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  1. Everyday Sexism

    Well, I'm glad that rather than anyone talking about the horrible experiences recounted on the site we could instead spend several pages complaining that its name isn't PC enough. Also, I'll just leave this here.
  2. Everyday Sexism

    It would be very easy to post a glib response to this. So I will. I think it's fucking disgusting that N-Europe only covers games for Nintendo platforms. It's clearly implying that games on other systems aren't worth discussing. Every website should be about all platforms. And subjects. Equality!
  3. Resident Evil 6

    If you fancy playing events in strict chronological order apparently this is the route you want to take:
  4. Mass Effect 3

    It could be a reaction to the additions Leviathan makes to the canon, actually. It's a decent bit of DLC in terms of content, but it 'clears up' things that really should have remained a mystery for the series' own good.
  5. Mass Effect 3

    More specifically, you can play the first game and be all, "What's this crap? The shooting's terrible, the cover system is unintuitive and driving between the same two flat-packed structures in the Mako is boring me to tears! How did anyone ever like this game?" I think it's fair to say I've played the original more than most — I have every Achievement for it, which requires multiple playthroughs — but I really can't see the reception to it being that warm 5 years on. Not to say people shouldn't give it a shot, but it's a game that would benefit more from a remake than a re-release.
  6. Mass Effect 3

    To be clear, the PC and 360 versions are the ones coming out in November and they're a simple repackage of games that already exist. The PS3 version is the only one that requires actual development by virtue of ME1 being ported for the first time, and we don't even know when that's releasing; "a later date" is the official word. I'm not contesting that forgoing the Trilogy on Wii U is an odd decision, but for all we know this trilogy pack was only greenlit last month whilst the development budget for ME3 on Wii U would have been worked out before its announcement. By all means call EA out for a lack of foresight and don't buy their game if you don't think it's worth the money, but please stop with all the conspiracy nonsense; it's not really any different to the complaints about the Bayonetta 2 announcement that you were deriding not long ago.
  7. Mass Effect 3

    So is EA's half-hearted Vita support also a sign of cloak-and-dagger machinations?
  8. Mass Effect 3

    Conspiracy theories might be fun, but in reality its in EA's best interest for the Wii U to be a healthy platform. It's pretty silly to suggest they're out to sabotage it, much more so that they want their own products to fail. There are currently over 120 million PS3 and 360 consoles in people's homes and zero Wii Us. Publishers are risk-averse at the best of times, so it's not surprising that they're reluctant to bankroll projects for unproven hardware. Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy to an extent? Sure, the Vita's a great example of that. But it's cowardice, not conspiracy.
  9. Mass Effect 3

    As it doesn't appear to be specified, I assume the collection doesn't come with any of the paid DLC for the games, never mind all of it. I'm interested to see what the PS3 port of ME1 is like. The 360 version is pretty horrendous from a performance perspective so hopefully they've put some effort into updating things, but I suspect EA have spent as little money as possible on it.
  10. They funded it in order to pimp Internet Explorer, which is handled by a different division to the Xbox. You see a greater conflict of interest every day, as videogame websites survive on the advertising money of publishers.
  11. Assassin's Creed III

    canand, if you go through UbiShop and use the code "10THANKYOU" you can currently pre-order the Wii U Join or Die Edition for just under £32. No idea what their service is like, but you can't sniff at the (mis)price.
  12. Resident Evil 6

    Each press of RB heals you for one segment of health — tap it a number of times in quick succession to restore several at once. To refill the tablets in your container you move herbs over from your inventory, either manually or pressing RB+X for a quick refill. I'm not sure if there's any benefit to not moving herbs to your dispenser as soon as possible; perhaps you can craft them into first-aid sprays instead? The demo's full of niggles, such as the tripping over bodies, not being able to shoot corpses that are clearly going to lunge at you, and a rather disorientating camera. Hopefully the final game irons out some of these elements, as there are some fairly interesting combat dynamics going on if you experiment. At the moment I'm not convinced the game will live up to RE5, much less 4, but I'll give it a rent.
  13. Assassin's Creed III

    I think there's plenty of reasons to be optimistic. This game has been in development since the start of 2010, bringing with it changes to pretty much every system, whilst Brotherhood and Revelations were very deliberate itterations on ACII in the name of a quick turn around. As for finishing Revelations story, it's a fairly superfluous entry in terms of the overall narrative so I wouldn't feel too bad about skipping it; it provides some closure for Altair and Ezio but, ironically, there are no revelations on par with the endings of ACII or Brotherhood.
  14. Killzone Trilogy?

    I can't speak for the first, but the second and third are very technically accomplished first-person shooters with a lot of heft, convincing atmosphere and an almost complete lack of charm. They're decent games, great in some respects, but they simply don't have the personality to go down as classics. Still, they are worth playing.
  15. Halo 4

    Naturally I haven't seen if first-hand, but the videos certainly make it seem like the best looking game on 360. Whilst I appreciate all the work they're putting into the cinematics, my primary concern is whether they're going to intrude upon play. I don't mind watching cutscenes but I'm getting pretty sick of pseudo-interactivity in first-person games, i.e. hitting a trigger volume and having your character fall over with lots of arm waving, or having to mash buttons to escape the confines of a locked animation. Either give me control or don't! To be clear I don't know for a fact that Halo 4 has fallen into the above trap, but certain moments in the released footage imply it might.