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  1. where are you mr.bears? it has been a while and i wondered where you might be...

  2. tumblr_mn9ceoc1Zp1s9g1qmo1_500.gif


    Mmm...delicious Birthday thank you treats!!! :3

  3. General Movie Thread

    IT LOOKS LIKE THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  4. Awesome stuff thread

    Click the link for a juicy new Mickey Mouse short the first in a project of 2D shorts starring the mousey mascot of Disney. http://cdn.videos.dolimg.com/xd_shortform/mic/xd99999/092bcc-hxd99999_pmic-test-h264m_aac_1280x720_1404x96.mp4 I hope that works as it currently does for me.
  5. good stuff thread.

    In the spirit of good weather I've ventured to the edge of inside! So that I may peruse the sun but not have to feel it baring down on my soul. :p (or w/e) I've got my book poised by my side. (Ape House which I got for 30p) ~Before that I'm creating my Annual summer playlist to ignite and infuse my very being with the compulsion to dance the carefree summer away~ In Other News: I now wear a black (make up?) band as part of my new stYle. (or my hair is too long and incessantly in my face) tbf, I look ridiculous(ly steamy) checkmate fashion. : peace: ahhhhhhhhhhh, Sunday.
  6. S.C.G: Bold and Beautiful.

    No worries! Glad you had a relaxing day. That's how I like my birthdays as well with maximum chill. :awesome: Me three. :p
  7. S.C.G: Bold and Beautiful.

    YOU AND ME ARE THE GRAPEVINE WARRIORS (/ˈgrāpˌvīn/) bleedingpurple! ________ No distractions on your birthday just -GLEE!- Rejoice! Rejoice! Even disfigured Pokemon want to remember this illustrious day: ...and in the fading light | We hear S.C.G scream in delight. _____ A BIRTHDAY WITHOUT CANDLES? A HERO WITHOUT PLIGHT? THE GRAPEVINE WARRIOR SITS DOWN AND TAKES A BIG BITE. (of his virtual cake) ______
  8. N-E Picture Caption Game

    Congrats @bob ! !!! Good entries everyone.
  9. N-E Picture Caption Game

    Thanks! Continuing the ,tenuous, cat theme:
  10. N-E Picture Caption Game

    Super Pussy - Turning your Venereal Disease into Superhero Expertise.
  11. good stuff thread.

    You're at an animation festival!?! NOW I'm jealous. : peace: @Fierce_LiNk It's a bit battered now, which adds to the aesthetic, but I have The Ellie Badge.
  12. good stuff thread.

    Today I got to see: MONSTERS UNIVERSITY! That's the ticket which looks rad so I've stuck it on my wall. : peace: The film was: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this actually happened, i'm currently in a dream like state.