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  1. Game Maker's Toolkit

    I'm glad she raised the fact that indie game UIs are generally more flamboyant/eccentric. While I generally prefer minimalist or customisable designs, there's definitely still space for other approaches. I remember enjoying Papers Please for its more creative aesthetic, and the fact that certain areas of the screen appeared to be bigger than they needed to be - as if the developer was making a virtue of sacrificing functionality in favour of style. Retro UI designs probably also play into a nostalgia for outdated operating systems or software. Papers Please took me back to using Windows 98, or playing Monkey Island, when elements of the UI weren't responsive to your mouse pointer. Today everything on your desktop animates or changes colour depending on your mouse position, which is obviously helpful, but it's nice to revert back to a time when things weren't so slick. One of the pleasures of Monkey Island was the fact that you never knew if you were about to click on the right area of the screen until the game world reacted to your click. Contrast to today's games, where the interactivity of certain objects in the world is revealed (or 'spoiled') to you before you make the effort to interact with them, be it through button prompts, the colour of the objects themselves (e.g. if they have a shiny quality to them) or other signals. Also, was reminded of this after sharing the last video. Great channel:
  2. Game Maker's Toolkit

    Posting this here because it's the kind of video Mark Brown would make, and the presenter is hilarious. As mentioned in top YT comment, it's great that she sticks to her own opinion despite the fact that the developers she interviews offer the opposite view.
  3. Is this site generic in its execution?


    1. dwarf


      Hey man, apologies for being a bit harsh on you in the Last of Us thread. I appreciate it can be difficult to communicate and understand people's intentions if you have learning difficulties like Asperger's - had I known I wouldn't have posted those things in that way. 

      I encourage you not to get so frustrated by the lack of forum activity. This forum, like many others, has seen a substantial drop off over the past five years, and that's because there are so many different websites for people to discuss games on now. Reddit and the bigger forums you've mentioned are toxic, as can be seen by the replies you received on that Reddit post. Due to the size of those websites, and their lack of sensible moderators, it can be difficult to maintain an online conversation with other users. That then leads people to write nasty or controversial posts just to get attention.

      N-Europe is old, and so are most of its members, so I appreciate it can be difficult for new people to join in and understand the dynamics. All I can suggest is that you be yourself, and be a bit more patient. Don't take things too personally if people don't reply to you - it happens to everyone. And try to use language you're comfortable with. On this post for example you asked if this site is 'generic in its execution', which seems more complicated than it needs to be. Simplify things a bit, be honest, and hopefully you'll have a better experience.

    2. CrowingJoe79


      That's cool, man. I appreciate the apology. Personal life issues have just been getting to me, so I've not been feeling 100% in a while. :) 

  4. Last of Us Part II

  5. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

    People got suckered into thinking this would be great because the 3D, windswept foliage looks cool.
  6. Last of Us Part II

    Don't take it personally - that's just how I react to bad takes and dishonesty.
  7. Last of Us Part II

    Neil Druckmann posted this on Twitter in September last year: I'm guessing they would've had to delay the game well into PS5 territory if they wanted to include the multiplayer mode, which was probably financially untenable. When asked about the game in recent interviews Druckmann mimed his mouth being zipped, so it's presumably still in the works. As for Part 2 having coop from the start - did a guy in an internet video tell you that or did you make it up? I'd probably play a NaughtyDog game that was built with co-op in mind, but then again I'd play practically anything they came up with. Bolting it onto TLoU would've been a waste of development time. As soon as you introduce another player into a narrative driven game like this, you detract from the connections you make with your companions, which should feel intimate. Having your friend run around as Dina, guns blazing, sprinting ahead to pick up all the loot before you do, would completely ruin the experience. Your companions in this game tend to you, ask you how you're feeling, set the tone and pace, set your expectations about what's coming next (e.g. a period of reflection or a tense fight), and spontaneously react to and interact with objects in the world. All of that collapses when your mate Steve takes control. Resident Evil was built with co-op in mind, and it's a fun action series for what it's worth, but you don't come away feeling like you've bonded with your companion. Now that's as much to do with the dreadful writing as anything else, sure, but it's also to do with the lack of meaningful interactions you have with them during gameplay aside from shooting zombos in the face.
  8. Last of Us Part II

    Lol why are you passing this off as a prediction? NaughtyDog said they'd release a multiplayer game based on the Factions mode from the original. Seems highly unlikely that you'd pluck the word 'factions' from thin air. Very odd.
  9. Last of Us Part II

  10. Last of Us Part II

    Thanks @dan-likes-trees for thoughtful posts as usual. Feeling similarly overwhelmed @Shorty in terms of the amount of things I could discuss having just completed it, although I'm probably less bothered than you are about questions of player agency (and in the instances you mention I think the inner conflict of pressing square is actually the point). Overall I thought this was an absolute riot. Loved it. Somewhat surprised to hear about the fan backlash, but then again not so surprised either. Trying to defend a game against entitled, butt-hurt fanboys is a pointless and thankless task, so I'll steer clear of that. Getting on the sesh now so I'll post thoughts in full at some point this weekend.
  11. Cyberpunk 2077 (19th November 2020)

    I agree. They set a benchmark with Fallout 3, but since then the world has moved on without them. Not that it gives me any pleasure to say so. Cyberpunk is due to release about two years after Fallout 76, but the gulf between the two is staggering in terms of what can be expected of an open world game. Fallout 76 might be perceived as something of a disastrous misstep, a 'dud', but for me it's emblematic of a long term downward trajectory in Bethesda's ability to come up with fresh ideas, or deliver a finished, serviceable product which works on its own terms. Now we'll have to wait and see if Cyberpunk performs as well as it appears to, but if it does, I don't see how Bethesda can show their faces afterwards. There's just so much ground to make up. What game could they possibly show to restore the prestige they've built up over all these years? I suspect they've got nada.
  12. Cyberpunk 2077 (19th November 2020)

    Bethesda are probably looking at this and shitting themselves.
  13. I think they tried that in some respects with Crash Twinsanity but apparently it didn't work. Trailer is more promising than what was originally leaked but I dunno man... platforming physics seem a bit off and it's a shame it doesn't have the weight of a big developer behind it to give it that polish. Will reserve judgement though
  14. Last of Us Part II

    The fucker's arrived. Ordered from ShopTo and got in an hour ago @Ganepark32, so still some hope?