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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Feel free to add me, folks! Switch friend code: SW-7503-0126-2335.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Happy Switchmas!!! Is there a Switch friend code thread somewhere? I wanna play FAST RMX with someone! My Switch friend code is SW-7503-0126-2335. (I haven't been on here for about 6 months, but it feels good to log on again!)
  3. Splatoon

    This is an interesting table! Good work, Stéphane!
  4. Splatoon

    My SplatNet Ranked Battles rank is now 626.
  5. This might not even be a game yet, since there is no actual racing in trailer. With only pretty 3D models, added effects, and slow moving cameras, it looks more like a student project namechecking consoles for increased visibilty and online chatter.
  6. Wow! This was utterly wonderful.
  7. Mario Kart League 2016

    Fun night! Thanks, everyone!
  8. Mario Kart League 2016

    Hi folks! Is there a spot available?
  9. Mario Kart League 2016

    Thanks for the matches! Did anyone record the whole thing, or do we only have the MKTV renders?
  10. Mario Kart League 2016

    I chose wrong track. Thought we'd do rematch.
  11. Mario Kart League 2016

    In-game communication error. I'm spectating now... 22:03: Noooo. I disconnected.
  12. Mario Kart League 2016

    I'm in! I'm SW>Are.
  13. Mario Kart League 2016

    OAC was only downloaded, it didn't automatically install. That's strange, because Wii U usually does the whole process automatically. So I lost valuable minutes, and it's 4 minutes left of installing.
  14. Mario Kart League 2016

    Update complete. Anxious to see if I have AOC downloaded, or if I deleted those too. You have to start without me, I have to download AOC packs.
  15. Mario Kart League 2016

    We're still friends from our Splatoon squad sessions last autumn! But, I have an problem. I haven't played MK8 in months, and deleted update data for MK8 to buy cheap games in the Curve Digital eShop sale a week ago, so it's downloading now and still 9 minutes left. I'm sorry if I mess up your planning.