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Found 3 results

  1. GAMEZINE - SEGA has let a pretty fat cat out of the bag by releasing confidential notes from a meeting with Sony Computer Entertainment America. Sony wants to release all PS2 games on the PlayStation 3, according to a meeting between SEGA America and SCEA. The meeting was held on August 5th, with comments regarding SEGA's PS3 and PSP releases, as well as Sony's plans for the console in the near future. There's mention of a big announcement at the back half of this year, which we now know is the PS3 Slim and price cut. However, there's finally confirmation that Sony is interested in emulating all PlayStation 2 games. The notes reveal that "SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN." Whether this will come as a case by case basis, like the God of War remastering, or that Sony is creating a universal emulator for all PS3 models is unknown. We'd personally expect the former, since Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a specific title mentioned. Since this meeting was held in August of this year, the PS3 Slim and its hardware would have been in the company's mind - so there must be plans to overcome the difficulties of the missing PS2 GPU. There's also mention of how these games would be marketed, with PS3 controllers shown in PS2 TV ads. The link to this confidential information, which was on SEGA's personal FTP, is now broken.
  2. Metal Gear: Peace Walker

    The next true installment of the Metal Gear series arrives on the PSP. Set a few years after the events of MGS3 you are once again in control of Big Boss as the game bridges the events between Metal Gear Solid 3 and the original Metal Gear.
  3. Welcome to the Playstation discussion thread. Please use this thread for discussion relating to Sony's Playstation 3 (PS3) console, Playstation 2 (PS2) console and Playstation Portable (PSP) Handheld. For big releases please start individual game threads. EDIT: The old PS2, PS3 and PSP topics are still around, merged in to one "archive" topic. Just do a forum search if you need to look at it.