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Found 10 results

  1. This thread is for talking about the games, TV Seris,Movies,Toys,Pokemon Events,TCG Game,Pokemon Collection,Pokemon Art If anyone got Pokemon Art please post them here.
  2. So the fixtures are out now, what do you think of your team's opening game? Pretty tricky fixture for Arsenal, but our run-in looks good, lifting the premier league trophy at home to Fulham
  3. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've got into the habit of buying tv show boxsets now. I never used to bother, but now any show I like, I want the boxset. I thought this thread might help people get some ideas of some great shows they might be missing, and shows they really should be missing. Just rate the lastest episode/series of a tv show you've seen, whether you thought it was awesome, or paticularly shit basically. It could be a series, a documentry, whatever. So: Scrubs: Season 1 (I just watched the entire series) Awesome! I loved the first epsiode, I'd not seen it before intill now. This show really deserves to be more popular than it is with viewers. Elliot is my favourite character out of the bunch, she's just so wierd yet awesome. 10/10 Buffy The Vampire Slayer -Once More With Feeling The best musical episode of a TV show ever, beats the scrubs musical episode hands down. One of the best hours of tv I've ever seen, I fucking love it! Some fantastic songs and some really funny moments, especially the Rock song about bunnies. Watch it! 9.5/10 -- (Btw, you don't need to give them actual marks out of something, I'm just used to the film thread so thought I might aswell:))
  4. How was your day?

    The boards are currently in a state of anarchy, so I thought I'd lighten the mood. There was a lot of off-topic conversation in the MPOTD thread and bad things have gone down in the past week or so, but I don't want any of this to be mentioned. This thread is purely for some light-hearted discussion where you can tell the forum how your day's been. Please don't go off-topic.
  5. Sexuality Thread

    Sexuality, we all have one (even if it's asexulaity), so lets talk about it. I'm not trying to be exclusionary but lets try and keep this LGBT and LGBT curious only to make a more focussed discussion and we may get something good out of it as opposed to what happened last time something like this happened. So here goes. Lets hear your coming out stories/ moments of confusion/grand epiphany when you realised which side of the fence you stood on etc. Your personal dilemmas and moments of confusion. Maybe get some advice from a few other members of the boards? Do true Bisexuals exist? Is it just a preference for whatever you fancy determined by the person themselves or some would say taking the 'easy route' out of picking a sexuality? Have any bisexuals been lambasted by the gay or lesbian communities for this preference? Lets keep this clean and image free and as the icon Hilary Clinton said, Lets start the conversation.
  6. The Music Thread.

    Inspired by the meaningless post thread post upcoming music evens, music you like or hate well anything to do with music basically.
  7. I've just joined Amazon's DVD rentals and thought this would be a good idea, I'm not looking for huge reviews just your thoughts. So... Starsky & Hutch (2004) I didn't see the original so I can't compare but with Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson I thought it was a must see. From the start I thought it was going to be a cheesey cop film but there were a lot of funny scenes & the plot was pretty good. If you like laid back comedy I'd recommend it - 8/10. What did you last watch?
  8. I case you haven't been to this site already: http://www.mega64.com/ The Shenmue one is brilliant, some american kid asking random people "do you know where I can find some sailors" and "how about a game of lucky hit". The Paperboy one is legend too. edit by ashley Made this the official thread because the other one mysteriously vanished.
  9. Just thought I kick off an anime thread. All stuff anime related, fav anime new releases, where to buy etc etc. Who has watched Samurai Chamloo yet ?