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Found 2 results

  1. Tadaa! Shock announcement of TGS or what? If I recall correctly, didn't No More Heroes bomb in Japan?
  2. Sexuality Thread

    Sexuality, we all have one (even if it's asexulaity), so lets talk about it. I'm not trying to be exclusionary but lets try and keep this LGBT and LGBT curious only to make a more focussed discussion and we may get something good out of it as opposed to what happened last time something like this happened. So here goes. Lets hear your coming out stories/ moments of confusion/grand epiphany when you realised which side of the fence you stood on etc. Your personal dilemmas and moments of confusion. Maybe get some advice from a few other members of the boards? Do true Bisexuals exist? Is it just a preference for whatever you fancy determined by the person themselves or some would say taking the 'easy route' out of picking a sexuality? Have any bisexuals been lambasted by the gay or lesbian communities for this preference? Lets keep this clean and image free and as the icon Hilary Clinton said, Lets start the conversation.