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  1. SNES Classic Mini

    Fulfilling the order I guess? People on here determined to have multiple orders has me concerned. Not bothered if I receive it a few days late.
  2. SNES Classic Mini

    Got a preorder with Shopto...anyone know how reliable they are?
  3. Football Season 2016/17

    I hope so, just concerned about Middlesborough....they looked solid last year, invested and they've still been shite. That worry is for another day though.
  4. House buying is the worst

    The title of this thread is accurate. The process of buying house really quashes the excitement of buying a house.
  5. Football Season 2016/17

    And yet you come away with a 1-0 win! I wouldn't worry about top 4, pretty sure the Europa League trophy is headed your way. Good couple of weeks for Newcastle, promoted automatically with a shot at the title on Sunday. We've been a little underwhelming in truth but I'm super SUPER happy we're promoted. If Rafa stays and we have a good transfer window I'll be ecstatic.
  6. Football Season 2016/17

    I knew it! I called this at the end of last season that they'd get through to the quarters. Hope they get Real Madrid, they should get to play one giant team during this run surely.
  7. Football Season 2016/17

    As someone who triple captained Aguero in FF, this is why I hate football. Barca result is mental. PSG collapsed, but the referee didn't help from the highlights I've seen. Some very bad decisions in Barca's favour. I would honestly rather lose 10-2 on aggregate than go out like that.
  8. Obviously I haven't yet played the game but surely that's just clickbait. Give it a fully negative review and you'll stand out. Impressed by the scores. Has Polygon ever given anything a 10? Pretty hyped considering they gave ALBW 9.5 and I adored that game.
  9. Football Season 2016/17

    Toon toon! Great result, over the moon with that. Glad how it came about as well, nice to come from behind and win for once. Now onto Huddersfield and Reading away. Win those (or win and draw at least) and I'll be feeling pretty confident about promotion. I hope Brighton do manage to come up with us though, I like Chris Hughton.
  10. Football Season 2016/17

    I agree he should go - who would you want in his place? Pochettino looks quite good maybe try him.
  11. Will you be getting a Switch at launch?

    I know you're probably referring to the likes of Beats which are hugely overpriced, but if you get a pair of Headphones worth over £100+, they can be life changingly good. As for the Switch, I don't think the 280 console price is that bad...but the pricey extras, lack of launch games and confusion over online really put me off. I'll follow it with interest and hope it becomes more attractive in a year's time, but I'm starting to think that Nintendo should move to making software from now on.
  12. Football Season 2016/17

    Why do I never gamble on my good hunches :|
  13. Football Season 2016/17

    I take your point although 'Atrocious' seems a bit extreme, but you'll be much better by February.
  14. Football Season 2016/17

    I wouldn't feel too bad if I were an Arsenal fan, finish 2nd and they'll get Barca of course, but first would get them Bayern Munich this year.
  15. Football Season 2016/17

    That's not really accurate. It's difficult to imagine mow because they're so dominant and they're the only Itaian team these days who threaten to do anything in Europe, but they 'struggled' for a while. They got promoted in 2007, finished 3rd, 2nd, 7th and 7th. Even in 2012 when they did finally win Serie A again, it was a close run thing and if memory serves I think it even went to the final day against Milan. Conte (along with the neccessary good club management, new stadium and excellent transfers) made them the unchallengeable behemoth they now appear to be. They struggled to get back on top. He was huge for them. I mean it helps when Milan and Inter went to shit but Napoli and Roma you could argue filled that gap anyway. Napoli provided huge competition until the final weeks of the season last year, for a long time looking the favourites.