorrow, though I hate having to use public transportation. I have no other options currently without a functional bike. I'll probably be complete my old self after the weekend, or later this week. I'm more worried about the practical and financial consequences, that's going to be a hassle. Edit: Apparently, there's a video available. Edit: Oh the video is part of a (small) article). You can find it here (and run it through Google translate): https://district8.net/gewonde-bij-aanrijding-tussen-auto-en-fietser-op-horror-rotonde-martinus-nijhofflaan-delft.html And that roundabout seems to be notorious. You can find multiple videos of accidents on that location on the same channel.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    Pre-orders for the CE will go up first half of October.
  3. bad stuff thread.

    Got hit by a car today. it's not even the first time this year. But the first time wasn't serious, this one knocked me out cold. That's me Luckily I seem to be built like a tank, and apart from minor stuff like scrapes and bruises there's only the concussion to worry about. CT scan didn't show anything serious, so they let me go. Just to clarify, I was on my bike. I remember approaching the roundabout, and I remember regaining conciousness in the ambulance, but nothing in between. My poor bike though, wasn't as lucky. I left it in Delft (where I had the accident but I don't live there), it doesn't ride anymore. That's not the first beating this year it got as well.
  4. Nintendo Collectables!

    It looks like the re-release of Pyra and Mythra is at hand.. And I wasn't expecting them until Summer 2023. I have other things I want to do with my money right now, so it looks like I'll have to cancel..
  5. Lego!

    Work in Progress pic: I got this one from my brother for my birthday a few months ago. Finally started building it today (after needing to unwind after resuscitating babies all day . Doing a first aid course). I don't have much time the coming weeks, so I'll be doing this one in chunks. I did buy some other sets because of the increased prices and the discounts I could get at this point. Bought my first modern technic (won't be buying many of those), and my first modular (will be buying all of those). I'll post pics when I have them.
  6. Talk about the SNES games here, and arrange online mutiplayer sessions! Current game selection Super Brawl Brothers 2p co-op Super Breath Of Fire Super Demon's Crest Super F-Zero Super Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics 2p co-op Super Kirby's Dream Course 2p vs Super Kirby's Dream Land 3 2p co-op Super Pilotwings Super Star Fox Super Stunt Race FX 2p vs Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force Super Ghouls'n Ghosts Super Mario Kart 2p vs Super Mario World 2p Super Mario World™ 2: Yoshi's Island Super Metroid Super Puyo Puyo 2 2p vs Super Soccer 2p co-op + 2p vs Super Tennis 2p vs Super Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2p = 2 player mode available2p vs = 2 player simultaneous versus mode available2p co-op = 2 player simultaneous co-op mode available Edit: Myeah.. Alphabetical order is less effective with this one.. Co-op games Listed for convenience. Brawl Brothers Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics Kirby's Dream Land 3 Super Soccer Japanese exclusive games TBA Upcoming games TBA SP games none yet Hardware SNES controllers will be available soon. Will be sold individually for 30 euros or 27 pounds.
  7. I prefer the new one (I don't like the pop-up book and I do like the artbook), but I'll skip this one as well as I have no use for the busts. This is simply what I want from a CE: artbook, physical soundtrack, and a nice box around it. I don't need anything else. Small trinkets like a pin are fine though I can do without. If you do a figure (and thefore increase the price by a lot), it needs to be high quality, and most aren't I believe.
  8. It was a surprise, but not a good one. It looks cheap (at least put some effort in a real remake), and as a Nintendo fan I've been waiting for a new Tales game since Tales of Symphonia 2, but we've never gotten one. I'll skip this one.
  9. Nintendo Collectables!

    Yeah I've just seen them. I'm only interested in the babes, but this seems to be a duo.. Making this more of an all or nothing situation. But if I got them both, I'd also miss Ike in the collection, so I'm leaning towards getting neither. From the Radiant games I'd love a Titania, Lucia or Micaiah. From Three Houses I'd love.. well I'd love them all, but I'd love a Sothis, Shamir and Kronya even more.
  10. Kickstarter Projects Thread

    I have a preference for Penny Blood, but I like the look of both so far. Unfortunately I don't have the money for it now, but they already achieved their goal.. I find the double kickstarter thing a bit convoluted.. Though it looks like it did what it needed to do, get the hypetrain going.
  11. Games are just made from sellotape

    A memory advantage is the only logical explanation, but I can't imagine how they achieve this. Then again I'm no expert. As far as I'm aware the actual size of the polygons don't matter (the number stays the same), and you can use the same size textures for both. As far as I can see, the Zelda skybox isn't rendering the bottom side, which would make things easier, but on the other hand they need memory and processing for the movement of the skybox this way.
  12. Games are just made from sellotape

    That seems like a roundabout way of doing a skybox? I'm not seeing the advantage of doing it that way. Back in the day I've dabbled in map making for Quake 3 engine games, Elite Force to be precise, and I actually managed to make a test skybox. It's exactly that, a box with sky textures, only it encompasses the whole level.
  13. I have never heard of this sport.
  14. Lego!

    Just a head's up, Lego is increasing their prices for several sets starting September.This includes some modulars, and the NES set for example. Google the list if you're interested, some of those set may now have some deal going on before the price increase. I'm currently tempted to get the Technic BMW for example, and I wish I had the money to get those modulars before they become more expensive.
  15. bad stuff thread.

    I lost a toe nail yesterday. It also wasn't the one I expected to fall off.. So I'm expecting to lose another one at some point. It doesn't hurt. Technically it's still clinging on, and I leave it on for protection of the skin beneath, but it's lost for most intents and purposes, so RIP toe nail. Like I said it doesn't hurt, but it will complicate things. I probably can exercise, but I'll need to be more careful, and I'll need take care of my little toe to make sure the new nail will grow correctly. I've never lost a nail before so this will be a new experience. On the upside is that I do have something to show for it (spoiler), because I took part in The Nijmegen 4 days marches last month, and well, I made it, but this was the cost apparently. I still intend to make a more elaborate post for it in the exercise thread at some point. I haven't yet because.. I also took home another souvenir, a Corona virus, so I was sick the week after I returned home (for the first time in probably 30 years!), and didn't feel like doing anything back then. I only felt really miserable for 2 days, but took it easy afterwards. Luckily no long term effects. But at this point the Nijmegen experience isn't fresh in my mind any more, so I still haven't posted about it.
  16. Lego!

    A very fun stop-motion animation, 15 minutes: For those of you interested in film making and stop-motion animation, the making-of is highly recommended.
  17. Coding

    That sounds useful, but know how to read your errors. If you're just going to test a snippet of code, know how to distinguish between errors that show something's wrong with the code (like a simple syntax error), or errors that show up because the snippet of code is relying on data from outside that snippet. Get used to it, because it's very useful. Sometimes you want to trigger code on the condition that something not true for example. Edit: Now I feel like doing some programming myself. Maybe I should finally make a website.
  18. Coding

    I don't know exactly how you imagine this, but the program needs to interpret what you've written first, and the way you describe it, it would have to interpret and execute all of your code every single time you type a character. It's suffice to say that's highly impractical.
  19. Lego!

    This Cyberpunk city is insane. I've seen an earlier video of it, but it looks like it's heavily expanded since last time, with some extra towers and a monorail. It's very cool to just look at!
  20. Alone in the Dark (PS5, XBox Series, PC)

    Yeah it leaked just before the show. If the leak info is correct, this is written by the guy who wrote the story for Soma, which is one of my all-time favourite game stories. Alone in the Dark also always looked like my cup of tea, but it was before my PC gaming time. If I had the PC for it now I'd be all over this.
  21. Marvel Fatigue?

    For me it's simple. The TV shows are too much. For me personally, Disney+ has no redeeming qualities. It's not that I have 0 interest in them, but they are incredibly low priority, I'm not going out of my way to watch them, and I'm definitely never subscribing. Everything I've seen so far I have watched on my brother's account. I'll try to watch relevant shows before any films, but if I "miss" them I won't lose any sleep over it, I'll catch up on the details on wikis. Currently, the only show I'm intrigued enough to actually want to watch is Loki season 2. But I'll probably give Ms. Marvel a shot before I go watch the film. No, 3 films a year works perfectly for me. I'm definitely not feeling fatigue as I just don't bother myself with the TV shows too much, and I generally still enjoy the films. Some more than others. And exceptions aside.. Currently Eternals 2 is the one I can do without, but it will also be the only film I'm still giving a shot simply because of invenstment in the MCU. If Eternals 2 fails to be at least 10x better than it's predecessor (which I don't expect it to be), than Eternals 3 will be the first MCU film I'm conciously going to miss. As for other future films.. I'm looking forward to Fantastic Four after seeing John Krasinski in Dr. Strange 2, also after not having seen any of the other Fantastic Four films. But after the latest announcements, I'm very curious to see how they combine the Kang/multiverse and secret invasion storylines. I don't follow the comics but these are things I looked into out of curiosity. My main problem so far is that the TV shows.. generally just aren't very good, and only serve as vehicles to just add extra lore to the MCU (which Disney of course hopes you don't want to miss). This lore itself being intriguing usually. I was already thinking some time ago if Marvel wasn't juggling too many storylines. I'm no Marvel expert, but as far as I can tell the Kang/ multiverse storyline has nothing to do with the secret invasion storyline originally. I didn't care for the TV show Falcon & Winter Soldier, but I did like the character of the new/fake Captain America, and the Julia Louis-Dreyfus character's involvement. So while I'm wondering if they're juggling too much, I'm also intrigued to see how it plays out in the films, with the culmination in the new Avengers 2 parter in 2025. I've said this before, but I'm baffled (not really) how DC failed to copy/paste the model exactly. They want the Avengers succes, but failed to build up to it. They're also afraid to commit to the mess they currently have, I'm also pretty sure with some effort they could have salvaged a lot of it. At this point they should just do a complete reset and ignore everything up to this point. They're now introducing characters (Black Adam) that I don't give any shit about, and I'm not going to give a chance because their cinematic universe is non-existent. I didn't give a shit about many Marvel characters initially, but gave them a chance because of the MCU. I see a lot more than 3 films a year, I definitely have room for probably several cinematic universes. It's just that no one succesfully copied the model that's up for grabs.
  22. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    She was active until very recently.. She only retired in December last year. She was still playing the part of Uhura for the unofficial Star Trek series / films Renegades. https://uhura.space/
  23. bad stuff thread.

    The Nijmegen 4 days marches starts tuesday.. Or it was supposed to, they cancelled the first day because of the heat (estimated 39°C).
  24. Baby Cube

    Good luck Cube, sounds scary!
  25. Space and the Universe

    Here you get (a bit of) a sense of the scale: https://web.wwtassets.org/specials/2022/jwst-smacs/ And here's a comparison with a Hubble image: And the current XKCD comic: https://xkcd.com/2645