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  1. Vampire Survivors

    Yep, my previous post clearly worked.
  2. I wasn't too impressed with the trailer, but I'll watch the first few episodes regardless.
  3. Vampire Survivors

    Welp, still waiting on the latest update for the Switch version...
  4. Super Mario Bros. Wonder (20th October 2023)

    My girlfriend gave me this as a Christmas gift. While I'm certainly having fun playing it, it isn't mind-blowingly fun like the internet made it out to be.
  5. The Star Wars Thread

    Would be cool if they animated the Quilan Vos + Asajj Ventress arc. (spellings on the names?)
  6. N-E Book Club (or just a chat about books)

    Interesting, I almost bought that book [Thursday Murder Club] for my Mom for Xmas. Anyway, my goal for 2023 was to read 12 books. I'm either at 14 or 15. Mission accomplished.
  7. Blue Eye Samurai (Netflix) was great in case anyone has interest.
  8. I don't even think that Link & Zelda should be in the movie all that much. They should be semi-mythical figures that show up in the background (or at the last minute) to kick some ass. Instead, the story should be about some villagers trying to survive Ganon's onslaught.
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    Yep, liked the finale as well. Kind of a weak first 3 episodes but after that I really enjoyed it. [Ahsoka talk]
  10. The Star Wars Thread

    I think I'd put this episode on par with episode 4.
  11. Vampire Survivors

    I need/want to get back into this game. Hopefully I don't work about 16 hours today (like yesterday...) so that I can get some games in before Ahsoka comes on. The Devs had a Reddit AMA recently. I asked them if the rumor I read was true -- and yes it was. We'll be getting an animated series based on the game.
  12. The Star Wars Thread

    New episode tonight! No clue what to expect but I do hope we see Baylon and Shin (spellings?) again.
  13. The Star Wars Thread

    Just finished watching Episode 5 of Ahsoka. Better than 4. First 30 minutes were something like 9.5/10 for me. The next 20 or so were a 7/10. And then the end/anticipation for what's next were 10/10.
  14. The Star Wars Thread

    No screenings in my area. Boooo!
  15. The Star Wars Thread

    I thought episodes 1 and 2 of Ahsoka were just okay. And then I thought episode 3 was an improvement. I just got done watching episode 4 and think it's the best of the series so far.