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  1. MadDog has passed away

    Although I rarely visit here anymore this has totally shocked and saddened me. Rest in peace.
  2. Beer

    Nice Paul! I personally love a Carling
  3. Song help.

    Shit, now I feel embarrassed.
  4. Song help.

    Does anyone know what song played on Match of the Day on Saturday? It's the first song that plays on the "coming up" section after the Match of the Day theme. It's been bugging me all weekend and I thought it might have said on iPlayer when it came on but it doesn't. Here it is iPlayer to listen. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04v29yt/match-of-the-day-20142015-06122014
  5. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Just got GTA at the moment
  6. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Just picked up a One today, add me on XBL. Echo VX Also quick question, when you press the sync button on the console is it meant to make a little "donk" noise?
  7. Want Face

    Ha, I just bought that car off my dad about a month ago.
  8. In shock that people didn't rate that keynote, I thought it was excellent myself.
  9. Is anyone on O2 here?

    And this is why my love for you is still strong Adam, cheers!
  10. Is anyone on O2 here?

    Hello old friends, I'm looking at getting a next gen console later today and I was wondering if some kind person would help me out. If you're on O2 and have the O2 priority app on iOS or Android I was wondering if I could use one of your two £20 off codes for either PC world or Currys. I sent mine to a friend the other week and totally regret it now. If this will be ok send me a PM and I'll be forever in your debt. Peace and love.
  11. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    8 till late evey night through the summer.
  12. Flower (PS4)

    Enjoy nature.
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Apple do that too, but you don't have to pay anything the process is just longer.
  14. PS4 ID exchange

    I was howling at yours and Rez's on that chat yesterday.
  15. PS4 ID exchange

    I'm waiting for a few people to accept, or maybe I'm just not liked. I'll give it 24 hours then reassess the situation.