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The Official N-E Quiz. Forum prizes to be won! (round 11 complete)

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That's right, it's the return of the N-E Quiz! This has been popular ever since its first appearance back on C-E. The concept is simple, try to answer one of ten questions, win a point. However things are a little different this time. To try and keep things going past one or two rounds, it's going to be organised staff side. So to make things clear, don't bother PM'ing me to ask if you can do the questions next! The staff here will take it in turns to ask the questions.


The benefit of this? Prizes! We'll be offering some supercool forum-esque prizes. If you don't care about custom titles or maybe even something cooler than that, then maybe this won't be for you, but compete anyway, for bragging rights and fun!


Now the boring bit. You have to read this though. If you break any rule here, you'll be disqualified from the round and banned from the thread until the next round!

1. Most importantly: One correct answer per person, per round! The only way you can have another guess at something else is if we tell you that your guess was wrong, which includes if someone else guessed before you, or if Rule 3 comes into play.


2. Post your answer in this thread. Only answer one question until told you are wrong. Post it so that it is clear which number question you are answering. No PMs necessary. Use whatever means you want to get your answer. Google. Wikipedia. IMDB. Carrier Pigeon. It's up to you.


3. If there are questions that have not been answered after 24 hours then the remaining questions are freed up for those who already have a correct answer. This means that it is your only opportunity to get more than one point per round.


4. Scoreboard will be kept in this post. Prizes will probably be given to the top 3 or 5 depending on how successful it is.


5. In the first round by Shorty, the answer to question 9 is Purple Happy.


6.We don't yet know how many staff will be taking place, hopefully all of them! If we get a final number of rounds, I'll let you all know.


7. If the quizmaster makes a mistake (hey, crazier things have happened) send them a Private Message about it.

So here it goes. The other rounds might be a bit more fun or clever, but I rushed mine a bit :) Have fun!


Round One (Below) by Shorty completed

Round Two (Click here!) by Ashley completed

Round Three (Click here!) by Blackfox completed

Round Four (Click here!) by Moria completed

Round Five (Click here!) by Cube completed

Round Six (Click here!) by Moria completed

Round Seven (Click here!) by Shorty completed

Round Eight (Click here!) by Moria completed

Round Nine (Click here!) by Blackfox completed

Round Ten (Click here!) by Supergrunch completed

Round Eleven (Click here!) by Shorty completed




Round One

Round One is Over!

Questions by: Shorty



1. Which brilliant comic book artist created this image?

Damn right it's Alex Ross, Hellfire.


2. Six games have scored perfectly in Japanese video game magazine Famitsu. Name three of them.

Well done to Haggis, in super quick with the first point of the quiz!


3. What classic movie does this line come from?

"I would have been a great man, if it weren't for all that money..."

Despite a blunder from both quizmaster and contestant, EchoDesiato was determined to get a point in this round with Citizen Kane!


4. How many characters are there in this post?

That's all letters, punctuation... anything you can type with a keyboard. Include: My name and user title and everything else in that grey box except my Wii code, also the post title and my sig. Do not include: "Last edited" text, smileys, the date and time, spaces, anything written on an image, alt-image text or html/bbcode markup. Also, minus ten from the total before posting it.

Answer to my favourite question was 2999! The point goes to Gizmo.


5. What was the subtitle of the first Legend of Zelda title when it was released in Japan?

McMad gets this one: The Hyrule Fantasy


6. What comes next in this sequence?

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55

Smartypants conzer16 either recognised the Fibonacci sequence above, or has quickfire googlefingers! 89 it was.


7. One for the anime fans. Which popular shounen character is this?

Coolness Bears if I could rep you I would, thanks for getting this one! It certainly is Sanji from One Piece.


8. What is the oldest thread in General Chit-Chat, and who posted it?

The ancient first thread found by ShadowV7. Did he sort the board by "Thread start date", or just go trudging through them all? Who knows....


9. What is the answer to question 9?

Ah Fresh, thanks for reading the rules!


10. After his tragic accident, a certain heroic actor appeared in several low budget movies before his death in 2004. Three of these movies point to a certain moderator from these boards. Which moderator am I talking about?

Nice one, Sparko! Christopher Reeve was in three TV movies with "Black Fox" in the title.



The 24 hours end at 19:00 Saturday 18 August, so from then you can have another guess if you already have one right.



Good luck!






up to date for round 11


Haggis - 12

EchoDesiato - 10

Coolness Bears - 9

Owario - 8

ShadowV7 - 8

Cube - 8

Conzer16 - 7

Hellfire - 7

Stefkov - 7

jayseven - 7

Haden - 5


McMad - 4

My Buttons are Magic! - 4

Shino - 4

Sparko - 4

welsh_gamer - 4

Dante - 4

Eddage - 4

Dan Dare - 3

Fresh - 3

Gizmo - 3

gmac - 3

killthenet - 3

weeyellowbloke - 3

Sheikah - 3

Monopolyman - 3

Bluejay - 2

Caris - 2

Daft - 2

mcj metroid - 2

Mr_Odwin - 2

Strider - 2

Tales - 2

Skunky - 2

MoogleViper - 2

The Villan - 2

gaggle64 - 2

Ellmeister - 2

Goron_3 - 1

LazyBoy - 1

mariosmentor - 1

mr-paul - 1

Noodleman - 1

Rapture1984 - 1

Tetzcatlipoca - 1

the_fish - 1

Zell - 1

d666 - 1

Jav_NE - 1

Nami - 1

Mundi - 1

ganepark32 - 1

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Question 2 Answer


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


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Wow fast work guys, maybe my questions were too easy! I cannot edit the scoreboard in due to the nature of one of the questions (will do it when the question is answered successfully).


Suffice to say everyone who posted above me and had the question crossed out was right.

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8. A locked thread, titled "The Official Flash Movies & Funny Stuff Thread ", posted by Ashley.

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Ooh I'm afraid, according to my little answer card in front of me, that







are all wrong! But now that I've told you that, you're free to try again :)

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Sparko got that one :) Remember if you're confirmed "wrong" you're effectively unfrozen to try again or try another.

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are all wrong! But now that I've told you that, you're free to try again :)


I realised it was wrong when I posted. Stupid spoiler box hiding some of my C&P.


4. 3022

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Question 4: 319...give or take a couple thousand...


Ok, 2978?

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Aw man. Was so close too :(


When's round two? :D


It was extrememly close.If I actually double checked that I was right (check a couple of threads) you would of won that point,but I thought better post incase.

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