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  1. Helldivers II (8th February 2024)

    Have just bought this but first impressions are very good.
  2. Last of Us Part II

    No return is great fun a very impressive addition to the game. Gutted that online has been binned but this almost makes up for it.
  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Quick question - does anybody else on here have this? I've been having a thoroughly good time with it and this week there is a huge update coming with multiple bug fixes and game improvements plus the inclusion of a new map and two new DLC characters.
  4. Last of Us Part II

    I'll pay the tenner for the upgrade but what I'm still anxiously waiting for is the factions multiplayer (will it ever come out?).
  5. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Fuck Fuck Fuck FUCK! When is this coming out??? This all sounds very downbeat - WTF?
  6. bad stuff thread.

    Hi guys, Quick update, I had the op and I'm ok. I'm not too sore and according to the anesthetist it went well (I never had the chance to speak to the surgeon yet). This tumour will be sent off for analysis and I'll find out if it's cancerous or benign in two weeks. I might get into a regular ward later today and all being well I might get home for the weekend.
  7. bad stuff thread.

    Well I have cancer, which fucking sucks. So far I have had a tumour in my bladder removed, I also had a tumour in my left kidney which was 11cm long resulting in my left kidney being removed leaving a nice 30cm scar. I'm currently in hospital as I have another op tomorrow morning. This tumour (3rd and final one in scan) is in front of my heart meaning to get to it they'll have to go through my sternum. As you can imagine I'm shitting it but just want the fucker out. Apart from that I'm tickety boo! Not to worry though we'll all be a smoking pile of ash if Putin keeps going.
  8. Gran Turismo 7 (4th March 2022)

    It's great I had GT Sport but didn't play it much but I just seem to get it this time. It's not the normal type of racer I play and this realism takes some adjustment, you can no longer crash into other cars to take a corner lol 😂 I'm getting a feel for it now and the licence tests definitely help. I think this game will be a long haul investment to get the most out of it but is fortunately rewarding as you learn. Just out of interest how are you playing it? I personally prefer the in car view, it just adds the extra realism factor
  9. Gran Turismo 7 (4th March 2022)

    You earn money throughout the game by playing it. I really don't see this as an issue (unless you want a car immediately!) If so, get a grip!.
  10. Elden Ring (25th February 2022)

    Loving it, I'm now at level 33 and still getting my arse kicked regularly. There so much to do and see though, it's all quite overwhelming really but in a good way.
  11. Elden Ring (25th February 2022)

    Wow, I thought it was going to be good but this is incredible. Roll on Friday.
  12. Gran Turismo 7 (4th March 2022)

    GTPlanet and other members of the media woke up to review copies of Gran Turismo 7 in our Inboxes this morning. We can confirm the international review embargo lifts on March 2 at 11:01 AM GMT (convert this to your local time here). Our written and video reviews of the game will both be published at that time.
  13. Elden Ring (25th February 2022)

    Have the digital edition pre-ordered. I was going to hold off as GT7 is out the following week and I have that pre-ordered already. It looks fabulous though and comes out on my birthday so fuck it, I'm getting it!
  14. Gran Turismo 7 (4th March 2022)

    Well, I was aleady stoked for this but following the State of Play..........Wow!!! Music Rally looks a lot of fun and with 300 tunes thats one hell of a soundtrack!
  15. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Dirt 5 is a fun arcadey racer which I platinumed - if it's free it's well worth a go.