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  1. Homage to the old C-E members

    I first stumbled across this site back in N64 days. My how the winds of change blow!
  2. Annoying trends.

    I'd like to see an end to the relentless talent show reality tv shows. ie xfactor, got talent, dancing things etc etc. what a load of shite. cringeworthy.
  3. The Music Thread.

    Got elbows rereleased "asleep in the back" which has most of the noisebox ep tracks too. brilliant, brilliant album.
  4. How was your day?

    Hello to everyone and hope ye all had a good Christmas. It's been a while. Dying of the flu after a Christmas which was spent at homeavec la famille. Good times. Looking forward to New Year's now. Today was spent playing Mario Bros Wii, then a ginormous game of Monopoly. Brilliant.
  5. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Recently bought this game because I knew I'd love it. I wasn't wrong.
  6. Football Season 2009/2010

    Crappy game against carlisle last night, but have to say thanks to Colchester for knocking 3 past Charlton. Puts us 3 clear on top, and we welcome Charlton to Elland Road on Saturday too. Leeds United are the only remaining unbeaten team in England too. P10, W8, D2, Pts26. Get in.
  7. Football Season 2009/2010

    Heading to Elland Road for Carlisle game tomorrow. Marching On Together!!
  8. 21 is the MAGIC number...

    happy birthday buttons
  9. Football Season 2009/2010

    My man of the match had to be Vidic or Rooney. I've never seen Manchester United play in real life before, and Rooney just blew me away. That guy is so talented it's incredible. His goal was my favourite of the whole day - I mean Defoe's was amazing, and I predicted Giggs would score his free kick right before he took it, but Rooney showed his sheer class throughout the game. Vidic was in command of United's box for the whole game, proving he is probably the best defender in the league. Tough to choose between them to be honest. I though Keane was wasted on the left wing. He hasn't a clue how to play as a winger, failed to track back, was made a fool of by Anderson once or twice and even Scholes ran rings around him anytime he dropped inside the middle.
  10. Football Season 2009/2010

    Was at the Spurs - Manchester United game on Saturday. Was sat in the Spurs end and was a Spurs fan for the day :p Great atmosphere! Fantastic buzz when Defoe scored, but the inevitable result followed! Hoping to head over to the Leeds - Carlisle game now in 2 weeks time. Can't wait. Love going to ER.
  11. Where youve been.

    More people should come over to Ireland. Right Spot! Anyways - here's where I've managed to get to over me score years and 3. That's: England, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
  12. Beatles fancy dress party ideas!!

    Walrus winsfor me.
  13. So having entered, ran and won a world title as a woman she should be allowed to keep the medal even if it's proven she's a man?? Yeah cause that's fair. If she's a man she cheated fellow competitors, her sport and even the sponsors, global audience and her own country's athletics board. (IF, I suppose)
  14. Football Season 2009/2010

    West Ham - Millwall scenes was a disgrace. How they can call themselves fans of football I just dont know. I wonder could this have an impact on England's 2018 WC bid. Hope the guy that got stabbed recovers. Edit: Also, Leeds 2-1 Watford. GET IN!
  15. Seems to be a very hard thing to ascertain the gender of a person. I mean, they could ask her to drop trou - but maybe she's a hermaphrodite, or had an op. Then maybe carry out gene testing, to find the XX or XY chromosones but apparently that doesn't confirm gender. Gender is a physical, medical, psychological and personal thing that can't be labeled one or the other. ------- I mean COME ON!! She's either a man or a woman ffs. She does look very masculine, even in comparison to some very muscular female athletes. My hunch is she's a man.