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  1. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Ah come on, there won't be any confusion at all. Paying online is pretty much standard, and in general subscriptions are standard across software, apps, games all sorts. It's not going to be confusing when Nintendo confirm the exact details of - now you have to pay to play online. People aren't going to be scratching their heads confused at it. What would be confusing, is some games you can play with out it, and some you can. Your fortnite example, my nephew had their plus stopped; they now think they can't play fortnite anymore. Because, absolutely rightly, logics says if you have to pay to play games online, that includes everything
  2. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Ah this feels like the glory days of the wii u debates
  3. Mega Man Legacy Collections (Switch)

    Weird it's cheaper to buy them individually digitally, than it is both in a retail bundle, half of which s a digital download anyway...
  4. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Who knows apart from Nintendo... Yeah, but I mean in general is that the practice? That free-to-play games you don't need online subscription? I don't know, but something in my head is telling me it is
  5. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Doesn't it just mean free-to-play games and maybe pokemon bank and such? And free-to-play games free on ps4/xbox?
  6. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    No it's not the same, because there won't be a split between a base version and a more complete version; EVERYONE will have to pay to play online. As for the rest of what you say, it's kind of ridiculous, you have absolutely;ey no idea that no one has launched a service because it makes no business sense, you have no evidence or logic or reasoning to even say that, other than that no one has. But Nintendo ARE doing it, so do you think it makes no business sense for Nintendo to od it because that's exactly what you've just said. And I love when you go from "one of the main reasons" so authoritative to "probably" in a matter of words. Maybe, maybe not. But who cares, Nintendo are launching a paid subscription service after 18 months. Why are you fighting it and coming up with arguments why it's a bad business decision? This is getting surreal now. And why would I be disappointed just because I'm thinking in absolute terms? I really wouldn't care if they let people play splatoon for free. Wouldn't' effect me. I'm just saying why they won't. And ambassador programme, that's nothing like this, what a weird thing to being up, straw men flying around all over the place. That was done because 3ds flopped and reduced the price drastically, it was an apology. I'll say it again, Nintendo told us BEFORE LAUNCH we were going to have to pay for online. There's no point discussing it really. I think we all understand each others points. I find the whole thing utterly bizarre. And know, come whenever Nintendo announce it, what the outcome will be. As for announcement, I think before e3 wild be best, get stout of the way so e3 can just be about the games. But who knows.
  7. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    No it wouldn't. The logic would be when you start charging for a service, then you start charging for it and all it entails. From a consumer perspective I'd expect this. From a business perspective why would they give any reason to not encourage people to subscribe? From a marketing perspective it means it's clean and easy - you pay to play online, not you pay to play some games online, before this date which will mean nothing to most people... Aside from this, we've know from before launch that paid online is coming... I'm genuinely kind of gobsmacked we're even having this discussion to be honest, pointless because come September, everyone will have to play to play splatoon and Mario kart.
  8. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    How will it divide the base like starters and dlc? You pay to play online, or you don't play online. Having some people with dlc packs and some not is literally splitting them up... Splatoon is one of their biggest games, they're not going to give it for free and not others, it makes no sense whatsoever, I don't care if no ones ever launched a service half way through. It makes no business sense, no logic sense, it'll make it confusing and clumsy and in pretty much every way it's a bad idea from Nintendo's perspective. As for launching it, surely Smash has to launch it? Having Pokemon and animal crossing would be a great triple whammy and cover three different demographics too. Throw in Retros game with a big online component then that'll be great. For me though, it's virtual console, how the app works, and more games getting micro apps like Splatoon that excites me the most.
  9. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    The whole idea is ridiculous really. Have you ever heard of a company taking away free online from games that have had free online already for a year and a half? Not quite sure what you're saying? Are you saying they should be free because no company has taken free online away before? Has any company added online after a time and not charged for it? Did PS3 add theirs half way through? Can't remember now. Either way, I'm baffled there's even a discussion. Makes no sense to me. They will charge for online, and you won't be able to play Mario kart, splatoon, poker, arms, rocket league or whatever online without the subscription.
  10. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Potential sales for what? Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s a stupid idea. Why would they give any reason not to subscribe? Makes no sense whatsoever.
  11. Nintendo Labo (april 27th 2018)

    It’s all just staggeringly good to be honest. Really wish Hugo was a little older. 5+ seems dreamy for this. But I’ll enjoy it: would just love to experience it with a kid. Properly. Can’t wait to see what more labo packs are coming this year.
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    I love stoeybgames with not much gameplay. I loved gone home. And journey. And many others. My problem with oxenfree was I found the characters a little annoying, all a bit too teen angst for my tastes, and the overarching story not interesting or engaging enough. Some nice elements every so often though. Night in the woods appeals to me a lot more. Sounds a little more sophisticated and complex in its characters and themes, so hoping it works for me much better. But I’ll wait for a sale.
  13. Switch eShop Thread

    I wouldn’t have picked up oxenfree if it wasn’t £3.99. Having played it, I wouldn’t pick it up for £3.99 either.
  14. Football Season 2017-18

    I don’t think they threw it away, we dominated the whole second half way before Henderson went off. And they were both certain penalties. Very weird you think one wasn’t and one debatable... did you see them? 🤣 But yeah, good result for you I guess. Or maybe not if we both finish above you. How do you feel about Man U?
  15. Super Smash Brothers Switch (speculation)

    yeah, all 3ds and wii u content, lose the board game mode, have smash run as an online mode; add in a single player mode. Splatoon, Arms Labo to have character or /adn stages. Labo stage, but maybe even the robot form it would be awesome, then classics like Ice Climbers. I actually think a great thing they could do, is maybe don't have extra characters and stages at launch, but then every month for a year, they release a new character and stage; really keep momentum up, keep people paying for online etc.