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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day.

  2. Hey those guys are awesome! Kawamba knocked over my first Duramboros, just went up and smacked him and went over like it was ordinary while waddling back over to me, Cha-Cha had none of this and couldn't lose to his rival so ended up flooring a Purple Ludroth later in the day and doing a dance after to celebrate with his AH HA HA!!! Lets quest sometime br0!
  3. My expression this morning when I saw my dispatch e-mails. So close... Can taste it...
  4. And that's my 3DS version processing now too! While i'm fully expecting this to arrive on Thursday, knowing it's being processed and need to wait less than 48 hours is going to be horrid! It's like the combination of all the waiting condensed all over in the space of 2 days! Probably gonna feel that way too
  5. That's my WiiU order being processed now, nothing on the 3DS just yet! Going to be a grueling wait!
  6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    I couldn't get the launch day/weekend off, so done the next best thing. 2 weeks off in April! Just a little over 2 weeks... This wait has been hard!
  7. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

    This game just shows to me how bad or flawed reviews can be. IGN in particular aren't reviewing this game for what it is, just reviewing under the notion of this being, and wanting it to be a Metroidvania title and bashed it for not being that which has been pointed out, which it isn't really intended to be. So it's a shame to see folk who are impressionable to just shun thus after one, perhaps pretty flawed review, especially when other reviewers give a good idea of what you can expect and not compare nor force in their classic Castlevania views. Pretty much why I avoid reviews and dislike scores. People just cling to a low scoring review, perhaps not reading why that score has been rated as such nor bother with a review that highlights and praises the game. Score and boom. People can even like a game lower than 7/8, and dare say, disagree with a reviewer and his/her impressions, something they fault can me something you don't like or mind. A review should be giving a reader an idea or vision of the game of interest, a take on why they feel something falls short or a highlight, not forcing their wants or beliefs to compare it somethings it's not, and never set out to be that ends up wrongly devaluing a games image. Regardless was happy to see my e-mail of this being dispatched earlier this afternoon, only thing i'm not happy with is how this marks the start of a pricey gaming month
  8. Lego City: Undercover

    After today I kinda want this game now. Not sure if its for the sake of a new game or not but it's strangely appealing. Oh March is going to be a pricey one.
  9. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS)

    Spent a couple of hours just on the 3DS demo, pretty much solely beating Lagombi with different weapons and only one try on Plesioth cause of frustrating water combat and damn do I love this game, perhaps more so than before. Felt familiar but with a fresh twist and can still jump in so easily after clocking all those hours! Love having Tri portable then looking nice and sharp on the TV! Thought the demo would help tide me over till release but turns out it's made me crave the full game even more Both versions for me on day one. These will easily take over the top spot in most played for both consoles!
  10. Trine 2: Directors Cut (eShop)

    Absolutely! And they're looking in to upping the graphics and have more patches after this one by the sounds of it. They're trying hard to make this pretty good!
  11. Trine 2: Directors Cut (eShop)

    On a positive note, Frozenbyte have said sales have been good so far. Really hope it does well for them!
  12. Wii U eShop Thread

    I'd quite like to have folk come over then play games like Aurora, but in the end it would just be me and no one else wanting to play it so wouldn't be worth it, so in turn i'd be that fine specimen of a man above!
  13. Wii U eShop Thread

    Is there much to Nano Assault? Heavily considering it, dunno whether to bite the bullet just now for it. Is it replayable in the arcade sense of trying to get the biggest score?
  14. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition

    As long as it was playable and not game breaking then it was good enough for me and i'd be happy with it, hearing the positive impressions is a nice extra bonus! But it does seem like something you'd need to go seek for yourself than essentially having it all up in your face like some places are saying. But Epic Mikey 2 I totally get