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  1. General Movie Thread

    Well.. let's see if the demand for this is as high as anticipated! Ashley has allowed the creation of a general movie thread, so let's ensure it gets used! : peace:
  2. Old NE Members

    Loved the NE Meets! I came to a couple, and brought Brian Mcoy along to one and my (then) girlfriend Zoe. And then, the following year when everyone came to Namco Funscape on Southbank where I was working.. that was really sweet, and it was ace to see everyone again! This place was my teenage years, to be honest, in a lot of ways. I hold it very close to my heart, primarily because of the mostly fantastic members, lots of whom I still talk to every now and then (Hi R_A!). I miss Gizmo. I see his avatar every now and then and lots of memories come back. There's even someone on the Eurogamer comments section called Gizmo and I'm fairly sure it isn't him, but whenever I see it I'm reminded of some very dumb posts we made. It all came back a year or two ago when I stumbled on a text file of old PMs and instant messenger convos that I had no idea I had. In one of them, there was a conversation with "Bluey" who I remembered getting on really well with, so I decided to see if I could find them in the modern internet era. Not only did I find them, but it turned out we were both attending EGX Rezzed, so I made a point of finding her at the SpecialEffect booth (which is where she works) and surprising her. We swapped memories about the forum, she told me how Jamba was getting on, and I've volunteered at two SpecialEffect events since.
  3. Old NE Members

    TFW you didn't leave enough of an impression to get called out by name despite having a post count in the top 10
  4. Geometry Wars 2

    This is a hell of a necro but I had to mention it - I was just talking to my partner about this game and the thrill of the leaderboards "back in the day" and was desperate to find screenshots of the domination I was describing. I love that over ten years later I can still find this stuff. I just read through the thread and it filled me with happiness and memories of these golden days. Would love to get back on this game one day and see where we all decided to leave it, and maybe even improve on some of the scores I left behind over 7 years ago...
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  6. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

  7. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

    Predictions... - Crash Bandicoot Switch - Fire Emblem Switch - Mario Odyssey DLC? - Yoshi Switch named and dated - Too much time spent on Octopath Traveller - Lots of time spent on Mario Tennis - more than I'd like (hopefully no more than 5 mins but reckon it could be closer to 12...) And something neat to end with. My heart says Smash Bros but I don't think that'll happen - maybe Pikmin..? PS. Hey again peeps!
  8. Valentines Day ¬¬

    Yes, it's that time of year again where everyone prepares for a day of loneliness and singularity. Apparantly, some weird people also celebrate love and being with other people, but that's a myth to everyone I know. :P So, here we go again N-E, post your feelings on Valentine's Day, if you have any plans, and whether or not you'll be celebrating it with someone or alone.
  9. Pokemon Fusion

    Take one Pokemon, and smush it with another one. The result? The best thing to ever happen to Pokemon: http://alexonsager.net/pokemon/ Show us your creations!
  10. Brian Mcoy

    Brian Mcoy turns 20 today. Dyson Thompson hopes he has a very happy birthday and wishes him all the best. Meanwhile, Dyson Thompson needs to go to sleep as it is far too late for him to be awake when he has a driving lesson at 8 in the morning. Happy birthday, from one Arctic Avenger to another.
  11. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Sorry about the last season chaps, I was really up for it and as soon as the season began I just completely forgot to log in and do my bits and bobs - except for a couple of weeks... They really need to consider an app for this that can notify me when I need to make changed and such. I do have the time but with my limited amount of N-E activity these days and X11 needing its own website it just totally slipped my mind. Really hope it didn't mess anything up! Love how passionate you all still are about it too - Haden, your match reports and song rewrites are still 10/10 even after all this time!
  12. (it wasn't) Please just let the torment end.
  13. So I contacted Hermes again and looking and behold, they have my package. Being delivered before 4pm today. Relieved. That said, we managed to find a Neon Switch via Click and Collect at ASDA that we booked - ironically, our pickup time was set for 4pm but it looks like we won't need it. Just excited to have it here and have the saga come to an end! @Shorty and anyone else - might be worth a check if you're still waiting for NUK.
  14. I appreciate your optimism dude! Just got off the phone with Nintendo Store.. they don't know where my parcel is is the short version. The guy on the other end of the phone did several checks for me with no results and said (sounding super exasperated at the day he has had) that compensation would be arranged via an email to the admin team. I thanked him for his time and said regardless of his helpfulness, I'd still like to speak to a manager. After a couple of minutes I was put through to James who was also very friendly but tinged with stress at firefighting, who said that he has authorised an £18 refund to my Nintendo account and will be calling me back before he leaves with an update. He hoped it would be with good news but said if it doesn't arrive today we can discuss further compensation at that point. I feel for them, I know this isn't their fault and they're only acting on the information given to them by their fulfillment team. But my word, what a clusterfuck.
  15. Ah.. no such message for me RM just been and gone, no luck. Still on hold..
  16. Nice dude, what does your RM tracking say now?
  17. On the phone to Nintendo now to see if they have any ideas what's going on at all. Not holding my breath. Tracking says the order hasn't even entered the RM system.
  18. bad stuff thread.

    Not spoken to you in forever, but wishing you the best nightwolf.
  19. I feel your pain dude! My tracking now says Which, at almost 1am, is fairly disheartening.. but I guess better than Royal Mail outright rejecting the tracking number like earlier, right?
  20. @Shorty and anyone else, http://www.eurogamer.net/profiles/BabyWuigi/comments/1887888
  21. Are they really that bad? I assumed it was an urgent update for everyone on the delivery issues, but I got through after that and they say there's no news I just don't understand how neither Royal Mail not Nintendo seem to actually know what's going on with this thing. It's baffling.
  22. So NUK's phone line is apparently "closed for training until 3pm" - fucking lol What a fucking shambles.
  23. That's a no from me as well unfortunately. Still nothing. A few people in similar positions to us saying that they've had theirs turn up by Royal Mail at about half three, and even after it was delivered the tracking wasn't working, so there's some (albeit miniscule at this point) hope..
  24. It is slight consolation my man, knowing I'm not the only person in a similar situation makes me glad I'm not a unique case!