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United Kingdom
June 5 04:00 - July 3 04:00, 2024 (GMT)

Following on from The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme (JFTFP) in Feb and March, we are delighted to announce JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE, first launched in 2020, will now also be held in the UK from 5 June at 4am until 3 July at 4am (all times BST).

For the first two weeks of the festival, 18 Japanese films will be available for streaming, with 2 television drama series that were popular in Japan being made available for the festival's second half.

Enjoy the diverse world of Japanese cinema in person and also online this year!


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On 12/06/2024 at 2:57 PM, CrowingJoe79 said:

Has anyone seen The Watchers yet and care to comment?

I've not heard good things about it. I basically heard it's pretty much like the first one but drags on. I may still watch it though because I don't mind a slow-burner as long as something's going on. 

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