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    • It's a shame but the writing has been on the wall for a while, basically since the start of the pandemic, keeping on top of the costs of running the studio in the face of dwindling financial support was only feasible if they eventually saw an upturn in supporters. Unfortunately their Patron drives and the announcement of a shake up in how they operate only brought the numbers up temporarily and they were still nowhere near the $50k a month they were drawing in when they moved to the studio.  The departures obviously haven't helped matters, losing Kyle was a big blow that they didn't really recover from, and then the double whammy of losing Brandon and Ben really damaged morale and scuppered any momentum they might have had. But even if all 9 allies were still there, they would still be facing an uphill battle to cover their outgoings. The cost of living crisis that is affecting people all over the world will surely have hit their Patreon numbers but the Allies would have been directly impacted by the crisis too, energy costs for running the studio will surely be pretty steep, so they're being squeezed on all sides.  I cancelled my pledge at the end of July, I've been supporting them ever since 2017 but have definitely been drifting away from them for a while, so I didn't feel like I was watching enough of their output to justify the monthly cost. I hope they continue on in some form, it would be a shame if they all had to split apart, but I think it was a mistake to try and emulate everything about Game Trailers, they definitely needed to leave the garage but I think investing so much in the studio was unnecessary. Having multiple cameras has been detrimental to the quality of their podcasts for a start, I never understood why they needed to have someone operating the switcher, it was a silly hangover from the GT days, most of their shows would be fine with a single camera (it's only really Mysterious Monsters that took advantage of it). They just needed somewhere with a bit more room than the garage, there was no need to go all out on building a 'professional' studio, besides being a huge money sink it created a different expectation in viewers minds, making them seem more like a corporate concern than a bunch of friends doing what they loved. 
    • Started listening to the early Patreon release of this week's Easy Allies Podcast this morning, and it starts out with Blood mentioning that their income is getting a little on the lean side; it's been plugged a lot more in recent months (especially after last month's credit card issue on Patreon), but this is the first time I can recall it being said straight up top. I'm trying to look on the positive side, but while we've talked about it on here before, the impression that I'm getting is that the days left of the Allies - in its current form, at least - are growing severely limited 
    • I watched it on blu-ray this time, I've started to slowly immortalise some of my favourite series by putting them on my shelves  From what I can see it looks like it's still up on Funimation, but isn't on Crunchyroll yet? Which is odd considering the acquisition and so many dubs coming over to Crunchyroll since then, but I'm still waiting for shows like Yu Yu Hakusho to migrate over too  Actually, this is a good chance to share something I've found really cool and helpful over the years: I recommend because.moe/uk, which is an anime search engine specifically designed for finding where certain shows you're looking for are available (I've linked the UK site specifically, but they also have versions for the US, Canada, and Australia). It's best to click on the streaming service logos it shows just to double check they're still there (as oftentimes they'll keep the show's page despite the show leaving the service, such as for FMA:B having a Crunchyroll logo next to it, which messes the results up a little bit at times), but it's otherwise one of the more useful anime-watching tools I'd recommend 
    • I've been intending to watch this after watching the original last year.

      Where did you watch it? Is it on one of the streaming services?
    • Started Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for a fourth time a couple of weeks ago as something to accompany me while I started using my exercise bike again, and well...I finished it last week in the space of a week and a half or so. Yeah, it didn't remain an exercise bike exclusive watch for me for very long.  I said this in 2020 before rewatching Hunter x Hunter... ...and then this after finishing my rewatch... So, uhhhhhhhh... ...I'm here to take that back. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is at least on par with HxH, and in some ways is much better - most importantly, it doesn't drag its heels at all, neatly getting in and out in the space of 64 episodes, during which it delivers a masterpiece of a storyline, with a massive frequently recurring cast which puts many other stories to shame, a great hard magic system in alchemy, an excellent score, and excellent character arcs. Most importantly: pretty much every character who isn't just sitting in the background has a clear want, and they do their damn best to go after it.  There's a reason it is one of the most highly rated anime series out there, topping many lists online and being featured in many debates about the best anime of all time. I think the show most comparable to it, funnily enough, is probably Avatar: The Last Airbender: they're of similar lengths, and have many, many similar strengths throughout their run. FMA:B is also, I'd argue, the best starting point for people getting into anime today with very little exposure to the medium otherwise - it perfectly waves together a story in a distinctly Western setting with an important understanding and representation of conflict and differences in culture, and the occasional weirdness of anime, from its comedic moments to some horrifically darker ones.  Unironically: 11/10. There are 10's and then there are masterpieces like this. It's FMA:B, HxH, Steins;Gate, and Princess Mononoke at the pinnacle of anime for me.  Now I'm left thinking about going back to the 2003 series and picking up the manga...or rewatching  Steins;Gate  
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