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  1. Forum User Photos

    That would be the boyfriend. I've told him to dress up as Prince for Halloween but he won't accept the suggestion. I'm devastated, obviously.
  2. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Thank you guys! Really appreciate the help.
  3. Oh of course, I didn't mean to suggest that it should be easy for everyone. We spent 3 months apart over summer, seeing each other once. And it sucked, but again, between skype, phone calls and messaging, it's deal-able. I just think it depends on the relationship, rather than the situation. It's such a test though.
  4. I've spend the past 15 minutes reading through a few pages of this thread, and my god love is such hard work. I've been in a relationship for 8 months now, a lot of that long distance. He's from Brussels, but goes to Uni in Sheffield, where we met. I've now moved down to London from Sheff, and now he's back again for Uni we're visiting each other every weekend. It's so frustrating being 3 hours away, but it's far easier than I ever thought it would be after hearing other peoples experiences of long distance relationships. I honestly don't know why people find it so difficult. It sucks, but if it's worth it, you get used to it.
  5. General Movie Thread

    You're Next Brilliant. Ignore the awful first 10 minutes and you're in for a brilliant horror/black comedy.
  6. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Can anyone recommend a good routine at the gym to work out the upper body, most importantly the shoulders and back? I'm happy with my chest, but I'm finding it impossible to get my shoulders to do anything, my lower abs too.
  7. Forum User Photos

    Me with the boyfriend and a couple of friends at "Hard Cock Life". Don't even ask.

    Aw, did not expect a thread considering I've only recently been back a little. But thank you guys!
  9. Do you judge?

    This woman actually made me feel a little sick. I'd explain, but you really need to watch the video.
  10. Forum User Photos

    Ooo no, definitely Hoxton. On Kingsland Road to be exact.
  11. Super Mario 3D World (Nov 29th)

    I did make sure I put "I think" before making said statement. I just find sometimes when people don't get exactly what they want, they immediately feel the need to be overly dramatic, when actually, in reality, the situation could be far worse.
  12. General Movie Thread

    I saw the Bling Ring whilst in Brussels, and I thought it was brilliant. It started off a little slow and amateurish in style, but it found it's feet. Emma Watson was fantastic, and the soundtrack equally so.
  13. Super Mario 3D World (Nov 29th)

    I think anyone complaining this doesn't look fantastic is being a moron. Fine, it may not be what you expected. But it's clearly going to play brilliantly, moaning for the sake of moaning seems so petty.
  14. Forum User Photos

    I moved into my new place in London. Finally unpacked. I swear, there is nothing less draining than unpacking. It's like...I've already packed. WHY. Maybe some of you live near Hoxton? I'm so new/alone/terrified. And then a recent one of the boyfriend and I.
  15. The Music Thread

    I'm absolutely obsessed with this lately. Plus, she is stunning.
  16. General Movie Thread

    Watched Oz, thought it was incredibly well done. A little too campy in places, but other than that it was a great surprise. A family film done correctly. I was crying laughing every time Mila Kunis' character screamed though, it was hilarious. NEVAAAAAAAAR.
  17. good stuff thread.

    Had an awful year guy wise so far after being cheated on and whatnot, and with only three months left in Sheffield I basically decided to throw caution to the wind for once and ended up going back with a guy when I was out on Friday. We then had a two hour coffee date on Saturday and then when I was out last night I ended up getting a taxi back to his and so I spent the day today with him and his friends. I'm awful at social situations so was going to decline, but I plucked up the courage in the end. Such a strange situation considering I just met the guy. Still, I feel great either way.
  18. The Music Thread

    I disagree, she has some brilliant pop songs to her name. But irregardless, there have been numerous stories concerning him and his label (RCA) and their disregard for the opinion/vision of the artist (famously with Christina Aguilera when she disagreed with him over Back to Basic's) over the past decade or so that's it's hard to believe he's not the complete dick she makes him out to be. His label have messed around and delayed countless albums from artists who have disagreed with them, to the point where they become no longer relevant. (JoJo being a very recent example). He also states in his book that at the time Kelly should have been less concerned with her vision and more grateful over the "world renowned" producing team he bought in for her. A blatant lie considering the "world renowned" team working on Since U Been Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes had never had a hit to his name beforehand. So clearly he's just a misogynistic prick. I dislike the view that if you're a woman and a pop singer, you're effectively seen as some drone. Obviously some are, clearly. It's just nice to know there's certain individuals with undeniable talent proving otherwise.
  19. What Have You Bought?

    Aha, it does look a little longer than it was when I was there. But it's still a very decent size, especially for a studio.
  20. The Music Thread

    Clive Davis is releasing an autobiography and in it has made some pretty awful statements about Kelly Clarkson during the Breakaway era and the less successful My December era. Within hours she's released a statement effectively belittling him and this is why I love her so much. Enormous talent and a backbone.
  21. Forum User Photos

    Had a night out a few nights back and Russel Kane happened to be in the crowd so obviously we got a picture. and then my favourite picture of the night. True love.
  22. Brighton to open gender-neutral toilets

    I'm so confused. The logic is purely that women don't care if gay guys come into the loo and in many occasions invite them in (including in regular clubs as I can attest to many a time) and vice versa. Even so, I see nothing wrong with gender neutral toilets. We all do the same thing in them, so as long as it's purely cubicle based I see no issue whatsoever.
  23. Brighton to open gender-neutral toilets

    There's one of these at Sheffield University and I've used it myself, and on the majority of gay nights I go to the toilets are gender neutral so to me this is perfectly normal.
  24. What Have You Bought?

    Just put the deposit down for a studio basically the same as this bar a colour change from June 29th in London (Hoxton). I have no money ever now.