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  1. Anyone know anything good to whatch sort of looking for somthing about teenage drama type thing?
  2. Hi i got SSBB today as well as the freeloader but when i run my Wii its says SSBB is in there then it comes up with a black screen waited and waited and nothing what do i do?
  3. Ok thanks i just wasn't sure if i need to do anything else.
  4. But is it possible to keep my pin?
  5. Hi i need help how do i transfer my bank account? Im on Abby but i want to go to HSBC.
  6. I find myself watching Beck Mongolian Chop Squad I'm really into the story of Lucile the guitar anyone else watching it of watched it?
  7. Hi got my self into a situation just wondering what you do in situations?
  8. Hahaha Nice but that women Annoys me
  9. I brought the game today and im wondering what character to make?
  10. How do i have to be to sign up?
  11. McDonald's Burger King KFC....etc. do play a role in child obesity but I think its the parents fault for letting them eat the crap I got fat buy eating to much of my mums cooking and snacks but in Cambridge we have 3 McDonald's 1 Burger King And 1 KFC so I don't think we have a lot of fast food places like them. But blaming games is a low blow.
  12. Basicly Im being blammed for my friend and his girlfriend braking up for looking at a picture of her in her bra
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